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Who elects the Chancellor in the University?

The word "democracy" comes from Greek and your meaning is "power of the people", but this
term is only a word in many cases, we think that the democracy exist but really is a simple illusion.
The Greeks were the first in talk about this concept, and they developed many theories about this,
these theories were grounded on the rights of each person, as for example elect a person who
represents us in front of a country, an organization, an institute, among others. But these
representations should work for the rights and interests of the people, are supposed that suffrage
is for that reason.

There is chancellor election In National University of Colombia every three years, the chancellor is
a person in charge of administration of whole University including other venues of country, the
mechanics consist in participate in a prior consultation in which professors, students and
graduates by means electronic they may choose the candidates for chancellor. But the subject is
not that simple, because there is an organization called CSU Consejo Superior Universitario
which is the highest authority of the University and is integrated by the Ministry of education,
representatives of students, representatives of the presidency of the republic, professors among
others. They are those who will chose really the chancellor, the first five candidates with highest
numbers of votes of community they will go to final election where CSU takes the final decision.
Nonetheless, as many students I think that our rights when we go to choose a Chancellor are a lie,
why? It is simple, never respect our vote.

Three years ago, when Ignacio Mantilla won for the first time, the professor Leopoldo Mnera had
the majority of votes of the community and his proposals and ideas were better, but that was not
enough, simply because he wasn't friend of the government. However, this story happens over
and over again, this year Mantilla didn't had again the majority of the community votes, and the
professor Mario Hernndez had nine hundred votes more than Mantilla, but the CSU chose him
one more time.

This mechanism for choose chancellor it is not just undemocratic but also disrespectful. It is as if in
the presidential elections the candidates with fewer votes were discard and an organization take
the final decision. What happened with the university autonomy which says in the Constitution of
Colombia (Article 69) The autonomy of the universities is guaranteed and the Universities can
choose your directives and be guided by its own decisions, Nevertheless, this is only a piece of
paper with words.

The central problem is that our governments want take control of whole, and if necessary to
ignore law or the democracy and create new laws on behalf of them, simply they do it. This
happen when it is impose ideas over others without even listening to their statements. But why we
choose to these persons, so long, and we cant understand the true intentions of them. I think that
only listening to someone, we can know much of them. The persons that fight for others show
passion for your ideas and your arguments attest to this, whilst someone who want to impose
your ideas shows your pride and your selfishness.

I think if this is going to continue, they should ask us who we do not want to be our chancellor.