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Movie Marines

Unofficial Rules (badly translated by richyp)

The Space Marine Movie Marines List

"I am not a hard man, but if I were to fight against you in one of my films, I'd wipe the floor with you."

- Eddie Murphy

This list can be used in order to represent any Space Marine force. In each case the list remains the same. If I hear one
complaint that the list does not contain a Death Company, scouts or oaths, I promise that I will employ some extremely
unpleasant revenge with Halfling snipers.

This list is based of a single space marine squad, however you should read the profile values exactly in order to understand
all of the changes, you should not drink any alcoholic beverages if you do this. Use the standard Force Organisation chart
with the following entries. This list was developed in order to fight against normal 1500pt armies in any standard mission,
though personally I'd recommend against fighting normal Space Marines lists but thats down to you.

HQ 1 Space Marine Sergeant

Elite 0-1 Space Marine Hero
Troop 0-6 Space Marines
Assault 0-1 Rhino or Razorback
Heavy Sup. 0-1 Space Marine mit Flammenwerfer
! 0-1 Space Marine mit Raketenwerfer
Special 0-1 Stunt-Doubles

Space Marine Sergeant

The army is led by an experienced, scar-covered veteran decided on by the men. He will lead the army without compromise.
In addition he is a deadly fighter more than eager to show Johnny Xenos where to go.! !! !! !! !! !! !

Cost WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
200 9 5 6 6 4 6 5 10 3+

The Space Marine Sergeant is equipped with a bolt pistol, chainsword, combat knife and grenades.

Space Marine Hero

This Space Marine has all of the coolest sayings in the film script and the most expensive designer purity seals. If there was
ever a female lead in the film, it would be this Marine that constantly ended up saving her from situations of great danger.
The actor who plays this role would be the reason your friend would accompany you to this film.

Cost WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
150 7 5 6 6 3 5 4 9 3+

The Space Marine Hero is equipped with a bolter, combat knife and grenades.

Space Marines

These individuals represent the standard Space Marines. They are like you, if you were modified to be 2m tall, a genetically
and psychologically enhanced killing machine. They need no sleep, drink poison, spit acid and can survive in a vacuum. Do
you want to join them?

Cost WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
100 5 5 6 6 2 5 3 9 3+

The Space Marine is equipped with a bolter, combat knife and grenades.

Space Marine with Missile Launcher

For missions in which they must completely exterminate all life in the hemisphere access to Missile Launchers is given along
with a number of unpleasant ammunition types. And if that should not su"ce the opponent is still faced with several kilo's of
heavy steel tube in close combat.

Cost WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
250 5 5 6 6 2 5 3 9 3+

This Space Marine is equipped with a Missile Launcher (with super-frag and super-krak ammo), a combat knife and grenades.

Space Marine with Flamer

Even if some Marines prefer Melta or Plasma guns instead of Flamers, nothing fills the hearts of aliens, heretics and innocent
civilians with as much fear as the smell of promethium in the morning.

Cost WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
170 5 5 6 6 2 5 3 9 3+

This Space Marine is equipped with a Flamer, combat knife and grenades.


Cost Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS

130 13 12 11 5

Transport Capacity: 10

The Rhino has standard armour, smoke launchers and an additional Storm Bolter.


Cost Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS

200 13 12 11 5

Transport Capacity: 6

The Razorback has standard armour, smoke launchers and is equipped with a Twin-Linked Lascannon.

Weapons Rules
Close Combat Weapons

Chainsword:!The chainsword counts as a power weapon. In addition it doubles the number of attacks when in assault.

Combat Knife:!All Space Marines are equipped with a combat knife. This is no ordinary knife, when wielded by a Space
Marine it's a lethal weapon.

Ranged Weapons

! Range Strength AP Type

Bolt pistol 24" 6 4 Assault 4, Rending
Bolter 36" 6 4 Assault!4, Rending
Storm bolter 36" 6 4 Assault!8, Rending
Grenade 6" 8 3 Assault 1, Blast
Flammer 24" Template Assault!1

If it is fired at a unit in range, consisting of non-vehicle models, each model of the unit in which the carrier of the flamer has
line of site is hit on a 4+ and wounded on a 4+. With a damage roll of 6 it ignores armour saves.

Since the promethium of the flame jet burns further at the source the first model hit, is wounded but not removed and
everyone after him gets a save. Afterwards all wounded models are removed.

Against vehicles the flamer has no e#ect, with the exception of open topped vehicles where all units are hit automatically.
The hit is modified by cover or quick movement.

! Range Strength AP Type

Missile Launcher 60" ! ! Assault!2
(with Super-Frag ammo) ! 6 4 5" Blast template
(with Super-Krak ammo) ! 10 1 !
Lascannon 60" 10 1 Twin-Linked

The lascannon fires a laser beam in straight lines projecting out from the cannon, each model in this line, one after the other
is hit until a hit roll is failed or does not penetrate the armour a vehicle. For each vehicle/Monstrous creature hit the strength
of the beam is reduced for all following models by 1. Models wounded by a lascannon are removed automatically regardless
of their save. Against armoured vehicles! roll 2 D6 and add the strength of the weapon to the highest result.

Special Rules
One-Man-Army:!Each model in the army is considered a separate unit and is placed!independently!of the other models. Any
combination of models may be carried in transport vehicles up to the maximum transport capacity. Arbitrary models may
enter and leave the transport while others can remain in the vehicle, however the player sees fit. All space marines are subject
to the "They shall no know fear" as per the Codex.

Come get some!:!If the Space Marine is finished o# due to the "no fallback" rule, they will get one last shot to tear into the
enemy before going to their grave. It can fire its bolter or bolt pistol immediately, or release a grenade going out with a loud
laugh (Center the blast template over the marine). Running: All marines know how to sprint (Fleet of Foot?)

Move through cover:!All Space Marines can move through cover. Infiltrate: All models not deployed in transport vehicles can
infiltrate. Auto-sensors: Each model of the army counts as if it's equipped with an Auspex.!

Servo-Arms:!Space marines are armed with a servo armament that adds a 3+ saving throw against all hits that allow saves.

The script writer hates us:!All special rules here apply only to the Space Marines of the Movie Marine list. Identical weapons
and units on the opponents side operate according to their normal rules.

Stunt-Doubles:!Each Movie Marine army may contain 0-10 stunt doubles for 10pts each, they do not occupy a Force
Organisation Chart selection. Before rolling a saving throw, or cover throw the player can switch out the marine for a Stunt
Double. If the saving throw is failed the stunt double is removed as a loss. If the save is made then the stunt double can go
and get some refreshments or admire the scenery but cannot be used again in this game.