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List of songs about bicycles

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This is a list of songs about bicycles or cycling.

Bicycles became popular in the 19th century as the new

designs of safety bicycle were practical for the general
population, including women. By the end of that century,
cycling was a fashion or fad which was reflected in the
popular songs of the day. The most famous of these was
"Daisy Bell",[1] inspired by the phrase "a bicycle made for
two".[2] The vogue for cycling songs continued into the
Edwardian era and modern examples continue to appear in the
21st century.[3]

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Harry Dacre's "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for T
was a popular success

Title Author Year Comments

"A Bicicleta" Toquinho 1983 Album Casa de brinquedos.[4]

"La Bicicleta" Carlos Vives & Shakira 2016 [5]

"Bicycle, Bicycle, You

Be Your Own Pet 2006 From the album Be Your Own Pet
Are My Bicycle"

"Bicycle Episode" J.M.Richards 1897 [6]

Avery Oddfellow, F. W. [6]

"The Bicycle Girl" 1895

"Bicycle Race" Queen 1978 [7]

"La Bicyclette" Yves Montand 1968 [6] From the album La Bicyclette

"Les Bicyclettes de
Engelbert Humperdinck 1968 From the movie Les Bicyclettes de Belsize

"Bike" Pink Floyd 1967 [8]

Mark Ronson & The [9]

"The Bike Song" 2010
Business International

Skylar Grey feat.

"C'mon Let Me Ride" 2012

"Daisy Bell" Harry Dacre 1892 [6]

"Death Of An Old [6]

The Rosebuds 2014

"Dora Brown" Nelly Burt 1897 [6]

"The Girl That's Up To Edward Harrigan, David [6]

Date" Braham

"The Great Velocipede" Frank Wilder 1869 [6][10] Sung by W. F. Collins of the British Christy Minstrels

"Hadron Collision" Propagandhi 2012 [11]

"Handlebars" Flobots 2005

"Have You A Wheel?" O. A. Hoffmann 1895 [6]

"Helter Smelter" Fifteen 1994 [12]

"In Bicicletta" Riccardo Cocciante 1982 From the album Cocciante [13]

"It's A Beautiful Day" The Beach Boys 1979

"The Latest Fad" A. A. Condon 1895 [6]

"Motherfucking Bike" Sons of Science 2012 [14]

"My Bike" The Bennies 2013 From the Better off Dread EP [15]

"My 'Cycle Gal" Philip Wales 1899 [6]

About the Provos'. And a UK hit for the cover fromNazareth in

"My White Bicycle" Tomorrow 1967

"The New Columbia George Lowell Tracy, [6]

Wheel" James C. Dunn

"The New Velocipede" E. H. Sherwood 1869 [6]

"Nine Million [17]

Katie Melua 2005

"Pedal Your Blues Earl Rouse and Brothers 1936 [18]

"The Pushbike Song" The Mixtures 1970 And a cover by Mungo Jerry (1990, UK).

"Silver Machine" Hawkwind 1972 A UK hit about Robert Calvert's silver bicycle.

"Terry Keeps His Clips

Vivian Stanshall 1981

From their cycling concept album for the centenary of theTour de

"Tour de France" Kraftwerk 1983
France in 2003 Tour de France Soundtracks.[19]

O. H. Harpel, Henry [6]

"Velocipede Jimmy" 1869

"The Acoustic
Luka Bloom 1992

"My Bike" Y.N.RichKids 2013 [20]

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Justin Daniel Belmont (2005), The Art of Bicycling, Breakaway Books, ISBN 978-1-891369-56-8
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