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Topics for Mini Project

1. Socio-ideological value based study of television programs.

2. Interpretation of Indian English Drama.
3. Aesthetic sense of the Indian English Poetry: Select poems.
4. Global English: A Study.
5. English language as a tool in Business Communication.
6. People Management and Leadership Qualities.
7. Managing customer service challenges.
8. Professional Telephoning Communication.
9. Evaluating Political Debates: News Paper Analysis.
10. Social Realism in Aravind Adigas The White Tiger.
11. Human Relationships in Chetan Bhagats Novels.
12. Influence of Social Networking: A Study.
13. Role of internet in Our Life.
14. Sources of Learning English Language: A Study.
15. Functional English in Our Daily Life.
16. English language Communication skills lab.
17. Communication English.
18. Talking Cultures (speaking etiquettes).
19. Teaching based Language Lab.
20. English Language.
21. Learning language though Literature.
22. Translating Epics into English Language.
23. Influence of mother Tongue in English Language.
24. Traditional class room v/s Modern class room.
25. Importance of soft skills.
26. Teaching Vocabulary in English class room.
27. Active listening techniques- enhancing listening.
28. Identify the ways you have recently been an ineffective listener and find ways and techniques to
become effective listener. Describe the scenario and outcomes.
29. Describe how your cultures non verbal as well as verbal rules might be viewed by some one
from a different culture and how those differences might influence your listening abilities.
30. How do you develop your communication skills?
31. Strategies for developing speaking skills.
32. How to prepare and deliver effective presentations.
33. Strategies to improve writing skills.
34. How to draft a descriptive paragraph.
35. List out the Communication strategies to become a successful professional.
36. Attitude of learners towards learning of grammar at the Tertiary Level.
37. Lingua Franca The Language English.
38. Pronunciation en route Phonetics.
39. Role of Kinesics in Communication skills.
40. Communication skills make man perfect.
41. Diary Ur word creates Ur world.
42. Spontaneity (impromptu) in Public speaking.
43. Pronunciation varies in various cultures.
44. Grammar or Fluency which one is the First-?
45. Some inspiring facts on attaining command over English language.
46. Role of speaking in Communication.
47. Importance of LSRW skills and their range in language learning.
48. Ways to Enhance Speaking skills.
49. Facts and views on proper listening leads to proper speaking.
50. How to get effective writing skills.
51. Career counseling after 10 + 2.
52. Interview skills.
53. How to give a killer presentation?
54. Pronunciation Stress , Rhythm , Intonation.
55. All ears- Acquiring listening skills.
56. Mouth to Mouth Acquiring speaking skills.
57. Reading makes a man perfect! - Acquiring reading skills.
58. Effective documentation Acquiring writing skills.
59. Use of Audio Visual aids in Utility lab.
60. Vocabulary to GRE,TOEFL, GMAT,CAT etc with scientific methods.
61. Role of vocabulary in competitive exams.
62. Difficulties faced by students in acquiring knowledge of English at tertiary level/ primary level.
63. Presentation Techniques.
64. Importance of conversational English in public places (Airways, Railway stations, Banks etc).
65. Fluency v/s Grammar.
66. Reading skills-skimming ,scanning(News papers, journals, Magazines)
67. Resume Preparation.
68. Influence of mother tongue in pronunciation.
69. Role of kinesics in interviews.
70. Business communication-Letters, Memos, Circulars, Fax, Email ,SMS .

71. Earn while you learn- openings available, and live experience of successful participants from
Engg. Colleges in Krishna & Guntur Districts.-a survey report.
72. Career options for 10 + 2 students in the changing scenario of Economic slowdown and
recession a field survey (500 samples )
73. Vijayawada Visakhapatnam Kakinada Kurnool Guntur Nellore Potential and
suitability for location of the new capital after restructuring of A.P.
74. Two year compulsory rural service for doctors a survey across all sections of society (10
samples per section)
75. Clean and Green Which department / ministry / organization should take administrative
responsibility for improving results?
76. Krishnapatnam Nizam patnam Machilipatnam - Kakinada Which should be developed as a
major port on the east coast a logistic and technical survey.
77. Construction plans /implementation of the approach roads / flyovers / under passes in the
Kunchanapalli cross screen bridge stretch of conversion / up gradation of NH - oate collection.
78. Shopping Malls Conventional retail stores Meals and exhibitions- Sunday marts Auction
Halls-Changing trends, tasks and preferences in Vijayawada public A survey report.
79. Women empowerment/ defense mechanisms /strategies adopted in various part of India to
counter sexual assaults and crimes information search processing-and reporting.
80. A Study on the structure of Word its usage in developing Vocabulary.
81. How to write a good Essay? A study on basic sentence constructions.
82. Role of Phonetics in Technical Presentations- a Study on Speaking Skills
83. Systematic Writings for Manuals and brochures Present Day trends in Writing Business English
84. Literature in English Language Teaching - A Syntax cal Study on O Henry Short Stories
85. Role of Content Knowledge in the use of Reading Strategies.
86. The relationship between reading comprehension and strategies of Readers.
87. Phonological Variations in Language learners A study on English Telugu medium Students.
88. English Language in Print and Electronic Media Its influence on Language Learners.
89. Problems of Students Coming from Rural Areas in Speaking English possible remedies.
90. I max, Theatres, T.V, Computer, I-Pad, changing preferences among film goers.