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As a Leader…

(A study on Good Qualities that a Political Leader Posses in Leading his Vicinity)


Camille Angelique G. Arriola

IV- St. Thomas

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

Of the Course, Fundamentals of Research

St. James Academy, Malabon City

March 3. 2008

Accepted by the English Area of St. James Academy, Malabon City in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Subject, Fundamentals of Research.

This proposal was approved on January 17, 2008.


Ms. Joan E. Flores


I would like to thank these people who help and guide me in doing this study; Navotas

City Mayor Tobias Reynald “Toby” Tiangco for giving me a short time for interview, Candylou

Inoue for helping composed my thoughts in doing this study. Students of First year Blessed

Reginald, Second Year St. Margaret, Third year St. Pius, Fourth year St. James, and Fourth year

St. Thomas for answering the surveys. The librarians in the National Library for being kind in

lending the books that the I need. The librarians of Bishop Ben De Jesus Library, for allowing us

to use and research in the library. Mr. Jesse Fernandez and Mrs. Juanita Quiambao for allowing

the researcher to work on this study in their period. Mrs. Nerissa Mendoza, for approving the

survey, Ms. Joan Flores for guiding me in doing this study. And of course, our Lord God for

giving me the right strength, patience and intelligence for me to be able to finish this study, and

for guiding me all the time.

Table of Contents

Acceptance page ii

Acknowledgement iii

I. Abstract v

II. Statement of the Problem vi

III. Need for Study vii

IV. Hypotheses viii

V. Research Question ix

VI. Review of Related Literature x

VII. Method xii

VIII. Final Outline xv

IX. Introduction 1

X. Findings 3

XI. Discussion 5

XII. Conclusion 7

XIII. Implication 9

XIV. Recommendation 11

XV. Bibliography 13

XVI. Appendices 14

XVII. Graphs, scanned photos 16


This study was designed to prove the leadership within a community or vicinity is a

serious matter for it merely affect the status of it, particularly the leadership of the politicians in a

certain city. With this established goal in mind, this study aims to (a) enumerate and evaluate the

factors of having a good leader; (b) to analyze the profession and role of a leader; and (c) to be

able to inform that leaders are not the only ones who needs to act for a community to be


The researcher used various reference materials and sources related to the subject to

complete this study. Two method of testing, the survey method and interview method, were also

used to ensure the credibility and efficiency of the study. Survey forms were distributed randomly

from first year to fourth year. Also, interview was done with the Navotas City mayor Tobias

Reynald “ Toby” Tiangco to further asses and confirm the different kind of leadership and its

qualities that possess. Both of these proved to be very helpful in elucidating the good characters

that a political leader possesses in leading his vicinity.


Nowadays, most of our political leaders are being self-centered and being expose to

corruption, bribery and the like.

Due to these kind of qualities of our leaders, the nation and its people are merely affected.

The researcher aims to formulate pertinent solutions to lessen the negative acts that our

political leaders are doing.

This study will focus on good qualities of a politician leading a community. It seems that

people nowadays are having negative thoughts as their first impression on a politician, that’s why

this study will try to elucidate that there are still politicians who practice good qualities in leading

even in a small community.

Furthermore, this study wants to prove that being a leader is not easy because of the

pressure they encounter if the followers are not cooperating. With this pressure the leaders started

to be mentally and physically tired as they think negatively. One major problem also is that

followers are too much dependent to the leaders, they waited for the leaders to move and act

something for the problem to be solved.


Every country needs a leader who will serve as our guide and model in the development

of our government and country. But there will be no progress if our leader himself has negative

qualities that he posses as well as the followers. Regarding this negative qualities a leader posses,

the researcher aims to determine possible solutions for the said issue.

In this case, the study has a vital role in making the leader as well as the followers to

open their eyes in the reality that happened here in our country.

In addition, this study can be a reference by the student leaders within the council or

school by consulting their actions especially when leading the student body.

This also proves the usual stress that a leader can have in physical, emotional and in

psychological aspect.


Based from gathered sources and figures supplied to substantiate the researcher’s prior

insight to the topic, that the controlling purpose of the study – to show and express the ideal

qualities that a leader must posses in leading; to prove that there are still leaders that practice

good qualities in leading and progressing his vicinity; to elucidate the hardships and challenges of

being a leader.

The researcher hypothesizes that being a leader is not easy and is a very serious role in

the community.

The researcher also hypothesizes that a leadership would be successful if its followers are

cooperating and supporting the leader.



This study aims to answer the following questions formulated by the researcher to help

complete the study. These questions are as follows: a.) What are the qualities that a political

leader must have? b.) Does the leader’s qualities affect his community? c.) What is the

significance of having a leader especially in the government? d.) What are the usual challenges

that a leader may have? e.) Does only the leader need to work to be able to have a successful



A leader is someone who helps others do and become more than they ever thought

possible. Leadership is about unlocking potential, whether individual potential or that of a group,

company, or organization. It is not about telling people what to do, but inspiring them to see what

they are capable of, then, helping them get there.


Leadership is essential to getting things done. But the qualities of good leaders—self-

knowledge, commitment, willingness to look to others for support, being open to change, and a

desire to go the extra mile—can determine whether anyone chooses to follow.


Leadership is the most significant factor determining in modern politics. Because

institutionalization is incomplete and democratization is still in process, leadership cannot but

play an important role in deciding major national policies.

‘Commitment to public good’ is suggested as the main moral foundation of political

leadership. (Korea Observer, 2003)

Effective leaders know what's important to them, what their strengths and weaknesses

are, what drives them, and where to draw the line. Put it together and it boils down to a leader

who has self-confidence and clear values.

Politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions. Most commonly it is

generalized as "who gets what, when, why, and how." Although the term is generally applied to

behavior within civil governments, politics is observed in all human group interactions,

including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politics)

Politics consists of "social relations involving authority or power" and refers to the

regulation of a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.

Political leadership is an important factor of the developmental state. We cannot overlook

the leadership factor explaining for the successes of democratization and the success of failure

economic development seem to highlight the characteristics of the modern state, state-civil

relations, the relationship between state, and capital and labor. They do not pay attention to the

leadership factor, though. In a sense, political leadership is the core element of the developmental

state. (Korea Observer, 2003)

In modern Korea politics, the relation between the political leadership and the individuals

may be analyzed from various perspective of an authoritarian government, the leadership is

oppressive toward its people, especially in the area of basic liberties such as freedom of thought

and speech, politics, and business. From the Confucian perspective, the leadership is benevolent

towards its people, but possesses a monopoly of moral judgments and major policy decisions,

which is understood as perfectionist.

The major policies initiated by Korea’s leaders should be considered most important

because they provide the moral grounds of political leadership. We can grasp the common

characteristics of political leaders in Korea by inquiring into their major policies. In spite of some

differences between those representative leaders of Korean politics, in terms of their viewpoint on
the issues, the method of settlements, and prior determination, they are holding general features in

common. (Korea Observer, 2003)



The research can be classified under research by method as descriptive studies, because it

aims to describe the ideal qualities of a politician when it comes in leading a vicinity; to analyze

its challenges when facing political problems.

The two methods used in this research are the survey method and interview method. The

researcher chose both methods to ensure accurate results and valid viewpoints.

For the survey method, the researcher formulated questions that are fundamental in

obtaining information on how Jamers view leadership and its general effects in the community.

For the interview method, the researcher came up with questions that will gauge the

leader’s perspective in the issue.


Respondents for the survey method were one hundred students from the entire high

school department of St. James Academy. Twenty students from each year level, First year to

Third year, and forty students from the Fourth year students. 20% Freshmen, 20% Sophomores,

20% Juniors, and 40% Seniors.

For the interview method, Navotas City Mayor Tobias Reyanldo “Toby” Tiangco is

chosen as the subject in order to obtain valid viewpoints and professional assessment regarding

the study.



The researcher used various reference materials under the subject leadership.

Books, magazines, journals, newspaper clippings, downloaded articles, survey forms, and

interview forms were used a primary sources of information and basis in completing this


Bibliography cards were constructed for an organized research. Three by five index cards

were used as materials.

The researcher composed not cards for the mentioned sources in producing a series of

insights and notions about the study. Four by six index cards were used as materials for the note


One hundred copies of survey forms were produced for the survey method. Interviewee is

asked a set of questions and he answered it verbally while being tape recorded.

First, the researcher went to the National Library and to the Bishop Ben De Jesus Library

of St. James Academy to look for reference materials related to the subject, leadership. After

inspecting books, journals, and clippings related to the topic leadership and other issues related to

it, the researcher proceeded to compose note cards to help form the foundation of the study.


Then, survey forms were distributed to the students in high school department of the St.

James Academy before morning exercises, during recess and lunch breaks, and after classes.

Allotted time for the respondents in answering the survey forms was sufficient. The results were

tallied and generalized.

Letter for interview was given to the office of the interviewee a week before the formal

interview. Afterwards, interview with Mayor Toby Tiangco was conducted after his lunch break

at the Navotas City Hall.

The researcher then proceeded top work on the final draft, using the results of both



As a Leader…

(A study on Good Qualities that a Political Leader Posses in Leading his Vicinity)

Thesis Statement:

Leaderships of most politicians have been effective in places that they are serving at

through its different programs and due to their style and qualities in leading and progressing a

certain municipal or city.

I. Introduction

A. Political Leadership

1. Definition

a. definition of leadership

b. definition of political leadership

B. Characteristics of a Leader

1. Good Qualities of Leader

2. Conflicts of being a Leader

C. Community

1. definition of community
II. Findings

D. Effectiveness of a leader

1. Expected performance in Leading

2. Cooperation of his followers

E. Problems encountered


III. Discussion

F. Leadership

1. Importance

2. Benefits

3. Competencies

4. Goals

G. Politicians

1. Roles

IV. Conclusion

The researcher concludes that having a good leader means to a success of

the community.

V. Implication

After analyzing and evaluating the study, the researcher implies that the

aspiring leaders must develop his character and be responsible enough to do his

profession well.
VI. Recommendation

The researcher strongly recommends other aspiring researchers to study the

effectiveness of having a good leader within the community even inside the school of

St. James Academy.



Leadership is very essential in a group or community especially in the government. for

leaders are those who guide the people because leaders may contain or fill up people’s anxiety.

But what if our leaders are the ones who does negative acts that may affect the community and

may lead to a negative effect?

This study will try to explicate the good qualities that a leader must have for him/her to

be able to done his/her profession well. And also, to prove that there are still political leaders that

perform their profession well for the good of their locality.

What does being a leader means?

A leader is someone who helps others do and become more than they ever thought

possible. Leadership is about unlocking potential, whether individual potential or that of a group,

company, or organization. It is not about telling people what to do, but inspiring them to see what

they are capable of, then, helping them get there.

Leaders nowadays, especially the politicians, are said to be corrupt and has “dirty

attitudes” like being self-centered and other negative thoughts that people thought as their first

impression whenever they meet a politician.

Being a leader is not easy and it may be consider as a one of the greatest challenge a

person may encounter. It may need to sacrifice something relevant to you to be able to serve and

make the community follow with the least error that you must have. It requires time to be spent in

serving the people and to study what are the needs to improve his vicinity.

Politics is a theory and practice of forming and running organizations connected with the

governments. And the ones who run it are the political leaders.

Political leaders are the people in the government who run and lead the community for

the country to progress and be developed. They often serve and work for the public to have a

good result not only for the sake of their career but also for the sake of the people.

However, community is group of people within an area. So, within a community there

must be at least one person who will be a leader. For there will be someone who will guide the

people and progress may exist.



This study aims to determine the factor of importance and effectiveness of having a

leader in a community for it to have a goal and be a successful one.

The researcher also aims to prove that having a leader that has good qualities in leading

will have a great effect within the community relation and status.

In accordance with these goals, the researcher used to survey method to acquire facts and

opinions regarding the subject of being a leader and its characteristics that must posses. Since this

study is more on gathering information about leadership, questions were formulated to gauge

their basic views and opinions about the qualities of a leader in specific perspective to obtain

basic facts and data through the subject themselves.

The population consists of twenty students from first year to third year, and forty students

from the fourth year, which rotate to one hundred students.

The researcher asked the respondents what are the qualities of a good leader. The

respondents were given several choices and they may choose more than one, those choices are:

obedient, communicative, intelligent, strict, and persevering.

According to the results, helpful (23%) as one of the good qualities of a leader is the

highest, then followed by communicative (21%), intelligent (18%), obedient (16%), persevering

(14%0 and strict (9%).

Based from the results, one factor that a leader must posses is being helpful. Maybe it is

in the aspect of helping the community to improved and be developed.

Respondents were asked if having a good leader affects the development of the

community, and majority answered that they agree. Meaning it is true that if the leader have

collapsed in doing his leadership, the community status will may be ruined.

By analyzing these answers, the researcher can derive the gathered information that great

effect on the community status comes from the qualities of the leader.



Within the community, a leader is very important. Why? For there will be someone who

can guide the community and will organize everything that is involved in the vicinity. A

leadership must exist in every organization or community. Leadership is an effort by a leader,

drawing bases of power to influence members of a group to direct their activities toward a

common goal.

Being a leader doesn’t only exist to serve people. They also gain respect and trust from

his people. But for him to be able to have those, he must show and do his profession well. He

must also prove that he deserve that leadership that he owe.

Leaders must know how to create strong images how to get people moving. Furthermore,

leaders are good storytellers; they know how to make a point through ceremonies, symbols, and

settings. Also, they are masters of language, adept, at using similes, metaphors, and irony. For

example: “ I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat” – Winston Churhchill, “ The
only thing we have to fear I fear itself” – Franklin Roosevelt. In short, leaders have the courage of

their own conviction to make his people move and to make his community be successful.

Leaders possess cluster of competencies; Personal competencies, Social competencies,

and Cognitive competencies. Personal competencies deal with achievement motivation, self-

confidence, energy, and personal effectiveness. Social competencies deal with influence, political

awareness, and empathy. And Cognitive competencies deal with conceptual thinking and a

helicopter view. The researcher looked at those Competencies as one the dimension of leadership.

Furthermore, there are some competencies which as closely tied to personality traits that

are most crucial to leadership effectiveness. These are: Surgency, Sociability, Receptivity,

Agreeableness, Dependability, analytical Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence.

Surgency is the term applies to those people who tend to have a more assertive character,

the one who want and know how to get their own way.

Sociability, leader have considerable social skills, they spend much of their time relating

to people and need to enjoy that aspect of the job.

Receptivity, successful leaders tend to be open to new ideas and experiences.]

Agreeableness, good leaders tend to be cooperative; they’re flexible and likeable. They

must know how to reframe difficult situation in a positive way.

Dependability, effective leaders are conscientious. When they’re asked to do something,

the deliver; they’re reliable, and they follow through.

Analytical Intelligence, leaders must possess this, it helps them to think in a strategic


Emotional Intelligence, successful leaders know how to manage their own emotions and

read the emotions of others. And they are emotionally stable.

All these competencies will make the leaders stand in good stead as they operate in the


Each leader must set a goal in his leadership so he can have something to focus on. These

leaders are the people who make things happen and are driven to beat the competition. They like

to accomplish things. Their assertiveness get other people to do things they wouldn’t done


Leaders sometimes inspire dread and fascination along with dedication, but they make

things happen; they make a real difference in the organization.


Politicians are leaders of the government. They worked for our country to have a progress

and be organized in all things that are relevant to the needs of the people within the country. This

includes the economic status, availability of jobs for the people and etc. those are the main roles

of the politicians in a community. to organize and lead the people for its good, improvement and


But of course, those leadership wouldn’t be successful without the cooperation, respect,

and trust of the people within the vicinity of a leader.



Based from an exhaustive study of the subject, the researcher can conclude that there are

definite qualities that a leader must posses for his vicinity will progress and be developed. These

qualities greatly affect the status of the city or community.

The factors that proves that good qualities of a leader that merely affects the people are

obedience, being communicative, intelligence, helpfulness, perseverance, and honesty. These

factors are needed for a leadership to be successful.

Politicians are the leaders of our government, nowadays, they are said to be the worst

models and leaders of the society. And through this study, the researcher concludes that our

leaders nowadays may be lacking of good qualities that are mentioned earlier, and that’s may be

the reason why our country is facing political scandals that affects the economic status.

This study was guided by concerned people, whose opinions were included in the making

of decision.
Several qualities were shown in order to visualize an ideal leader who will make a city or

country to be successful. The researcher hopes that those qualities may contain one person who

aspires to be a leader.


After much analysis and evaluation of the study, the researcher implies that the leaders
with cooperation of followers, must impose immediate action to boost the leadership qualities
among its vicinity in order to fully utilize and enhance the capability of each and aspiring leaders.

Particular attention must be given to the aspiring leaders who hesitates to become one

because of low confidence and fear that they cannot make it. Followers should maximize their

efforts in helping and cooperating with the leader to make their community progress.

Leaders should develop their skills and character for the followers may obey them with

due respect and will. The concerted effort and character of the leader are vital in achieving


Both followers and leaders must prioritize helping and cooperating with each other for

their community even small can make a difference and be a successful one.


The researcher strongly recommends other aspiring researchers whose plan to study to
conduct a deeper analysis of the factors of having a good leader to establish more reliable paper.

Researchers are recommended to gather a wider variety of sources and references in

order to have a broader and clearer view of the topic. The National Library are highly

recommended as place of resources.

A more thorough evaluation of data is also suggested in order to achieve more

comprehensive outline.

Interviews with the leaders, ordinary people, and politicians are also recommended to

accomplish specific views about opinions in leaderships.

A more efficient study of leadership is also suggested to produce a more extensive

evaluation of factors and effects.

Aspiring researchers are recommended to carefully analyze proposed explanation and

solutions to attain credible results.