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Instructional Support Services Dale W. Vigil, Ed.D.

Update Interim Superintendent

August 2010

Instructional Support Services Unit

All e-mail addresses, unless otherwise noted, are as follows: firstname.lastname@lausd.net
Elaine Kinoshita, Administrator of Instruction (213) 241 – 0100
Lupe Inabu, Administrator of Compliance (213) 241 - 1924

Hiram Dabbah, Facilitator Safe and Healthy Schools (213) 241 - 0138
Antonio Hernandez, Expert RtI2/ITAF/MyData (213) 241 – 1913 http://ld04.edubogs.org
Michelle Hernandez, Coordinator PreK – 12 School Counseling Services (213) 241 – 1928
Lizza Irizarry, Specialist PreK – 12 Categorical Programs (213) 241 – 1925
Sandy Miller, Coordinator RtI2 /Secondary Literacy (213) 241 – 0193
Azucena Raigoza, Expert PreK – 12 Categorical Programs (213) 241 – 1926
Janet Saito Furukawa, Specialist Secondary Literacy (213) 241 – 0142
Kathy Stehr, Coordinator Elementary Literacy/ RtI2 (213) 241 – 0148
Mary Ann Sullivan, Expert RtI2 /Elementary Literacy (213) 241 – 6278
Sean Teer, Expert RtI2/History/Social Studies (213) 241 – 0181
Janette Tovar, Specialist BTSA/NBC (213) 241 – 0150
Jose Velasquez, Expert RtI2 /PreK – 12 Instructional Analyst (213) 241 - 6275
Kenny Yau, Expert RtI2/Elementary Math (213) 241 - 0100

Training on Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) Modules:

• September 1, 2010 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. Elementary Principals
1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Secondary Principals
Location: Beaudry Building/Second Floor – Room 131

Certification of Textbook Sufficiency: An annual certification of textbook sufficiency is required of

all teachers and principals regardless of the school’s decile level. For an updated timeline and the
revised teacher and principal certification forms, please review the following reference guides:
• Elementary - REF-5191 (dated July 12, 2010)
• Secondary - REF-5192 (dated July 12, 2010)
Please note that the Principal Certification is due to Lupe Inabu on the following dates:
• September 2, 2010 Track A / four track calendar schools
• September 16, 2010 Track A / three track calendar schools
• September 30, 2010 Traditional calendar schools

School Parent Compact and Involvement Policy: The School Parent Compact and the Parent
Involvement policy must be reviewed and updated annually. These documents are developed jointly
with the parents of Title I students; usually through the CEAC and approved by the SSC. The
documents are disseminated to the parents each year and the signed compacts are returned to the
classroom teachers. Sometimes, these documents are also distributed at the school’s annual Title I
meeting. If you need a sample template of the compact or policy, please contact Lizza Irizarry or
Azucena Raigoza.

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2010 – 2011 Advisory Committee and School Site Council Election Procedures: The elections for
categorical Advisory Committees are suspended. The 2009 – 2010 Compensatory Education Advisory
Committee (CEAC) and English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) membership will continue for
the 2010 – 2011 school year. The elections for School Site Councils will take place by the following
dates: August 25, 2010 schools on multi-track calendar
October 13, 2010 schools on traditional calendar
In each local district, there will be a reduction of one of the Parent Community Facilitator positions.
This reduction in staff has not taken place so to start the school year, the following Facilitators have
returned and are available to support the election process at the schools:
1. Angie Cardenas (213) 241 - 0110
2. Maria Gonzalez (213) 241 - 0118
3. Frida Samayoa (213) 241 - 0143
4. Martha Sandoval (213) 241 - 0144

2010 – 2011 CELDT: The California English Language Development Test (CELDT) is a state required
test that identifies students who are English learners:
1. initial identification determines student’s level of English proficiency
2. annual assessment determines student’s progress toward acquiring English proficiency in
listening, speaking, reading and writing
There are major changes this school year including web conference training for examiners. Please
review the following District resources to prepare for the administration of CELDT:
• MEM-5161 (dated June 21, 2010) Updating SIS to prepare for CELDT 2010-11
• MEM-5169 (dated June 21, 2010) CELDT Examiner Web Conference and Return of the
Security Agreements and Affidavits
• MEM-5166 (dated June 28, 2010) CELDT Administration Instructions Web Conference
Recording 2010-11
Please contact Lizza Irizarry or Azucena Raigoza if you have any questions regarding CELDT.

Year 1 Program Improvement Plan Writing Session: October 6, 2010 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: Beaudry Building/Second Floor – Room 131
Participants: Teams of 4 from each of the following “at-risk” schools
Academic Leadership Community Academic Performance Excellence Academy
Annandale ES Atwater ES Bernstein HS Cahuenga ES
Castelar ES Cheremoya ES Dayton Heights ES Del Olmo ES
Dorris Place ES Elysian Heights ES Gardner ES Laurel ES
Los Angeles HS for the Arts Los Angeles Teacher Preparatory Academy
Melrose ES Rosemont ES Roybal LC San
Pascual ES School for the Visual Arts and Humanities

Categorical Program Monitoring Visit: LAUSD is responsible for creating and maintaining
compliant categorical programs. State and Federal laws require that the California Department of
Education (CDE) monitor the implementation of these categorical programs by conducting program
monitoring visits. LAUSD is monitored every year and District 4 schools will be visited in the 2010 –
2011 school year. In November, the CDE will notify the District of the schools selected in District 4 for
a site review that will occur in late February or early March 2011.

Program Improvement Parent Notification Letters: The California Department of Education (CDE)
is expected to release the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) data on August 31, 2010. The results will be

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posted on the Inside LAUSD/Federal and State Education website on September 1, 2010. All program
improvement schools must distribute a parent notification letter dated September 2, 2010.

Mandatory Topics for ELAC Meetings: A school with 21 or more English learners must form an
English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). In addition to monitoring the school’s program for
English learners, each ELAC must advise the School Site Council on four mandatory topics on an
annual basis:
1. development and/or monitoring of the Single Plan for Student Achievement
2. needs assessment
3. Language Census Report (R-30)
4. the importance of regular school attendance
The presentation and discussion of these four topics must be reflected on the agenda and minutes. If you
have any questions regarding the ELAC meetings, please contact Lizza Irizarry or Azucena Raigoza.

Elementary Literacy

Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Assessments: Reading First schools should have
received enough assessments in August 2009 for two years of instruction for grades K – 3. Grades 4 – 5
are non-consumable. Student answer sheets can be downloaded under elementary resources at the
lausd.net/literacy website. Assessments for Non-Reading First schools should be in schools by August
25, 2010. Should schools need extra assessments, please contact Kathy Stehr.

Textbook orders: If you have not received your OCR order or have any concerns with your order,
please call the SRA Customer Service office at (800) 780 - 0246. Have your PO number available when
making all inquires.

Pacing Plans and assessment schedules are now available on the Literacy/Language Arts portal
page (www.lausd.net/literacy):
1. Select Elementary Resources from the navigation bar on the left
2. On the ER page, look in the second column on the top right, for the heading: ELA Instruction and
Assessment Calendars for 2010-2011
3. You can download the PDFs from there.


BTSA Program Changes: Due to recent budget cuts and reduction in force the LAUSD BTSA
program will not be accepting NEW applicants for the 2010 - 2011 school year. Teachers whose
preliminary credentials will expire within the year and who have not participated in BTSA (these
most likely will be permanent teachers) need to contact Janette Tovar to discuss their options for
requesting an extension with the state to continue teaching. Because completion of BTSA Induction
is still a requirement for teachers who hold a Preliminary Credential to obtain their Clear Credential, the
program will re-open for new applicants during the 2011 - 2012 school year. All teachers who are
already enrolled in our program will continue to complete their BTSA requirements on schedule,
with full support, this year. This year’s participants will include any teachers who participated in prior
years but have not yet completed the program. A roster of teachers who are still enrolled in the BTSA
program will be sent to each school Principal.

Support Providers: LAUSD has implemented a new process this year for the selection of Support
Providers. (All teachers participating in Subject Matter Preparation, District Intern, District Intern

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BTSA Induction and LAUSD BTSA Induction must receive the assistance of a Support Provider in
order to meet State accountability expectations and mandates.) The process is outlined in detail in
MEM-4941.1 New Teacher Support Provider Selection Process, available for download on
InsideLAUSD. All current Support Providers must reapply, including NBC teachers. Additionally,
information regarding the availability of the program must be shared at each school site, so that all
eligible, interested teacher instructional leaders may apply. The application window for interested
teachers opens in mid-September. Each school site must establish a Site Selection Committee to
implement the District-mandated procedures for selecting New Teacher Support Providers. All members
of the Site Selection Committee will first participate in a mandatory Orientation which will be offered
by the Teacher Support Unit during the latter part of September. All Site Selection Committee
responsibilities will be explained at the Orientation. A memo of invitation will be sent to each school
site from the Central office. Questions/concerns or requests for a school visitation to discuss new
teacher roster and/or the support provider applications process should be addressed to Janette Tovar.


NBC Action Plans: The NBC Action Plan and Activity Log forms have been updated for the 2010 -
2011 school year and will be mailed to all Local District 4 NBC teachers when final approvals have
been obtained. NBC Action Plans are due for approval to the Janette Tovar in the District 4 Office by
October 13, 2010. Pre-approved activities that NBC Teachers may complete to earn their 92 hours of
NBC incentive pay are:
Maximum Hours
Pre-Approved Task
New Teacher Support No Hour Limit
Delivering training/facilitation for BTSA,
District Intern, Subject Matter Preparation, and No Hour Limit
Teacher Training Academy
Professional Development sessions for schools,
Local Districts, etc. (excludes activities
No Hour Limit
supporting NBCT certification). Buy-Back days
when available.
Writing and delivering Salary Point Classes. No Hour Limit
Professional Growth (professional development
that you ATTEND)
Grant Writing (grants to facilitate education
Writing School Choice Plans (LAUSD/UTLA
Participant in District-sanctioned Coaching class
ONE-time, 16 hours
(e.g., FACT training)
Parent Education (Face-to-face training only—
not included under standard professional duties, 20
such as back-to-school night, PHBAO, etc.)
Any activities not listed here must be pre-approved by Janette Tovar
prior to completion. Hours completed for activities that are not pre-
approved may not be paid.
Reminder: NBC teachers should track their hours on a “per-job” basis and must have their Activity
Log signed off by the key person they are working with. This means that NBC teachers should not give

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the Principal an Activity Log with a number of different activities and ask for a blanket signature to
verify all those hours—it should be done immediately following each instance of work. If you have
questions regarding the NBC program, please contact Janette Tovar.

Instructional Technology
Technology Leaders: Please identify the individual(s) who will be the technology leader(s) at your
school site. Throughout the school year, Antonio Hernandez will send out information regarding
updates, grants, deadlines and professional development opportunities. Please go to
http://tinyurl.com/2g3d65d to identify your Technology Leader.

Reporting a Computer Theft: If computers and/or laptops have been stolen from the school, there are
two things that must be done:
1. Immediately contact ITD to report the stolen computers. (213) 241-5200
2. File a report with School Police
ITD will need the serial numbers of the missing/stolen computers in order to activate the tracking

* For a list of current and/or ongoing grants, go to http://www.grantsalert.com/gsft.cfm

Here’s additional site with available grants. http://www.vernier.com/grants/corporate.html

If you have any questions, please contact Antonio Hernandez.

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