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Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C-1)

Level: Basic
Course Review & Exam : 28th Oct 2017

Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (C-2)

Level: Advanced
Duration: 4 Days , Include Course & Exam:29th Oct 01st Nov 2017

Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS)

Date: 2nd Nov 2017

Class Timing : 8.00AM to 5.00 PM

Course Fee: UAE Dirhams 12000/-

Location: Dubai

Course Description(C2)
This course is designed to provide those who understand coating fundamentals with an overview
of the principles of planning, awarding, and monitoring the quality of new construction or
maintenance painting
projects. After completing this training program, students will be familiar with tools to develop
effective coating projects and play a more active role in managing painting projects to successful
Course Content
Management of Coatings Projects
Preparation of Specifications for Coatings Work
Materials for Corrosion Control
Economic Considerations for Selecting Coating Systems
Painting New Construction
Maintenance Painting
Contracts and Documentation for Coating Projects
Coating Failures
Environmental and Safety Regulations
Important: In order to get the most value from the C-2 course, you must have a basic
understanding of the topics covered in course C-1.C-2 fulfills part of your training requirement
for the SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS) Certification. In order to take the C-2 course,
you must first pass the C-1 course exam. All PCS candidates that do not have 15 years of
experience must take and pass the C-2 before sitting for the PCS Exam. There is no approved
alternative training accepted.

Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS)

The SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist Certification Program identifies and awards recognition
to individuals who have in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of industrial coatings
technology. Certification attests to the professional credibility of the industrial coatings and
linings practitioner and raises the standards of the profession through the development and
dissemination of corrosion knowledge, and the means of controlling it's effects through the use
of protective coatings. Both the individual and industry as a whole benefit from the PCS
certification process.

PCS Program Requirements

* 5 years coatings experience and Bachelors degree or

* 7 years coatings experience and Associates degree or
* 10 years coatings experience and high school graduation or GED

PCS Candidates that meet the above requirements must complete the following coatings
education requirements:

* Pass the Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C-1) course exam

* Take the Specifying and Managing Protective Coatings Projects (C-2) course and pass the
course exam

Professional References
All PCS candidates must submit three professional references.

Exam Content

The comprehensive certification examination and calculation questions consists of multiple

choice, matching, essay, and material estimating questions. These questions are chosen primarily
from the material covered in the C-1 and C-2 courses and from the suggested readings. Some of
the questions can be answered from knowledge acquired by working in the coatings industry.
More about the PCS Exam

* Sample exam questions Go to: http://www.sspc.org/certification/PCS/sample_exam.html

* Suggested reading list Got to: http://www.sspc.org/certification/PCS/reading.html
* Policy Go to: http://www.sspc.org/certification/PCS/policies.html

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