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Xlandias Recommendation

Sherise Anakwah, Kaisheem Fowler-Bryant,

Darianna Pujols & Aylia Watson-Johnson
The Constitution As where a written
An unwritten Constitution Constitution provides more
allows the newly structure for a nation,
developing nation the giving the government
freedom to make any something to refer to
changes they see fit whenever there is a
without the restrictions discrepancy within the
of a written Constitution. nation
With this, a collection of
common laws can be
Legislative Branch: Bicameral vs. Unicameral
Unicameral Legislative
Bicameral Legislative
Only one chair person is In
Used to distribute power
charge of creating the laws
between wealthy and non-wealthy
that the nation will run on
Nations such as the United
Consist of either one
States. United Kingdom,
chairperson or one chair house
Uruguay, have used the
Would favor the wealthy in
bicameral system in their
Xlandia, but not represent the
legislative branch
In a bicameral legislature, you
Nations that use unicameral
have many representatives to
system include, China, Cuba,
speak for people of different
parties, communities, and
different views.
Executive Branch

Prime Minister
as leader
Appointed by
House of Commons
Head of Military
Appoints members
in House of
Indirectly voted
in by citizens
(similar to
Americas voting
Supreme Court should be
selected by appointment from
those in parliament for a
limited time.

Judicial Branch
The Supreme Court should be
independent and have the
power of judicial review
because it will allow for
parliament to be checked for
the laws that they create.
Citizen Participation
The political party system will
be a multiple-party system to
ensure a more accurate and
proportional representation of
citizens in parliament. Voting
will be involuntary to prevent
the skewing of elections and
other voting positions.