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HSE Management Committees

Meeting Procedure
3.4 Department Level HSE Management Committee Responsibilities

S.no Roles Responsibilities

Review site departmental HSE objectives & KPIs
3.4.1 Chairman Review the department compliance with site objectives
Discuss suggestions and outcomes in site HSE meeting
Ensure that committee meeting are being conducted effectively as per
procedure requirements
3.4.2 Vice Chairman
Ensure that quorum for the meeting meets the minimum requirement
Act as chairman in case of Chairman Absence
Develop and circulate meeting schedule for whole year maximum up
Secretary to 15th January of each year
(Nominated Develop and circulate meeting agenda for upcoming meeting at least 2
3.4.3 Operations & weeks before the meeting date
Maintenance Engineer Finalize and present site HSE statistics after review from Chairman,
or Supervisor) Vice Chairman and committee members
Track action items for each committee meeting and update accordingly
Safety Sponsor
Provide departmental grass route HSE issue to committee
Present 10 minutes HSE presentation related to work activity
3.4.4 Perform PPEs donning for SCBA, Chemical handling etc
Technician/Fire Prepare and forward HSE meeting feedback to site HSE Engineer or
Actively participate in HSE meeting
Check adherence of department activities to HSE standards and
Ensure that departments staff (Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians,
Operators, Chemist, Samplers & contractors are complying Safe Work
Review action items that are outcome of internal and external audits
3.4.5 Members
at department level
Ensure that all actions items are being closed by individuals in due date
Ensure that accurate safety statistics are being reported
Present HSE issues and suggestions
Ensure that action items are closed as per target dates
Follow up actions from their area and responsibility

4. Equipment/Software

Meeting room, overhead projector, laptops, and PowerPoint presentations, Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE)

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