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Items You Need to Play 3 The Blue Dragon Role Play-
Getting Started

7 3 6 3
ing Card Game (RPCG) is 4 7
Deck a new form of game that
Counters combines the fun of a Trad-
ing Card Game (TCG) in
Game Mat
building a Deck with a
4 Types of Game Cards 5 variety of cards, with the
Once per turn, during your Command
Phase, you can pay 2 EXP to draw 1 card
Once per turn, you can pay 2 EXP to
add 1 Mecha-Family Partner from your

from your Deck. Trash to your Hand.

Shadow Cards 6 element of a Role Playing

About Cards

8 3 EXP 1 8 3 EXP 1
Game (RPG) that lets you

Partner Cards 8 grow stronger as you battle.

Command Cards 10 The more you battle, the

Skill Cards 11
more Experience (EXP) Points
you gain, making your other
How to use EXP 13 half your Shadow level

Game Flow Chart 14 up and have more powerful

Draw Phase 15
How To Play The Game

Command Phase 1 16
Battle Phase 17
Command Phase 2 20
Each Player begins the game with 20 Life Points (LP). The game
Ending Your Turn 20 proceeds as players take turns and continues until one wins.

Card Icons 21
Your opponent's LP becomes 0
Other Rules 23
Glossary 25 Your opponent has no more cards to draw

Frequently Asked Questions 27

Getting Started Spaces of the Game Mat
Getting Started

Getting Started

A Deck is a set of cards each player uses to play this game. There
are 4 types of cards Shadow, Partner, Command, and Skill Cards
in the game. Just follow the deck-building rules below, select any
cards you like from the wide range of card choices and youre free
to create your own unique Deck. To improve your skills and gain
Experience, try to build a variety of Decks and play them against SHADOW GAME FLOW CHART
your friends. This is where you place your This chart explains the flow of
Shadow. You can only have 1 the game step-by-step. Follow the
Shadow on the Field at a time. chart when you get confused.
A Deck must contain 40 or more cards
DECK Identical cards are allowed, but only up to 3 of
the same card This is where you place your This is where you place your
RULES You can include up to 15 Shadow Cards
Partners. You can call up to face-down Deck.
3 Partners onto your side of
the Field. Remember, you cant
call 2 or more Partners of the
Cards that youve paid as
COUNTERS same name.
"Used EXP" are placed in the
You can use a coin or a button to mark what your LP currently is on Trash. Cards may also be sent
the game mat. Place it on the number of your current LP on the game
mat and relocate it as LP is gained or lost. If you choose not to use
BATTLE FIELD to the Trash by card effects.

the game mat, you can keep track of your LP by writing it down with
a pen on paper.
This is where you can place
your Command and Skill Cards LP COUNTER
before they resolve. Set cards This shows your Life Points. You
are also placed here. start with 20 LP. Use a coun-
GAME MAT ter to indicate how many Life

The game mat is a very useful item when you play. It shows the
EXP POOL Points you have left.

placements of the card you play. You can play without it, but having This is where you leave your
it definitely helps until you familiarize yourself with all the place- used-up cards. The sum of the
ments. EXP Points of all cards in the EXP
Pool becomes your EXP Points.
About Cards
The Shadow Card battles as
There are 4 types of cards in the Blue Dragon RPCG, according to their
roles and functions. You must consider the ability each card has and
your other half. It has high
ATK points and plays the role 7 3
when it can be used most effectively in order to build a strong Deck. of the primary attacker. It
does not normally participate
7 3 in your defense, because it is
4 flipped faced-down during your
About Cards

About Cards
opponents turn. When you
have gathered enough Experience
Players' "Other Half" Friends Who Help You Out
BLUE DRAGON (EXP), you can level up your
Once per turn, during your Command
Phase, you can pay 2 EXP to draw 1 card
from your Deck. SHADOW CARD PARTNER CARD Shadow so it will grow stronger
and stronger.
Shadow Cards represent your Partner Cards assist your Attribute Once per turn, during your Command
other half. They have various Shadow Card in battles. They Phase, you can pay 2 EXP to draw 1 card

play an important role when This indicates the Shadows from your Deck.
effects and high ATK points.
defending. You can call up to Attribute. There are 7 different
Knowing how to use this card is
3 Partners on the Field. Attributes. Each Attribute has 8 3 EXP 1
critical in this game. LEVEL UP CHANGE EXP
its own special qualities. In collaboration with MISTWALKER BLUE DRAGON PROJECT / TV TOKYO BDS1-EN003

of the card. The sword icon

Attributes None Light Dark
represents the ATK, and the
Fire Wind Water Earth shield represents the DEF.

Card Name Card Effect

Turn The Tables YOUR GREATNESS IN BATTLE Each card has its own special
The Shadows name is written here. effect. The higher the level of
COMMAND CARD SKILL CARD the Shadow, the stronger the
Shadow Level effect.
Command Cards are usu- Skill Cards are used during This icon shows the Shadows EXP Information
ally only played during the either players Battle Phase level. The higher the level, the
Command Phase of your turn. to affect the outcome of that EXP icons of the Shadow Cards
stronger their abilities. are different from other cards.
Command Cards have a lot Battle. Many of them directly
They indicate the numbers
of different effects that help affect damage. Attack/Defense related to Level Up and
develop your strategy. Change of the Attribute. See
The numbers indicate the attack
the following page for more
(ATK) and defense (DEF) points
Partner Cards are your trusted
LEVEL UP YOUR SHADOW WHEN THERE IS NO friends that assist your Shadow
in battles. They play an even
Look at the number indicated next
to the Level Up icon on your
SHADOW ON THE FIELD more important role when de-
Shadow Card in your Hand. Gather There may be a situa- fending, since the Shadow Card
the number of Level Up EXP Points tion where the Shadow is is normally face-down while
temporarily removed from the you are defending. To call is
About Cards

About Cards
in your EXP Pool to level up your
Field, by a card effect. (You to bring out a Partner from your
Shadow within the same Attribute.
can continue to play without Hand to the Field. Partners are
This takes place during your Com- your Shadow.) In that case,
mand Phase by sending your current not removed from the Field as a
the Attribute is considered to
Shadow to the EXP Pool and replac- result of battle.
be lost. If you have enough
ing it with your new Shadow. You Level Up EXP Points, you
can even level up from Level 1 to can call a Shadow of any Attribute
Level 3, if you meet the EXP Attribute. You dont need to
requirement. pay Change EXP. This indicates the Partners Attribute.
Some card effects affect a specific
Attribute. These are the same as
CHANGE TO A DIFFERENT ATTRIBUTE the Attributes of Shadows.
During your Command Phase, you can change your Shadow to a
different Attribute by paying the Change EXP Points indicated next to None Light Dark
Change EXP on your Shadow Card that is on the Field. You can only
Card Effect
Fire Wind Water Earth
change to a Shadow thats the same level in your Hand. (Ignore the The card effect is written here.
Level Up EXP since there is no change in level.) Understanding the effect and
using it wisely is the key to your
Card Name
SEND YOUR SHADOW FROM The name of the card is written here.
victory. Some cards do not have
Effects, but they have interesting
YOUR HAND TO THE EXP POOL IMPORTANT! You can't call another Partner with
information about the Partner in
a box that looks like a scroll. The
the same name onto your Field.
You can send any number of Shadows effect of a Partner may be used
(Group Partners are an exception
from your Hand to the EXP Pool during You can only level up, during your Command Phase.
your Command Phase, as a way to to this rule.)
change, or call your
accumulate EXP. Make sure to plan
Shadow to the Field
EXP Information
before sending the Shadows to ATK/DEF These numbers show the cards
the EXP Pool, so you dont run out once per turn.
These are the attack and defense EXP Points. Look on page 13
of Shadow Cards when you need
points of the card. for more information.
Command Cards can gener-
Use Your Partner as a Shield to Reduce Damage ally be played during the
Command Phase of your turn.
When you receive damage to your Life Points (LP), you can They have various effects that
select 1 or more of your Partners on the Field to use as a help your game play favorably.
Shield, reducing the damage by 1 point damage per Partner You can use any number of
sent to the EXP Pool. Whether to do it or not, is your choice. Command Cards from your
About Cards

About Cards
Hand during your Command
Phase. Normally, the Command
Cards are only used for your
Group Icon of a Partner Card Shadow or Partners, not for
your opponent's.

You usually cannot call more than 1 Partner with the Category
same name on the Field. However, you can call up to
3 Partner cards with the same name if they have the These icons represent the Card Cat-
Group icon. egories. There are 9 Categories.

If You Have 3 Partners on the Field Sword
EXP Information
If you already have 3 Partners on the Field when you call an- Black White Power Barrier
These numbers show the cards EXP
other one, you must choose one of the Partners already on the Points. Look on page 13 for more
Field, and send it to the EXP Pool. information.
Destroyer Monk Armor Combination

Set/Accessory Icon
Card Name Cards with this icon must
IMPORTANT! This is the name of the card. be placed face-down on
You can only call 1 Partner Card per turn except the Field before being
Card Effect played.
when a Partner is called by a card effect.
The effect of the card and its condi- Cards with this icon can
tions for activation are written here. be equipped to a Partner
Read carefully and use the card Card. They stay equipped
correctly. on the Field.
Skill Cards have various effects, 1. Select the attacking Shadow or Partner
The attacking player may A Card.
such as increasing ATK points and choose to attack with or with- T 2. Select, if you want, 1 of your Skill Cards
stopping the opponents attack. T
out using a Skill Card. Next, A to use.
Skill Cards are used during the the defending player can C You do not have to use a Skill Card.
Battle Phase between the players. choose to use a Skill Card. 3. If your opponent uses 1 of their Skill
Normally, Skill Cards only last for S Cards, you can choose whether or not
After that, and only if the I to use another of your Skill Cards.
1 attack. opponent plays a Skill Card, D
About Cards

About Cards
Your opponent does not have to
you can choose to play another use a Skill Card.
Category Skill Card. (You may play
1. When the opponent attacks, you
only 1 Skill Card at a time.) E can choose to use 1 of your Skill
These icons represent the Card Cat- Continue using the Skill Cards F Cards.
egories. There are 9 Categories, the E
alternately until one player N This applies even if your opponent
same as those of Command Cards. stops using Skill Cards. S does not use a Skill Card.
E 2. If your opponent uses 1 of their
Once this has occurred, the
Categories effects of the Skill Cards are S Skill Cards after you, you can
I choose whether or not to use
resolved in the reverse order D another of your Skill Cards.
of their play. So, to recap: Your opponent does not have
to use a Skill Card.
Black White Power Barrier

Destroyer Monk Armor Combination EXP Information Resolving the Effects

Card Name These numbers show the cards EXP of Skill Cards
Points. Look on page 13 for more
This is the name of the card. You information.
You will start resolving the One of the players stops playing their
can use 2 or more Skill Cards of the R Skill Card.
same name during a battle if play SET Icon effects of your Skill Cards E
allows. after one player decides O
A card with this icon must be to not use their Skill Cards. L
set face-down on your Battle V Resolve the effects of all the Skill
Card Effect Resolve the effects from the I
Field during your Command last Skill Card used, in the N Cards used from the last one played in
G reverse order.
The effect of the card and its condi- Phase before use. After the reverse order the cards were
tions for activation are written here. turn it is set, the Skill Card played. S
The effect of a Skill Card in general can be used like the Skill E
P After you complete resolving the
can be used only once during one Cards you play from your Neither player is required to S effects, send the used Skill Cards to
attack or defense, except when Hand in any Battle Phase. play any of their Skill Cards. the EXP Pool.
specified in the card text.
EXP of the Partner, Command and Skill Cards CHART
At the bottom of each card
are 3 numbers regarding the
ReQuIReD eXP Players alternate taking turns, which consist of Phases shown
cards EXP threshold, cost
and values. These numbers
in the chart below, until one wins. Detailed explanations of
This is the EXP value you need to
are very important elements have in your EXP Pool to call this Part- each Phase are described in the coming pages.
of the game. Familiarize your- ner Card onto the Field, or to play
self with the meaning of each this Command or Skill Card.
icon and understand the func- DRAW PHASE (P. 15)
About Cards

tions of EXP to create your

own powerful and unbeatable
Deck! uSeD eXP
This is the number of EXP Points you
IMPORTANT! need to send from your EXP Pool to
the Trash to play this card. Check that
The card you sent to the you have enough Required EXP, then
Trash as an EXP cost cannot pay Used EXP by sending the cards
be selected as the effect tar- to the Trash.
get of the card being played.

How To Play The Game

That means if you send card
A to the Trash as an EXP
cost to play card B, you This number indicates how much
cannot use card A as the EXP the card is worth. Some power-
effect target of card B. ful cards are worth high EXP. Some
have 0 EXP. COMMAND PHASE 2 (P. 20)
EXP of the Shadow Card
This is the EXP value you need This is the EXP you pay to
to have in your EXP Pool to change your Shadow on the
call this Shadow Card onto the Field to that of a different Attri-
Field, much like the way Re- bute. You can only change to a
quired EXP is used for Partner
Shadow in your Hand that has
the same level.
BEFORE YOU Command Phase 1
Place a Level 1 Shadow Card face-down on the Shadow Area You can conduct any of these actions in any order:
Shuffle your Deck well and place it on the Deck Area
Send any number of Shadow Cards from your Hand
Place a counter on 20 LP to the EXP Pool

Determine who goes first (play Rock-Paper-Scissors, roll a die, flip Call a Partner (only 1 Partner per turn)
a coin, etc.)

Draw 5 cards from your Deck (this becomes your Hand) Call, level up or change your Shadow to a different
Attribute (you can only do one of these actions each
At the beginning of each game, if you dont like your 5-card
opening Hand, you can shuffle the 5 cards back into your Use the effects of your Shadow or your Partner Card(s)
Deck and draw 5 new cards Some effects are used at a specific time or even
during your opponents turn
How To Play The Game

How To Play The Game

Draw Phase Use 1 or more of your Command Cards set on the Field,
or those playable from your Hand
Once you have resolved a Command Card, it is sent
1. Awaken your Shadow (flip your Shadow Card face-up) to your EXP Pool

During the initial turn of the game (first players first Set Command and/or Skill Cards including those with
turn), you cannot flip your Shadow Card face-up the Set icon face-down on the Battle Field
Remember cards set this turn cannot be
played until a later turn
2. Draw 1 card from your Deck and add it to your Hand
Do not let your opponent see it

Shuffle your Deck well after an effect that adds a card

from your Deck to your Hand.
BATTLE Phase 6 Use a Partner(s) as a Shield
The defending player can send a Partner from their Field to
The real thrill comes during the Battle Phase, when you attack the
the EXP Pool to reduce the damage to their LP by 1 point per
opponent and inflict damage to their LP. Usually, Shadows and
Partner sent to the EXP Pool.
Partners cannot be destroyed by battle. During the Battle Phase,
each Shadow or a Partner on the Field can attack only once. Use
your Skill Cards effectively to reduce your opponents LP one at
a time.
7 Relocate the LP counter to the appropriate number
1 Select the Shadow or the Partner to attack
Each Shadow and Partner can attack once in a turn.
You cannot attack in the INITIAL TURN (first players first
8 Send used-up cards to the EXP Pool
turn). Place your used Skill Card(s) in your EXP Pool. Your oppo-
nent does the same with their Used-up Skill Cards.

2 Use 1 of your Skill Cards Repeat 1 to 8 if you have other attacking cards
You do not have to have a Skill Card to attack.
You can use a Skill Card that had been set on the Field in a DAMAGE CALCULATION
previous turn or from your Hand.
How To Play The Game

How To Play The Game

Damage is calculated using the ATK of the attacking card (with
all its modifiers from Skill and Command Cards) and the total
DEF of the defending cards (with all modifiers from Command
3 Your opponent chooses whether to use a Skill Card and Skill Cards). The side with the higher number wins the
battle and the difference is taken away from the losers LP.
You can also use a Skill Card if your opponent uses a Skill
Card in defense; if you do, your opponent can again play
one, and so on.
Attack points of the attacking Shadow
OR the Partner
4 Skill Cards resolve in the reverse order played ATK +
ATK increases by card effects

5 Damage calculation Sum of defense points of ALL Partners on

Damage is calculated using the ATK of the attacking card and your side of the Field

the total DEF of the defending cards. The side with the higher +
number wins the battle and the difference is taken away from DEF increases by card effects
the losers LP.
When ATK is higher than DEF, EXAMPLE
the attacking card wins. The dif-

ference is subtracted as damage
from the defenders LP.

When DEF is higher than ATK,

the defending side wins. The dif-
ference is subtracted as damage
from the attackers LP.

When ATK equals DEF, no one
takes damage.

ATK DEF The attacking player

receives 1 point
damage to their LP
How To Play The Game

How To Play The Game


ATTACK Same as Command Phase 1


DEFENSE If you have 7 or more cards in your hand, keep 6 cards and
send the rest to your EXP Pool
You can choose which card(s) you want to send.

Rest your Shadow (flip your Shadow back face-down)

The defending player

receives 2 points Your opponent's turn
damage to their LP

These icons represent the attack points and defense points of a A card with this icon must be set face-down on your Battle
Shadow or a Partner. UP means an increase in the ability. Field during your Command Phase before use. After the turn
it is set, the Command or Skill Card can be used like the
cards you play from your Hand.


This icon represents the Level of the Shadow. The higher the This number indicates how many EXP Points it is worth while
Level, the stronger its ATK/DEF and abilities. in the EXP Pool. Some cards have 0 EXP.


This icon represents the Attribute of a Shadow or a Partner. The amount of EXP you need in the EXP Pool to use
There are 7 Attributes. Each has its special ability. REQUIRED EXP this card. Check this number before using.
How To Play The Game

How To Play The Game

This icon represents the Category of a Skill or Command Card. The amount of EXP you need to pay to use this card.
There are 9 Categories total. USED EXP You pay by sending the EXP to the Trash.

Up to 3 Partner Cards with this icon can be called on the Field, The amount of EXP you need in the EXP Pool to call
which is an exception to the basic rules. LEVEL UP this Shadow from your Hand to the Field.


A card with this icon can be equipped to a Partner on the The amount of EXP you need to pay to change the
Field and remains on the Field with that Partner. When the Shadow on the Field to a different Attribute of the
Partner leaves the Field, the equipped Command Card will
same Level.
be sent to the EXP Pool.

OTHER RULES Conditions for Activation of a Card Effect

Some card effects require you to fulfill specific conditions in
order to activate the effect. Even if you have enough Required
Card Effect Priority EXP and Used EXP, you will not be able to use the card unless
you fulfill the conditions written in the card text. Likewise, even
If there is any discrepancy between a Card Effect described on if you fulfill the other conditions, if you do not have enough Re-
the card and what is explained in this Beginner's Guide, always quired EXP and Used EXP, you will not be able to use the card,
refer to the card effect as the rule. For example, according to and the effect is treated as a mis-fire.
the basic Blue Dragon RPCG rules, each player may only call
1 Shadow or Partner per turn, but playing a card with the effect
that says, Call a Partner from your Hand, such as Bouquet Resolving Actions
(BDS1-EN011) would allow you to call more Partners during the In this RPCG, no action is resolved while another is being re-
same turn. solved (cards resolve one at a time). This means two cards do
not have their effects occur at the same time, so it will be impor-
Turn Players Priority tant to keep track of which action or effect happens, and when
it happens, according to the rules. You need to finish resolving
If both players were to resolve effects that, according to the
one action or effect first and then start resolving the next. When
cards would seem to occur at the same time, the turn player
you use a Partner as a Shield, for example, you need to first
has the priority. For example, when Partners on both players
send that Partner to the EXP Pool, then start resolving the effect
Fields are sent to the EXP Pool and effects would be resolved,
of each Partner sent.
the turn player always has the priority to resolve the effect or ac-
OR ACTIONS in the Blue Dragon RPCG. About Skill Cards that Take a Target
There are some Skill Cards like Counterattack Boost (BDS2-
EN027) and Guard (BDH1-EN016) that must select a Partner
on the Field as their effect target. On the other hand, cards like
Replay when Effect is a Mis-Fire Endure (BDS1-EN023) and Cease-Fire (BDS2-EN024) do
Some effects ask you to search for a specific card from your not take a target and can be used without selecting a Partner
Deck. Most often, when you use the effect and are unable to on the Field.
find the target card in your Deck, the effect is said to be mis-
fired. In that case, you need to REPLAY rewind the play back

to the situation before the use of the card. For example, when
you attempt to add a DARK Card from your Deck instead of
drawing a card by the effect of Land Shark (BDS2-EN014)
and you do not find a DARK card in your Deck, you will replay
and draw a card.
ATK / DEF Original ATK/DEF
Each Shadow and Partner Card has an attack value and defense The ATK/DEF printed on the card, not ATK/DEF that is increased
value. When it says ATK of this card, this is the combined with a Command or Skill Card.
number of ATK of the card with whatever effect that is applied
to the card by a Command or Skill Card.
Call a Partner To send EXP from your EXP Pool to the Trash to fulfill a cards
To take a Partner from your Hand and place it in a Partner space Used EXP cost, or when you pay LP for a card effect.
on the Field. Check the Required EXP and Used EXP on the Part-
ner Card and make sure you have enough EXP in your EXP Pool RECALL
to call that Partner. Normally you can only call 1 Partner per To call a Partner onto the Field from your EXP Pool or Trash (not
turn, and can only have up to 3 Partners on the Field. from your Hand). Unlike a normal call, when you recall a
Partner, you ignore the Required EXP, Used EXP or other condi-
Direct Damage tions required to call that Partner.
When you inflict damage directly to your opponents LP with a
Partners attack or card effects regardless of the DEF of your op- REPLAY
ponent, it is called direct damage (note however that certain To return to the point of action before a mis-fired effect was
Partners such as Stonezaurus (BD01-EN024) have effects that attempted.
allow them to stop direct damage).
DRAW To move a card to other parts of the Field. For example, you will
To take 1 card from the top of your Deck and add it to your send from your Hand to the EXP Pool, from the Field to the EXP
Hand. You are not allowed to look at the faces of the cards in Pool, or send from the EXP Pool to the Trash.
the Deck or change the order of the cards before you draw.
FIELD To place a card on the Battle Field face-down. You can check the
When on the Field is mentioned in your card effect, it covers content of the set card on your field any time, but you cannot
the Shadow/Partner zones and the Battle Field on your side. It check the content of your opponents set cards. You cannot
does not include EXP Pool or the Trash. withdraw a card once it has been set.

It is the group of cards you have in your hand (you can have a
Hand of 0 cards). You can have up to 6 cards in your Hand. To randomly mix the order of your cards in the Deck. You must
At the end of your turn, if you have more than 6, you must send not look at the card faces as you shuffle. Have your opponent
cards from your Hand to the Exp Pool until you only have 6. shuffle after you shuffle for a fairer result.
FREQUENTLY How many Command and/or Skill Cards can I set on the Field?

ASKED QUESTIONS You can set as many as you want. There is no limit to the number
of Command and Skill Cards you have set on the Field.

How can I gain EXP Points quickly?

Is it only when I receive damage by battle that I can use a Part-
In this game, used-up cards are sent to the EXP Pool and become ner as a Shield?
EXP Points. You can gain EXP Points by using your Partner(s) as a
Shield or by using Command and Skill Cards wisely and proac- No. You can use your Partner as a Shield to reduce the damage
tively, because both of these actions send the used cards to the you take by battle or by a card effect. Midnight Ghost (BDS1-
EXP Pool. Including cards in your Deck that dont require Used EN018), for example, can reduce effect damage to 0 from any
EXP costs to activate (have a Used EXP value of 0) is another card (this includes direct damage as well).
way to effectively gain more EXP Points, since these cards are
sent to the EXP Pool once they are used. Also, remember that
Shadow Cards can be sent from your Hand to the EXP Pool to Do I have to have another card in my Hand to use the effect of
accumulate your EXP faster. Endure (BDS1-EN023)?

Yes. The condition for activation of Endure is to send all cards

What happens to the remaining 1 EXP if you use a card that in your Hand to the EXP Pool. You need to have at least 1 card
costs 1 Used EXP and pay the cost with a card that is worth 2 in your Hand besides Endure, to be able to activate the card.
EXP? Do I get any change?

There is no change from the EXP cards you pay. Remember it Can I select and recall the card that is sent to the Trash as Used
is always better to pay for your 1 Used EXP card with a card EXP cost for the effect of Sahlias Cookies (BDS1- EN033)?
that has an EXP value of exactly 1 EXP. No. The card you sent to the Trash as Used EXP cannot be se-
lected as the effect target of the card you are playing (since
it is actually being used as a condition of activating Sahlias
Can I send a Partner to the EXP Pool when I have only 2 Partners Cookies). The same rule applies to all Partner, Command and
on the Field? Skill Cards.
The answer is no. If you have 3 Partners on the Field (the maxi-
mum number of Partners you can call on the Field), you can send
While there are 3 Partners on the Field, can I use Sahlias

1 Partner from the Field to the EXP Pool to call a new Partner.
Cookies (BDS1-EN033)?
When there are 2 (or fewer) Partners on the Field, you cannot
send a Partner from the Field to the EXP Pool unless you use a Yes, you can. You can recall a Partner by selecting 1 Partner on
card effect or use them as Shields. your Field and sending it to the Trash.
Does Magic Sword Lv. 2 (BDS1-EN028) give me the ATK When I attack with Blazing Jelly (BDS2-EN016), if I decrease
equal to my opponents DEF at the time the card is used +2, or the number of my opponents Partner to 2 by the effect of
the opponents final DEF +2? Counterattack Boost (BDS2-EN027), what happens to the ef-
fect of Blazing Jelly, to inflict direct damage?
It gives you the ATK equal to the opponents final DEF after all
the Skill Cards have been resolved +2. Even if your opponent The effect of Blazing Jelly, to inflict damage directly will be
uses an additional Skill Card to increase their DEF after you cancelled. The attack will be a normal attack, using the regu-
play Magic Sword Lv. 2, your ATK will be the final DEF of lar ATK. The attack is not replayed even though the number
your opponent +2. of your opponents Partners changed after the declaration of
your attack.

Is Marumaro (BDS1-EN010) ever sent to the EXP Pool or the

Trash? Is the Change EXP on the Shadow Cards the same as Used EXP
on the Partner, Command and Skill Cards?
Yes. Its effect says it returns to your Deck when it is removed
from the Field. It does not return to the Deck when it is sent to No. The Used EXP on Partner, Command and Skill Cards is the
the EXP Pool or the Trash from your Hand (since in that case, it EXP that must be paid to play the card. The Change EXP on a
never was on the Field). Shadow Card must only be paid to change the Attribute of your
Shadow on the Field. For example, if you are changing from
a LIGHT Shadow to a LIGHT Shadow, no Change EXP needs
What happens if I cant find Deathroy (BDS2-EN006) in my to be paid.
Trash when I use the effect of Nene (BDS2-EN005)? Does
the other effect Randomly select a card from your opponents
Hand and send it to the Trash activate?
If my Shadow is always face-down during my opponents turn,
Even if you are unable to find Deathroy in your Trash, the why do Shadows have a DEF value?
other effect to Randomly select a card from your opponents
Hand and send it to the Trash activates. Of course, the same For the most part, Shadows do not participate while you are
would happen the other way around. If your opponent did not defending, but there are cards like One-on-One Battle (BDS2-
have any cards in their Hand, you could still find a Deathroy in EN029) that flip the defending players Shadow face-up and
your Trash, and call it to the Field. the Shadow is used in defense.

What happens if I cannot find the target card in my Deck when Can cards without the be set on the Battle Field?
I use a card that allows me to search for a particular card by

sending cards like Shu or Kluke from the Field?
Cards with the Set icon MUST be set on the Battle Field before
The effect is said to be mis-fired, and the game is replayed you can play it. Cards without the Set icon can also be set on
from the point just before the activation of the card. the Battle Field. This allows you to trick your opponent into think-
ing that you have a powerful Set Command or Skill Card. Re-
member, cards set this turn cannot be played until a later turn.
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