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Utttarabhadra Nakshatra

1. Uttarabhadra Nakshatra is purely Jupiters Nakshatra, the reason being it is

fully in the Rashi Pisces, whose lord in Jupiter. Hence they are the guiders, they
are the good teachers, good preachers, good marketing persons, good script
or story writers, very soft spoken persons, conducting religious activities very
promptly, joining the group of Puro-hit Communities, good working people
and name and fame will come freely at their feet always. More than that they
are the sincere and prompt workers in their areas! They never, ever involved in
Hera Ferry activities! They are the trust worthy people!
2. If Jupiter has got Digbala i.e. if in Lagna or the Ascendant, then with
combinations of Mars, respect and honor will come automatically to their feet
without any hard work for that and without demanding the same from
anybody! If Jupiter and Mercury combined then, they are the real masters. All
world intelligence are with them only. They are good speakers, soft spoken
persons; good abridge makers, society reformers, helpers so on! There are no
words to praise them! However, then why Uttarabhadra Nakshatra people will
get angry? They may not be able to express what they feel inside their body
sometimes! I consider them as Angry Man of India! Why so! Let us analyze
3. Uttarabhadra-Pada 1 falls in Leo, whose lord is Sun, a true fiery planet, having
full of fire energy, for the ruler ship, for the good administration, having
egoistic nature and full of stubborn characteristics etc.!
4. Uttarabhadra -2, Pada will fall in to Virgo, whose lord is Mercury, a planet for
Intelligence, Good Interpretation, for good story writings, Good TV
announcers, Good directors, Good mathematical knowledges, having Good
Marketing Skills and a good Society movers and Good friends maker in the
society! These people are having enormous friends circle in the world both
digital wise as well as personal wise! If you ask me they are the best people in
the world, they can give anything including their soul to soul, provided they
get good equivalent Mantri or minister like wife! They never care about the
money! They are the best donors and good looking after of their elders! Their
choices are marvelous. They have some specification within their brain, and
they will implement them at any cost! Even if you go for purchasing Boot with
them, they will somehow market for their preferred Boot rather than your
preferred Boot! Even this culture is same while purchasing any properties in
their life also!. They go for the big house. If an ordinary person like me goes
for the two bed room house, they go for the four bed rooms houses! IIt is
because Jupiter is Big planet! Even Uttarabhadra people will eat like Bakasur!
Ehy because Jupiter is for the stomach also.Even their choices of food is also
like that! That is why they get stomach related problems such as acidity, loose
motions, head ache due to acidity etc.! It is just an example I gave and
nothing more special. They keep their house in an orderly manner and also in
neat and clean!
5. Uttarabhadra -3 Pada people have Lord Venus. They are the best Producers
cum directors, enjoying in the world with wine-money and alcohol and merry
going people. They shine in the film industries very well! Even these people
will spend money like anything for posh bungalows, prefer to stay in posh
hotels, prefer to have posh type of company etc.!
6. Let me come back to Uttarabhadra- Pada 4 people! These people are having
inner angry, within themselves and will not come out at any cost! It is because
of the ruling Navamsha planet is Mars, who is a fiery planet and has
Madhyama Fire in it!. These persons are also of very useful for the society.
They have tremendous energies to spend it for the society and society people!
They are having one bad habits of helping everybody and with that they are
very bad time management people! In fact the entire Uttarabhadra Nakshatra
people are very bad time management persons and never, ever come in time
without two to three reminders and this is the only minus point in this
Nakshatra that you have to adjust with them if you want to become their
company even as a life partners! So to lead them in the life, by holding their
finger and for doing Sapta Padi, one should search for such a lady in the
world, who is also equally intelligent enough in Nakshatra wise or ego wise.
7. What type of Parihara these people want? Simple continue their social service
with the same fashion, believe their Gurus, Shirdi Sai Baba, Mantralaya Guru
Raghavendra, Honor their ex-teachers, respect their elders and parents, help
them whenever they give a call without making any self-prestige will take
them to the highest peak in the life! Always try to hear soft music in low tone
whenever the feel depressed!

By Dr. P Surendra Upadhya, M.Sc., Ph.D (Astrology)

21/02/2017 (See even this article is written in 21st , total of which comes to 3, which is
Jupiters Number! )