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What is Pharmaceuticals

in the Bible
Why Is It Soul-ly Very Dangerous?


September 2017

What is Pharmaceuticals in the Bible and Why Is It Soul-ly Very

On the hidden teaching in the Bible about pharmaceuticals - use of chemicals to

treat patients. Take your Strong's Concordance (or its online version) and trace the
meaning of the words "sorceries," "sorcery," "sorcerers" found in Rev 9:21; 18:23 & 24;
21:8 & 22:15. Strong's concordance will guide you to the meaning of sorcery/sorcerer
which are:
pharmakeia = sorcery;
pharmakeus/ phamakos = sorcerer; and
pharmakon = medicine.
And then your Webster Collegiate Dictionary will tell us that
pharmakeia/pharmakon/pharmakeus is pharmaceuticals.
Thus, it has been established that the following verses are talking about
pharmaceuticals: Rev 9:21; 18:23 & 24; 21:8 & 22:15, as well as all the rest of verses all
throughout the Bible which talks about sorcery.

Whats wrong with the Pharmakeia-sorcery-pharmaceuticals system?

5 Major Reasons Why Pharmakeia-sorcery-pharmaceuticals Is Deadly Wrong:
Leviticus 19:26 God prohibits sorcery.
Rev 9:21 - Sorcery-pharmaceutical is among the serious sins which the people are
addicted to that they would hold on to despite the plagues. It is addictive and can cost
you your soul. Heres how: The reason why the people are said to have a hard time doing
away with sorcery is its, as doctors call it, therapeutic effect, which is: the ability to soothe
pain, hence, pain killer, pain reliever, without the requirement to stop the wrong thing or
wrong diet that you are doing, e.g., the sweet pleasures of the flesh. So, you can wipe
away the pains or partial effects of your sins without the need to repent of (stop) your
sin. So, sorcery-pharmaceutical medicine/ pain reliever allows you to continue in your sins

and at the same time, remove the pains or effects that your sins are producing. That is
the main reason why the weak masses of people are addicted to pharmedicine.
But what most people do not realize, or would realize only too late, is this: this
pain relieving power of sorcery-pharmaceutical is only good for stage 1 to 2 illnesses; they
wont work for stage 3 and 4. So the deception carries you through state 1 & 2 and up to
stage 3 or 4 when you can help your illness little! Or in many cases, too late already!
This addiction and deception is very dangerous.
As addiction, it causes the individual to come back to it over and over again to
help with his painsfor relief, without requiring him to abandon his harmful pleasures.
As deception, it makes the individual that it is OK to continue with his harmful
pleasures that his pharmaceuticals will help him get rid of those undesirable pains and
other symptoms, with no damage in the future; when in truth, his pharmedicine will and
can only protect him from stage 1 to 2 and no longer with stage 3 & 4 where pharmedicine
will abandon him, that is, will no longer work.
As a result, it leaves the individual the defeated, both bodily and with his soul.
Rev 18:23 - Sorcery-pharmaceutical is the main tool of Babylon the Great in
deceiving the whole world. So, it is major tool of deception deceiving the nations.
Rev. 18:24 It is the main cause of death of mankind. Pharmakeia is essentially
the use of toxic chemicals first for treatment, but in these later centuries, chemists
discovered the sweetener and fragrancer to hide the poison and be added in
manufactured goods and manufactured foods, hence, the original Pharmakeia has
expanded to the manufacturing industry and so is known as Expanded Pharmakeia. So
two industries are at work, namely: the ManuFactoring industry to sow the seeds of
diseases (chemicals) and the Pharmaceuticals to reap the diseases. These two industries
use chemicals to become the No. 1 killer of mankind!!!
In the USA, the pharmaceutical medicine and system alone is already found to be
the No. 1 killer of the Americans, without yet including the ManuFactories, killing as many
as 800,000 patients a year, compared to heart disease, the No. 1 disease killer which
claims only 600,000 lives a year!
So, the Pharmaceutical industry alone claims the title No. 1 killer of mankind.
That is still excluding ManuFactories.

But it is this Expanded Pharmakeia that Rev. 18:24 is referring to when it says
Rev 18:24 [kjv] And in her was found (1) the blood of prophets, and of saints, [religious
killings] and (2) of all that were slain upon the earth [medical and illness].
Only the Pharmaceutical industry has been found by US Team of Dr. Gary Null
that is the No. 1 killer of the Americans.
And if we add the casualties due to the arms factory that supplied guns and
bombs that killed 100 million Christians and Jews during the Catholic Inquisition; and 270
million who died in the hands of the Muslims during their Vatican-supported Crusade also
vs the Christians and Jews, that description by the Scriptures as no. 1 killer is easily
So, talagang ang Pharma at ManuFactory ang main killer of mankind.
As to death by ManuFactories, e.g, chemicals used to make guns and bombs,
Google Vatican as the Cause of Inquisition (100 million deaths) and Muslim Crusade (270
deaths) and Vatican as the HQ of pharmaceutical industry (it was in the bowels of the
Vatican, underground floor) that Simon Magus, the Peter of the Catholic, the Sorcerer,
that he formulated medicines of sorcery.
Talagang ang Vatican gaw, is the No. 1 killer thru its pharmaceuticals.
Revelation 21:8 & 22:15 Spiritually, those who participate in the sorcery-
pharmaceutical system is warned that they could not enter the New Jerusalem and the
New Earth; that they will be confined outside, in the lake of fire, suffering.
These are five (5) top reasons why we should shun sorcery-pharmaceutical
system or its broader form, the Expanded Pharmakeia!