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Incident Report #17016044 Event Zafo Soar’ (Tifosi nine ial a om oostoorass Te anenson alesrine soot Csrzvmer7-ovarno17 gon pasting bismucrs Nortewicd ona apsn Classification completed Roma) MOG ASSAaT causes Sehousnopnuyin?SSeany Aagrvate Asa, tant, Suspect Sipe Ghar scenwse ack nomiasranc Sos ‘Victim vein Sancta cans — heme = ware Nowwsnawte toate. upon Witness tome ee tae cy = = & a Narrative Wen Doerr oseaei? (on September 27,2017 at approximately 190% hours, 1 Offcer Zackry MeNew 447, of he Palestine Police Deparment, was dspatches to Palestine Regional Meciel Center located at 2900'S Loup 256 m velerenee to an ‘sFaul Upor aerial I made contact with Michael Stanczek WM 008 07/30/1998. Stancisk provide the flowing statement by writing Because he was not able to talk due to his Jow being inured ‘Stanczak stated he was inthe locker room of at Palestine high School when LaGeorge Grey Bt Deb 10/0841 909 ‘artes to push him arouné, Stencrsk stated he told Gray to stop pushing him. Starrs Rated Grey told stanceak “what are you going todo about a, Stanczak stated he sald thing, stanczok stated the whole teem wa instigating the lncfent. Stanczak stated Gray then asked where his money was a. Stancrak stated he would get ‘the manty to hi when he can. Stanczak stated the money was fram basketbel game thet stenczak lost soe Inthe month. Stanceak stated Gray got upset and wanted to fight. Stancrak stated he toll Gay he would get a the money ater. Me stated that he then tne to eal hs mom o comm pick him up rom the school. stencock at ray tne» grabbed his phone and punched him. Stancrak stated he ask Gray what he wos doles stancccs seas Gray kes iting him about 45 tines n the face. Stanezak stated he thon swung at Srny Once, and Gay hehe pain. Stnczok stated he vied to restrain Gay. Stanezsk rated some ofthe team members rated him and Gay to brake up the ght, While at RC Stanczak had his phone with him 1 also made contac with ne was 8 witness tothe ae