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Student Name: Connie Marshall

Ko Wai Au? - ko ruapehu te maunga, ko

whanganui te awa, ko aotea te waka, ko ati au nui a paparangi te iwi, ko
koroniti te marae.

Food Pizza, mangos, chocolate, Movie Fast and furious/transformers
maccas series

Drink Lemon lime and bitters Song or Artist Tropicana

Sport/Athletes Netball league What I want to do Rehab therapist (long term car
when I finish Kura crash etc), Physiotherapist

Challenge -
1. Plan your own lesson & work at your own pace
2. Colour all the boxes green
3. Complete the plan on page 2

Start with #5 and then make two other choices to make your tic-tac-toe. Remember to
add to your notes as you go.

HIGHLIGHT GREEN - Once youve completed it & type the date
HIGHLIGHT ORANGE - if youve made a start but complete
1. 2. 3. 4.
Watch and follow Go to the PE wall & write You & two others in the class 5min with Suey one on
steps of the video notes/learn about 2 have a 15min session with Suey one. To show where your
suey uploaded onto interesting sociocultural about 1 of 3 categories; at, explain your net steps
google classroom topics. I.e body as a - Exercisephysiology & ask questions
project. How can this - Socio cultural factors
relate to your assignment? Methods, principles of
training & fitness

5. 6. 7. 8.
Make a copy of this SIGN OFF 3.9 & 3.4 Read VO2 Max Handout
doc & share with Create a new google doc with Suey Ask Suey 2 questions that
Suey for next topic. Must Print MK training relate to your next unit of
Fill in the top part of include relevant titles. programme 1 (compare work & what you want
this doc Include your PIP add more this with yours) help with.
Fill in bottom part of detail; Similarities/differences? 1
this sheet Write your grades below!
Complete term 2 2
google form &
evaluation. 3

My Lesson Plan Evaluation

Date/Day What Grids Im doing this lesson What Did I learn? What are my next steps

Understanding the challenge grid In this session I leant Starting on my next grid
4/5/17 and its purpose and its importance how to colour a box a so I am keeping track on
throughout the period of different colour turning them all g reen.
completing this assessment. Last which helps my
term I looked at the uploaded video digital literacy.
however I have forgotten the
material in it.

Watching and following the steps In this lesson I learnt My next steps are to
5/5/17 of the video that is on the google the criteria for this continue working away
classroom. After this I will start to assessment and what at finishing the
to follow the instructions on the information is biophysical principle
video. needed to complete part of my assessment
at a high standard. as I have completed the
intro. I am currently
updating my PIP in
detail by applying the
MOT, times, dates, and

Printing off the L3 Whanganui

training programme and uploaded
9/5/17 the similarities and differences
between the 3 training

MY HARD MAHI VOUCHERS ARE - how long? Whats our

Distractions: - Social media, phone, youtube, movies

Hard mahi vouchers: - GAmes, Phone, Social media, Movies

Time Frame focused for: - 20 minutes

Time rewarded: - 5-7 minutes