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I. Supply the missing word(s) in each statement. Choose the letter that best answers each
23. A balanced modulator eliminates which of the
1. AM can be produced by passing the carrier following from its output?
through a circuit whose _____ or _____ can be a. Upper sideband b. Lower sideband
varied in accordance with the modulating signal. c. Carrier d. Both sidebands

2. The name of the nonlinear response of a device 24. The output signal of a balanced modulator is.
that produces AM with only second-order products a. AM b. SSB c. FM d. DSB
is _____.
25. Which has better carrier suppression?
3. A component that has an exponential response a. Lattice modulator
ideal for producing AM is the _____. b. IC balanced modulator

4. In a simple am diode modulator, the negative 26. A balanced modulator using a diode bridge is
peaks of the AM signal are supplied by the _____. called a(n) _____.

5. In an amplitude modulator using FET, the FET 27. In the lattice-type balanced modulator, the
acts like a(n) _____. diodes are used as _____.

6. In an amplitude modulator using FET AM is 28. A balanced modulator has a carrier frequency
produced by varying the _____of the op-amp of 1.9 MHz and a modulating sine wave of 2.6 kHz.
circuit. The output signals are _____ and _____kHz.

7. In an amplitude modulator using FET, a 29. In an integrated- circuit balanced modulator,

positive -going modulating signal causes the transistors _____ supply a constant current.
current in the FET to _____, its resistance to
_____, and the gain of the circuit to _____. 30. In an integrated- circuit balanced modulator,
transistors Q1 to Q4 operate as_____.
8. When forward-biased, a PIN diode acts like
a(n) _____. 31. True or false. An IC analog multiplier may be
used for DSB signal generation.
9. PIN diode modulators are used only at
frequencies above about _____. 32. The most common way of generating an SSB
signal is the _____ method.
10. A PIN diode modulator is a variable _______.
33. A filter capable of passing the desired
11. High current in a PIN diode means that its sideband while rejecting the other sideband must
resistance is_____. have good_____.

12. The AM signals generated by low-level 34. A balanced modulator has a 3-MHz carrier
modulating circuits must have their power level input and a modulating signal input of 1.5 kHz to
increased by a(n) _____ before being transmitted. pass the lower sideband, a filter must have a
center frequency of _____ MHz.
13. In a high-level AM transmitter, the output
stage is usually a class _____ amplifier. . 35. The most popular filter used to select the
desired sideband in an SSB generator uses _____
14.The output of a high-level modulator causes for selectivity.
the _____ applied to the final RF amplifier to
vary with the amplitude of the modulating signal. 36. Name the two ways of generating either the
upper or lower sideband in a filter type SSB
15. The final amplifier of a high-level generator.
modulation CB transmitter has an input power of 5
W. The modulator must be able to supply a power 37. A quartz crystal acts like a highly selective
of _____ W for 100 percent modulation. _____ circuit.

16. The final RF power amplifier has a supply 38. In a filter-type SSB generator, a crystal
voltage of 12V. For 100 percent AM using a high- lattice filter is used. The two crystal
level modulator, the peak ac output of the frequencies are 3.0 and 3.0012 MHz. The filter
modulation transformer must be _____ V. bandwidth is approximately _____ kHz.

17. To achieve 100 percent high-level modulation 39. Mechanical filters provide selectivity
of an RF power amplifier, its _____ must also be because they _____ at a specific frequency.
40. A ceramic filter is similar in operation to
18. The purpose of a _____ is to recover the a(n) _____ filter.
original modulating signal from an AM wave.
41. The operating frequency range of a mechanical
19. The most widely used amplitude demodulator is filter is _____ to _____ kHz.
called a _____.
42. In the phasing method of SSB generation,
20. The most critical component in the circuit of _____ is used to cancel the undesired sideband.
diode detector AM modulator is _____.
43. A _____ circuit is commonly used to
21.The charging and discharging of C1 in diode demodulate or recover an SSB signal.
detector AM modulator produces _____ which causes
_____ of the modulating signal. 44. The circuit used to demodulate an SSB signal
is typically called a(n) _____.
22. True or false. An amplitude demodulator is a
complete radio receiver. 45. The mixing process is
a. Linear. b. Nonlinear.
Answer Sheet
46. In up conversion, which signal is selected?
a. f1 - f2 b. f1 + f2
47. Which transistor mixer is preferred? 2.
a. Bipolar b. FET 3.
48. Another name for the mixing process is _____. 4.
49.The purpose of a mixer is to perform _____.
50. The output signals produced by a mixer with 7.
inputs f1 and f2 are _____, _____, _____, and 8.
51. The type of mixer most used at microwave 10.
frequencies is a(n) _____. 11.
52. The two mixers preferred at VHF and UHF are 12.
_____. 13.
53. Transistor mixers provide _____, while diode 14.
mixers do not. 15.
54.A mixer producing down conversion has an input
of 1390 kHz and an LO frequency of 1845 kHz. The 17.
output is _____ kHz. 18.
55. A single-transistor circuit that combines the 19.
mixer and LO functions is known as a(n) _____. 20.
56. The mixer circuit in the popular NE602 IC is
_____. 22.
57. In addition to a mixer and a voltage
regulator, the NE602 mixer IC contains a(n)
_____. 25.
58. The output of a NE602 mixer IC is 5.5 MHz.
The local oscillator is set to 26.8 MHz. The 27.
input frequency is _____. 28.
59. True or false. Mixing is the same as AM.
60. True or false. Any balanced modulator may be 31.
used as a mixer.