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ESI Test No.6 A.

B. Devaluation*
Q.1 Personal Disposable C. Depreciation
income is: D. Appreciation
A. Always equal to personal
income Q.4 Marginal propensity to
B. Always more than personal consume means:
income A. Inclination to conspicuous
C. Equal to personal income consumption
minus direct taxes* B. Low income group spending
D. Equal to personal income more
minus indirect taxes C. Rate of income spend on
Q.2 The phenomenon of D. The rate of extra income
increase in money wages that that will be spent on
leads to increases in consumption*
unemployment is shown by:
A. Speculative demand curve Q.5 Human capital formation
B. Phillips Curve* refers to:
C. Aggregate supply A. The process of increasing
D. Income consumption curve the number of people
B. The process of physical
Q.3 An official reduction in the growth of capital
value of home currency in C. The process of increasing
terms of foreign currency is knowledge, skills and
known as: capacities of all people*
D. The process of providing D. None
more facilities to the people
Q.9 The services of a house
Q.6 Inflation cannot be caused wife are:
by: A. Not part of Production*
A. Cost push factor B. A part of production
B. Excessive money supply C. A part of consumption
C. Excessive production* D. Not a part of consumption
D. Demand Pull factors
Q.10 Frictional unemployment
Q.7 Three methods of exists:
computing the national A. When there is a decrease in
income are: real GDP
A. Savings, investment and B. Because it takes time to
income methods find a job when one is first
B. Outlay, depreciation and entering the labour force*
production methods, C. As a result of technological
C. Production, outlay and change
income methods* D. When an individual retires
D. Revenue, consumption and
production methods Q.11 The natural rate of
unemployment equals the
Q.8 National income is a: sum of those who are:
A. Cross section analysis A. Frictionally and structurally
B. Flow concept* unemployed*
C. Stock concept
B. Frictionally and cyclically B. Value added method
unemployed C. Expenditures method
C. Structurally and cyclically D.Net output method*
D. Frictionally structurally and Q.14 What is Narrow Money
cyclically unemployed A. The sum of currency in
circulation and the demand
Q.12 Capital output ratio of a deposits in banks*
commodity measures B. The sum of M1 money and
A. The per unit cost of the time deposits
production C. The sum f currency in
B. The amount of capital circulation with the public and
invested per unit of output * the cash reserves held by
C. The ratio of capital banks
depreciation to quantity of D. The market value of the
output stock held by all the holders
D. The ratio of working capital excluding the promoters
employed to quantity of
output Q.15 Devaluation of money
Q.13 The method of A. Decrease in the internal
calculating the national value of money
income by the product B. Decrease in the external
method is otherwise known as value of money *
C. Decreases in both internal
A. Income method and external values of money
D. The government takes back A. Good money replaces bad
currency notes of any money in circulation
denomination B. Bad money replaces good
money in circulation*
Q.16 Devaluation usually C. Good money promotes bad
causes the internal prices to money in the system
A. Fall D. Bad money promotes good
B. Rise money in the system
C. Remain unchanged* Q.20 In a Laissez-faire
D. None of these economy
A. The customers take all the
Q.17 Dear Money means decisions regarding
A. Low rate of interest production of all the
B. High rate of interest * commodities
C. Depression B. The government does not
D. Inflation interfere in the free
functioning of demand and
Q.18 Legal Tender Money supply forces in the market *
refers to C. The private-sector takes all
A. Cheques the decisions for price-
B. Drafts determination of various
C. Bill of exchange commodities produced
D. Currency notes* D. The governments controls
the allocation of all the factors
Q.19 Greshams Law means of production
Q.21 Inequality: A. Footwear
A. Creates new challenges in B. Automobiles*
terms of domestic social C. Jewellery
stability, migration, and D. Clothing and accessories
political violence.
B. Has become more Q.24 Globalization has
important as globalization created new opportunities of:
empowers sub-state actors. A. Employment
C. Has caused scholars to B. Emerging multinationals
reconsider the helpfulness of C. Providing services
the term "Third World". D. All of the above*
D. All of the options given are
correct* Q.25 One major government
initiative to attract foreign
Q.22 WTO aims at: companies to invest in India
A. Establishing rules for is:
domestic trade A. To raise the standard of
B. Restricting trade practices education. B. To promote
C. Liberalizing international unemployment in the public
trade* sector
D. None of these C. To build special economic
Q.23 Which out of the D. Both B and B
following industries has a
large number of well-of Q.26 Globalization has posed
buyers in urban areas? major challenges for:
A. Big producers C. More support to small
B. Small producers* producers
C. Rural poor D. All of the above*
D. None of these
Q.30 Government can make
Q.27 With the growing globalization more 'fair' by:
competition, most employers A. Increasing competition
these days prefer to employ B. Increasing employment
workers: C. Implementing the labour
A. Flexibly* laws*
B. Quickly D. Imposing trade barriers
C. Selectively
D. None of these Q.31 The past two decades of
globalization has seen rapid
Q.28 Globalization movements in:
opportunities for paid work for A. Goods, services and people
women have denied them: between countries
A. Good health B. Goods, services, people
B. Good education and investments between
C. Permanent job* countries*
D. None of these C. Goods, investments and
people between countries
Q.29 Fair globalization would D. one of these
A. Fair opportunities for all Q.32 The most common route
B. Fair benefits for all for investments by MNCs in
countries around the world is A. Cheap goods
to: B. Cheap labour resources*
A. Set up new factories C. Economic sustainability
B. Buy existing local D. None of these
C. Form partnerships with Q.36 Ford Motors entered the
local companies* Indian automobile business in
D. Both A and B collaboration with which
Indian manufacturer?
Q.33 Globalization has led to A. Mahindra and Mahindra*
higher standards of living of: B. Tata Motors
A. Well-of consumers* C. Maruti Suzuki
B. Poor consumers D. Hindustan Motors
C. Big producers
D. Small producers Q.37 What is happening with
the import of Chinese toys in
Q.34 A company that owns or India?
controls production in more A. Indian toys are selling more
than one nation is called: B. Indian consumers are
A. Multinational corporation* buying less
B. Joint stock company C. Indian consumers are
C. Global company getting more choice at
D. None of these cheaper rates*
D. Chinese consumers are
Q.35 Where do MNCs choose falling short of choice
to set up production?
Q.38 Trade between countries: B. Increase in income and
A. Determines prices of wealth
products in diferent C. Willingness to cooperate
countries* D. Rapid improvement in
B. Decreases competition technology*
between countries
C. Makes a country dependent Q.41 If tax is imposed on
on the other Chinese toys, what will
D. None of these happen?
A. Chinese toy-makers will
Q.39 Globalization by benefit
connecting countries leads to: B. Indian toy-makers will
A. Lesser competition among prosper*
producers C. Chinese toys will remain
B. Greater competition among cheap
producers* D. Indian consumers will buy
C. No competition between more Chinese toys
D. None of these Q.42 Which out of the
following is an example of a
Q.40 One major factor that trade barrier?
has stimulated the A. Foreign investment
globalization process is: B. Delay or damage of goods
A. Efective utilization of C. Tax on imports*
resources D. None of these
Q.43 Removing barriers or A. Special technical
restrictions set by the enhancement programme for
government is called: women
A. Liberalization* B. Support to training and
B. Investment employment programme for
C. Favourable trade women*
D. Free trade C. Special care and technical
help for women
Q.44 The top priority of Janani D. None of these
Suraksha Yojana is:
A. Decrease the fertility rate Q.47 The Human
B. Reduce the birth rate Development Index (HDI)
C. Reduction of MMR* summarizes a great deal of
D. None of these social performance in a single
composite index, combining:
Q.45 How much was A. Disparity reduction rate,
Millennium development goals human resource development
target of MMR for India? rate and the composite index
A. 109* B. Longevity, education and
B. 134 living standard*
C. 168 C. Minimum schooling, adult
D. 198 literacy and tertiary
educational attainment
Q. 46 STEP stands for: D. Human resource training,
development and R&D.
educational attainment of
Q.48 Longevity is a proxy for females*
___________ in the Human
Development Index. Q.50 Who can become a
A. Health and nutrition* Business Correspondent for
B. Living standard Banks?
C. Infant mortality 1. Self Help Groups (SHGs)
D. Purchasing Power Parity 2. Panchayats
3. Khadi and Village Industries
Q.49 What is the meaning of units
Gender Paradox ? 4. Village Knowledge Centres
A. High female labour force 5. Post Offices
participation and low A. Only 5
educational attainment of B. Both 2 and 5
females C. Both 4 and 5
B. Low female labour force D. All of the above*
participation and high
educational attainment of Q.51 Womens Reservation Bill
females which seeks to reserve one
C. Low female labour force third of all seats for women in
participation and low the Lok Sabha and the State
educational attainment of Legislative Assemblies is
females related to which of the
D. High female labour force following Constitution
participation and high Amendment Bill?
A. 105
B. 106 each of the States of AP, MP,
C. 107 HP, Telangana, Orissa,
D. 108* Jharkhand, Chattisgarh,
Rajasthan, Maharashtra and
Q.52 Which of the following Gujarat.
Article of Indian Constitution is 3. Under this scheme centre
related to the Duty of the has provided Rs. 10 crore for
State to raise the level of each block for development of
nutrition and the standard of various facilities for the
living and to improve Public Tribals.
Health? A. Only 1 and 2
A. 44 B. Only 1 and 3
B. 45 C. Only 2 and 3
C. 46 D. All*
D. 47*
Q.54 Identify correct
Q.53 Identify correct statements regarding AQI.
statements regarding 1. Air Quality Index (AQI) is a
Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana One Number- One Colour-One
(VKY)? Description mechanism to
1. Centre has launched judge the air quality within
Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana one's vicinity.
(VKY) for the welfare of 2. This index has been
Tribals. constituted as part of the
2. The scheme been launched Governments mission to
on pilot basis in one block introduce the culture of
cleanliness across the country 3. State Public Service
under Swachh Bharat Mission. Commission
3. AQI is a tool for efective 4. Election Commission
dissemination of air quality 5. Central Bureau of
information for the people. Investigation
A. Only 1 and 2 A. 2, 3 and 4*
B. Only 1 and 3 B. 1, 2 and 3
C. Only 2 and 3 C. 1, 2, 3 and 4
D. All* D. All

Q.55 MERCOSUR is a free Q.57 Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam

trade bloc in South America, launched Rashtriya Avishkar
formed by Treaty of Asuncion Abhiyan on 9 July 2015 aims
in 1991, which of the following to inculcate a spirit of inquiry,
country joined recently as a creativity and a love for
full time member? Science and Mathematics,
A. Brazil enabling North East youth to
B. Paraguay come closer to mainstream
C. Uruguay India. This unique concept has
D. Venezuela* been developed by
A. Ministry of Youth Afairs
Q.56 Which of the following B. National Skill Development
are Constitutional Bodies? Corporation
1. NITI Aayog C. National Service Scheme
2. Finance Commission D. Ministry of Human
Resource Development*
C. K.C. Chakrabarty
Q.58 Consider the following D. R. Gandhi
statements regarding the
Targeted Public Distribution Q.60. Which of the following is
System started in 1997: one of the vision statements
1. The number of eligible issued by the Committee on
beneficiaries in each state is Comprehensive Financial
fixed by the Central Services for Small Businesses
Government based on the and Low-Income Households?
State specific poverty line. A. Bank account for every
2. The identification of actual resident by 2018
beneficiaries under BPL and B. Bank account for every BPL
AAY is carried out by the State by 2018
Government. C. Bank account for every
A. Only 1 correct citizen by 2016
B. Only 2 correct D. Bank account for every
C. Both correct* resident by 2016*
D. Both incorrect
Q.61 Identify correct
Q.59 Who was the head of statements regarding Indias
Committee on Comprehensive manufacturing sector.
Financial Services for Small 1. Indian economy which has
Businesses and Low-Income traditionally been agriculture
Households? based, is taking big leaps
A. Nachiket Mor* towards promoting
B. Urjit Patel manufacturing which
constitutes 16 per cent of GDP 2. It also seeks to empower
in India. rural youth by imparting
2. But, its contribution to necessary skill sets to make
employment sector and them employable.
growth is well below its true 3. Initiatives like Make in
potential. India, Skill India, MUDRA etc
3. Restrictive and rigid labour are aimed at encouraging the
laws, abundance of unskilled spirit of entrepreneurship and
workforce over skilled making India the
workforce, lack of technology manufacturing hub of the
innovations are some of the world.
factors contributing to this. A. Only 1 and 2
A. Only 1 and 2 B. Only 1 and 3
B. Only 1 and 3 C. Only 2 and 3
C. Only 2 and 3 D. All*
D. All*
Q.63 Identify correct
Q.62 Identify correct statements.
statements regarding Indias 1. The share of the
manufacturing sector. manufacturing sector in the
1. National manufacturing gross domestic product in
policy aims at enhancing the India is 17 per cent compared
share of manufacturing in GDP to 33 per cent in China, 29 per
to 25 per cent within a decade cent in Korea, 25 per cent
and creating 100 million jobs. Brazil and 27 per cent in
2. Chinas GDP is 3.8 times D. 51
larger than Indias, its
production of machine tools, Q.65 Knowledge contributes
the mother industry of to development in several
manufacturing, is 55 times diferent ways: Select correct
more. options.
A. Only 1 correct 1. as a productive resource
B. Only 2 correct 2. as an essential input for
C. Both correct* education, scientific research
D. Both incorrect and industrial technology
3. as a catalyst for social
Q.64 The Budget proposes change and economic
investing heavily into sectors development
like infrastructure, energy, 4. as a basis for civilization
and manufacturing, Swachh and cultural values that
Bharat, Clean Ganga, and promote social integrity and
Digital India. This means harmony, which is the
skills-based training to essential foundation for
produce industry and work- development.
ready talent. Skill India and A. Only 1, 2 and 3
National Skill Mission are B. Only 1, 3 and 4
proposed to consolidate skills C. Only 2, 3 and 4
across ____ sectors. D. All*
A. 21
B. 31* Q.66 Which of the following
C. 41 Programme has been formally
launched on International D. Safety and production of
Womens Day in north east in Medicines
the Saiha district of Mizoram
was selected among 100 Q.68. What is the name of the
districts across India? Indigenous vaccine for
A. North East livelihood Rotavirus that was launched
project recently, which is expected to
B. Centre for Development of boost eforts to combat
Advanced Computing (C-DAC) diarrhea related infant
C. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao* mortality?
D. Act East Policy Initiative A. Rotarix
B. Rotagen
Q.67 The Union Minister of C. Rotamix
Chemicals & Fertilizers Shri D. Rotavic*
Ananth Kumar launched
Pharma Jan Samadhan Q.69 The Digital Gender Atlas
scheme here today. It is a web for Advancing Girls education
enabled system for redressal was launched recently by
of consumers grievances Ministry of HRD. The tool was
relating to developed with support of
A. Pricing and Availability of UNICEF. Identify correct
Medicines* statements regarding it?
B. Distribution and Availability A. This will help identify low
of Medicines performing geographic
C. Manufacturing of Medicines pockets for girls, particularly
B. To ensure equitable C. RS. 300 Cr have been given
education with a focus on for 4,046 Kms of Sino-India
vulnerable girls, including girls border stretching from
with disabilities Karakoram point to fish tail in
C. It provides comparative Arunachal Pradesh.
analysis of Individual gender D. All of the above*
related indicators over three
years Q.71 Industrial Disputes Act
D. All of the above* (IDA) requires firms employing
more than ___ workers to seek
Q.70 Consider the following permission from their
statements regarding the respective state governments
budget allocation to the to retrench or lay of workers.
North-eastern region for its A. 10
development and identify B. 25
correct statements. C. 50
A. A 24x7 television channel D. 100*
named Arun Prabha for the
northeastern region will be Q.72 Identify correct
launched with a cost of statements regarding BLRC.
Rs.1,825.45 Crores. 1. The Bankruptcy Law Reform
B. Meghalaya has been Committee (BLRC) was set up
brought on the railway map of by the Department of
India with its direct Economic Afairs under the
connectivity to Delhi Chairmanship of Mr. T.K.
Vishwanathan (former
Secretary General, Lok Sabha Q.73 Identify correct
and former Union Law statements regarding Right to
Secretary) to study the Free Legal Aid.
corporate bankruptcy legal 1. The Indian Constitution
framework in India and does not explicitly provide the
submit a report to the right to free legal aid as a
Government for reforming the fundamental right.
system. 2. But under the Directive
2. During the course of its Principles of State Policy,
deliberations, the Committee Article 39-A provides for free
decided to divide the project legal aid in all cases involving
into two parts: (i) to examine indigent persons.
the present legal framework A. Only 1 correct
for corporate insolvency and B. Only 2 correct
suggest immediate reforms, C. Both correct*
and (ii) to develop an D. Both incorrect
Insolvency Code for India
covering all aspects of Q.74 Identify correct
personal and business statements regarding NALSA.
insolvency. 1. Legal Services Authorities
A. Only 1 correct Act was finally entered into
B. Only 2 correct force on 9th November 1995.
C. Both correct* On 5th December 1995,
D. Both incorrect National Legal Services
Authority (NALSA), a statutory
body came into existence.
2. NALSA has been 3. Around 40 per cent of the
constituted. Chief Justice of countrys exports.
India shall be the Patron- in- A. Only 1 and 2
Chief of the NALSA. 3. A B. Only 1 and 3
serving or retired Judge of the C. Only 2 and 3
Supreme Court of India shall D. All*
be nominated as Executive
Chairman of the NALSA. Q.76 Identify correct
A. Only 1 and 2 statements regarding GPN.
B. Only 1 and 3 1. The concept of global
C. Only 2 and 3 production network (GPN)
D. All* has been developed as a way
to analyse the complex link
Q.75 Identify correct between a lead or a key firm
statements regarding MSME. and its suppliers in diferent
1. MSMEs can play a critical countries.
role to strengthen the Make 2. Growth of global production
in India initiative by networks implies that trade
addressing the issues of job involves not only the
creation, increasing the exchange of end products but,
manufacturing share in GDP increasingly, of P&C that go
and export promotion. into making them.
2. The sector contributes to 3. Each country specializes in
around 45 per cent of the a particular fragment of the
total manufacturing output. production process based on
its comparative advantage,
which in turn, is determined Q.78 Not just international,
by factor intensity of domestic tourism has also
fragments and diferences in grown in leaps and bounds. As
factor prices across countries. per the latest data available,
A. Only 1 and 2 tourism in India has shown a
B. Only 1 and 3 phenomenal growth in the
C. Only 2 and 3 past decade contributing ____
D. All* per cent to Indias GDP.
A. 4.8
Q.77 Identify correct B. 5.8
statements regarding World C. 6.8*
Bank Doing Business Index. D. 7.8
1. Singapore, New Zealand
and Hong Kong ranked 1, 2 Q.79 The Government policies
and 3 respectively in both the provide a framework to
years 2014 and 2015. promote the Tourism Sector
2. Among BRICS countries and facilitate growth. Identify
South Africa Ranked First and correct statements.
India Fifth in both the years 1. Schemes like SWADESH
2014 and 2015. DARSHAN for development of
A. Only 1 correct theme based circuits, National
B. Only 2 correct Mission on Pilgrimage
C. Both correct* Rejuvenation and
D. Both incorrect Augmentation Derive
(PRASAD) for improvement
and beautification of
pilgrimage based sites of all 1. India has 46 airports.
faiths are focused on ensuring 2. Length of National
145 Cr domestic visits by the Highways/Expressways:
end of 2016-17. 65,590 KM.
2. This apart, programmes like 3. Length of State Highways:
Hunar Se Rozgar Tak and 1,28,000 KM.
Hunar Zaika have been A. Only 1 and 2
launched with the intention of B. Only 1 and 3
generating employment. C. Only 2 and 3
A. Only 1 correct D. All*
B. Only 2 correct
C. Both correct* Q.82 Recently which of the
D. Both incorrect following BJP led State has
passed bills regarding
Q.80 As per Foreign Tourist reservation due to which
Arrivals from Top 15 markets reservation % reached to
(2013) data which of the 68%?
following country ranked first A. Madhya Pradesh
and second respectively? B. Rajasthan*
A. UK and USA C. Gujarat
B. USA and UK* D. Maharashtra
C. UK and Banladesh
D. UK and Germany Q.83 Son/s and daughter/s of
which of the following
Q.81 Identify correct Constitutional Posts will fall in
statements. Creamy Layer?
A. President of India, Vice vision document of Tourism
President of India; industry.
B. Judges of the Supreme 1. Achieve 1% of International
Court and of the High Courts tourist arrivals by end of 12th
C. Chairman & Members of Five Year Plan (2016-2017)
UPSC and of the State Public 2. Additional employment
Service Commission; Chief generation of 1.05 Cr by end
Election Commissioner; of 12th Five Year Plan (2016-
Comptroller & Auditor General 2017).
of India. 3. More thematic circuits
D. All of the above* proposed under Swadesh
Darshan and PRASAD. Choose
the incorrect
Q.84 The Government of India statement/statements from
has introduced the concept of the above given.
Visa on Arrival (VoA) in A. 1 only
January 2010, till date tourist B. 1 and 3
from how many countries C. 1 and 2
enjoy this facility? D. All are correct*
A. 24
B. 34 Q.86 Which of the following is
C. 44* the name of the single window
D. 54 interface portal provided to
the user agencies for the
Q.85 Consider the following submission of proposals for
statements regarding the
Environment, Forest and D. Haryana State Thermal
wildlife clearances and Power Corporation
facilitates management in
efective monitoring? Q.88 Which of the following
A. EF Clearance types of VISAs are ofered by
B. E-Vana Indian Government to the
C. OSMEFWC (Online tourists?
Submission and Monitoring of 1. Student visa is granted to
Environmental, Forests and foreign nationals who wish to
Wildlife Clearances)* come to India to study at an
D. E-Raksha officially educational
Institution like Vedic culture.
Q.87 The First coal based 2. Transit visa is required
critical Thermal Power Project when the visitor has to stay in
in Jammu & Kashmir(660 MW) India for less than 72 hours.
first of its kind in the state will 3. X (Entry) Visa is for people
be a joint venture between who do not exactly fall into
Jammu and Kashmir state any of the categories stated
power development by GOI.
corporation (JKSPDC) and A. 1 and 2
A. National Thermal Power B. 2 and 3
Corporation (NTPC)* C. 1 and 3
B. Vijjeswaram Thermal Power D. All*
Corporation (VTPC)
C. Reliance Power Industries Q.89 Which of the following is
the recently launched multi-
purpose and Multi-modal Q.91 Loosely organized
platform aimed at addressing collections of people and
common mans grievances organizations who act outside
and simultaneously established institutions to
monitoring and reviewing promote or resist social
important programmes and change are:
projects of GOI and as well as A. Political parties.
projects flagged by state B. Interest groups.
governments? C. Social movements*
a) PRASAD D. Street gangs.
Governance And Timely Q.92 Which of the following is
Implementation)* NOT a common characteristic
c) SUNRISE of social movements?
d) SWADESH A. They are the political
instruments of political
Q.90 The movement for outsiders.
women's rights and sufrage B. They often make use of
in the nineteenth century unconventional tactics.
grew out of the: C. They are made up of
A. Prohibition movement people with a shared sense of
B. Abolitionist movement* grievance against the status
C. Populist movement. quo.
D. Progressive movement. D. They are made up people
who do not believe that the
government can be moved to Q.94 Social movements
take action on their behalf* develop when:
A. There is a substantial
Q.93 Which of the following source of social distress.
statements is true? B. Leaders are available to
A. Social movements do not mobilize and organize the
seem to fit well in a disafected.
democracy because they use C. There is a degree of
disruptive tactics to further support and tolerance for the
the interests of a small movement in the public and
minority. among political leaders.
B. Social movements D. All three are necessary for
contribute to democracy the rise of significant social
because they often increase movements.*
the level of popular
involvement and interest in Q.95 An important element in
politics. the development of an
C. Social movements efective social movement is
contribute to democracy that those who are disafected
because they often allow must come to believe that
those without substantial their actions can make a
resources to enter the game diference. Political scientists
of politics. call this belief:
D. All of the above are true* A. A sense of political support.
B. A sense of political
C. A sense of political Q.98 All of the following are
efficacy* reasons why social
D. A sense of political movements decline except:
authority. A. The success of the
Q.96 The most efective tool B. Internal fragmentation over
of the civil rights movement tactics and ideology.
was: C. The decline of commitment
A. Violence. among movements activists
B. Lobbying. over time.
C. Civil disobedience* D. The lack of an opposition to
D. Canvassing. provide a target for the anger
and frustration of the
Q.97 A conscious refusal to activists*
obey a law that a group
considers unfair, unjust, or Q.99 Successful social
unconstitutional as a political movements:
tactic of a social movement is A. Can become bureaucratized
called: and evolve into interest
A. Civil disobedience* groups*
B. Civil rights. B. Tend to threaten widely
C. Civil boycott. shared values and the
D. Civil war. interests of powerful
individuals, groups and
C. Tend to have few activists
and little support among the
general public.
D. Rarely wield any clout in
the electoral arena.

Q.100 The success of the

modern women's movement
has been measured most
importantly in terms of:
A. Changes in fundamental
B. Increased respect for
members of the movement.
C. Increased representation in
decision-making bodies.
D. All of the above*