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There when you need it most

Investment Objective
To preserve investors capital through investments in high yielding, high-quality money
market securities, while simultaneously providing short-term liquidity needs.

Fund Details
Asset Allocation: Equity: 0% ; Money Market*: 100%
Fund Type: Money Market Fund
Recommended holding period: At least 3 months
Minimum investment (lump sum): GHC 50
Min. monthly contribution: GHC 10

Risk / Return Profile


Who should invest in this Fund

Individuals who are looking for a short-term investment that offers better returns
than a savings account.

Why this Fund is relevant today

Planning for the short term is just as important as planning for the long term. You could
be planning to buy real estate, start a business or simply purchase a household item.
Perhaps you want to put money aside in the event of an emergency. At Databank, we
believe your money should grow even in the short term. And with many savings
accounts paying interest that is far less than inflation (i.e., the cost of living), leaving your
money in a savings account is not the best option. Why? Your money could actually be
worth less when you take it out than when you put it in. Financial independence is about
having the money to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, without taking
on unnecessary debt. MFund puts you on the road to financial independence by offering
you better returns than a savings account, easy access to your funds, and the peace of
mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Higher returns than a savings account Easy access to your money
Preservation of your capital Proven investment expertise

MFund offers you better returns than a savings account, easy access to your funds, and
the peace of mind knowing your investment is protected the perfect investment solution
when planning for the short-term.

*Money Market Instruments have a maturity of one year or less


Databank Money Market Fund (MFUND) seeks to provide high current income consistent
with the maintenance of liquidity and preservation of capital. Mfund invests in high quality,
short-term debt instruments and attracts a front-load fee of 1%. Returns on MFund are in the
form of interest. Clients receive proceeds of their disinvestment after one (1) working day.
The value of all Databank mutual funds may rise and fall. Past performance does not
guarantee future returns. Gains/losses are realized only upon disinvestment. Please read the
Scheme Particulars of the appropriate fund(s) before investing.