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Kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca) thi s 03

S 03
Gio vin: NGUYT CA
y l thi t luyn s 03 thuc kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca). s dng
hiu qu, bn cn lm trc cc cu hi trong trc khi so snh vi p n v hng dn gii chi tit
trong video bi ging (phn 1, phn 2 v phn 3).

I. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the
position of the main stress in each of the following questions.
1. A. flower B. exclude C. husband D. farmer
2. A. spelling B. classical C. owner D. depress
3. A. sometimes B. computer C. colleague D. butcher
4. A. fictional B. moral C. volcano D. character
5.A. excursion B. commercial C. socialize D. attention

II. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on the answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.
6. In one of his records, William Beebe was the first person to explore the ocean at a deep of 3,028 feet.
A. In B. to explore C. a deep D. feet
7. He was quite amusing when he heard what happened.
A. amusing B. when C. heard D. happened
8. He jumped down after shouted a warning to those standing below.
A. jumped B. shouted C. to D. standing
9. The robber gave the victim with a hard blow.
A. robber B. gave C. with D. hard blow

III. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to choose the
word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 10 to 19.
Books before school
Many parents believe that they should begin to teach their child to child a real interest but ___ a child
could be counter-productive if she is not ready. Wise parents will have a ____ attitude and take the lead
from their child. What they should provide is a selection of ____ toys, books and other activities.
Nowadays there is plenty of good ____ available for young child and of course, seeing plenty of books in
use about the house will also ___ them to read.
Of course, books are no longer the only ____ of stories and information. There is also a huge range of
videos, which can ____ and extend the pleasure a child finds in a book and are ____ valuable in helping to
increase vocabulary and concentration. Television get a bad ___ as far as children are concerned, mainly
___ too many spend too much time watching programs not intended for their age group.
10. A. insisting B. forcing C. making D. starting
11. A. cheerful B. contented C. relaxed D. hopeful
12. A. bright B. thrilling C. energetic D. stimulating
13. A. material B. sense C. produce D. amusement
14. A. provoke B. encourage C. provide D. attract
15. A. source B. site C. style D. basis
16. A. uphold B. found C. reinforce D. assist

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Kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca) thi s 03

17. A. properly B. worthily C. perfectly D. equally

18. A. review B. press C. criticism D. result
19. A. because B. because of C. due to D. so that

IV. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is correct and closest
in meaning to each of the following questions.
20. Although he doesnt seem to have much money, he seems happy.
A. Despite he has not much money, he seems happy.
B. Despite his lacking money, he seems happy.
C. Despite having much money, he seems happy.
D. Despite his lack of money, he seems happy.
21. Since there were several strikes, production fell last year.
A. Production fell last year due to several strikes.
B. Production fell last year as a matter of several strikes.
C. Production fell last year because several strikes.
D. Production fell last year as several strikes.
22. It was unwise of him to believe the weather forecast.
A. He should believe in the weather forecast.
B. He should not have believe in the weather forecast.
C. He should not have believed in the weather forecast.
D. He should have believed in the weather forecast.
23. Jim is a better storyteller than Alan.
A. Alan does not tell stories as good as Jim.
B. Alan does not tell stories as better as Jim.
C. Alan is not a well stories teller as Jim.
D. Alan does not tell stories as well as Jim.
24. Ill mow the lawn tomorrow but only if it is fine.
A. Only if it is fine I will mow the lawn tomorrow.
B. Only if it is fine will I mow the lawn tomorrow.
C. Only if it will be fine I mow the lawn tomorrow.
D. Only if it will be will I mow the lawn tomorrow.
25. I would prefer you not to smoke here.
A. Id rather you shouldnt smoke here.
B. Id rather you didnt smoke in here.
C. Id rather you not to smoke in here.
D. Id rather you dont smoke in here.
26. No parking
A. There is no park here.
B. You cant go to the park here.
C. You are not allowed to park your car here.
D. Theres not enough space for parking here.
27. It rains so I cant go to school.
A. If it rains, I could go to school.
B. If it didnt rain, I could go to school.
C. If it not rain, I could go to school.
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Kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca) thi s 03

D. If it rains, I can go to school.

28. Both Peter and Mary enjoy scientific expedition.
A. It is not Peter, but Mary, that enjoys scientific expedition.
B. Peter enjoys scientific expedition. Therefore, does Mary.
C. However Peter enjoys scientific expedition and Mary does.
D. Peter enjoys scientific expedition, and so does Mary.
29. He asked me how I earned my living.
A. He wanted to know what my job was.
B. He wanted to know how I lived.
C. He wanted to know how I enjoyed my life.
D. He wanted to know how much I got for a salary.

V. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the
following questions.
30. The dress is ____ long for me to wear.
A. too B. so C. such D. enough
31. Id like to ____ to the cinema tonight.
A. going B. go C. to go D. to be going
32. He denied ____ in the exam.
A. having cheated B. to have cheated C. to cheating D. to cheat
33. My sister is used to ____ to bed early.
A. to go B. to going C. going D. to be going
34. You ____ come to this lecture. Its optional.
A. must B. mustnt C. couldnt D. didnt have to
35. You ____ have cooked so much food like this.
A. could B. neednt C. oughtnt D. didnt have to
36. My father prefers watching TV ___ playing cards.
A. to B. than C. from D. out of
37. The policemen rushed forward to prevent the bank robber ____ hitting the clerk.
A. of B. from C. away from D. to
38. He hasnt tried it himself. He would like to, ___
A. although B. though C. even though D. despite
39. My cats need ____ five times a day.
A. been fed B. to be fed C. to being fed D. be fed
40. This omelet is made ____ mushrooms and cheese.
A. by B. for C. with D. from
41. Dont be so quiet. ____ something.
A. tell B. said C. say D. speak
42. He _____ me to see a doctor.
A. permitted B. complained C. suggested D. advised
43. Her husband is one of the six brothers so she has five _____.
A. brothers-in-law B. brothers-ins-laws C. brother-in-laws D. brothers-in-laws
44. ____ you need is a good holiday.
A. What B. Why C. Which D. How
45. Sarah is studying ___ Maths at college.
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Kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca) thi s 03

A. X B. the C. a D. some
46. Only after I explained it to him ____ the problem.
A. he understood B. he did understood C. did he understand D. did he understood
47. She had a craving for chocolate so she went and bought a _____.
A. piece B. bag C. bar D. can
48. Shall I wear the red or the blue dress? ____ would be fine.
A. Either B. Any C. Each D. No
49. Im really lucky, ______?
A. amnt B. am I not C. dont I D. arent I
50. Her secret was given _____ by her friend by mistake.
A. out B. away C. up D. off
51. My grandmother takes great delight _____ telling stories.
A. on B. with C. in D. from
52. Its time you ____ up your mind about what you are going to do with your life.
A. have made B. made C. make D. had made
53. Even if I ____ all night, I still wont be properly prepared for tomorrow.
A. study B. have study C. would study D. studied
54. These days, most town centers look similar ____ each other.
A. about B. for C. at D. to

VI. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that is closest in meaning to
the underlined part in each of the following questions.
55. If we had taken his sage advice, we wouldnt be in so much trouble now.
A. sturdy B. wise C. willing D. eager
56. A mediocre student who gets low grades will have trouble getting into an Ivy League college.
A. average B. lazy C. moronic D. diligent
57. He had reached the zenith of his career when he became president of General Motors.
A. ambition B. zeal C. happiest moment D. summit
58. She agreed to collaborate with him in writing her biography.
A. resist B. fight C. confront D. cooperate
59. The builders conservative estimate of the time required to remodel the kitchen was six weeks.
A. reactionary B. cautious C. protective D. traditional

VII. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the
correct answer to each of the questions from 60 to 70
The miracle therapy of blood transfusion was invented by an English doctor, James Blundell. In 1818, he
performed the first transfusion, on a patient said to be incurable. Using a syringe, he successfully injected
blood taken from one of his students. In 1829, he saved a woman suffering from a severe hemorrhage.
About 1990, Dr. Karl Landsteiner of Vienna found that some peoples blood was not compatible with
others and that these blood variations could be classified into groups. When portable transfusion apparatus
was invented, direct transfusion between persons of storage of the same blood type could be performed on
the battlefield. In 1914, the discovery of anticoagulants made possible the storage of blood for future use.
But to save lives, the right blood had to be in the right place at the right time. The first blood service was
established by the British Red Cross in 1921. During War World II, Red Cross blood banks saved
countless human lives. Now the Red Cross engages in transfusion. Work in sixty-eight countries. It
Hocmai.vn Ngi trng chung ca hc tr Vit Tng i t vn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 4 -
Kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca) thi s 03

recruits donors, collects, stores and distributes blood, determines blood groups, and prepares blood

60. In the first blood transfusion the donor was ____.

A. Dr. James Blundell B. a laboratory animal
C. a student D. a Red Cross volunteer.
61. The substance used in this transfusion was ____.
A. an anticoagulant B. whole blood C. blood serum D. blood plasma
62. Blood could not be stored for emergency use till ______.
A. 1818 B. 1914 C. 1921 D. 1900
63. The word compatible as used in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to ____.
A. compatible B. possible C. well-matched D. well-prepared
65. Portable transfusion apparatus was invented by _____.
A. Dr. James Blundell B. Dr. Karl Landsteiner
C. the Red Cross D. a person not identified in the article
66. This invention made it possible to ____.
A. give any type of blood to any person B. save lives right on the battlefield
C. prepare blood derivatives D. store blood for emergencies
67. Blood must be classified into groups because _____.
A. some types will not mix B. some people have blue blood
C. disease attacks certain groups D. the donors age makes difference
68. The first Red Cross blood bank was established in ____.
A. 1829 B. 1900 C. 1914 D. 1921
69. The Red Crosss role in transfusion service in _____.
A. storage and distribution B. laboratory testing
C. recruiting of volunteers D. All of above.
70. The word it in the last sentence refers to _____.
A. the Red Cross B. the British Red Cross
C. a blood bank D. blood service

VIII. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the
correct word for each of the questions.
Martin Symington went on a camping safari holiday with his wife and three teenagers.
We stood silent under the stars, just meters from our tent, hardly daring to breath. Adam, one of the camp
staff, swept a torch beam across a clearing where four impala stood, panicky on their nimble legs. Could
they sense the danger they were in? Did they know, as we did, that a female leopard lay under a thorn
She sprang. Four shadowy shapes bounced into the woods. Had the leopard made a successful kill? We all
had our theories, but in truth the whole scene had taken place too quickly, and insufficient light, for any of
us to be sure. Now we understood why we had been warned not to go out of our tent after dark, except
when accompanied by a staff member. In fact, we had been on our way from the tent to the super-time
camp-fire when Adams torch had unexpectedly caught the leopards glinting green eyes. Half an hour
later we had a tale to outdo most told around the fire. This has got to be the best nightlife in the world,
replied Toby, when some middle-aged fellow safari enthusiast asked him how he was enjoying his
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Kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca) thi s 03

So much for the assortment of self-appointed experts who doubted that safaris and teenagers would be a
workable mix. True, this is a difficult age, with adolescents beginning to sense that they are too old for
family holidays. But nor did ours want to return to beach resorts with the kind of teen clubs they
wouldnt be seen dead in. So, my wife Hennie and I reckoned, if we were going to have one really good
family holiday, why not Africa?
Our holiday began with a flight to Arusha airport, then a long drive to West Kilimanjaro Camp a semi-
permanent gathering of explorer-style tents near the base of the great volcano which was to tease us with
rare glimpses of her snowy summit which is 5,895 meters high.
We were introduced to Emmanuel Kinayet, our guide who led us on daily bush walks. Our children
wanted to ask Emmanuel a thousand questions about himself and his life, but soon realized that was the
wrong approach. Rather, his story seeped out by degrees as he escorted us through his homeland, stopping
at places such as a muddy waterhole and a herders settlement of huts.
Next we took to the hot African sky in a small plane and headed south. Unlike in West Kilimanjaro, there
is no human population in the Ruaha other than a lodge for the park rangers, and four small safari camps.
We chose to stay at Mdonya Old River Camp, because this is one that avoids luxuries such as soft beds
and fluffy towels; these, to my mind, can become obstacles to connecting with nature in the raw. Instead,
the five of us shared a simple, yet adequate, tent at the edge of a dried-up sand river.
If there was one disappointment about the wildlife viewing in Tanzania, it was that game drives are not
permitted in any of the countrys national parks after dusk. But if anything, this made our night-time
meeting with the leopard and impala outside our tent even more special, bringing home to us the rewards
of staying at camp where there are no fences, distractions or even electricity.
By day we mixed game drives with walks through the bush under the protection of our guide Esau for the
time we spend in Ruaha. He taught us about bush safety: stay attentive and at a distance from the wildlife,
and always stand still if you see an animal approaching you. We spotted only plant-eating animals -
elephant, zebra and a pair of giraffes but we all listened carefully to his repeated message to remember
that you will see less than one per cent of what sees you.
Our final hop was over to Zanzibar where we sailed out to a sandbank, swam through bright yellow and
pink-and-blue fish and watched a crimson sun set. And we concluded that if there is one family holiday
that will have undying teen appeal, it is a safari.

71. How did the family feel when they were sitting round the camp-fire?
A. Interested in the stories of the other campers.
B. Proud of what they had seen earlier
C. Sorry they had disturbed the leopard.
D. Annoyed they didnt know what happened in the end
72. What does the writer mean by woods in paragraph 2?
A. The hard material that the trunk and branches of a tree are made of.
B. The plural of wool.
C. Forests.
D. Timber.
73. Why did the writer and his wife decide to choose a safari holiday in Africa?
A. They didnt want to be with other families.
B. They wanted their children to learn some independence.
C. They wanted to do something different from usual.
D. They were advised that teenagers often enjoy safaris.
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Kha hc Luyn thi PEN-I: Mn Ting Anh (C Nguyt Ca) thi s 03

74. What does the writer say about Mount Kilimanjaro?

A. They were hardly ever able to see the top of it.
B. They would have preferred to camp higher up it.
C. They were surprised at how cold it must be at the top.
D. They realized how difficult it would be to climb to the top.
75. What does the writer mean by his story seeped out by degrees in paragraph 5?
A. He answered their questions but said no more.
B. He didnt tell them everything about himself all at once.
C. He told them only the most interesting parts of his life story.
D. He had a story to tell about place they stopped.
76. They chose the Mdonya Old River Camp because ___?
A. there was water nearby B. it wasnt easy to get to
C. the tents were of good quality D. it was fairly basic
77. What does adequate in paragraph 6 refer to?
A. Enough in quantity. B. Complicated.
C. Good enough in quality. D. Both A and C.
78. What does this in paragraph 7 refer to?
A. The dusk. B. A rule.
C. Their disappointment. D. A plan.
79. What did Esau warn them about?
A. There were many more animals than they could actually see.
B. They should move slowly if an animal came towards them.
C. They shouldnt go into the bush alone on foot.
D. Some animals were more dangerous than others.
80. Which of the following describes how the writer felt about the holiday?
A. Unsure whether they would come back again.
B. Frustrated they hadnt seen more animals.
C. Relieved they hadnt been attacked.
D. Satisfied the children had enjoyed it.
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