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Welcome to our 2016 catalogue. What strange weather we've been experiencing over the last few months.
It's now early February and the garden is full of snowdrops, crocus and daffodils in bloom. Who knows what
weather conditions will be in the spring and summer.
You will see our Beekeeper Baron on the front cover. He was sponsored by us as part of the Baron's Trail in Lincoln
to celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta. Lincoln has one of the original copies of Magna Carta.
Stephen Langton the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time was born at Langton-by-Wragby, just three miles
away from Rand. He, supported by 25 Barons "persuaded" King John to sign the Carta, so in celebration Lincoln
had 25 Barons in their trail. They were all fabulous and the trail was popular with locals and visitors alike. After
12 weeks in the street, they were auctioned off for charity and we were happy to get our Baron back. The Baron
will be touring the country in 2016, visiting beekeeping conventions with us. A photo opportunity, perhaps.
We have also been busy over the last few months designing, testing and sourcing new products. Please do
check out the Adapta Stand on page four. It really is so, well, adaptable! More options will be added in the
future. Over the last few months our clever engineers have made another wax embossing machine which will
be permanently set up for thin super so no downtime while the rollers are
changed. See the row of the three machines we have now on page 16.
Were also pleased to have yet more different designs of hive tools and
gloves, ventilated protective clothing, Potts Snuggle Boards, a ventilator,
newly designed 4C which will fit our crystal comb containers, section cases,
Cupkits, Bailey Boards, Rainbow Mating Hives, Hive Clean, Api-Bioxal,
Nutri-Bee, ApiCandy and a few IC products. After many years, Grading
Glasses are back in stock, thanks mainly to the hard work and persistence
of Bernard Diaper. Willie Robson of Chain Bridge Honey Farm has kindly
shown us his insulated feeder board so these, too, are now available.
So, fingers crossed for decent weather and healthy and thriving bees in

Hives and Bees Page 3-14 Labels Page 46-53

Frames and Foundation Page 15-21 Honey Containers Page 54-55
Sections Page 22 Testing, Showing and Marketing Page 56
Spacing and Entrance Fittings Page 23-24 Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Page 57
Swarms Page 25
Wax Extraction and Polish Page 58-59
Smokers and Tools Page 26-29
Wax/Soap Moulds Page 60
Clearing Bees Page 30
The Queen Page 61-64
Moving Hives Page 31
Health and Maintenance Page 65-68
Clothing Page 32-34
Feeding Page 69-72
Miscellaneous Page 35
Uncapping Page 36-37 Books Page 73
Extractors Page 38-41 Education Page 74-77
Honey Tanks, Valves and Strainers Page 42-43 Gifts Page 78-80
Heather Honey and Honey Processing Page 44-45 Candlemaking Page 81-92
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SOLID FLOOR still preferred by some



beekeepers. Photograph
Manufactured at Rand from Western Red Cedar. You will find this bottom bee shows the correct position
spaced, single walled hive in use all over the British Isles. It is still the most of the entrance block.
popular by far. Attractively designed with substantial hand holds that also
accommodate the long lugs of the British Standard frame.
The complete hive as shown comprises: open mesh floor, brood body with
11 hoffman self-spacing frames (DN4) on metal runners with wired premier
foundation and dummy board, wood framed stainless steel wire queen excluder,
two supers, each with 10 shallow frames (SN1) and wired premier foundation
on metal castellated spacers, crownboard with 2 plastic porter bee escapes and
galvanised metal covered 4 roof.
for National hives with
12 brood frames spaced
at 35mm (DN4 or 14"
x 12") or 11 DN4 and a
dummy board. As the bees
groom themselves they
Roof lose bits of wax or propolis
and of course varroa mites.
Crown The debris drops between the
Super Board frames and the tubes and falls
to the ground. Does not include
an entrance block.
See full details at

ENTRANCE BLOCK Three sizes. Open Mesh Floor - 405.00mm; Solid floor -
Exclude 419.00mm; Budget Open Mesh Floor - 413.00mm



Using our beehive paint shown on page 7, we can now supply painted National
National Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt. Hives in red, green, blue, yellow, brown or white.
Complete Hive, as above 365.00 268.80 27
Now also available with Danish Oil applied.
Empty Hive, no frames,
foundation or spacers 247.20 193.88 22
Complete Hive with 14"x12"
brood body 410.50 300.29 31
Empty Hive with 14"x12"
brood body 264.33 207.05 25

The following items show components used in the complete National hive and
alternatives which may be purchased either separately or as part of a complete
hive. For example, you could change the 4 roof to a gabled roof or the
crownboard to a glass quilt. See our website to Build your own Hive.

OPEN MESH FLOOR The healthy option providing good ventilation for the
colony. Removable plastic tray under galvanised mesh screen for convenient
integrated pest management. Correx sheet available separately. National Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
Open Mesh Floor 33.32 N/A 4
Spare Correx sheet for above,
430 x 400mm 3.00 N/A 0.5
Solid Floor 33.55 25.00 2.5
Happy Keeper Floor 45.00 N/A 2.5
Entrance Block 3.83 N/A 0.2
Entrance Block for Budget Mesh
Floor 3.83 N/A 0.2
Spare Correx sheet for budget
open mesh floor, 435 x 410mm 3.00 N/A 0.5
Painted Hive, complete,
including hive stand 484.73 N/A 30
Danish Oiled Hive, complete,
including Hive Stand. 484.72 N/A 30

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 3




NEW This versatile stand gives the beekeeper a variety of options on management, pollen
collecting, feeding, varroa control and much more.
It is based around a pair of moulded plastic floor joists mounted on splayed cedar legs.
The joists have a variety of slots, holes and runners which enable the beekeeper to vary its
mode very quickly. The splayed legs lift the hive 150mm. Heavy steel cross-member keeps
the floor square. All rails on inserts are oak. In addition to the inserts below, also available
are mouseguard, sloping alighting board (when reversed to a horizontal position can hold
an entrance feeder), anti-robbing device, entrance canopy (clear polycarbonate cover helps
protect the entrance area from driving rain) Swarm Trap insert, Expanding Robo-Block and
Anti-robbing Screen.

Solid Cedar Floor insert. Also showing sloping Open Mesh Floor insert and white correx Happy Keeper Floor insert. A standard dummy
alighting board. inspection board. The Mesh Insert can be reversed board will be required to establish the correct
to close the hive completely. spacing. See page 3 for more details.

Under Hive Entrance insert. This protects against

robbing, mice and cold winds. The bees access the Floor Pollen Trap insert, with plastic drying basket Potts Snuggle Board insert. Suspend below the
hive from underneath through an 8mm slot. The suspended underneath open-mesh area and mesh floor or solid floor. See page 6 for more
floor has a 330x370 galvanised mesh panel and vertical pollen stripper that fits across the floor. details.
correx insert for monitoring purposes.

Auto Flow Feeder insert. An automatic syrup

feeder can be introduced with ease with little
disturbance to the colony. Simply connect the hose Anti-robbing device.
at the front of the feeder to the reservoir at the See page 23 for details.
side of the hive. The 10 litre reservoir sits on a Swarm Introduction insert. A shaped, steel
plinth fitted to the side of the floor. Checking the re-inforced, white correx ramp that fits easily to
feeder is working is simplicity itself, just slide it out the front of the stand onto which a swarm can be
from under the floor to inspect. shaken.

Adapta Hive Price Packed Wt. Adapta Hive Price Packed Wt.
Base 48.00 8.6 Anti-Robbing Screen 11.00 2.5
Solid Cedar Floor 30.00 2.5 Auto Flow Feeder 80.00 8
Open Mesh Floor 25.00 4 Swarm Introduction 9.00 2
Happy Keeper Floor 45.00 2.5 Anti Robbing Device 4.90 1
Under Hive Entrance 45.00 2 Mouseguard 0.82 0.2
Floor Pollen Trap 12.00 3 Entrance Canopy 7.00 0.5
Potts Snuggle Board 22.50 4 Swarm Trap 48.00 2
Sloping Alighting Board 6.00 0.75 Expanding Robo-Block 15.00 0.2

4 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




The standard brood body is 8 8" deep. The 14" x 12" brood body provides The standard box, placed above the excluder, for honey storage.
approximately 50% extra space for a larger brood nest for a stronger colony.
The 14" x 12" eke is a simple extension that fits on top of a standard brood
body, providing the extra depth to take 14" x 12" frames.

Standard depth
Brood Body, empty

National Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.

Super, empty 42.86 31.30 3.2
Super complete with
10 SN1 80.56 49.87 4.7
Super complete with
12 SN4 86.88 54.10 5.0
14" x 12" Brood Body,
All our National hives can be supplied as Top Bee Space at an additional cost.

Top Bee Space option, per box 6.18

3 different types: 4 deep; 6 deep and gabled design. The 4 deep roof is
standard and suitable for use in most apiaries. The 6 deep roof offers more top
insulation and is better suited to exposed areas where roofs may blow off in
high winds. The gabled design illustrated provides the charm of the WBC with
Standard Brood Body the practicality of the National.
with 14" x 12" Eke
The gabled roofs are with
galvanised steel or copper
metal cover.

4" Roof

Gabled Roof
Brood Body with
Observation Panel

OBSERVATION PANEL Replaces the inner wall of a standard national

brood body allowing the beekeeper to see inside without dismantling the hive.
Supplied as individual panels or ready assembled in a brood body. Made from
unbreakable polycarbonate. Clean with hot water. Do not scrape with hive tool.
Ply shutter included.

National Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.

Brood Body, empty 57.28 42.48 4.2
Brood Body complete with Copper Roof
11 DN4 and dummy board 108.70 73.62 5.0
Brood Body complete with
DN1 frames and dummy board 108.70 73.62 6.5
National Roofs Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
14"x12" Brood Body
empty 74.42 55.67 7.5 4" depth 57.75 41.20 6.0
14"x12" Brood Body complete with 6" depth 65.92 48.00 6.5
11 frames and dummy board 147.40 93.00 11 Gabled with galvanised metal 68.76 55.12 8
14"x12" Eke 30.97 22.79 2 Gabled with copper 78.38 65.42 8
Brood Body with Metal only for flat roofs N/A 14.70 2.7
Observation Panel 92.09 76.76 4.3 Gabled galvanised metal only, pair N/A 15.00 2.7
Observation Panel 35.77 N/A 2 Gabled copper metal only, pair N/A 27.42 2.7

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 5



BASIC HIVE STAND This STAINLESS STEEL WIRE EXCLUDER. These excluders comprise a grid of
stand with legs, lifts the accurately spaced stainless steel rods, with a stainless steel rim, pre-drilled and
hive 10 and well clear of screwed with stainless steel screws into a rebated redwood frame. Probably the
damp grass, nettles, weeds, strongest and sturdiest wire excluder on the market.
etc. WIRE EXCLUDER. As above but in galvanised steel, exactly the same pattern
and assembled using steel screws. Grid, 17 or 18 square available separately.
XP EXCLUDER. The plastic XP excluder is a strong, bee friendly type. Warm for
the bees and no sharp edges that may damage wings.
XP PLUS EXCLUDER. Our XP excluder with a twist. Non-stick with a bee space
on one side. Made from plastic and based on the Herzog excluder design with
square edged slots.
SLOPING HIVE SLOTTED STEEL EXCLUDER. The slotted steel type is still in use. Distinguished
STAND The sloping by its staggered slots.
hive stand, available for RAND EXCLUDER. As above but made from stainless steel.
all hives except the WBC,
elevates the hive by 212
and provides an excellent
alighting board for introducing XP Excluder
a swarm. Wire Excluder


Sloping hive stand on XP Plus
legs with legs very Excluder
NEW Slotted Steel
similar to the WBC Excluder
to give your hives a
touch of class. It lifts
the hive 6 off the
ground and is very
stable. National Hive Price Packed Wt. Per 10 Packed Wt.
Stainless Steel
Wire Excluder 19.00 1.5 171.00 12.7
Wire Excluder 15.00 1.5 135.00 12.7
Galvanised Grid only 8.00 1 72.00 8.0
TWIN HIVE STAND Treated timber hive stand for two hives. Collapsible legs XP Excluder 4.24 0.7 37.15 3
for easy movement. Puts your hives at a great working height. 460 wide, 1520 XP Plus Excluder 5.00 0.8 N/A N/A
long, 450mm high. Space between hives acts as a rest for National frames. Slotted Steel Excluder 7.73 1.2 64.33 5.6
Rand Excluder 10.00 1.2 90.00 5.6


For full details see page 29.

Board Glass Quilt

Polycarbonate Quilt Plain Polycarbonate

with bee escape Quilt
A simple new idea from Kevin and NEW
Wendy Potts to insulate your hive
from the bottom. Tried and tested for
use, particularly, on National hives NEW
during winter when conditions
are damp and wet with mild
temperatures. Hives sit on
standard Hive Stands using open Dummy Board Timber Dummy Board
mesh floors which should be
left in place above the Snuggle National Hive Price Packed Wt.
Board to ensure air flow. Crownboard 14.63 1.3
Glass Quilt 17.70 2.9
National Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt. Polycarbonate Quilt with escape 19.80 1.4
Basic hive stand 17.34 11.32 2.5 Plain Polycarbonate Quilt 19.00 1.4
Sloping hive stand 21.62 14.80 2.5 Dummy Board, deep or shallow 6.12 0.8
Sloping with legs hive stand 39.73 31.00 4 Dummy Board, 14" x 12" 7.34 0.8
Twin hive stand 72.74 N/A 17 Timber Dummy Board (Marine ply)
Potts Snuggle Board 16.20 N/A 4 Deep and Shallow only 10.00 1

6 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




103 years ago a Wragby School master asked
his friend, Edgar Henry Thorne, a local joiner SAFE-WAY WOOD STAIN AND TREATMENT
and wheelwright if he could make him a This new product is very easy to apply and offers
beehive...............and we have been making excellent protection for all wooden hives. It is supplied
them ever since. in a variety of attractive colours and can even be used
To celebrate our 100 years of history we on the inside of the hive. Drying time is very rapid at 1-2
introduced The Centenary Hive. This is based hours. Tones available are: Mustard, Cedar, Tawny, Oak,
on drawings, old catalogues and anecdotal Dove Grey, Shadow Grey and Eco Green. Supplied in
evidence of hives that Edgar was making in 473 and 946ml plastic bottles.
It is an 11 frame hive, taking BS National
frames. Double walled front and back with an NEW
impressive porch and lapped gable roof. All parts telescope over each other so
the old trick of using Vaseline smeared along all edges is a must if the boxes are
to separate easily. The hive comprises an open mesh floor on splayed legs, brood
body with integral porch and entrance slides complete with 11 DN4 frames,
two supers complete with 11 SN4 frames, crownboard with two escapes, wire
excluder and gabled roof.
Centenary Hive Assembled Packed Wt.
Complete Hive 529.00 33
Empty Hive 338.35 28
Open Mesh Floor with legs 80.56 8.6
Brood Body, empty 74.42 8
Brood Body, complete 119.53 11.5
Super, empty 42.86 3.2
Super, complete 84.00 4.7
Roof 68.78 8
Entrance Slides 5.15 0.5 Hive Protection Price Packed Wt.
Wire Excluder 19.00 1.5 Wood Stain, small 11.99 0.75
Crownboard 14.63 1.3 Wood Stain, large 16.80 1.4

From an old established German company, we offer this beehive paint, a highly weather
resistant acrylic paint which has been specially formulated for hives, both wooden or
polystyrene. The paint is water based, hard wearing, hazard free and breathable. It
is very easy to apply with brilliant colour fastness and can even be applied to interior
surfaces of the hive.
In Europe it is primarily used to paint alighting boards, entrances, broods etc as an aid
to orientation for the bees, helping to prevent drifting. We have a complete National hive
painted with these paints. See page 3.
Available in 375ml tins in white, yellow, red and blue and in 750ml tins in green and brown.

Also from Germany, this highly weather resistant timber glaze. It penetrates deep into the wood to give a dirt and water
repellent, tack free surface with no harm to the bees. Light-resistant pigments give intensive colour to the timber and
prevent long term greying of the wood through UV radiation.
Available in 750ml. tins in pine, walnut or khaki.

Multi component and multi-use hive paste for sealing cracks, splits, knots etc. It effectively protects from
rain, is frost and high temperature resistant and is suitable for sealing leaking feeders. 100g.
Simply warm a portion of paste in your hand to soften and press into offending crack. Remove excess
with a hive tool or other sharp instrument.

A waterborne blend of natural plant oils and other special ingredients to nourish and protect your hives. It contains UV light inhibitors
that protect against sunlight with the oil drying to a low lustre finish. Brushes can be cleaned in water.
Supplied in a 1 litre screw top tin.


You will find these cloths brilliant for applying Danish Oil. In packs of three 300x300mm.

Hive Protection Price Packed Wt. Hive Protection Price Packed Wt.
Beehive Paint, 375ml 15.30 0.75 Apistop 6.70 0.15
Beehive Paint, 750ml 20.00 1 Danish Oil 23.00 1.5
Beehive Glaze, 750ml 23.85 1 Lint Free Cloths 3.75 0.06

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 7



The bees we offer are from our own apiaries and selected breeders in England Your choice of hive, National or WBC, in the flat with assembly instructions or
and are bred for good temper and hardworking qualities. They adhere to ready assembled plus: the book, The Bee Manual by Clare Waring, standard
the standard set by the National Bee Unit. There are six frames providing a copper smoker, 10 smoker cartridges, all-in-one, pair of kid leather gloves,
balance of bees of all ages, newly laid eggs, sealed brood and food stores. mouseguard, bee brush, stainless steel hive tool, english feeder and Honey for
Frames of comb are not more than two years old. Our nuclei are supplied in a sale sign.
non-refundable plywood travelling boxes (very useful around the apiary). They
can be collected from Rand, Windsor or Stockbridge.
Queens are mated and tested and normally available from late May to August.
These are British Hybrids bred by one of the best queen breders in the country.
They can be posted within the UK only.

Bees and Queens

Queen (UK only) 60.00
Nucleus of Bees (Collection only) 260.00
STANDARD BEGINNERS KIT We can supply these
beginners kits with any
Your choice of hive, National or WBC, in the flat with assembly instructions type of hive. Please
or ready assembled plus: the book, Bees at the Bottom of the Garden by Alan contact us for prices.
Campion, standard galvanised smoker, jacket and veil, pair of mordant leather
gloves, mouseguard, bee brush, stainless steel hive tool and english feeder.



Beginners Kits With Assembled With Flat Packed

Hive Hive Weight
National Standard 476.33 389.74 29
National Deluxe 573.23 486.28 32
National 14x12 Standard 517.27 418.08 29
National 14x12 Deluxe 614.18 514.99 32
WBC Standard 576.64 466.42 42
WBC Deluxe 673.54 563.33 45

8 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




Complete National Hive with either a standard brood body or 14x12 brood body. Manufactured from British grown cedar from LE W
sustainable forests. Timber will be paler than Western Red Cedar and have small solid live knots. Full instructions for assembly and ASSEMB ITH
all nails and glue are supplied. LED
The hives comprise of: open mesh floor with entrance block, standard brood body or 14x12 brood body with 11 hoffman self HIVES
spacing frames and wired foundation to suit on metal runners, dummy board, plastic queen excluder, two supers each with 10 SN1
frames on metal castellations with wired foundation, crownboard with two plastic porter escapes, 4 roof.


A complete flat packed
hive with standard
brood body
including all
frames and NEW
nails, glue
and basic


Everything in package
1 plus a smoker,
hive tool,
jacket and
veil, bee brush,
smoker cartridges,
feeder and
Everything in Package 5 plus a smoker, hive tool, leather gloves, jacket and veil,
bee brush, smoker cartridges, feeder and mouseguard


Everything in Package 6
plus a two frame manual honey extractor, 2 x 15lb honey buckets,
1 x 30lb bucket with valve, uncapping fork and double strainer.
Two frame manual honey extractor, 3 x
15lb. honey buckets, 1 x 30lb. bucket Bees on a Budget Price (online only)
with valve, uncapping fork and Package 1 The Hive 150.00
double strainer. Package 2 The Basic Kit 220.00
Package 3 Honey Processing Kit 150.00
Package 4 The Kit Plus 345.00
Package 5 The 14x12 Hive 175.00
Package 6 The 14x12 Hive and Basic Kit 245.00
Package 7 The 14x12 Hive and Kit Plus 370.00

PACKAGES 11 to 17
As packages one to seven but with an assembled hive.


Everything in Package 2 plus a two frame manual honey extractor, 3 x 15lb. Package 11 The Hive 190.00
honey buckets, 1 x 30lb. bucket with valve, uncapping fork and double strainer. Package 12 The Standard Hive and Basic Kit 260.00
Package 14 The Standard Hive and Kit Plus 385.00
PACKAGE 5 THE 14x12 NATIONAL HIVE Package 15 The 14 x 12 Hive 230.00
A complete flat packed hive with 14x12 brood body including all frames and Package 16 The 14 x 12 Hive and Basic Kit 300.00
foundation, nails, glue, instructions and basic beekeeping guide. Package 17 The 14 x 12 Hive and Kit Plus 425.00

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 9


CEDAR LEGS Made at Rand
Manufactured at Rand from Western Red Cedar. The Classic Cottage Garden from Western Red Cedar, the
hive, admired by beekeepers worldwide for its attractive and stable design. This splayed legs raise the hive
double walled hive offers great protection against the weather. A stunning focal 150mm.
point for any garden, large or small, especially when painted white. We can
paint them at an additional cost. If you wish to paint it yourself, we recommend
two coats of good quality undercoat and, once thoroughly dry, a coat of quality
gloss paint.
The complete hive comprises: varroa floor with legs, three lifts, (one with porch), PLASTIC LEGS These legs are suitable for the WBC hive. They are made
metal covered roof with two cone escapes, entrance slides, brood body with from durable recycled plastic; can be cut and screwed like timber and look like
ten D.N.1. frames and foundation on narrow plastic ends, wire queen excluder, timber. Can also be used with the sloping hive stand.
two supers each with eight frames and foundation on castellated spacers and
crownboard with plastic porter bee escapes. WBC ENTRANCE SLIDES
Sold in pairs. Slide in from
each end of the porch as

WBC Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.

Varroa floor 80.56 N/A 8.6
Solid Floor 79.53 55.75 8
Cedar Legs N/A 15.38 1.3
Plastic Legs N/A 20.00 1.3
Entrance Slides N/A 3.76 0.2


The standard brood body is 878
deep. The 14 x 12 brood
body provides
50% extra
space for a
larger brood
nest for a
stronger colony.
The standard
super is placed above
WBC Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
the excluder for honey
Complete Hive as above 476.46 359.40 41 storage.
Empty Hive no frames,
foundation or spacers 382.26 297.39 37
Complete with 14" x 12"
brood body and one extra lift 549.92 411.48 49
Outer Case only floor, lifts WBC Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
and roof 280.00 221.74 28 Brood body, empty 33.84 24.00 3.4
Brood body, complete with
WBC FLOORS DN1 frames 74.93 46.60 5.4
VARROA FLOOR The 14"x 12" brood body, empty 45.29 32.46 5.5
healthy option providing good 14"x 12" brood body, complete
ventilation for the colony. with frames 112.00 79.40 9
Removable steel tray under Super, empty 24.43 16.86 3
galvanised mesh screen for Super, complete 53.22 32.26 4.3
convenient integrated pest

SOLID FLOOR The traditional WBC ROOF

floor still used by many
beekeepers. Standard is galvanised metal
covered. Now available with
copper cover.

WBC Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.

Roof 69.00 48.88 8
Roof metal only 15.00 N/A 2.7
Copper Roof 81.44 61.25 8
Copper Roof metal only 27.43 N/A 2.7

10 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




This is the standard riser or lift, Crownboards are manufactured using 6mm exterior quality plywood in a cedar
used on all WBC hives. 195mm frame. With two bee escapes.
deep with slightly bevelled You may prefer to try a glass or polycarbonate quilt as an alternative to the
edges for a secure fit. traditional crownboard.
Clearer Board

Glass Quilt

With two coats of good
quality undercoat and
one coat of gloss, this Plain Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Quilt
hive is ready to adorn Quilt with bee escape
any garden or apiary.

Dummy Board

WBC Hive Price Packed Wt.

Crownboard 14.63 1.3
Glass Quilt 17.70 2.9
Polycarbonate Quilt with escape 19.80 1.4
Plain Polycarbonate Quilt 19.00 1.4
Dummy Board, deep or shallow 6.12 0.8
Dummy Board, 14" x 12" 7.34 0.8

The traditional English beehive made in long lasting Cedar. We have been
making hives at Wragby since early last century and have often been requested
WBC Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt. to provide them as a garden ornament. When Alan Tichmarsh requested an old
Lift 40.18 29.26 4.2 WBC Hive for Ground Force we knew the time was right to make them more
Lift with porch 53.81 38.88 4.7 widely available. The timber does not require any treatment and will weather
Porch only N/A 9.60 0.5 very quickly and blend into your garden in a very short space of time. Hive is full
size and measures approximately 550mm square and 900mm high. This hive is
To paint white the complete hive 80.00 N/A 2.7
an ornament for your garden. It cannot be used for keeping bees.
The wire type is now supplied as the standard option for a complete WBC hive.
These excluders comprise of a grid of accurately spaced steel rods securely
fastened into a wooden frame. Bee space one side only. The slotted steel version
is still also very popular. Distinguished by its staggered slots.

Wire type

Slotted Steel Excluder

WBC Hive Price Packed Wt. Per 10 Packed Wt.

Wire excluder 19.00 1.5 171.00 12.7 WBC Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
Slotted steel excluder 7.73 1.2 64.33 5.6 Garden Hive 142.58 110.86 16

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 11




The worlds most popular hive. It is used by many commercial beekeepers in the Similar in construction and design to the Langstroth and also American in
UK for its larger brood body, simplicity of design and ease of handling. origin; the frames are deeper with a slightly wider spacing. The complete hive
The complete hive comprises: open mesh floor, brood body with ten self spacing comprises: open mesh floor, brood body with eleven self spacing frames and
frames and foundation, wire queen excluder, two supers each with ten self foundation, wire queen excluder, two supers each with eleven self spacing
spacing frames and foundation, crownboard and 4 roof. frames and foundation, crownboard, 4 roof.
The Dadant hive is the largest hive we produce and is one of the biggest in the
world with a brood area of almost 4000 sq. ins. Also popular with commercial
beekeepers because of its large capacity. It can be very heavy to lift and move
around, even when supers are concerned. The hive which Brother Adam used
exclusively at Buckfast Abbey is a twelve frame version.

Langstroth Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.

Dadant Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
Complete Hive as above 377.32 278.40 28
Complete Hive as above 455.84 333.30 28
Empty Hive, no frames
or foundation 257.00 204.72 21 Empty Hive, no frames
or foundation 297.60 237.92 21
Open Mesh Floor 36.74 N/A 3.1
Open Mesh Floor 39.90 N/A 3.5
Solid Floor 36.74 27.00 3
Solid Floor 39.90 29.69 3.3
Brood Body, empty 58.39 43.39 6
Brood Body, empty 74.88 56.00 7.5
Brood Body, complete 109.42 73.52 9
Brood Body, complete 147.86 93.38 10.8
Super, empty 37.62 27.16 4.5
Super, empty 47.20 35.12 5.2
Super, complete 77.99 51.00 6.5
Super, complete 95.40 62.16 7.3
Roof, 4" 62.42 45.00 6
Roof, 4 65.40 47.47 6.7
Roof, 6" 70.70 52.00 6.5
Roof, 6 72.83 53.74 7.7
Roof metal only N/A 14.70 2.7
Roof Metal only N/A 14.70 2.7
Sloping Hive Stand 21.62 14.80 2.5
Sloping Hive Stand 21.62 14.80 2.5
Sloping Hive Stand
with legs 39.73 31.00 4 Sloping Hive Stand
with legs 39.73 31.00 4
We can also supply the hive with a Jumbo brood body to accommodate extra
deep frames. Wire

Entrance Block

Glass Quilt
Langstroth Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
Plastic Dummy Board
Jumbo Brood Body,
empty 74.74 55.99 7
Langstroth or Dadant Hive Price Packed Wt.
Jumbo Brood Body,
Crownboard 14.63 1.3
complete 140.95 89.99 10
Wire Queen Excluder 19.00 1.5
Complete Hive with
Jumbo Brood Body 407.28 305.40 30 Glass Quilt 17.70 2.9
Empty Hive with Entrance Block 3.83 0.2
Jumbo Brood Body 273.46 217.30 23 Plastic Dummy Board 7.34 0.8

12 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




A simple square hive for those who prefer a large brood area. Floors, excluders, A popular hive, particularly in Scotland, developed by Mr. W. Smith of
crownboards and roofs are all the same as the National Hive. Many beekeepers, Innerleithen, Peebles. It is well suited to the weather conditions in the north and
therefore, use National supers above the 16 x 10 brood box, thus benefiting ideal for moving to the heather moors. Basically, Mr. Smith developed a small
from a large brood area with easy to manage frames and supers. The complete Langstroth hive, incorporating all the design features of that hive. The brood
hive comprises: open mesh floor, brood body with eleven self spacing frames body and super frames of the Smith hive
and foundation, wire queen excluder, two supers each with eleven self spacing accommodate
frames and foundation, crownboard, 4 roof. A very popular hive in Ireland with short lugged
hobbyist and commercial beekeepers alike. British Standard
frames and the
same size of
foundation as the
National and WBC.
The complete hive
comprises: open
mesh floor, brood
body with eleven
self spacing frames
and foundation,
wire queen excluder,
two supers each
with eleven self
spacing frames
and foundation,
crownboard, 4
roof. Also available
is a 14 x 12 brood

Smith Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt.

Complete Hive as above 352.86 250.85 28
Empty Hive, no frames
or foundation 237.19 187.45 21
Open Mesh Floor 34.45 N/A 2.7
Solid Floor 34.45 25.69 2.6
Brood Body, empty 47.97 34.70 4.5
Brood Body, complete 93.59 60.00 6.7
14"x12" Brood Body, empty 74.74 N/A 7.6
14"x12" Brood Body, complete 147.73 N/A 11.2
Super, empty 36.00 25.69 3.5
Super, complete 76.49 46.63 5.2
Commercial Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt. Roof, 4 57.80 41.20 5.5
Complete Hive as above 426.26 294.72 28 Roof, 6 66.13 48.13 6.3
Empty Hive, no frames Roof metal only N/A 14.70 2.7
foundation 252.50 200.99 21 Sloping Hive Stand 21.62 14.80 2.5
Open Mesh Floor 33.55 N/A 2.7 Sloping Hive Stand
Solid Floor 33.55 25.00 2.6 with legs 39.73 31.00 4
Brood Body, empty 61.27 45.78 6.8
Brood Body, complete 129.00 79.44 9.5 Wire
Super, empty 43.63 31.98 5 Queen
Super, complete 94.30 60.25 7.3 Excluder
Roof, 4" 57.75 41.20 6
Roof, 6" 64.01 48.03 6.6
Roof metal only N/A 14.70 2.7
Sloping Hive Stand 21.62 14.80 2.5
Sloping Hive Stand Entrance Block
with legs 39.73 31.00 4

An ingenious device
for converting a
National brood
body into a ten
frame Commercial.
Glass Quilt
The cedar parts are
machined to fit our
pattern of hive and
Plastic Dummy Board
will fit snugly into the
existing frame runner
rebate of the brood Commercial or Smith Hive Price Packed Wt.
box. Crownboard 14.63 1.3
Wire Queen Excluder 19.00 1.5
Glass Quilt 17.70 2.9
Commercial Hive Assembled Flat Packed Wt. Entrance Block 3.83 0.2
Hamilton Converter 11.11 7.54 2 Plastic Dummy Board 7.34 0.8

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 13




Beekeeping in France in the late 19th A single box complete with 24 simple bar frames with groove for wax starter.
Century was on the decline and a Flat, plywood roof. Centrally placed in the floor is a mesh panel for removing
beekeeper called Abbe Emile Warr debris which also includes a simple varroa drawer. The assembled hive is made
(1867-1951) was convinced that a more from British cedar and the flat hive
simple and economic way of beekeeping from exterior quality
was possible. After many trials with a variety plywood. All plywood
of hives he designed his own, the Warre will require a timber
Hive (also known as the Ruche Populaire or preservative.
Peoples Hive). Overall length of body
Made from British Cedar, each hive 880mm, 350mm wide at
comprises: base, 485mm wide at top,
A floor with splayed legs and integral 295mm high.
varroa screen and drawer A 10 donation to Bees for
Four brood bodies, each with eight plain Development for every hive sold.
top bars
A ventilated roof
A deep quilt with hessian cover and Top Bar Hive Price Packed Wt.
woodshaving insulation Cedar, Assembled 117.50 18
A plain canvas quilt Plywood, Flat 65.50 21
We recommend the book Beekeeping for All
as an accompaniment to this hive.
ROSE OSB (One Size Box)
A simple design made from Russian
redwood and marine plywood to take
12 frames. Use as a substitute for brood
body or super. Full details at www.
Warre Hive Assembled Packed Wt. All other components are National size.
Complete with four brood Complete hive comprises, Open Mesh
bodies 219.65 30 Floor, 3 Brood bodies complete with 12
frames and premier foundation, stainless
Floor 58.93 6 steel wire excluder, crownboard with
Brood Body 29.48 6 two porter bee escapes and 4 roof.
Brood Body with Observation
Panel 54.25 6
Complete hive, 4 brood bodies, Rose OSB Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
one with Observation Panel 244.42 30 Box only 20.00 13.57 6.5
Deep Quilt 10.70 3 Box Complete 70.00 42.84 8.5
Roof 53.53 6 Hive, complete 327.00 256.00 27

Many standard UK hives were designed for moving to orchards,
crops and heather. They are easy to lift, stack and transport.
To many beekeeping priorities have changed and the majority
of beekeepers are hobbyists who keep bees for recreation and
in a permanent location.
The management of a long deep hive such as the Dartington
employs the same classic principles as standard hives but
substitutes shifting horizontally for lifting vertically. Bending
is reduced considerably due the design of the hive and its
comfortable working position.
Key seasonal operations-expanding in spring, dividing to control
swarming, managing varroa, rearing a replacement queen and
harvesting honey are easier to carry out. The Dartington Hive
is specially designed to meet todays expectations on safety,
convenience, economy and style.
The complete hive, made from marine plywood and British
cedar, includes, twenty one 14x12 frames and premier
wired foundation, twenty four SN4 frames and premier wired
foundation, two 14x12 dummy boards and a standard frame
feeder. It also comes with a spare super and two 14x12
nucleus boxes with cover boards.
Plywood, especially edges, will need regular maintenance.

Dartington Hive Assembled Packed Wt.

Complete, painted 757.50 85
Empty, painted 510.00 75
Complete, painted, frames &
foundation in flat 666.60 85
Complete, unpainted 626.20 85
Empty, unpainted 378.75 75
Complete, unpainted, frames &
foundation in flat 535.00 85

14 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




2" Galvanised Nails: A 100mm long hardened steel
2.65mm gauge heavily galvanised nails for general punch. Very sharp point suitable
hive assembly. Round, not oval finish. Lost head. for piercing roof metals prior to nailing.
1.5" or 1"Sheradised Panel Pins:
Slim Nails for more delicate hive assembly.
8" Brass Escutcheon Pins:
Large round headed pin for runners, cone escapes, Standard: 250g reels of 0.40mm rust proofed wire.
etc.. Stainless Steel: also 0.44mm in gauge, a very
smooth, hard wire on reels of approx. 200g.
FRAME NAILS These grades of wire are ideally suited for wiring
Black japanned to prevent rusting. for general frame your own frames and providing extra support for the
assembly and 38 for holding wire when cross wiring foundation especially on the larger brood frames.
frames. 50g of nails will assemble approximately 25
If you wire your own frames you will find these tools indispensable.
Euro style: Brass fittings, plastic handle and knurled wheel for simple
RAMPIN embedding. 235mm long.
A frame nail is placed in the tube and, with a firm punch on
the handle, is driven into the wood.
Overall length 160mm. Plunger inside tube is magnetic and
prevents pin from slipping out when placed vertically. U.S. style: Embedder with 100mm
shaped wooden handle and 50mm diameter
spur wheel. Overall length 165mm.
Assembling Hives and Frames Price Packed Wt. Heat with a small flame. Run along wire.
The wax is melted and covers the wire. Wire needs to be taut.
500g 2 Galvanised Nails 4.64 0.75
500g 1.5 Panel Pins 8.21 0.75
500g 1 Panel Pins 8.21 0.75
100g 58 Escutcheon Pins 1.50 0.15 EYELETS
500g 34 Frame Nails 5.00 0.75 Small brass eyelets for insertion into a side bar to prevent
500g 38 Frame Nails 7.50 0.75 wire from cutting into timber. Can be either hammered
or punched through a pre-drilled hole. Packets of 28g
50g 34 Frame Nails 1.35 0.06
(approx. 270) and 200g.
50g 38 Frame Nails 1.60 0.06
Rampin 7.50 0.15

A robust tool for punching
A waterproof wood glue suitable for hive assembly.
holes in side bars and
Supplied in spouted bottles. We recommend the gluing
inserting eyelets.
of all timber joints in hive parts. Frames should not be
glued. 200ml. Hardwood and steel
construction with
hardened steel needle.
215mm long.
A small hammer suitable for frame assembly.
150g head weight.
260mm long.
FRAME NAILING GUN A tensioning and crimping device which makes wiring frames
Lightweight and very easy and much easier. No straining of the wire or sore hands.
accurate to use. Makes frame
assembly a pleasure. Fires 18 gauge,
15mm galvanised nails. Each gun is
supplied with 2000 nails. TRANSFORMER
This 12V transformer is perfect for
embedding frame wire into foundation
when wiring your own frames. 130mm
insulated probes.


Handy sized pincers with accurately
shaped and cut jaws for removing frame nails. Wiring Frames Price Packed Wt.
Spring operated handles with rubber grips. Keep a pair Roof Metal Punch 7.50 0.5
in your Bee Tool Tidy. 100mm long. Standard Frame Wire 5.00 0.3
Stainless Steel Frame Wire 8.50 0.3
Euro Spur Embedder 5.00 0.25
Assembling Hives and Frames Price Packed Wt. US Spur Embedder 9.50 0.15
Hive Glue 6.00 0.25 Eyelets, 28g 3.00 0.06
Frame Nail Hammer 3.00 0.25 Eyelets, 200g 10.00 0.25
Electric Frame Nailing Gun 46.20 1.5 Eyelet Punch 22.50 1.5
2000 Nails for Nailing Gun 6.29 0.6 Wire Crimper 10.00 0.15
Frame Nail Pliers 4.00 0.1 Transformer 37.50 2

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 15



Beeswax sheets are available in three grades, Premier,

Standard and Certified Organic. Premier is our usual
top quality wax blended from the finest British, Irish,
Australian, New Zealand and East African beeswax.
This is the top quality foundation which has been
manufactured by Thornes for over 50 years and on
which we base our reputation as being the leading
manufacturer of beeswax foundation in the UK.
Our standard grade is manufactured with blended
beeswax from a variety of sources and has excellent
colour and aroma.
Organic foundation manufactured from certified wax
sourced from apiaries in the South Island of New
Zealand. Probably the best foundation in the world.
After careful checks, the wax is packed in polythene
to help retain the delicate aroma and to keep it fresh.
All foundation, is packed in multiples of ten, and is
manufactured in all regular sizes, both in worker base
and drone base. Thin super for cut comb and sections
is available in worker base only. Wired or plain- special
sizes made to order.
NB: Beeswax sheets easily shatter in very cold weather.
In this situation, we will hold orders until it is warmer.


Description Wired Unwired Packed Wt. Description Wired Unwired Packed Wt.
B.S. Deep 11.60 10.72 1 B.S. Deep 9.73 8.99 1
B.S. Shallow 7.07 6.36 0.75 B.S. Shallow 5.95 5.36 0.75
B.S. 14 x 12 19.39 17.86 1.4 B.S. 14 x 12 16.26 14.96 1.4
Langstroth Deep 13.80 12.90 1.25 Langstroth Deep 11.61 10.68 1.25
Langstroth Shallow 8.48 7.86 0.75 Langstroth Shallow 7.12 6.80 0.75
Dadant Deep 19.39 17.86 1.7 Dadant Deep 16.26 14.96 1.7
Dadant Shallow 10.16 9.44 0.75 Dadant Shallow 8.52 7.90 0.75
Commercial deep 16.12 14.88 1.25 Commercial deep 13.55 12.49 1.25
Commercial Shallow 10.16 9.44 0.7 Commercial Shallow 8.52 7.90 0.7
14x12 Extension 6.54 0.5 OSB 8.52 7.90 0.7
OSB 10.16 9.44 0.75
Thin Super for Cut Comb Thin Super for Cut Comb
B.S. Deep 8.08 0.75 B.S. Deep 6.75 0.75
B.S. Shallow 4.83 0.4 B.S. Shallow 4.03 0.4
Langstroth Shallow 6.05 0.5 Langstroth Shallow 5.09 0.5
Dadant Shallow 6.90 0.7 Dadant Shallow 5.80 0.7
Commercial Shallow 6.49 0.5 Commercial Shallow 5.80 0.5
Section Square 1.25 0.2 Section Square 1.03 0.2
Three section Length 3.38 0.4 Three section Length 2.80 0.4
Four Section Length 4.54 0.5 Four Section Length 3.79 0.5
ONE HUNDRED SHEET RATE (per 10 sheets) ONE HUNDRED SHEET RATE (per 10 sheets)
B.S. Deep 11.30 10.39 8.6 B.S. Deep 9.50 8.70 8.6
B.S. Shallow 6.86 6.21 6.5 B.S. Shallow 5.74 5.22 6.5
B.S. 14 x 12 18.79 17.36 12 B.S. 14 x 12 15.76 14.96 12
Langstroth Deep 13.43 12.35 10.8 Langstroth Deep 11.26 10.37 10.8
Langstroth Shallow 8.27 7.63 6.5 Langstroth Shallow 6.93 6.40 6.5
Dadant Deep 18.79 17.36 14.5 Dadant Deep 15.76 14.96 14.5
Dadant Shallow 9.90 9.13 6.5 Dadant Shallow 8.29 7.66 6.5
Commercial deep 15.64 14.44 10.8 Commercial deep 13.13 12.10 10.8
Commercial Shallow 9.90 9.13 6 Commercial Shallow 8.29 7.66 6
OSB 9.90 9.13 6 OSB 8.29 7.66 6
Thin Super for Cut Comb Thin Super for Cut Comb
B.S. Deep 7.87 6.5 B.S. Deep 6.60 6.5
B.S. Shallow 4.73 3.5 B.S. Shallow 3.98 3.5
Langstroth Shallow 5.90 4.3 Langstroth Shallow 4.96 4.3
Dadant Shallow 6.73 6 Dadant Shallow 5.66 6
Commercial Shallow 6.26 4.3 Commercial Shallow 5.66 4.3
Section Square 1.21 1.7 Section Square 1.00 1.7
Three section Length 3.28 3.5 Three section Length 2.76 3.5
Four Section Length 4.43 4.3 Four Section Length 3.73 4.3

16 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




Our finished foundation is wired diagonally and the one continuous length is embedded into the freshly milled wax at an angle to the cells, eliminating any tendency to sag.


Foundation made from certified organic beeswax produced in New Zealand.
BS Deep and shallow wired worker base only.

Description Wired Packed Wt.

B.S. Deep, 10 sheets 18.00 1.5
B.S. Shallow, 10 sheets 10.00 1


We now offer the smaller cell size foundation, suitable for Apis Mellifera
Scutellata, the African Honey Bee. Not to be confused with 4.9/5.0mm cell size
previously available. Premier grade only.

Description Wired Unwired Packed Wt.

Langstroth Deep 13.80 12.76 1.25
Langstroth Shallow 8.48 7.86 0.75


Originally pioneered by Taylors of
Welwyn this Premier foundation
has seven vertical crimped wires
electrically embedded into every
sheet. For perfectly straight combs
without sagging. The choice of
professionals. Available as BS
deep and shallow and 14x12.
Premier grade only.

"Stronghold" Crimped Wire Price Packed Wt.

BS Deep Wired, per 10 sheets 11.60 1
BS Shallow Wired , per 10 sheets 7.07 0.75
BS 14 x 12 Wired, per 10 sheets 19.39 1.4

Once drawn the combs are virtually
indestructible, enabling the
beekeeper to extract at high speed
without fear of the comb breaking
up. It must however be pointed out
that conditions for comb building
must be near perfect for the bees
to work the foundation. Many commercial beekeepers use plastic foundation
now as a matter of course. Not coated with beeswax but can be quickly dipped.
Available in Langstroth or British Standard sizes only.

Plastic Foundation Price Packed Wt.

BS or Langs Deep, per sheet 0.70 0.2
BS or Langs Shallow, per sheet 0.70 0.2

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 17




The Conversion system provides for a lb. per lb. exchange of crude wax into Up to 25kg/55lbs per pound 1.33
refined foundation. The beekeeper pays for this on a per lb. rate to which we over 25kgs/55lbs per pound 0.95
add a wiring charge if necessary. Wiring Shallow Foundation, 10 sheets 0.85
The Straight Swap is exactly as it sounds. You provide the wax and we swap it Wiring BS, Langs, Commercial Deep, 10 sheets 1.04
for Premier Foundation, wired or unwired Wiring Dadant Deep & 14 x 12, 10 sheets 1.55
and No Cash Changes Hands.
Approximate number of sheets per lb.
British Standard Shallow 14
British Standard Deep 8
British Standard Shallow Thin Super 20
British Standard Deep Thin Super 12
Commercial Deep 6
Commercial Shallow 10
Commercial Thin Super 15
Dadant Deep 5
Dadant Shallow 10
Dadant Thin Super 14
Langstroth Deep 7
Langstroth Shallow 12
Langstroth Thin Super 16
14 x 12 5
Section Squares 75
3 Section Length 25
4 Section Length 20

No Cash Straight-Swap
You give us beeswax We give you foundation
The tables below show exactly (to the nearest quarter of a sheet) how many sheets per pound we swap.
For example, you have 10lbs. beeswax to straight swap. You will use the top table. You want some BS Deep Wired and some Section Squares. You can decide; maybe
4lbs BS Deep Wired (that will give you 15 sheets), that leaves 6lbs. for Section Squares (263 sheets).
If you need any help working it out, our staff will be pleased to help you.
We work out to the nearest sheet, always higher rather than lower.
And your wallet stays firmly closed!!


B.S. Deep 334 Sheets B.S. Deep 434 Sheets B.S. Deep 714 Sheets
B.S. Shallow 614 Sheets B.S. Shallow 812 Sheets B.S. Shallow 1134 Sheets
Commercial Deep 3 Sheets Commercial Deep 312 Sheets Commercial Shallow 834 Sheets
Commercial Shallow 434 Sheets Commercial Shallow 534 Sheets Dadant 812 Sheets
Dadant Deep 214 Sheets Dadant Deep 3 Sheets Langs 914 Sheets
Dadant Shallow 434 Sheets Dadant Shallow 534 Sheets Section Squares 4334 Sheets
Langs Deep 312 Sheets Langs Deep 414 Sheets 3 Sect. Length 1534 Sheets
Langs Shallow 514 Sheets Langs Shallow 7 Sheets 4 Sect. Length 1112 Sheets
14 x 12 214 Sheets 14 x 12 3 Sheets


B.S. Deep 414 Sheets B.S. Deep 514 Sheets B.S. Deep 8 Sheets
B.S. Shallow 634 Sheets B.S. Shallow 914 Sheets B.S. Shallow 13 Sheets
Commercial Deep 314 Sheets Commercial Deep 4 Sheets Commercial Shallow 10 Sheets
Commercial Shallow 5 Sheets Commercial Shallow 612 Sheets Dadant 914 Sheets
Dadant Deep 212 Sheets Dadant Deep 314 Sheets Langs 1012 Sheets
Dadant Shallow 5 Sheets Dadant Shallow 612 Sheets Section Squares 4912 Sheets
Langs Deep 334 Sheets Langs Deep 412 Sheets 3 Sect. Length 1634 Sheets
Langs Shallow 6 Sheets Langs Shallow 8 Sheets 4 Sect. Length 13 Sheets
14 x 12 212 Sheets 14 x 12 314 Sheets

If you have excess clean beeswax, we will buy it, either against purchase of
goods or outright. Against purchase of goods, kg 3.50
Outright purchase, kg 2.25

18 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




Make your own beeswax foundation sheets. All A simple
stainless steel construction including hinges wooden tray
and hidden matrix, with silicone rubber that will assist
cell formers. Cell sizes for apis mellifera in producing
mellifera (5.4mm wide) and apis mellifera thin wax sheets
scutellata (4.7mm wide) available. for use with our
Makes sheets 420 x 245mm suitable for embossed rollers
British Standard, Commercial or Langstroth hives. or foundation
matrix. Internal
Frames and Foundation Price Packed Wt. dimensions
Silicone Foundation Press 363.60 10 460x305mm.


Precision made manual rollers for home foundation Assists with releasing wax during foundation manufacture. Spray on to rollers or
production. 5.4mm cell width apis mellifera mellifera matrix immediately before use. 400ml.
or 4.7mm cell width for apis mellifera scutellata.
The plain rollers compress soft beeswax into a Frames and Foundation Price Packed Wt.
5mm thick sheet. The engraved rollers emboss
both sides of the sheet with the accurate Foundation Rollers, Plain 1250.00 35
hexagonal cell shape. Foundation Rollers, Embossed 1900.00 35
Rollers are 320mm long. Diameter of individual Sheet Wax Tray 8.00 2.5
rollers is 62mm. Silicone Spray 5.50 0.8


National WBC Smith Commercial Langstroth Dadant
2112 x 2112 lifts
External Dimensions 1818 x 1818 1734 x 1614 brood 1638 x 1814 18516 x 18516 20 x 1614 20 x 1812
Brood depth 878 878 878 1012 9716 1134
1 1 1 3
Deep brood depth 12 2 12 2 12 2 11 4
Super depth 578 578 578 638 534 658
Brood Frames
Hoffman *11 *10 *11 *11 10 11
Narrow Ends 11 10
Super Frames *N.B. One extra brood frame can be fitted in each of these but manipulations are easier as shown with dummy board.

Hoffman 11 10 11 11 10 11
Manley 10 9 10 10 8 10
Wide Ends 8 8
Castellated Spacers 9, 10 or 11 8 or 10
Brood Area 2200 sq. ins. 2000 sq. ins. 2200 sq. ins. 3000 sq. ins. 2750 sq. ins. 3740 sq. ins.
No. Worker Cells 50,000 45,000 50,000 70,500 61,400 85,000
Bee Space Bottom Bottom Top Bottom Top Top
Deep 13716 x 8 13716 x 8 13716 x 8 15716 x 912 1634 x 858 1634 x 1034
Shallow 13716 x 5 13716 x 5 13716 x 5 15716 x 512 1634 x 478 1634 x 534
7 1 7 1 7 1 3 3
Extra Deep 14x12 or Jumbo 13 16 x 11 2 13 16 x 11 2 13 16 x 11 2 16 4 x 10 4

Thin super foundation sizes:

Section squares 418 x 4316 3 Section length 1234 x 4316 4 Section length 17 x 4316


01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 19




Our frames are manufactured from the best quality, seasoned, Russian or
Swedish softwood in accordance with the British Standard specification. At first
11/16 Commercial (16x10) - 171/4
glance, frames sizes and selection can appear rather complicated. We hope the
information below will help to make your choice easier. 13/8 15/ 8
16x10 6

16x6 16x6
/8 British Standard DN1, SN1, DN4, SN4 - 17
Commercial Standard (16x10) - 16
1 /16 British Standard DN2, SN2, DN5, SN5, Manley, 14" x 12" - 17
81/2 81/2 Commercial Manley (16x6) - 16
/8 13/8
DN1, DN2 DN4, DN5

12 Commercial (16x10) one piece - 16

Commercial Deep also referred to as 16 x 10 - comprises the
1 /8 7
/ 8 15/8 Commercial Top Bar, 16 x 10 side bars and two piece 16 bottom bar.
Commercial Shallow also referred to as 16 x 6 comprises the
51/2 51/2 51/2 Commercial Top Bar, 16 x 6 side bars and two piece bottom bar.
Commercial Manley comprises the Commercial Top bar, 16 x 6
SN1, SN2
Manley side bars and the two piece Manley bottom bar. Both the top and bottom
SN4 B.S.
SN5 Manley bars measure 1116 in width making uncapping with a knife or machine easier.
Shallow size only.

British Standard/National - 14 Commercial Frames Deep Shallow Manley Packed Wt.

10 19.28 17.20 17.20 2.5
British Standard/National Manley - 14 50 93.60 83.42 83.42 8
100 181.59 161.83 161.83 15
500 844.50 748.48 748.48 50

British Standard/National one piece - 14

D.N.1 comprises the 78 wide top bar, the DN1 side bar and the two piece
14 bottom bar. They should be spaced, the recommended type is the narrow
plastic end. These are supplied as standard in the WBC brood body.
11/16 Langstroth - 19
D.N.2 as the D.N.1 but with a 1116 wide top bar (a little stronger than the
8 and discourages brace comb). 13/8 15/8
D.N.4 comprises the 78 wide top bar, the DN4 Hoffman self spacing side bar 13/8
which is 138 wide at the top tapering to 78 at the bottom, and the two piece Langstroth Deep 53/8
14 bottom bar. These are supplied as standard in our National brood body.
D.N.5 as the D.N.4 but with a 1116 wide top bar (a little stronger than the 13/8
7 Langstroth
8 and discourages brace comb). Langstroth Jumbo Shallow Manley
14 x 12 comprises the 1116 top bar, the 14 x 12 Hoffman self spacing
side bars and the two piece 14 bottom bar.
S.N.1, S.N.2, S.N.4, and S.N.5 are identical to those above but have the Langstroth Standard - 17 9/16
shallow side bars for supers.
BS Manley comprises the 1116 wide top bar, the BS Manley parallel side
bar and the two piece BS Manley bottom bar. Both the top and bottom bars Langstroth Manley - 17 9/16
measure 1116 in width making uncapping with a knife or machine easier.
Shallow size only.
Langstroth one piece - 17 9/16
BS Frames DN1 or DN2 or DN4 or DN5 or BS 14 x Packed
SN1 SN2 SN4 SN5 Manley 12 Wt Langstroth Deep comprises the Langstroth Top Bar, Langstroth deep side
10 12.57 14.56 15.23 17.20 17.20 20.06 2 bars and two piece Langstroth bottom bar.
50 60.84 70.50 73.81 83.42 83.42 97.42 7.5 Langstroth Jumbo comprises the Langstroth Top Bar, Langstroth jumbo
100 118.05 136.75 143.20 161.83 161.83 188.98 14 side bars and two piece Langstroth bottom bar
500 545.98 632.53 662.25 748.48 748.48 874.00 50 Langstroth Shallow comprises the Langstroth Top Bar, Langstroth
shallow side bars and two piece Langstroth bottom bar.
Langstroth Manley comprises the Langstroth Top bar, Langstroth
BS (BRITISH STANDARD) FRAMES TO FIT THE SMITH HIVE Manley side bars and the two piece Langstroth Manley bottom bar. Both the
top and bottom bars measure 1116 in width making uncapping with a knife or
machine easier. Shallow size only.
/8 Smith - 151/2
Frames Deep Jumbo Shallow Manley Packed Wt.
11/16 Smith - 151/2 10 19.28 20.00 17.20 17.20 2.5
50 93.60 97.40 83.42 83.42 8
Smith frames are identical to those for National and WBC but have a short lug as 100 181.59 188.98 161.83 161.83 15
shown above. Prices are also the same. 500 844.50 874.00 748.48 748.48 50

20 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




All beekeepers must
have experienced
11/16 Dadant - 19 broken/fractured
frame lugs from time
11/2 15/8 to time...........normally
when they least expect
111/4 61/4 61/4 it. Those honey laden
11/2 frames will not last
Dadant Deep for ever so if you want
Dadant Dadant to eke a bit more life
Shallow Manley out of them why not
use our new Lug
Savers. Shaped
Dadant - 17 9/16 galvanised
brackets that fit
over the long lug
of National frames
Dadant Manley - 17 9/16 and can be securely
pinned to the top bar and side bar.

Dadant one piece - 17 9/16

Dadant Deep comprises the Dadant Top Bar, Dadant deep side bars and FRAME PARTS
two piece Dadant bottom bar.
Dadant Shallow comprises the Dadant Top Bar, Dadant shallow side bars Frame Packed Packed
Price 100
and two piece Dadant bottom bar. Parts Wt. Wt.
BS 8 Top Bars 0.68 0.1 59.44 7.4
Dadant Manley comprises the Dadant Top bar, Dadant Manley side
bars and the two piece Dadant Manley bottom bar. Both the top and bottom BS 1116 Top Bars 0.89 0.1 81.52 10
bars measure 1116 in width making uncapping with a knife or machine easier. Commercial, Langstroth
Shallow size only. or Dadant top bars 0.89 0.1 81.52 10
DN1 or SN1 side bars 0.27 0.06 20.40 2.6
DN4 or OSB side bars 0.41 0.06 34.68 3.6
Dadant Frames Deep Shallow Manley Packed Wt.
All Hoffman shallow
10 20.00 17.20 17.20 2.5
side bars 0.39 0.06 32.29 3.3
50 97.40 83.42 83.42 8
All Manley shallow
100 188.98 161.83 161.83 15 side bars 0.34 0.06 27.19 3.5
500 874.00 748.48 748.48 50 Langstroth or Commercial
deep side bars 0.48 0.06 40.76 4
BURNETT 14 X 12 EXTENSION KIT Dadant Deep, Langstroth Jumbo
This kit will extend 10 or 14 x 12 side bars 0.52 0.06 47.56 4.8
DN1 frames to full 14x12 All Bottom Bars, 2 piece,
depth. We also supply per pair 0.38 0.06 30.59 2.2
special depth foundation All Manley Bottom Bars,
to suit. Frame parts are 2 piece, per pair 0.52 0.06 47.56 3.3
linked together using Bottom Bars, one piece 0.56 0.06 50.98 3.3
hoffman converter clips. Wedge for DN1 Top Bar 0.18 0.06 12.30 1
Gimp pins for assembly Lug Savers, set of 5 2.50 0.25
supplied with each kit.

Frames may be purchased
ROSE OSB FRAMES ready assembled, fitted with
These are made to fit the Rose box, using a British Standard 7/8 top bar, 71/8 wired, unwired or thin super
deep Hoffman self spacing side bars and two piece BS bottom bar. foundation. All sizes of frames
are available assembled and,
unless otherwise requested,
ONE PIECE BOTTOM BARS supplied with wired premier
These are available in British Standard, Commercial, Langstroth and Dadant size. foundation.
They are used when beekeepers wire their own frames.

TOP BARS FOR TOP BAR AND WARRE HIVES Assembled Frames Price per 10 Packed Wt.
DN1 complete with ends 41.12 3.4
For the Top Bar Hive, these are 480mm x 35mm x 12mm with a 4mm wide and
2mm deep groove. SN1 complete with ends 36.38 3
DN4/OSB 41.70 3.6
For the Warre Hive, totally plain; 320mm x 25mm x 10mm.
SN4 37.19 3.2
BS Manley 39.34 3.2
Frames Price Packed Wt. 14 x 12 66.10 4.4
Burnett 14x12 Extension Kit, 10 10.60 1.5 Langstroth Deep 51.53 4.2
Rose OSB Frames, 10 15.23 2 Langstroth Jumbo 66.10 4.4
Rose OSB Frames, 50 73.81 7.5 Langstroth Shallow or Manley 40.79 3.2
Additional cost for 10 frames Dadant Deep 66.10 4.4
with one piece bottom bars 2.22 Dadant Shallow or Manley 42.52 3.2
Top Bar for Top Bar Hive, 10 17.74 3 Commercial Deep 61.97 3.6
Top Bar for Warre Hive, 10 7.49 1 Commercial Shallow or Manley 42.52 3.2

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 21



Section Rack Round Section Frames Timber Sections
Sections were once the most popular way of producing comb
honey. In the early fifties EH Taylor of Welwyn would regulary ship National 10 frames = 40 sections 4 rows of 8 = 32 sections
over 2.5 million of these small wooden crates to Ireland for comb Langstroth 9 frames = 36 sections 4 rows of 7 = 28 sections
production. They are not as popular now but they Dadant 10 frames = 40 sections 4 rows of 8 = 32 sections
are still the premium product for marketing comb
honey. Smith WILL NOT FIT 3 rows of 8 = 24 sections
The grooved with split top type is sometimes called WBC 9 frames = 36 sections 4 rows of 7 = 28 sections
the English pattern and takes the section square SECTION RACKS COMPLETE WITH
foundation. A three sided split type is also available, TIMBER SECTIONS AND DIVIDERS
often called the Irish pattern. This is used with 3
or 4 section length foundation, i.e. one sheet of
foundation is slotted into 3 or 4 sections.

A convenient way of obtaining
a few sections. The hanging All plastic section frames that will
frame can be placed in a produce circular combs. The bees
super occupying the space of seem to prefer this shape as there
two frames. Hanging dividers are no difficult corners to fill.
must be used to prevent brace Frames have built in dividers and
comb from being built onto are re-usable. The completed section is
the adjoining standard frames. packaged using rings, clear and opaque
Available in BS size only. covers and the labels to tie the package together.
Each frame holds four sections. NOTE: Round sections
will only fit into section racks not standard supers.


Dividers are placed between each row
of sections preventing brace comb
and ensuring an attractive level
capping. Manufactured in 1mm
white polystyrene. Four section Sections Price Packed
size for National/Commercial, Weight
Langstroth, Dadant and WBC National/Commercial, complete with
or three section size for Smith. timber sections, assembled 70.99 4.3
The plastic dividers have the WBC, complete with timber sections,
advantage of being easy to assembled 61.48 3.2
clean, no sharp edges and more
Langstroth, complete with timber
importantly, they are warm for the
sections, assembled 67.96 4.3
bees. Hanging Sections available in BS
size only. Dadant, complete with timber
sections, assembled 76.45 4.5
Smith, complete with timber
sections, assembled 63.19 4.1
Sections Price Packed Wt.
Complete Section Frame with all
English/Irish, 10 5.10 0.5
rings, covers and labels 10.99 1
English/Irish, 100 46.31 3
Section rings, 4 pairs 1.54 0.15
Hanging Section
Covers, opaque or clear, 4 pairs 3.60 0.25
without dividers, flat 10.68 0.4
National/Commercial rack complete
Hanging Section with dividers, flat 11.94 0.5
with round sections, assembled 131.60 7.1
Hanging Section complete, assembled 17.63 1
WBC Rack complete with round section,
Section Dividers, 3 size, 10 10.00 0.6 assembled 116.57 6.2
Section Dividers, 4 size, 10 12.59 0.8 Langstroth Rack complete with
Hanging Section Dividers, 10 16.86 1 round sections, assembled 122.71 7.1
Dadant Rack, complete with round
SECTION RACKS AND SPRINGS sections, assembled 133.32 7.3
Purpose built full size racks
for holding sections securely in HALFCOMB SECTIONS
the hive. Each hanging rack holds 30 half-combs and
Made in Western Red Cedar and fits snugly into a National or WBC super.
available for all hives. Retaining Once complete the rack can be removed and
spring included. emptied. Each half comb has a separate clip
on lid, seal this with clear sellotape, add one of
our comb labels and thats it, ready for sale. Each
comb holds approx. 12 oz.
As an optional extra we can supply a 5mm thick clear
acrylic top cover, so that comb building can be viewed
Section Racks Assembled Flat Packed Wt. easily.
National/Commercial, empty 26.53 19.77 3.3
WBC, empty 22.00 16.41 2.4 Half comb Sections Price Packed Wt.
Langstroth/Dadant/Smith, Rack, Complete 67.00 4
empty 28.26 21.10 3.4 30 Half comb Sections 56.70 3
Retaining Spring N/A 1.64 0.15 Acrylic top cover 7.00 0.7

22 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




A pair of handed and We recommend this type of spacer for National and WBC supers. Available in 8
angled brackets and a or 10 slot for WBC and 9, 10 or 11 for National. Our first quality National and
solid length of cedar WBC supers have slots to accommodate spacers which saves nailing and also
provide a sturdy alighting means you can experiment and change the spacing of your supers with ease. We
board for all hives. Fixing also have slightly shorter spacers to fit our budget supers. 10 slot only.
screws included. All sizes


This is a Full Width galvanised
entrance device that deters
robbing bees and other
predators. Complete with Spacers Price Packed Wt.
fittings, will fit all hives apart Castellated Spacers, pair 2.25 0.25
from WBC and Centenary. Castellated Spacers, 10 pairs 20.00 1.3
Castellated Spacer for Budget
NARROW PLASTIC ENDS Super, pair 2.25 0.25
Castellated Spacer for Budget
17/16 spacing. In red, green, blue, yellow or natural.
Super, 10 pairs 20.00 1.3
Extremely durable with no sharp edges. Use the colours
to code queen age or apiary system.

A simple galvanised strip
that fits onto the hive
WIDE PLASTIC ENDS entrance. Held in position
In natural only. Can be staggered as wide metal ends. If with drawing pins.
you find this spacing initially too wide, it is a good idea Available for all hives.
to stagger the spacers until the combs are partially drawn

Made in our own workshops from 0.38mm coils. Narrow size, usually used in the
brood body is 17/16 spacing and wide, used in supers, is 17/8.
New for 2016, Mini NEW
Mouseguard to fit nucleus
HOFFMAN CONVERTER CLIPS hives. 200 x 38 x 0.5mm
Easy to fit plastic clips to turn frames
into the self spacing type. Fit on the
side of the frame, keeping the top SNOWLEY MOUSEGUARD MAGNET
bar clear for easy cleaning. Spacing
is 13/8. How many times have you struggled to fit a
standard mouseguard to a hive with drawing pins
Suitable for frames with 7/8 wide side when wearing gloves. It is very fiddly, frustrating
bars. and expensive on drawing pins! This simple tool is the answer. Pick up a pin by
its head and simply press into position. Easy. 95mm long.
Spacers Price Packed Wt.
Sloping Alighting Board 6.80 0.75
Anti Robbing Device 4.90 0.75
Narrow Plastic Ends, 100 7.50 0.2 Very robust reversible metal strip
440mm long. Castellated on both
Wide Plastic Ends, 100 10.00 0.2
sides to prevent mice, rats, birds
Narrow Metal Ends, 100 10.00 0.65 etc. entering the hive. Note that
Wide Metal Ends, 50 5.50 0.5 the device is fitted to the brood
Hoffman Converter Clips, 50 6.00 0.7 box of the hive, not the floor. Each fixing bracket has one closed end, the lug of
the strip locates on this stop when slid in from the top. It therefore hangs in front
of the floor entrance. Suitable only for National Hives.
Made for many years in galvanised steel and plastic. New for 2016, stainless
steel runners which are acid proof. In three sizes:- National/Commercial, Dadant VENTILATED MOUSEGUARD
or Smith - 161/2, WBC - 15 and Langstroth 141/2. Similar to above but one edge has a
ventilated side for complete closure
of the hive. Great for moving bees.
Fitted as above.

Entrance Fittings Price Packed Wt.

Mouseguard, any size, each 0.82 0.2
Mouseguard, any size, per 10 7.33 0.75
Runners Pair Packed Wt. 10 Pairs Packed Wt. Snowley Mouseguard Magnet 2.35 0.1
Metal Frame Runners 1.30 0.2 10.00 1.2 Castellated Mouseguard, each 2.50 0.3
Plastic Frame Runners 1.00 0.15 8.10 0.6 Castellated Mouseguard, per 10 20.00 2
Stainless Steel Frame Ventilated Mouseguard, each 2.50 0.3
Runners 3.00 0.2 25.00 1.2 Ventilated Mouseguard, per 10 20.00 2

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 23



The only entrance block you will *Anti-robbing Strong, galvanised steel disc with settings for fully closed,
ever need. Made for National mode open, queen excluder and ventilated. Diameter 125mm.
(405mm), Commercial (405mm),
Dadant (425mm), Langstroth *Ventilated
(367mm) and Smith (417mm)
hives. Please advise length of HORSLEY BOARD
entrance if you think your floor A very effective swarm control board. Invented by Yorkshire-man, Arthur
may be a different size. Opening *Mouseguard Horsley.
must be at least 20mm high. Substantially made from 12mm ply and cedar with two stainless steel expanded
Made from 20mm aluminium *Pollen
mesh panels and stainless steel adjustable entrance. Queen excluder is also
profile, the same size as Stripping
a regular entrance block. Have available a spare brood body with frames and foundation, or drawn comb.
Developed, tested and Carry out weekly inspections looking for signs of swarming, mark queen if seen
manufactured at Rand. as this will help later.
In its main position the block is Day 1: When queen cells have appeared: strip the colony down to the floor,
either an entrance ventilator of placing the new brood body in place of the mother colony. Remove the middle
3mm holes on the right-hand two combs. Find the queen and place her on a comb containing some unsealed
side or an anti-robbing device brood, ensure there are no queen cells on this frame. Place this frame in the
of 6mm holes on the left-hand *Fully closed
middle of the new brood body.
side, with a further row of 6mm
holes off-set on the opposite Check the mother colony brood body and either select one large queen cell, to
side. Bees in the hive can find raise a new colony. If you wish to make up several nuclei, leave several cells.
their way out and back again. Rebuild the colony: floor, new box with old queen and flying bees, queen
Robbing bees or wasps find it excluder, supers, Horsley Board (with the entrance shut, and facing opposite way
difficult to negotiate both banks to the main entrance, old brood box, crown board, roof.
of holes. The adjustable alloy Day 3 or 4: Pull open the entrance to the Horsley Board, this stops the free
slide is used to close the entrance as required, exposing the ventilation holes. passage of bees between the boxes, and allows the flying bees to return to the
Also in this position, the slides can be extended outwards and tacked/screwed to parent colony.
the floor joists. In this position the hive will be completely closed and secure if
you are planning to move it any distance. At this stage you have artificially swarmed the colony: If only one queen cell was
left you can leave the top box for a few weeks until the new queen is laying,
For those keen to examine the pollen the hive is collecting, turn the block away before moving the colony away. If you left multiple cells in the top box, these
from you through 90 degrees and expose a 6mm entrance slot on the left-hand will need to be split into nuclei during the week after capping.
side (this also acts as a mouseguard) plus a bank of 5mm pollen stripping holes
on the right-hand side with an alloy slide to expose either feature. Below the
stripping holes is a shallow, removable tray which collects the pollen samples.
This will only need to be set to pollen stripping for a matter of minutes as
samples will build up rapidly.

Expanding Robo-Block
This entrance block has a spring loaded feature at one end enabling it to be used
in any hive entrance from Langstroth to Dadant width. It has all the features of a
regular Robo-Block.

Green, blue, red, yellow and white
guards. Made from 4mm thick plastic.
Ventilated on one edge and castellated
on the other. Colours assist bees
in finding their way home. Screw
brackets at a slight angle to ends of
floor joists to ensure guard stops in
position. Length 403mm.


An adjustable disc that can be used as an alternative to the
A simple rectangle of plywood that fits both a Langstroth or National Hive for the
traditional floor entrance. It has four openings: completely
purpose of uniting/transferring a colony from one type of hive to another without
open or closed, closed with ventilation or queen excluder
the need to improvise the blanking off of exposed frames.
segment to prevent swarming. Diameter 190mm.

Green, blue, red, yellow and white
entrance discs suitable for mini-nuc
identification for both bees and beekeeper!
Turn to adjust to open, ventilated or
excluder position. Diameter 52mm.

Entrance Fittings Price Packed Wt.

RoBo-Block 10.00 0.2
Expanding RoBo-Block 15.00 0.2
Orientation Guard, each 1.60 0.15
Orientation Guard, set of 5 6.80 0.45
Plastic Disc Entrance 0.80 0.15
Orientation Disc, each 0.40 0.06 Swarms Price Packed Wt.
Orientation Disc, set of 5 1.60 0.1 Horsley Board 61.00 2.5
Steel Disc Entrance 1.10 0.1 Uniting Board 3.60 0.5

24 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



Swarming is one of the beekeepers major challenges. There isnt All sizes
always enough time to carry out the necessary prevention and available. Hinged
control measures. doors on three
Swarm Lure can capture many swarms from your own sides above and
hives thus reducing loss of bees and honey due to swarming. below. Perforated
steel mesh over
Stray swarms from other hives in the area, if captured, will central hole.
add to your hive count and honey yield and may well prevent We recommend
calls to come get a swarm of bees. Swarming, its Control
Nasonov pheromone is released by workers to orient returning forager bees back to the and Prevention by
colony. To broadcast this scent, bees raise their abdoment which contain the Nasonov Snelgrove as the definitive
glands and fan their wings vigorously. This is called scent fanning. Bees may do this at work on swarm control.
the hive entrance. Also, when an airborne swarm begins to cluster, early arriving bees will
scent fan to attract others. Snelgroves ingenious swarm
Synthetically produced Nasonov will attract swarms to unoccupied hive equipment or a control method is suitable for
swarm-catching box. Research shows that, on average, swarms from the area will occupy the beekeeper with a few hives in the garden. It relies on splitting the colony
50-80% of catch boxes containing Nasonov (provided there is a reasonable amount of and continuously bleeding young bees from a top brood box to the lower
swarming in the area). part of the hive. Many variations in use are possible his first method is as
follows:- Reorganise the hive with the queen on one frame of open brood, with
API-CHARM other broodless frame, at the bottom, then a queen excluder, supers and finally
This highly perfumed spray is almost entirely made of the essences another box with all the other brood frames. Four days later, put the Snelgrove
of strongly scented flowers which attract swarms to the decoy board under the top box and manipulate the entrances in sequence.
hive. Lightly spray at the entrance and inside a bait hive to attract Day 4: Open top left entrance.
swarms. Repeat every 8 days during the swarming period. Day 7: Close top left, open bottom left and top right.
Capacity 500ml.
Day 14: Close bottom left and top right, open bottom right and top back.
Queen cells in the top boxes should be destroyed and the two brood boxes later
Ideal for those just-out-of-reach swarms. Made from
strong canvas and plated steel with nylon rope pull cord
for closing the top. Wooden pole not included. Hand made and very sturdy. Very useful
to have one handy in the apiary for
catching swarms. Also used for window
displays for marketing honey, candles
and beeswax based cosmetics. 260mm
high, 360mm diameter (approx.).

The Swarm Trap was developed with the hobby beekeeper in mind who finds
weekly inspections to remove queen cells almost impossible due to work/family
commitments and unpredictable weather.
How often have you been full of good intentions on a Friday night to inspect
colonies over the weekend only to have your plans shattered by adverse
weather. In these circumstances you can be sure a swarm would come out the Swarming Price Packed Wt.
following week, whilst at work, and would not be sitting contentedly on a low Travelling Box 30.00 3
branch waiting for your return! Snelgrove Board, all sizes except WBC 35.80 2
The swarm trap catches the queen as she leaves the hive during a swarm. It has Snelgrove Board, WBC 52.99 2
been tested over the last four seasons with 100% success. Straw Skep 40.00 2.9
Full instructions supplied. Patented. National size only.
Needs daily attention. SWARMING AND ITS CONTROL
Watching a swarm is a glorious sight, but it is our duty as beekeepers to
minimise the nuisance that our bees cause. Left to their own devices, colonies
will produce swarms mainly in May, June and July, although not every
colony will swarm every year. The first swarm contains the original queen,
and perhaps half the workers (mostly young ones). Subsequent swarms may
still emerge with virgin queens.
Any of the following will reduce the amount of swarming but not eliminate
it entirely.
1. Give plenty of room in the supers.
Swarming Price Packed Wt. 2. Keep young queens.
Swarm Lure 4.00 0.06 3. Give them foundation to draw out.
Api Charm 11.00 0.75 4. Remove some bees and/or brood.
Swarm Catcher 61.80 2.5 Swarming will not be prevented simply by
Swarm Trap 48.48 2 1. Clipping the queen.
2. Cutting out occupied queen cells.
There are numerous swarm control techniques. One of the most reliable is
TRAVELLING BOX the artificial swarm which is described in every text. Examine each brood
frame once a week for queen cells with eggs or larvae. If they are found,
Sturdy plywood box which will move the hive to one side, and put a new brood box and floor in the same
hold 6 frames. Ideal for moving position. Put in the new box one frame of brood with the old queen, and fill
nucleii. Ventilation holes in both it up with new frames and foundation. The queen excluder and supers (with
sides and the top. Available in bees) go onto the new brood box.
National size only. Also useful The other portion of the hive may be located anywhere in the apiary. Flying
in the apiary for housing a bees go back to the old site. Cut out all queen cells, and one week later, cut
swarm or as a bait hive when out all the new queen cells, leaving one open one. This will produce the new
using Swarm Lure. 465mm long, queen. If increase is not needed, the two colonies can be reunited later in
260mm high, 260mm wide. the season.

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 25


HIVE TOOLS Hive Tools Price Packed Wt.

An essential and indispensable piece of equipment. Standard design, stainless steel 10.00 0.2
Sixteen types are available. Hive Tool and Frame Lifter, stainless steel 10.00 0.15
M2 Hive Tool 15.00 0.2
Traditional Standard Tool, Stainless steel,
Claw Hive Tool 12.00 0.2
220mm long with 45mm wide scraper blades, very
useful for cleaning top bars. C1 Hive Tool 15.50 0.3
C2 Hive Tool 6.00 0.35
Hive tool and frame lifter Stainless steel. C3 Hive Tool 6.00 0.15
With that useful hook for levering frame ends C4 Hive Tool 7.50 0.25
230mm long, 35mm wide.
C5 Hive Tool 9.00 0.25
M2 Hive tool, 276mm long, 44mm wide, a Pocket Hive Tool 5.00 0.15
longer, tempered steel version of the very popular Frontier Hive Tool 12.50 0.2
hive tool and frame lifter. C6 Hive Tool 8.85 0.25
C7 Hive Tool 5.00 0.25
Claw Hive Tool This very sharp stainless steel
C8 Hive Tool 12.00 0.35
tool is exceptionally strong with a ridged claw
attachment for levering frames. 210 mm long with C9 Hive Tool 1.50 0.2
two 35mm scrapers and by nature of its design, C10 Hive Tool 10.00 0.5
virtually unbendable!
C1 Hive Tool An extra long and extra strong C1
stainless steel tool. Ideal for 'breaking' hive parts A totally new design of the hive tool. The Palm Tool is carefully
and clearing brace comb deep inside the largest of designed to fulfil several tasks yet be comfortable to use and hold.
brood bodies. 390mm long and 40mm wide. Both sizes incorporate a scraper/lever blade, a frame
lifting hook and a Starkey frame release cam. Small is
C2 Hive Tool Sturdy tool with heavy hammer suitable for glove size 9 and below and the large one
end. Comfortable to hold and suitably balanced. C2
for bigger hands.
Great for quick frame or hive repairs. Good lever
action for removing nails. 220mm long 40mm

C3 Hive Tool Traditional hive tool with C3 This stainless steel tool, developed by one of our
comfortable, triple riveted wooden handle. customers in France, simply and easily releases all
200x45mm frames from runners with a swift quarter turn, assuming an 11 frame box. Will
not work if 12 frames are in the brood body. National size only.
C4 Hive Tool Very strong stainless steel tool
260 mm long 85mm wide. 40mm chisel and C4 Frame Tools Price Packed Wt.
scraper and 40mm lever hook . Palm Tool, small 6.70 0.2
C5 Hive Tool Nicely balanced hive tool with a Palm Tool, large 7.90 0.25
variety of features. Scraper, nail puller, frame lever Starkey Frame Release 4.25 0.1
and prising blade. Riveted wooden handle 260mm
x 70mm at widest poin

Pocket Hive Tool 160mm long and 35mm A useful spring loaded device for gripping a frame with
wide, this little tool fits easily and comfortably one hand, particularly useful with short lugged frames.
into all pockets. Stainless steel with frame lifter
and chisel tip.

Frontier Hive Tool Stainless steel with a

serrated claw at one end and scraper at the other. TOOL GRIP
Handy hole for removing nails or hanging up the
tool when not in use. NEW A frame grip as above, with the addition of a tool to
release frames from the runners.
C6 Hive Tool A multi-use stainless steel tool
Overall length 270mm.
with central wooden grip that has a variety of
features. Toothed frame lever, flat scraper, angled
scraper, hammer (head part can be removed),
frame cleaner and excluder cleaner. 270x90mm at NEW TOOL ROLL
its widest point. C6
Keep all your hive tools and pieces of
C7 Hive Tool Z shaped, stainless steel tool that equipment in this nifty tool roll. Simply
will assist greatly in prying free stubborn frames. put the tools in the pockets, roll up
255x40mm wide. NEW and tie and you are ready to go. Velcro
C7 fastening with seven different size and
C8 Hive Tool We saw this new knuckle tool depth pockets. Tools not included. Also
being demonstrated at Apimondia in South Korea available in green camouflage fabric.
recently. Extremely well made and finished, the
tool is also well balanced and a comfortable fit NEW
in the hand. It also has two very sharp traditional FRAME CLEANER
scrapers as well as a frame lever. 240x55mm at C8
Stainless Steel tool with swan neck for
widest point. ease of use. For cleaning frame grooves and
wedges. 220mm long, 120mm handle.
C9 Hive Tool A small and useful galvanised NEW
steel tool that wont break the bank! 205x30mm
C10 Hive Tool Specifically designed for use Frame Tools Price Packed Wt.
in top bar and Warre hives. Solid wooden handle Frame Grip 10.00 0.3
with a 355mm stainless steel shaft and a 90
degree 45mm long hook. The hook is sharp on Tool Grip 11.00 0.6
both sides so allows you to chop both down and
NEW Tool Roll 15.14 0.4
up through the comb C10
Frame Cleaner 4.00 0.2

26 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




Somewhere to put The traditional British smoker, produced in our own workshops.
that first frame In two sizes with bolt on bellows.
out of the brood
body. National/ Wire guards are an optional extra.
Langstroth/Dadant, Made in either galvanised steel, copper or stainless steel.
Commercial and Standard: Firebox dia. 75mm, height 180mm. Large: Firebox dia. 100mm, height
Smith sizes. 215mm.

A two pronged stainless steel
tool for easing a full frame out
of the brood box.


WE1 Stainless steel comb for simple but very
effective cleaning of wire excluders, much easier
than a wire brush. 140mm long, 58mm wide.
WE2 A double headed tool for cleaning wire
excluders. Stainless steel shaped
blade 65mm wide and similar width
accurately machined 10 slot wire
scraper. Overall length 220mm,
115mm wooden handle

Stainless steel shaft and blade, rubber handle. Blade is 100mm long, overall
length 700mm. Remove floor debris and clean out wax moth from under mesh
floor with ease.
Empire Smokers Without With Packed
Guard Guard Wt.
Copper, Standard 45.28 51.16 1.8
Copper, Large 53.53 59.40 2.1
Stainless Steel, Standard 43.60 49.24 1.8
MANIPULATION CLOTH Stainless Steel, Large 51.50 57.17 2.1
Heavy canvas with stainless steel rods sewn into the edges to weight the cloth Galvanised, Standard 33.54 39.14 1.8
down. The centre section can be folded over to close, or folded back to allow Galvanised, Large 39.96 45.60 2.1
a frame to
be taken out.
Slide across to SMOKER GRID
expose other
Spare grids for the firebox are available for the Empire
range only. Please specify large or standard.
when fully
open, exposed
Simple galvanised steel baskets with integral fuel platform,
shaped to fit our large and standard Empire smokers. These will
enable you to load and light your smoker fuel outside the smoker.
When alight use the lifting eye to place basket in your smoker.
The basket will prolong the life of the smoker and keep it cleaner.
Large: 220mm high, 90mm diameter.
Tools Price Packed Wt. Small: 170mm high, 70mm diameter.
Frame Rest 5.00 0.3
Note: Small basket will not take smoker cartridges.
Frame Lever 10.00 0.2
WE1 6.80 0.15 Smoker Spares Price Packed Wt.
WE2 6.00 0.2 Grid, Large or Standard 1.77 0.1
Floor Scraper 17.76 0.7 Basket, Standard 6.84 0.3
Manipulation Cloth 24.49 2.0 Basket, Large 8.35 0.4

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 27



Replacement bellows Simple small reels of corrugated paper cut to
are available to fit standard Etna and Empire smokers. 75 x
fit the majority of 125mm.
smokers. We have
either the bolt-on
type using a wing
nut suitable for
Empire smokers or
the screw-on type HESSIAN SACKING
suitable for the Etna Easy to light with a cool environmental friendly
design. Alloy binding smoke. Approx. 1 x 1.5 m per pack. We find
around edges. this burns very well if it is cut into
strips about the same depth as the
firebox of your smoker. Loosely roll to
approximate diameter. Cut four or five
Smoker Spares Price Packed Wt. times halfway across the roll - not all the
Bellows, Screw-on or Bolt-on 11.60 0.75 way through.


This extra large classic stainless steel Redwood and cedar wood chip made in
smoker is in use in apiaries from Australia our chipping plant from our own wood
to Zimbabwe. Firebox 100x250 mm waste. Burns readily with a cool white
with wire heat shield and hanging smoke. 5kg bag. Smoker not included.
hook. This very high quality smoker is
manufactured in the USA by probably the
oldest established bee equipment supply
company in the world.
Direct from a cotton processor in the USA this clean,
raw cotton waste consists of short fibres and cotton
seed husks that are compressed under high pressure.
ELECTRIC SMOKER The Cotton Cartridges (CC) are the ideal shape for
smoker fireboxes. When alight it produces a cool
An inexpensive stainless steel smoker white smoke, free of all chemicals. Probably the best
with battery operated fan, (takes 4AA smoker fuel we have come across. To light: ensure
batteries). the cotton is teased and opened. If compacted it
Firebox measures 100mmx200mm high. will not light easily.
Complete with wire guard.
Smoker Fuel Price Packed Wt.
Smoker Cartridge, each 0.50 0.1
Smoker Cartridge, 10 4.50 0.7
Hessian Sacking 4.50 0.5
Wood Chip, 5kg 3.00 5.0
CC Smoker Fuel 4.50 1.2

Smokers Price Packed Wt.

Dadant Smoker 60.00 3
Electric Smoker 17.50 1.3 Become a supporter of the
Bees for Development Trust
and help promote sustainable
beekeeping for bees and people.
or call
01600 713648
for more information
When our 1000kg tipping
skips are full of timber
UK Registered Charity
offcuts, they are fed into Number 1078803
this powerful machine for
shredding into woodchips.

28 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




Small sticks of environmentally friendly, Crownboards are manufactured using 6mm exterior quality plywood in a cedar
compressed, cellulose fibres, straw and saw frame with two plastic escapes. Bee space both sides.
dust. Ignites very quickly even in the most Glass quilts are popular alternatives to crownboards for observing the bees with
adverse conditions. Works exceptionally minimal disturbance. One bee escape.
well with Smoker Pellets but not exclusively.
When lit it will burn for hours in the heart of Polycarbonate quilts are made at Rand from 3mm crystal clear
a smoker. unbreakable material, 300 times stronger than
glass. Far better insulation properties than
glass. Will not cause condensation in cold
weather. Although much stronger than
glass, it is not as hard and will
scratch easily.
Bags of compressed, Crownboard/
straw based pellets Clearer Board
which make an
exceptional smoker fuel. Glass Quilt
The smoke produced is
white and very cool with
a pleasant burnt straw
aroma. It lights very
easily and will burn for
hours without the usual
need of pumping the
bellows. It is made from
100% natural products without any chemical additives.
Polycarbonate Quilt
with bee escape
LIQUID BEE SMOKER Plain Polycarbonate Quilt
Liquid Bee Smoke is made from a
concentrate which is edible to humans. PORTER BEE ESCAPE
Dilute this 30g sachet
This plastic escape with accurately spaced
in 1 litre of water. Use a trigger spray
stainless steel springs slides apart easily for
to administer as if it was a smoker.
cleaning. The springs are easy to adjust if
Smells exactly like smoke. Enough
necessary and will not rust or corrode. A very
solution for 250 hives.
old but tried and tested way of clearing your honey supers.

Single handed operation of the Nimrod Micro-Jet makes smoker fuel lighting
an easy task even in poor conditions. Runs off a standard butane gas cigarette A rapid clearing
lighter (supplied, empty) Produces a 1300C flame. Safety lock included to board made
prevent accidental ignition. from
Red Cedar
and Exterior
grade plywood
with galvanised mesh
screen. It gives the bees
a bit of running to do! Bees
will clear very quickly. National/
Commercial Size Only.

Another clearing
device, similar
APIFUGE to the
Apifuge is a substitute for a traditional smoker in a variety Board and
of operations quick inspections, clearing supers and simple Canadian
manipulations. As your confidence and experience grows, spray Clearer Board
on to hands immediately before opening the hive no need for but utilising the
gloves. Capacity 500ml. ever popular Rhombus
Escape. The board provides
rapid clearing in approximately
one to two hours with a large void
into which the bees can congregate.
National/Commercial Size Only.

Clearing Bees Price Packed Wt.

Crownboard/Clearer Board 14.63 1.3
Smoker Fuel Price Packed Wt. Glass Quilt 17.70 2.9
Stick Lighters 8.50 0.25 Polycarbonate Quilt with Bee Escape 19.81 1.4
Smoker Pellets, kg 4.50 1.1 Polycarbonate Quilt, Plain 19.06 1.4
Smoker Pellets, 25kgs 55.00 27 Porter Bee Escape 1.00 0.06
Liquid Bee Smoke 2.00 0.06 Porter Bee Escape, 20 18.00 0.25
Nimrod Micro-Jet 17.50 0.15 Forrest Board 23.60 2.5
Apifuge 9.99 0.75 Rhombus Board 23.60 2.5

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 29



A very effective and rapid way of clearing bees. This board greatly improves the
The cones are not one way valves but the bees efficiency of Bee Quick. A simple
are sufficiently disorientated to be unable to wooden frame 40mm wide has an
find their way back into the supers. However absorbent canvas cover stretched over
they should not be left on for more than one side. Spray Bee Quick as above and
six hours. Made in Western Red Cedar place the metal cover over the canvas
and exterior quality plywood providing before placing on the honey supers.
a chamber depth of 50mm. National/ Heat from the sun quickly raises the
Commercial size only. temperature of the Bee Quick ensuring
rapid evaporation and hence fast clearing of supers. National size only.
Versatile conical escapes that can be incorporated into Clearing Bees Price Packed Wt.
several different designs of clearer board as well as the Bee Quick, 240ml 12.00 0.4
traditional type above. Exit diameter 7mm, overall height Bee Quick, 3.8litre 130.00 6
32mm. Entrance diameter 21mm.
Fume Pad, each 0.45 0.06
Fume Pad, per 10 2.50 0.3
Fume Board 16.15 2
A variation of the hexagonal
escape with two exits for rapid
clearing. Made in meshed BEE BRUSHES
translucent plastic letting both Perfect for gently brushing bees
light and brood scent into the supers. from each comb.
380mm long, 123mm wide.
B1 400mm long brush with single row of
CIRCULAR ESCAPE natural fibres.
B2 400mm long brush with twin row of natural fibres
255mm diameter with fixing and sensory holes.
B3 400mm long brush with a triple row of natural fibres
This escape provides very rapid clearing. It
requires pinning into a 50mm deep chamber
board. This is simply 4 laths of timber 50mm Nylon Bee Brush
wide tacked to a sheet of 6mm plywood. Cut a
Plastic back and soft, nylon
75mm diameter hole central in the board and put bristle brush. 350mm long.
the escape inside the chamber with the central void
of the escape over the hole cut in the plywood. To use simply place the board,
escape side down, under the super to be cleared.

A plastic, circular escape with 10 free moving plastic COMBI-BRUSH
curtains. Works quickly with several bees being
cleared at once. Requires a hole in clearer board of Long wooden NEW
64mm. Overall diameter is 98mm. handled soft brush
with one single row of
40mm nylon at one end and a
stainless steel hive tool at the other.
Used mainly on the roofs of WBC hives to permit any
bees trapped in the cavity to escape. Can also be used in
drone or wasp trapping.
A tried and tested rapid bee escape with two
Clearing Bees Price Packed Wt. tunnels. 112mm hole will be required in your
Canadian Clearer Board 23.60 1.5 crownboard.
Canadian Cone Escape, each 0.40 0.06
Canadian Cone Escape, 10 3.50 0.2
Rhombus Escape 1.75 0.2
Circular Escape 2.00 0.3
Curtain Escape 5.00 0.06
WBC Cone Escape, each 0.50 0.06 ESCAPE TUNNELS
WBC Cone Escapes, 10 4.00 0.1 Shaped, galvanised NEW
mesh tunnels for use in
BEE QUICK home-made bee escapes.
80mm long, 30mm and
A non-toxic blend of natural oils and herb extracts for clearing bees
10mm wide apertures.
from supers. Safe to use for both bees, beekeepers and all hive
products, and it can be posted! Using fume pads or a fume board,
spray Bee Quick evenly in a zig zag pattern onto the absorbent
surface ensuring the liquid reaches the edges. Remove all hive
parts until you reach the honey supers. Place the soaked pads on
top of the frames. Supers should be cleared in 2-5 minutes. Repeat Clearing Bees and Quilts Price Packed Wt.
as required. Best results will be obtained on a warm day when the Bee Brush B1 3.00 0.25
vapours will evaporate more quickly. 240ml or 3.8ltrs. Bee Brush B2 4.00 0.25
Bee Brush B3 5.00 0.25
Nylon Bee Brush B4 2.15 0.25
FUME PAD Combi Brush 8.30 0.2
Made from very absorbent beer mat material, 250 x Tunnel Escape 1.00 0.06
230mm approximately. Ideal for use with Bee Quick and Escape Tunnel, each 0.30 0.06
acetic acid. Escape Tunnel, 10 2.50 0.4

30 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



A foam rubber strip These are superbly tough fasteners complete with
enables the hive to be fixing screws. Fully adjustable to take up the
completely closed quickly inevitable contraction and expansion that takes place
and efficiently yet more in the hive. You can even fasten a roof to a brood
importantly permits body securely.
ventilation. Simple to
remove once the hives are
in position. One size fits all

TRAVELLING SCREEN Galvanised steel, sold in pairs with screws and
Wooden framed stainless steel wire marking gauge. Hive can be quickly broken
mesh (eight gauge) made in all down with a tap from a hammer.
sizes, fits on top of the hive in
place of the roof. The ideal
ventilator. Water or syrup
can be poured through the
One of the simplest yet effective ways of
securing hives, sold in pairs with fixing screws.


Extremely strong,
hardwearing strap with Moving Hives Price Packed Wt.
an ingenious locking device.
Supplied with 5 metres of 25mm Triangles 2.20 0.15
wide webbing. Toggle Fasteners 4.00 0.1
Adjustable Fasteners 5.00 0.3
Lockslides 5.15 0.2
ECONOMY HIVE STRAP Spring Fasteners 1.75 0.06
Just as strong as above with same
length of webbing. The buckle
contains a spiked cam the more CORNER SUPPORTS
tension applied in the correct plane, If your hives are in an exposed position and
the tighter the strap. 5 metres of always separating or blowing over in blustery
25mm wide webbing weather then these supports are for you. Sold in
sets of 4 (screws not included) these are fixed at
every top corner of component parts and grip the
box above by 15mm. Designed so that screws
Excellent value for money, easy fix the support to the top of the hive part while
to use and unlock. Suitable for tacks can be used to fix the adjoining part for a
strapping all sorts of loads, as well temporary fitting especially if moving hives.
as beehives, on to a trailer. 5m of
25mm wide webbing.
Strong plated steel handles complete with
fixing screws. 100mm wide. Supplied in pairs.

Moving Hives Price Packed Wt.

Foam Entrance Closure 0.50 0.06
Travelling Screen 17.00 1.3
Standard Hive Strap 5.00 0.25 HIVE CARRIER
Economy Hive Strap 3.00 0.2
A two-person lifting device for any size of hive except WBC. The heavier the
Ratchet Hive Strap 6.00 0.4 hive, the harder it is gripped. Complete with comfortable polypropylene handle
grips. Measures 560 x 760mm when folded.
Galvanised steel, sold in
sets of four with black
japanned screws. An
extremely secure method
of moving hives.

Sold in pairs complete with screws.
Enables component hive parts to be
separated quickly and easily. Moving Hives Price Packed Wt.
Corner Supports 1.20 0.15
Hive Handles (Pair) 4.25 0.1
Hive Carrier 73.00 6

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 31



A welcome addition Combined hat, jacket and veil. Hat
to our clothing and veil is attached to the jacket
range. These with a heavy duty zip which allow
All-in-ones are the hat and veil to be removed
made from heavy completely. Polyester cotton.
duty mesh with a Elasticated wrists. Large pocket at
white net lining front. Sizes: 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44,
and outer layer. 48 and 52. Manufactured in Rand.
These will keep you
well protected but
also ensure you
do not get too hot TROUSERS
during long summer Trousers are sold separately with
inspections. elasticated waist and ankles. Both
Small, medium, are made in polyester/cotton and are
large, X-Large and washable.
XXL. Child: S, M, L.
Adult: S, M, L, XL.


Ventilated Protective Clothing Price Packed Wt.

Ventilated All-in-one 70.00 2.5
Why advertise where you keep
ALL IN ONE your bees by wearing white
clothing. Stay hidden with
Confidence boosting apiary
our combat material jackets.
wear, offering full head to
Detachable top as standard
ankle protection without
jacket and veil, strong yet
restricting vision or movement.
lightweight material. Trousers
Polyester cotton. Elasticated
in same material also in stock.
wrists and ankles. Hat and
Sizes: 36, 40, 44, 48 and
veil is attached to the jacket
trousers S, M, L, XL.
with heavy duty zip and
Manufactured in Rand.
is completely removable.
Velcro seal where zips meet.
Manufactured in Rand.
Sizes: 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48
and 52.
The veiling in our jackets
and veil and All-in-one is a
superb quality polyester mesh.
Very, very strong and virtually
unbreakable. Keep away from
your smoker however!


PADS. Adult All-in-one now
available with foam knee pads
with a water resistant cover.

knee Clothing White Camouflage Packed Wt.
Jacket and Veil,
36", 40", 44", 48" 79.00 84.50 1
Jacket and Veil, 52" 90.90 97.10 1.2
Childs Jacket and Veil,
24" or 28" 53.00 N/A 0.8
All-in-one Price Packed Wt.
Childs Jacket and Veil,
Size 36" or 40" 125.50 2 32" 65.75 N/A 1
Size 44" or 48" 134.33 2 Trousers, adults, small,
All-in-one with Knee Pads, 36" and 40" 130.50 2 medium, large, x-large 27.50 29.50 0.6
All-in-one with Knee Pads, 44" and 48" 139.38 2 Childs Trousers, small,
Childs Size 24"/28" 78.88 1.6 medium 18.33 N/A 0.5
Childs Size 32" 95.70 1.8 Childs Trousers, large 22.92 N/A 0.5

32 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk


SPARE PARTS Clothing Price Packed Wt.

Stainless Steel Rings: Jacket and Helmet, 36"-48" 79.00 1
Super smooth stainless steel, spot welded with shrink sleeved cover. 380mm Jacket and Helmet, 52" 90.90 1.2
diameter. All-in-one and Helmet, 36" and 40" 125.50 2
Replacement Net: All-in-one and Helmet, 44" and 48" 134.33 2
Strong polyester netting. Cut to shape to replace torn or worn-out veiling. Patches All-in-one, 36" and 40" 134.40 2
Replacement Hat, Veil and Collar: Patches All-in-one, 44" and 48" 143.56 2
Suitable for either our Jacket and Veil or All-in-One with the same very strong Patches All-in-one, 24"/28" 83.22 1.6
polyester netting. Patches All-in-one, 32" 95.70 1.8
Clothing Spare Parts Price Packed Wt.
Stainless Steel Ring 3.36 0.06
Shaped Net 3.49 0.06
Replacement Hat and Veil and collar 42.84 1 AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY


Adult Jacket and
Our rigid, cool, lightweight and comfortable mesh helmet veil.
combined with our range of Jacket & Veil.
Round or fencing
style hat.
Small, medium,
large, X-Large and


Our rigid, cool, lightweight and comfortable mesh helmet Fencing style hood only.
combined with our range of All-in-Ones.
Adult sizes small, medium, large, X-Large and
Children size, XS, XXS and XXS.

Bees on a Budget Clothing Price (online only)

BOAB Adult Jacket and Veil, round hat 27.50
BOAB Adult Jacket and Veil, fencing hat 27.50
BOAB Adult All-in-one 44.00
BOAB Child All-in-one 36.67


PATCHES ALL-IN-ONE Soft cloth, one size, hat with black net veil
attached. Ring sewn into the netting to keep the
Add a bit of fun to your
veil clear of the face and
beekeeping attire and stand
neck. Elastic straps which
out from the crowd.
are placed under the arms
The colourful patches on to hold the veil in place.
knees, elbows and pockets Chin ties. Welded stainless
of our All-in-Ones will steel ring.
brighten up any beekeeper.
Childs version available
for up to 8 years old.


Soft cloth hat (one size) with black net veil attached
and elastic straps which are placed under the arms
to hold the veil in position. Chin strap included.
Welded stainless steel rim ring.

Clothing Price Packed Wt.

Hat and Veil with Ring 21.50 0.2
Child's Hat and Veil with Ring 14.00 0.2
Hat and Veil 20.00 0.2

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 33



A lightweight veil with black plastic mesh Hard wearing goatskin. Ventilated.
panel and face ring. Elasticated straps fit Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
under the arms. 400mm diameter, 500mm
long.The veils we use in our own apiaries
together with our open mesh helmet.
This helmet has a rigid brim and is
therefore also suitable for square folding FLOCK LINED GLOVES
veils yet only weighs 150g. Made from Very comfortable to wear,
100% recycled paper. The open mesh will offering more protection than
keep you cool. Fully size adjustable with nitrile or latex but with good
Velcro hat band. sensitivity. The gauntlets are also
plastic and welded on to the glove making a
SQUARE FOLDING VEIL very strong seal. Large size only.
One of the oldest styles of veils around. NITRILE GLOVES
This new model has the veil attached to the
shaped, one size hat. The veil also works Powder free nitrile gloves. They keep the
very well with a baseball cap underneath. hands clean, offer a little protection and
Fine epoxy coated steel mesh offers excellent 100% sensitivity through manipulations.
all round vision. Complete with a generous Packs of 5 pairs S, M, L, XL.
pull cord for tying veil around waist. Also available in double thickness nitrile.
They are exceptionally durable against tears
and abrasion and have rolled cuffs to prevent
foreign bodies from entering the glove.


Available in small, medium, large and XL these
tough nitrile coated gloves are the professionals
choice. With a rolled cuff, the tractor tread gloves
This inexpensive piece of protective clothing is offer great feel and sensitivity during manipulations
great for that busmans holiday, visiting friends with a little more protection than the standard NEW
or those who just want to put their toe in nitrile gloves.
the water of beekeeping before they take the
plunge! Large size only. PLASTOCHROME GLOVES
Hardwearing, washable
plastochrome gloves. In
sizes medium, large or extra


Clothing Price Packed Wt. Cotton twill, elasticated at both ends to

prevent bees crawling up the arm or into
Ring Veil 15.55 0.1 your glove.
Helmet 12.00 0.3
Sizes: Standard and Large
Square Folding Veil 7.00 0.35
Occasional Jacket and Veil 8.50 0.2

Gloves Pair Packed Wt.

Mordant Gloves, Size 6-13 15.45 0.25
Mordant gloves, well made and a Mordant Gloves, Size 4-5 12.88 0.25
good fit, comfortable to wear and
Kid Gloves 42.25 0.25
incredible value.
Cowhide Gloves, plain 22.87 0.3
Sizes: 4-13,
Cowhide Gloves, ventilated 24.62 0.3
no half sizes.
Goatskin Gloves, ventilated 24.62 0.3
Flock Lined Gloves 2.75 0.15
Nitrile Gloves, pack of 5 pairs 1.00 0.06
Double Nitrile Gloves, pack of 5 pairs 5.00 0.06
Kid gloves, beautifully made in the U.K.
Ultra Tough Gloves per pair 1.75 0.06
and snug fitting. Sizes: 6-11, no half
sizes. Plastochrome Gloves 10.00 0.3
Gauntlets 5.75 0.15


Cleanliness is vital whilst processing honey. Wear this cheap and
disposable range of clothing during extraction and bottling. White
COWHIDE GLOVES apron with ties. Comfortable Mob Caps secure hair, minimising
contamination risk. Plastic overshoes with elasticated ankle
Tough gloves for professional beekeepers. ensures a snug fit.
Available plain or ventilated.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Honey House Protection Price Packed Wt.

Apron, 10 0.75 0.1
Mob Cap, 10 0.75 0.06
Overshoes, 5 pairs 0.75 0.06

34 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



May be used in place of a crownboard. Heavy Using a Porter Bee Escape platform we have
canvas with flap for feeding. Bees tend to altered the use by removing the springs and
propolise them onto the frames but they can inserting a fine alloy mesh. Slip them into the
be peeled back to expose small areas. National crownboard to prevent bees entering the roof space.
size only.


20mm thick insulation flexible board made Series: 40mm high, made from unbreakable
from recycled chip foam. Fits snugly inside polypropylene with 2 fixing holes per number.
an empty super or brood body. Available in NB Series: A set of 17 plastic hive
all hive sizes. numbers. Simply nail through the letters
and attach to your hive. Letters do not have
pre-drilled holes.

Quilts Price Packed Wt. TIDY TRAY

Canvas Quilt 3.20 0.15 What a good idea. Have you ever got
Insulated Quilt 2.60 0.3 into a row because of honey all over the
kitchen floor. Or worse still torn your car
seats as you have used an up-turned roof
BEEKEEPERS RULE to transport wet supers. The Tidy Tray is
the perfect solution to sticky problems.
A clever device developed by Professor R. Pickard
to assist the beekeeper to maximise the honey crop,
queen propagation, breeding, or even siting of an
This compact and easy to use
plunger brings instant sting
relief. The plunger is drawn back
and is then applied to the area of
CAUTION SIGNS attack and pressed down which
Four self adhesive green on white signs to notify the public not frighten them. creates a continuous vacuum in
Size 200 x 280mm. the nozzle. This gently draws the
poison from the sting.
Caution Bees in Transit now available as a magnetic sign.
A 100% natural formula to treat and sooth the skin after insect
bites or jellyfish stings. Dab the bite or skin 2-3 times per day.
suitable for children 3 months and over. Size, 10ml.


Feel more secure with these steel branding irons.

We have 15mm high letters and numbers available in
Arial font. Welded on to a steel back-plate with a 450mm
Price Packed Wt. long steel shaft and wooden handle. Heat with a blow-torch to red hot and
Beekeepers Rule 1.50 0.06 quickly press against the hive part or frame to be identified. Simply select the
letters or numbers required and we will make up the iron. Maximum 8 letters.
Caution Signs, each 3.30 0.06
Caution Bees in Transit - Magnetic 6.00 0.2
A must for all apiary visits.
100% WILD FLOWER SEEDS BEES AND BUTTERFLY MIX Large capacity plastic tray
Bright and beautiful native for tools. With handy cover
wildflowers, attractive to Bees which makes it into a stool
and Butterflies, whilst creating or step.
a visually attractive meadow.
Carefully formulated to include 20
species from the Royal Horticultural
Society "Perfect For Pollinators"
list. Contains; 23 native wildflower
species plus Borage, Sainfoin and Miscellaneous Price Packed Wt.
Dwarf Sunflower to encourage a Ventilator 1.00 0.06
wide range of pollinating insects and Hive Numbers, Series 2.00 0.06
other wildlife.
Hive Numbers, NB Series 1.00 0.06
Sowing Rate: 3 gms per sq/m (1kg Tidy Tray 14.00 2
sows 300 sq/m, 12kg sows 1 acre).
Aspivenin 24.00 1.5
Price includes postage. After the Bite 7.99 0.1
Branding Iron, Two Letters 22.50 2
Miscellaneous Price including carriage Branding Iron, Additional Letter 4.50
Wild Flower Seeds, 100g 30.00 Sit-Step-Store 6.50 3

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 35



An electric uncapping knife developed at Rand. After several months of research Wooden handled fork with chrome plated shoulder
and testing we have produced our own electric knife. All stainless steel blade, gripping 10 stainless steel sharpened straight needles
wire-wound element, turned wooden handle, 2m black flex with on/off rocker 40mm long.
switch. The knife is thermostatically controlled (not adjustable) switching Overall length 220mm.
between 85 and 105C. It is also very light and very comfortable to use. 250mm 110mm hardwood handle.
x 50mm blade.
Hold the frame on a solid and secure surface. UNCAPPING FORK UF3
Tilt the top of the frame towards you slightly to ensure that
the sheets of cappings fall away from the frame. Identical to the UF2 fork but with cranked, shaped
With the blade at the top of the
frame, move the knife down
the frame just underneath the
cappings and allow them to
fall into a collecting container.
The heat from the blade helps
to remove the cappings: the An extra large stainless steel uncapping fork.
knife does not need to be razor Plastic handle with 95mm spread of cranked tines.
sharp. One shaped and sharpened edge for awkward
hollows. Very comfortable to use.


This fork is virtually unbreakable. It is incredibly strong
COLD UNCAPPING KNIFE with laser cut, accurately spaced tines. Very sharp with
side cutter for working comb hollows. Comfortable,
Stainless steel, 250mm hollow moulded silicone handle. 205mm long, tines are 70mm
ground edge, extremely sharp. wide. Steel is 2mm thick.
Works better if blade is
heated in hot
water. Uncapping Fork Price Packed Wt.
Uncapping Fork UF1 2.50 0.2
Uncapping Fork UF2 12.00 0.2
Uncapping Fork UF3 15.00 0.2
Uncapping Fork UF4 19.50 0.2
Very sharp stainless steel blade 280mm long and Uncapping Fork UF5 36.00 0.2
35mm wide.
Hollow ground on both sides and flexible. UNCAPPING ROLLERS
Riveted wooden handle 110 mm
long. Three budget uncapping
rollers. Simply roll over the
comb and then extract in the
usual way. The sharp spikes
pierce the cappings but do not
UTILITY UNCAPPING KNIFE remove them. Most of the wax
Very sharp stainless steel blade 280mm long 35mm wide. stays in place until extraction
Honed on both edges. and can be filtered out of the
Riveted wooden handle 110mm long. honey at a later date.
Rollers lengths are: Large
115mm; medium 64mm; Small


420 mm long and 45mm wide. Serrated on one edge
and plain honed on the other. Curved tip. A razor sharp blade provides the ideal tool for raking
Riveted Wooden handle. Very strong and granulated comb back to the midrib. Alternatively to
sturdy. stimulate early colony development lightly rake the
tool over capped stores. 225mm long, 60mm wide.
120mm handle.

Uncapping Knives Price Packed Wt. ELECTRIC UNCAPPING PLANE

Easi-knife 91.00 1.0 A heated and shaped blade is pushed up the
Cold Uncapping Knife 12.00 0.35 comb allowing the cappings to build
Serrated Uncapping Knife 15.00 0.5 up on the back of the blade. The
temperature of the blade can be
Utility Uncapping Knife 12.00 0.5
controlled by placing the end of
Broad Uncapping Knife 15.00 0.5 the plane upright into a heatproof
container with 1 of water in the bottom. The water will heat up to 100C and
will, therefore, provide a suitable temperature control for uncapping.


Still a popular and easy uncapping method. Use cold Uncapping Price Packed Wt.
with a zig-zag action cutting just under the cappings. Large Uncapping Roller 7.50 0.6
Rinse occasionally in hot water and wipe dry. Cranked Medium Uncapping Roller 6.50 0.4
stainless steel needles assist in lifting cappings clear of Small Uncapping Roller 4.50 0.3
comb. 210mm long, 70mm wide. Comb Rake 15.50 0.2
Electric Uncapping Plane 110.00 0.7

36 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



This semi-automatic uncapper is suitable A large capacity unheated double tray
for a 100+ hive operation. The frames in high density polyethylene with 40mm
are manually wound through a pair of nylon valve fitted into the lower unit. The
oscillating blades, uncapped and then feed top tray has 4mm perforations for rapid
on to a collection arm ready for extraction. draining of cappings. Each tray is
Adjustable uncapping depth, suitable, 760mm long x 460mm wide and
therefore for hollow combs. All stainless 90mm deep. The stainless steel
steel construction, with a 370W single frame holder takes approximately
phase motor. 1000x700x1400mm high. 13 British Standard Frames across
the tray or 10 Langstroth/MD
down the tray prior to extracting. When
the holder is in use there is still ample room
to uncap using the wooden bar supplied. To order,
THOMAS MINI TETRA we can supply a frame holder suitable for Commercial frames.
Suitable for a beekeeper with up to 10 hives. This very
simple yet efficient machine allows you to uncap, Cold Uncapping Tray Cover
extract and settle your honey in one machine. All A sturdy cover for our cold uncapping trays. Made from
stainless steel construction (apart from cage rings). 10mm correx with redwood locating battens.
Uncap into the perforated basket, load the 9 This will keep cappings and honey clean whilst draining
frame manual extractor, settle honey in the overnight.
ergonomically designed bottom chamber.
Less space, Less mess, greater efficiency. STANDARD UNCAPPING TRAY
1055mm long, 595mm wide, 1050mm high.
Our standard electric uncapping
tray measures 840x405x125mm
and is a water-jacketted tank
which quickly melts the honey and
the cappings. The wax and honey
THOMAS UNCAPPING TANK mixture run down the sloping box
and through the filter and out of
A large stainless steel tank mounted on legs.
the 25mm diameter spout and into
820mm high, 1050mm long and 480mm wide.
a suitable receptacle, e.g. our stainless steel separator. It comes complete with a
Complete with draining grid for cappings and
1260W thermal cut-out heating element and fused plug and flex. Do
nylon honey valve. An adjustable support bar
not leave unattended. Heated area is 790 x 400mm. Wooden frame
means it will hold all sizes of frame.
rest bar included.
Knife not included.
Spare grids are available separately. Mains leads
and elements are available and can also be fitted to
the old style steam wax extractor.


This machine will uncap all sizes of frame with very little This electric device will give you that little bit of
adjustment. It fits quickly and simply, if desired, on to the control you might need for running an old style steam
uncapping tank above. Manually fed and very easy to use wax extractor or uncapping tray. A time, simmerstat
with fully adjustable uncapping chains. 500mm diameter, controller that will switch on and off periodically as the
1000mm high knob is turned. (NB this is not a thermostat). Strong plastic box,
130x85x55mm. Graduated on/off knob. 2 metres of cable supplied.


Standard uncapping tray fitted with a thermostat which
accurately controls the temperature of the water in the
tray. Temperature range of 0 120C.
840 x 405 x 125mm. Heated area is 790 x 400mm.
The thermostat can be retro fitted in our own workshops.
A larger version of the "Mini Tetra". Electric extractor powered by a 70w motor.
This machine will accommodate 20 shallow frames. There is also space for
stacking 20 uncapped frames prior to extraction. 1500mm long, 700mm wide
1050 mm high. Steam provides the heat to this uncapping tray
which also doubles as a wax cleaner.
The generator very quickly heats up the tray
so uncapping can begin after only a minute
or two. The front valve can be left open to
drain off wax and honey together, ensuring
neither overheat. Galvanised steel base, stainless steel inner chamber.

Uncapping Trays Price Packed Wt.

Cold Uncapping Tray and
Frame Holder 117.60 6.5
Cold Tray Cover 12.12 2
Standard Uncapping Tray 282.80 9
Uncapping Tray Grid 25.25 0.4
Uncapping Price Packed Wt. Element and Lead 35.35 0.5
Alpha Mini Uncapper 3350.00 15 Hamilton Controller 53.50 1
Thomas Uncapping Tank 850.00 35 Thermostatically Controlled
Thomas Uncapping Machine 2600.00 67 Uncapping Tray 404.00 9.5
Thomas Mini Tetra 2000.00 60 Retro Fit Thermostat 121.20
Thomas Tetra Plus 3600.00 83 Steam Uncapping Tray 262.20 12

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 37



and BEES
Made at Rand, this is one of the best little machines
This range of extractors has been on the market for over 30 years and is still as popular as ever. There is a choice on the market.
of drives; electric or manual. A choice of barrels: lightweight or heavy duty polythene. A choice of cage: radial or
tangential. A total of eight models to choose from. The largest range of British extractors. The ideal starter extractor for the hobbyist beekeeper
with up to five hives. The B.S. version will hold 18
The polythene barrels are food grade quality (we recommend the lightweight is stored in a UV frost-free lbs. and the Langstroth 10 lbs. of honey before the
environment.) Both types have integral handles. The manual machines are highly geared, very easy to use and honey valve must be opened.
extremely robust. The electric machines are powered by an 80W reversible motor producing a maximum speed of
280rpm through a 10:1 reduction gearbox. These models are fitted with the 112 nylon valves. All have two piece Neither model has a central shaft, thus making the
lids which we recommend are kept in place when the machine is being used. Allen key provided to assist in cage loading and turning of frames easier. All frames can
removal. be swivelled on their axis without removing them
from the cage. Food grade polythene barrel with
1 nylon valve. Nylon gears with a ratio of 2:1.

LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC Stainless steel internal cage with phosphor bronze
One of our most popular models. Capacity for Extremely robust polythene makes this model the self lubricating bush at the top of the central shaft.
honey under the cage is 85 lbs. Overall height choice of many associations. It is not susceptible Nylon bush at the base.
710mm; diameter 480mm. Can be supplied with to frost or UV light. Capacity for honey under the Two versions are available. The B.S. type will
an optional stand cage is 80 lbs. accommodate four B.S. shallow or two B.S. deep
which raises the Can be supplied with an optional stand which frames. The Langstroth type will hold four Langstroth
machine 305mm raises the machine 305mm off the ground. Overall shallow or two deep; two 16 x 6; or two Dadant
off the ground. height 740mm; diameter 455mm. shallow. Diameter 405mm. Overall
height 660mm.


A stainless steel,
removable, insert that
will convert a Langstroth/
Commercial Table Top
extractor so that it will
accommodate BS frames.


A useful extra for all our plastic extractors including
the Table Top.
The stand for the lightweight or heavy duty extractor
lifts it off the ground by 305mm; the table top by
See photograph left.

Extractors Manual Electric Packed Wt.

Lightweight, Radial or Tangential 333.14 686.40 20
Heavy Duty, Radial or Tangential 451.50 796.68 22
Table Top Extractor, BS 226.64 10
Table Top Extractor, Langstroth 231.80 10
Table Top Adaptor 21.20 1.5
Stand for L/W or H/D Extractor 41.20 4
Stand for Table Top Extractor 41.20 3

38 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




A three frame stainless steel This is a crystal clear, acrylic
tangential manual extractor. bodied, honey extractor. See
Will take all size frames your honey flying out of the
apart from 14"x12", Dadant combs. It can also be very
Deep, Langstroth Jumbo and interesting to demonstrate to
Commercial Deep (16"x10"). beekeepers, schools and public
Manual operation with a alike.
robust stainless steel cage. Three frame stainless steel
Split two part plastic lid. cage, honey valve, support legs
Legs lift the extractor 195mm and frame. Alloy top bar and
from the ground. steel gear housing. All nuts and
bolts are stainless steel as well.
Legs require assembly on to 400mm diameter and 950mm
extractor. high. The extractor will hold
approximately 10lbs. of honey
under the cage before the valve
needs opening.
Will take all frame sizes
except 14 x 12, Dadant
Deep, Langstroth Jumbo and
Commercial Deep.


Extractors Price Packed Wt.

Unimel 160.00 22
Midimel 250.00 25
IC Honey Extractor 250.00
A four frame Radial and Tangential Extractors: The Pros and Cons
stainless steel What do these terms mean? In a radial extractor the frames are like the
tangential manual
spokes of a wheel pointing out from the centre. In a tangential extractor
extractor. Will take
they are arranged flat against the outside of the cage. In a small extractor,
all frame sizes
apart from 14" x the diameter of the barrel may not be enough to fit the frames radially so
12", Dadant Deep tangential is the only option. If the machine is large enough, the advantages
and Langstroth are usually with the radial type, as each frame is only handled twice, on
Jumbo. loading and unloading. In a tangential machine, each frame is loaded, spun
to extract some honey from the outside face of the comb, turned to extract
Manual operation
all the honey from the other side, then turned once again to finish the first
with a robust
side. The extra handling means that extracting tangentially is generally
stainless steel
cage. Split two part slower than radially. However, if you want to extract heather honey, or
plastic lid. a deep frame, then tangential is the better option. N.B. Always spin a
tangential cage with the bottom bars of the frame pointing towards the
Legs lift the direction of rotation.
extractor 205mm
from the ground.
Your Choice of Universal Cage
Legs require
assembly on to Radial: nine B.S. or Langstroth shallow, six Commercial (16 x 6) or Dadant
extractor. shallow, or six Manley frames of any size.
This cage will only take brood frames when screens are fitted.
Tangential: six B.S. or Langstroth shallow, or three of ALL other sizes except 14
x 12.

Using our Radial Extractor

1. Place the uncapped frame into the extractor, the top bar lug located in
the D section of the bottom ring and the other end between the upper
2. Ensure that the cage is evenly balanced.
3. Rotate the machine for several minutes slowly and then gradually increase
the speed until honey can be seen leaving the comb freely. Continue
to spin for 2-3 minutes, increasing to maximum speed on the electric
machine or approx. one hundred turns on a manual machine.
4. Extraction time will vary considerably depending on the ambient
temperature and the viscosity of the honey.
N.B. Ensure the top bars of the frames are clear of any honey in the extractor.
N.B. Do not reverse the RM motor while the cage is revolving.
N.B. Use only a 3 amp fuse in the plug.

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 39



and BEES
The Prinox 6 and Prinox 8 are semi- NEW 1050x550x470mm wide. 1050
professional extractors offering high on legs.
unbeatable quality and price. They are 1600W heater in lid, 700W
extremely well made and very robust heater in the cabinet.
with transparent lids and a safety
interlock system. Both machines have This cabinet type melter is a
reversible 110w motors and swing versatile piece of equipment. It
cages. The Prinox 6 will hold 12 shallow basically separates honey and
frames of any type or 6 brood frames, beeswax carefully, safely and
including 14 x 12. The Prinox 8 efficiently.
will hold 8 shallow frames of any size It has a high capacity capable of
including Manley or 8 BS or Langstroth dealing with 100kgs of cappings.

deep. 38mm diameter valve, 40cm It can be used as a cappings

between outlet and floor. Dimensions melter, liquefier of crystallised
are 91cm x 127cm, including motor frames, uncapping tank or
and legs. warming cabinet.
The Prinox 9 is a stainless steel 9 frame
radial machine. Moulded plastic cage
with three chrome plated tangential EUROMEL 36
screens, mounted on sturdy, splayed 900mm diameter, adjustable height with a
legs. Clear plastic half lids. Not suitable single phase 550W motor.
for Manley frames. Available as manual
or electric machines. Holds 36 shallow frames of any type.
The Prinox 24E is a 24 shallow frame This extractor is intended for beekeepers
radial machine with 110W, reversible with 100+ hives. It has a variable speed
motor and stainless steel cage. controlled gearbox with an automatic
acceleration device. Interlocking safety lid
and also clear polycarbonate lid so you
can view extraction as it happens.
Sloping internal base ensures all honey
runs out of the 60mm outlet.
Suitable for up to 5 hives, this machine is a little
gem. Hand operated with an integral strainer and BAFFLE CLARIFIER
50kg settling tank. It will hold 3 shallow frames A large capacity clarifying sump.
of any size tangentially. 400mm diameter, 870mm 1250x470x320mm high, single phase 1200w
The baffle clarifier is an important piece of
equipment in any commercial operation. It
greatly speeds up the processing of freshly
extracted honey by separating impurities such
as pieces of wax, bees, frame splinters etc.
The heat in the base of the sump ensures the
THOMAS DUOMEL foreign bodies rise to the surface and are held
back by the three baffles.
This machine is similar to the Extractine but with
a larger capacity. We can offer the machine either
in manual or electric drive . 1100mm high, 525mm HONEY PUMP
diameter. It will hold 9 shallow frames of any size Single phase 750W
and is suitable for up to 20 hives. It is complete with
Specifically made for pumping
screens for tangential operation and a drip tray base
honey without any emulsifying
and lid for the extractor and settling tank.
Stainless steel blades with a
capacity of 900kgs per hour,
depending on viscosity.
Recommended for use with
the Cleanomel on page 46 or
THOMAS BABYMATIC Baffle Clarifier above.
A 20 frame semi-automatic extractor that gradually
increases speed, once it has been programmed. This
leaves you more time to continue uncapping! The machine Extractors Price Packed Wt.
is fitted with two half covers, one is transparent and fitted
Prinox 6 1650.00 22
with a safety interlock switch, the other supports the
control box. Prinox 8 1900.00 22
Prinox 9M 385.00 22
650mm diameter, 1100mm high, 180w electric motor.
Very stable, and ideal for a 100 hive operation. Prinox 9E 485.00 22
Prinox 24 1525.00 22
Thomas Extractine 741.60 22
Thomas Duomel, manual 1174.20 42
Thomas Duomel, electric 1668.60 44
An all stainless steel radial honey extractor with a single Thomas Babymatic 2472.00 60
phase 110w motor fitted on top of the machine. Opening
Thomas Radianox 24 Frame 3862.50 80
and loading is through a transparent lid with an electronic
interlock switch. Commercial Melter 3780.00 80
Euromel 5253.00 120
1000mm high, 800mm diameter. This machine will take 24
shallow frames of any size. Baffle Clarifier 2163.00 42
Honey Pump 1820.00 25

40 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




We can supply either radial or Two styles are available with
tangential Universal Extractor bore sizes of 12.7mm for the
cages separately. These can be simple cranked and 14mm
used for renewing an old existing for the handwheel version.
cage or for the DIY beekeeper. Produced from very hard wearing and virtually unbreakable
Both have collars for fixing to plastic. Very comfortable to use.
12.7mm shafts and are complete
with Allen key and grub screws. Extractors Price Packed Wt.
The radial diameter is 405mm Bottom Bar 34.54 1
and the depth is 380mm. The
RM Motor conversion kit 366.18 7
tangential cage has a depth of 455mm and is 375mm across at its widest point.
For larger machines we also have the 12 frame cage with a depth of 400mm, Guard 6.06 0.2
collar size of 12.7mm and diameter of 495mm. Nylon Gears 12.12 0.15
16 side handle 26.66 0.7
side handle 17.37 0.4
In sets of three, made from 6mm stainless steel
rod and 12mm welded mesh. These will convert SPARES
your nine frame radial into a tangential machine.
When fitting screens, ensure that lower lugs are
inside the bottom ring of the cage. N.B. The lower
lugs do not need locating in a
D of the lower ring. You will
invariably find that one will fit Extractors Price Packed Wt.
into a D section while the
Bronze Bush " 2.02 0.06
other will not. 460mm long,
270mm wide with 50mm Nylon Bush, " or 916" 0.51 0.06
deep frame rest. S/S Grub Screw M6 x 6 or M6 x 12 0.51 0.06
Allen key, 3mm 3.03 0.06
Roll Pin, 316" 0.51 0.06
STABILISER UNITS AND CASTORS Ball Bearing, 8mm 1.52 0.06
Ideal for use with electric extractors but will also work
with manual machines providing they have fixing points, CAPPINGS MELTER AND HONEY LIQUIFIER
600mm to suit the Universal range providing your Made from stainless steel. With the aid of a heating
extractor has fixing points. element which together with an electric fan is
The smooth running, ball bearing castors can be integrated in the lid. The Cappings Melter and
purchased separately and are complete with self Honey Liquifier automatically separates wax from
tapping screws. 60mm diameter with 19mm ball. honey without overheating the honey. The fan
ensures an even heat distribution on the wax-honey
The spiral heating element can be thermostatically
Extractor Spares Price Packed Wt. adjusted from 30 - 110C. 2000 W/230 V. Diameter:
9 Frame Radial Cage 99.99 6.9 55cm. Height including fan motor: approx. 85cm.
12 Frame Radial Cage 149.98 10 Depth of chamber under motor is 500mm.
Tangential Cage 99.99 6.9
Set of Screens 92.27 3.8
Stabiliser unit, universal 29.28 5
Castors, set of 3 17.42 0.3 Dealing with cappings is a crucial part of
beekeeping. Cappings are one of the hives
premium products and when cleaned provide
EXTRACTOR BOTTOM BAR the beekeeper with a valuable source of
Replacement stainless steel bottom income. This efficient centrifuge is ideally
bars for both lightweight and suited for use in a 100+ hive operation.
heavy duty extractors are available to replace the old plastic coated type. N.B. 240mm diameter basket (removable) spinning
we require the old bar to make an exact copy. at 1500 rpm dries cappings admirably with
very little imbalance. 800mm high.
This combined electric motor and
speed controller is suitable for
attaching to the top bar of most
extractors up to twelve frames. Full
fitting instructions provided.
A tough, nylon mesh sack that fits over the top
GUARD ring of the majority of honey extractors. Place
your cappings in the sack, close the stainless steel
Whether making your own or replacing a broken clip and spin the extractor cage. NB ensure the
one, these tough high impact polystyrene guards extractor is accurately balanced. Ideally three sacks
will suit their purpose. will be required for a 400mm diameter cage. The
sack measures 370 x 285 mm and has a capacity
approximately 2kgs.
Tough, nylon construction crown and pinion Cappings Price Packed Wt.
gears at a ratio of 2:1. We have yet to Cappings Melter and Honey Liquefier 1236.00 20
see a pair of gears with badly worn teeth.
Mini Centrifuge 2652.00 51
Internal diameter of the crown gear is
14mm, and the pinion gear 12.7mm. Cappings Sack 11.82 0.2

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 41



Quality made tanks from Thomas in France. Available with or without 112 nylon honey
50 and 100kg in capacity with an excellent Clean Cut, spring loaded valve for valve. Will take either a band and clamp
perfect bottling time after time. combination or 40kg. straining bag. Overall
height 410mm; diameter 370mm.
50kg honey tank. 375mm diameter, 390 mm high
They are designed for single use only but can
100kg honey tank. 375mm diameter, 690mm high be used more if the lid is not clipped on fully.


This tank comes with an easy to remove
airtight lid and strong integral handles.
Fitted with 112 nylon honey valve. Use
either band and clamp or 70kg. straining
bag. Overall height 560mm; diameter

Tanks Price Packed Wt.

Mini Strainer and Tank 44.10 3
VF Mini Strainer and Tank 59.90 4
15kg. Rectank Only 6.38 1.5
15kg. Rectank and Valve 19.40 1.7
Stainless Steel Tanks Price Packed Wt. 40kg. Tank Only 12.50 3
50kg tank complete with both strainers 393.74 12 40kg. Tank and Valve 27.00 3
100kg tank complete with both strainers 472.50 15 70kg. Tank and Valve 64.00 5


This is an ideal, compact, filtering system for the A large double strainer with
small honey producer. The 0.8mm stainless steel adjustable arms. An essential
mesh strainer is sealed into a large capacity inner bit of beekeeping kit that will
bowl. It has a strong plastic handle and loose not break the bank. 240mm
fit lid. diameter. Arms, when extended,
open to 420mm. Suitable for our
Store in frost free area.
40 kg. and 70kg. tanks. Coarse
mesh has an aperture of 1.5mm
and the fine 0.5mm. Depth of top
strainer is approx. 40mm.
The VF (vacuum filtration) NYLON DOUBLE STRAINER
Mini Strainer will speed up
the filtering of your honey A very effective and inexpensive
significantly. The strainer part of version of the popular stainless steel
the set seals itself to the main strainer. Ideal for 30lb. buckets. Food
vessel as the small vacuum grade plastic and nylon mesh, probably
pump is operated with just the most popular strainer we have.
a few simple strokes. As the Diameter 225mm. 3 point location lugs
vacuum is formed below the fits a 30lb. bucket. By using a wooden
honey passes quickly through lath it also fits our 40kg tank. Strainers
the strainer. The vacuum is are 16 and 30 mesh per inch.
sustained as long as the mesh
of the strainer is covered. Spare
hose included. For extra fine CONICAL TAP STRAINER
straining, use cloth on top of Made in stainless steel with a coarse 1.5mm straining
stainless steel mesh. mesh. The wire handle makes this strainer suitable
for hanging on the tap of a honey tank or extractor.
15kg. RECTANK Diameter 135mm.
Compact and easy to store, this small
tank and valve is ideal for the small
producer. 370mm long, 240mm wide,
270mm high. 112 nylon valve. Plastic
carrying handle. Available with or
without 112 nylon honey valve.

Strainers Price Packed Wt.

Stainless Steel Double Strainer 20.00 1.2
Nylon Double Strainer 10.00 0.2
Conical Tap Strainer 21.00 0.35

42 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



Nylon cloths are 700mm x 700mm and Three sizes with a strong spring loaded gate that
exceptionally fine. ensures a very clean and accurate cut-off.
33mm bore (42mm across threads), 40mm bore (49mm
across threads), 50mm bore (60mm across threads). All
complete with back-nut and seal.

Linen scrim are 79 x 100cms and are very strong and POURING AID
coarse in texture; ideal for heather honey. They Simple and practical device in stainless steel to hold
can be folded into envelopes for use in a bucket or tin on top of a honey tank for draining
wooden or steel presses. purposes. Will fit virtually all sizes of honey tank.

It is recommended for plastic or stainless steel bottling
tanks between 300mm and 350mm diameter and a
Circular cloths made in nylon with pull tapes suitable maximum height of 700mm. Suitable, therefore , for
for containers up to 500mm in diameter. Special tanks holding between 25kgs. and 75kgs. of honey.
sizes of nylon cloth can be supplied to order. Minimum quantity required to depress the spring
is 15kgs.
With the steel pin in position place your tank on
the plywood base and pour in your honey. Depress
MICRON RATED STRAINING CLOTHS the base slightly with the palm of your hand and
Two types in metre squares. Fine (200 microns) and remove the steel pin. Begin bottling your honey.
medium (500 microns). These are industrial straining As the tank empties the powerful spring is activated and
cloths used extensively in the food industry and are slowly tips up the bottling tank ensuring maximum pressure on the outlet for
ideal for filtering exhibition honey. The 200 micron rapid filling and draining of contents without the need for blocks, wedges or
version is one of the finest honey straining cloths on scrapers. The base will incline to approximately 30degrees until it reaches the
plywood stop. The vessel retaining pins in the front of the board can be adjusted
the market.
to suit your container.
NOTE: Bottling tanks over 700mm high and full of honey will be unstable on the
Straining Cloths Price Packed Wt. board and could topple over.
Nylon, square 3.00 0.06 TANK IS NOT INCLUDED
Linen Scrim 10.00 0.2
Circular with tape 9.00 0.06
Fine Micron Rated Square 33.00 0.2 Clip this small battery operated alarm over the rim of your
bucket or honey tank and pour in liquid honey. The alarm
Medium Micron Rated Square 33.00 0.2 will beep as soon as honey touches the sensor.

STAINLESS STEEL BAND AND CLAMP Honey Storage and Straining Price Packed Wt.
An efficient device for securing a straining cloth Nylon Valve 7.50 0.2
around the top of the honey tank. How many Thumbscrew, plated 1.12 0.06
times have you tied on a cloth only to find that
Thumbscrew, S/Steel 2.83 0.06
it drops in the honey? Sold per metre length. Let
us know the circumference of your tank and we Hinge Bolt, S/Steel 2.59 0.06
will cut and assemble to order. Rubber Seal 0.85 0.06
Stainless Steel Valve 48.00 0.75
CONICAL NYLON STRAINING BAGS Clean Cut Valve, Small 30.00 0.3
Made from 200 micron rated cloth so are Clean Cut Valve, Medium 31.50 0.35
suitable for your exhibition honey. The Clean Cut Valve, Large 34.00 0.4
conical shape of the bag allows for a large Pouring Aid 18.50 1
head of honey. This ensures that the honey Tipper 40.39 5.0
is strained under pressure as well as by Liquid Level Sensor 12.80 0.1
gravity; speeding up the process. Two sizes
available- for the 40kg or 70kg tanks.
15lb. AND 30lb. BUCKETS
Easy to clean with snap-on lids. Both sizes nest saving
Strainers Price Packed Wt.
considerably on storage space. Do not stack more than three
Stainless Steel Band, metre 4.73 0.06 high when full with liquid honey. Both sizes have integral
Clamp 5.00 0.06 tamper seals. Once the lid is on for the first time, it cannot be
Small Conical Nylon Bag 18.00 0.06 removed without breaking the seal.
Large Conical Nylon Bag 24.00 0.06 15lb: 220mm diameter, 200mm high. 30lb: 270mm diameter, 240mm high.


1 2 bore with accurate cut off. Backnut A simple way to stablise your frames during
included. uncapping. Place over a 30lb bucket and place
the end of the top bar into the hole. Hold the
Spares are available to fit these valves
top of the frame whilst you use an uncapping
thumbscrews, hinge bolts and rubber
fork or knife to uncap. The cappings fall into the
seal which will fit the front and back.
bucket. These can then be slowly warmed to allow
the wax and honey to separate. Ideal for the hobbyist
beekeeper with a small number of hives. Will also work
over a rectank when placed diagonally from the corner of the tank - may need
an additional lathe to stabilise. Will also work over a 40kg tank if using two
STAINLESS STEEL VALVE additional lathes to hold in place.
A Thorne produced stainless valve with
accurate cut off. 112 bore. Ideally suited Honey Storage Each Packed Wt. Per 10 Packed Wt.
for welding or soldering into a stainless 15lb. Bucket 3.24 0.8 28.99 3.7
steel tank. A threaded stainless steel boss is 30lb. Bucket 4.43 1.2 39.91 6.5
included with the valve. Bucket Bar 2.00 0.15

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 43



Stainless steel with wooden handle for cutting the comb away 100mm diameter, all stainless steel. Can be powered by an electric
from the foundation sheet. Insert the tensioned wire into the drill (at least 600W) with a 12mm chuck.
honeycomb at one end of the frame and draw downwards. Then Blades can be purchased
reverse the tool and scrape off the comb/honey. The comb is separately for fitting to your
now ready to be pressed. 90mm blade, 120mm handle. Overall own 12mm shaft.
length 250mm. High tensile stainless steel wire can be purchased


Manual machine for separating heather
or particularly thick honey from the comb.
Fold comb into the scrim bag, place into the HONEY CREAMER
basket, place wooden plate onto the bag and Made from aluminium with a wooden T handle. The simplest creaming device.
turn handle. Honey flows into the channel and 660mm long with a 125mm diameter head. Carefully warm granulated honey in
down into your own container. its container until approx. 13 is liquid. Immerse the creamer and move it up and
Manufactured at Rand. Solid hardwood timber down, being careful to keep the plunger below the level of the honey to avoid
base measures 355mm square. Stainless steel drawing in air.
basket with 6mm perforations, 210mm in
diameter and 240mm deep. Supplied with
a specially shaped linen scrim bag which
can also be supplied separately. Easily
disassembled for cleaning. N.B. Do not exert
extra pressure by use of a tyre lever or similar.
Mixing Honey Price Packed Wt.
Corkscrew Mixer 21.72 1.5
Honey Churner 42.00 1.0
Strong, linen scrim bags. 380mm long, 230mm wide and
4" Mixing Propeller 76.80 2
280mm deep. They will hold three full size B.S. Deep combs
or 6 shallow. Propeller Blade, 4" 32.70 0.25
Honey Creamer 25.00 0.5


This stainless steel mixer is suitable for Stainless steel tool for scraping really stubborn
heavy-duty electric drills. 10mm shaft, granulated honey. 2mm thick stainless steel
650mm long with a 75mm diameter with bevelled edge. Blade is 120mm x 70mm.
spiral. Riveted plywood handle, overall length


This mixer is fitted to a 100kg honey tank. The Use this tool to break up and
single speed 370w motor revolves at 35rpm. The transfer granulated honey. 2mm
device is very useful for seeding and creaming thick, slightly curved blade with
honey. A must for all serious honey producers. honed edge. Blade is 170mm
750mm high 375mm diameter. long and 85mm wide. 190mm long, shaped handle.

For breaking up and transferring honey in deep
containers. All stainless steel construction, 2mm thick
curved blade with bevelled edge. Blade welded to
Heather Honey Price Packed Wt. a 20mm diameter shaft with T head 55mm long.
Smith Cutter/Scraper 25.76 0.45 Overall length 510mm.
Wire only for above 1.55 0.06
Economy Honey Press 298.76 25
Economy Press Bag 7.73 0.1
M.G. Heather Press Bag 7.73 0.1 A stainless steel shaped tool for scooping
honey from buckets and tanks. Securely
Spiral Mixer 27.00 2
screwed, plastic handle. 355mm long.
Mixer 1600.00 18 Scoop is 100mm at widest point.

Stainless steel spiral, overall length 685mm, diameter of spiral 80mm, diameter
of shaft 8mm. Fit it to an electric drill. HONEY SPATULA
Flexible and strong plastic spatula for clearing/
cleaning remnants of liquid honey from buckets
and honey tanks. 200mm long, 90mm wide.

Honey Processing Each Packed Wt.
Heavy duty stainless steel mixing blade.
610mm long, 90mm diameter head, Honey Blade 15.00 0.4
10mm shaft Honey Trowel 20.00 0.5
Honey Spade 40.00 0.75
Honey Scoop 7.35 0.25
Honey Spatula 2.50 0.06

44 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



350w thermostatically controlled heater, shaped to hang over If you are considering making your own warming
side of container, can be used with the system illustrated. Tripod cabinet, similar in size to the above, we can supply
stand, micron rated cloth (200) and stainless steel support cone the necessary element and thermostat with full fitting
makes viscous honey handling a pleasure. Speeds up filtering of instructions.
liquid honey drastically, producing beautifully clear runny honey If you are considering a larger cabinet or are converting
suitable for showing. Tripod is 500mm high with a diameter of a redundant fridge or freezer, we can also produce a made
320mm (70kg tank is not included). to measure heating cable kit to install yourself. Full instructions
supplied. All we require from you are the internal dimensions of the proposed
cabinet. Output is approx. 10 watts per metre.
PEDESTAL HEATER Thermostatically controlled, 8 metres in length
A 220mm diameter heater (250W) which quickly and simply with capillary probe. Suitable for wrapping
liquefies tubs of crystallised honey. The thermostat is adjustable around stainless steel tanks and extractors.
and will switch on/off as the temperature control demands. Warms honey slowly. The cable has an output
Strong and robust stainless steel construction with replaceable of 30W per metre. Maximum attainable
element and thermostat. Stand element on surface of set honey temperature 85C.
and let heater work its way down.
Honey Processing Price Packed Wt.
Warming Cabinet 190.00 16
Honey Warming Kit 83.50 1
An inexpensive heater for melting set honey stored in buckets of Bespoke Honey Warming Kit POA
up to 10kgs capacity. Power output is 50w. 170mm diameter.
Heating Cable 200.00 3

CLEANOMEL CLARIFIER This heating and melting system is probably
one of the most efficient on the market
This small settling tank is designed to fit under the today. It will deal admirably with both
outlet of your honey extractor. The tank is heated to liquid and set honey. The device consists
speed filtering and has 6mm and 4mm mesh strainers. of an upper chamber with a stainless
The heater is 500w and thermostatically controlled. steel mesh base. Above this is placed a
This initial pre-filtering will speed up processing time fine nylon cloth which is trapped in place
considerably. 500mm diameter, 320mm high. with a steel hoop. The lower tank will
hold 50kgs.+ and has a chrome plated
Honey Processing Price Packed Wt. steel valve. Between the two elements is
Coiled Heater 100.00 2.5 a 50mm perforated steel ring that allows
Stand, support and condensate to escape as the honey is
strainer for above 56.86 2 heated. A 500W flat spiral heater, 270mm
Pedestal Heater 360.00 7 in diameter, is placed in the top chamber.
Mini Honey Liquifier 75.50 2 This has a thermostat control with a range
Cleanomel 950.00 15 between 30C and 80C. Add the honey to be processed to the top chamber
either, liquid or granulated and switch on the heater. The device will filter and
liquefy 25-50kgs. per hour depending on consistency of the honey. Overall
WARMING CABINET height 880mm, overall diameter 325mm.
This thermostatically
controlled cabinet holds BABY BOTTLER
two 30lb buckets on A superb stainless steel heated bottling unit with
wooden battens. Heat is stainless steel valve at a very affordable price.
provided by a 25w heating This unit will hold 70lbs. of honey and contains
cable, made by ourselves, a 1800W thermostatically controlled heater
which is fitted inside the with a range between 30 and 100C. Honey
perimeter of the cabinet can be heated directly in the container on a very
approximately 100mm low temperature setting and prepared for bottling.
above the base. Without Alternatively by using a steel grid or wooden blocks
further insulation, the a 30lb. bucket of granulated honey dropped into
following temperatures are water can be made liquid overnight. 120 minute timer.
attained:- 480mm high, 390mm diameter.
20C 2 minutes; N.B. Honey must be stirred frequently to avoid hot spots.
30C 4 minutes; 40C
8 minutes; 50C 16 NASSENHEIDER 'FILL UP'
minutes; 65C 54
Small and efficient bottling unit of modular design.
minutes. Maximum
Suitable for creamed and liquid honey. Fully adjustable
attainable temperature is
between 20g. and 9999g. and capable of bottling
approximately 70C.
300x1lb. jars per hour. Accurate to within 3
External dimensions: 735 grammes. The device will also operate as a pump
x 395 x 530mm high; and can transfer 260kgs. per hour (additional
Internal dimensions: 685 x pipe and tubing required). Simple to
345 x 325mm high. Height operate electronic control unit. The Fill Up
above wooden battens is is capable of lifting honey from 1m below
400mm. the head once primed. Quick to disassemble
and clean filling head. 115V (transformer
included). 100 Watt motor.

Honey Bottling Price Packed Wt.

Melitherm System 1050.00 30
Baby Bottler 335.00 10
Nassenheider Fill-up 1800.00 15

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 45



Introducing 8 pages of labels. Probably the best selection of honey labels in the world. Choose the basic label and then decide your text. Please see the basic regulations
below to guide you on the correct wording required in the UK. Concise details of sizes and print parameters will be found on page 50.
All labels are shown at approximately 60-80% size.
Word Honey is pre-printed.

White, yellow
or clear.

Word Honey is pre-printed.


We can change the layout of the text on any of the basic labels send us clear
instructions and we will place the text to your requirements.

UK Honey Labelling Regulations

Below is our simple advice on honey labelling. For more detailed information
go to the website of the Food Standards Agency.
1. The Word HONEY is required.
2. The weight must be on the label we will ensure it is the legal size and
3. You can specify the area where the honey is produced. For example, Labels Headed Personalised Packed Wt.
Lincolnshire, Forest of Dean, Scottish Borders.
L4 Labels, 100 4.60 7.40 0.06
4. You can specify the type of honey. For example, Heather, Borage. The
L4 Labels, 500 20.85 25.75 0.4
honey must be at least 75% of that particular type.
L4 Labels, 1000 38.75 45.80 0.7
5. If you are selling the honey, you must have your name and address on the
label. It does not need to be complete but you should be able to be found All other labels on this page, 100 3.15 6.10 0.06
from the information. All other labels on this page, 500 14.40 19.60 0.4
6. If you are selling the honey through a third party, you must have a lot All other labels on this page, 1000 26.70 34.15 0.7
number. Special text design on any label
7. You must have a best before date on the jar. We suggest 2-5 years from on this page, 100 N/A 8.24 0.06
now. Special text design on any label
8. You must have a country of origin on the jar. For example Produce of on this page, 500 N/A 19.60 0.4
England, Produce of Scotland, Harvested in Wales. Adding the country to Special text design on any label
the end of your address is not acceptable. on this page, 1000 N/A 34.15 0.7

46 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk


L.27 L.50 Landscape

L.50 Portrait

Word Honey is pre-printed.

L.29 L.60

Clear label so customer can see your honey.


Clear label so
customer can see
your comb honey.
Perfect for the
crystal containers,
see page 55.

Labels Headed Personalised Packed Wt.

L60 Labels, 100 5.00 8.90 0.06
L.42 L60 Labels, 500 23.00 28.57 0.4
L60 Labels, 1000 42.86 50.77 0.7
All other labels on this page, 100 3.15 6.10 0.06
All other labels on this page, 500 14.40 19.60 0.4
All other labels on this page, 1000 26.70 34.15 0.7
Special text design on any label
on this page, 100 N/A 8.24 0.06
Special text design on any label
on this page, 500 N/A 19.60 0.4
Special text design on any label
on this page, 1000 N/A 34.15 0.7

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 47


Self adhesive instruction label for the reverse of the jar. Includes use of Label includes both granulation
microwave. 76mm x 25mm. and infant information.
White label 76 mm x 25 mm;
STH label 76 mm x 51 mm.

Clear label. 76 mm x 51 mm.


Granulation or Combi-Labels Pack Packed Wt.

White Granulation Label, 100 1.68 0.06
White Granulation Label, 1000 15.76 0.4
L60 Granulation, 100 4.92 0.06
L60 Granulation, 500 22.37 0.4
L60 Granulation, 1000 41.63 0.7
STH Granulation Label, 100 3.15 0.06
STH Granulation Label, 500 14.40 0.4
STH Granulation Label, 1000 26.70 0.7


Produced in the USA to seal the covers to complete a round section container. 337mm x 32mm.

Label sizes and print parameters SQUEEZE BEAR STH

Max. No. of Max. No. of Max. No. of Clear label so customer
Label letters in lines of characters can see the honey in
millimetres heading personalisation per line
Centenary Label 76 x 51 18 4 24 the squeeze bear.
L.1 Large 80 x 50 16 4 20 See page 55.
L.1 Small 60 x 40 16 3 15
L.2 95 x 45 24 1 38
L.4 63 x 45 12 3 24
L.5 32 x 22 5 18
L.7 38 x 25 12 3 12
L.8 38 x 25 12 3 12
L.17 31 dia. 5 18
L.20 Large 90 x 50 24 4 20
L.20 Small 80 x 42 20 3 15
L.21 Large 76 x 51 14 4 18
L.21 Medium 76 x 38 14 3 18
L21 Small 76 x 25 14 0 0
L.22 Large 76 x 51 14 4 14
L.22 Small 60 x 40 14 3 12
L.25 Large 78 x 48 16 4 20
L.25 Small 60 x 40 14 3 16
L.26 76 x 51 16 6 15
L.27 76 x 51 14 3 30
L.28 100 x 50 12 3 20
L.29 76 x 51 12 4 22
L.40 63 x 45 12 4 20
Labels Standard Special Packed Wt.
L.41 63 x 45 12 4 20 Round Section Labels, 10 2.40 N/A 0.06
L.42 63 x 45 12 4 20 Round Section Labels, 100 16.80 N/A 0.35
L.50 Large 80 x 50 16 2 35
L.50 Small 60 x 40 12 2 26
L.50 Portrait 50 x 80 12 5 15
Labels Headed Personalised Packed Wt.
L.60 65 x 57 12 4 20
STH 76 x 46 12 4 24
Squeeze Bear Labels, 100 3.15 6.10 0.06
STH Comb 40 x 29 8 2 28 Squeeze Bear Labels, 1000 26.70 34.15 0.8

48 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




Now available in 8 sizes and approximately 80 designs see
examples below and our website for more details.
Choose from the designs below or online, your size of label and
then add your own text.
Designs L201-204 cover the full label and L205 onward cover
only the centre panel.
Sizes: Large 80x51mm; Medium 63.5x46.6mm; Small
63.5x38.1mm; Tiny 38.1x21.2mm; Large Square 51mm,
Small Square 40mm; Large Oval 95x53mm, Small Oval






Labels Price Packed Wt. Labels Price Packed Wt.

L201-L217, Large, 250 10.24 0.5 L218-L296; L501-L505, Large, 250 11.70 0.5
L201-L217, Large, 500 19.40 0.8 L218-L296; L501-L505, Large, 500 22.16 0.8
L201-L217, Large, 1000 30.29 1.2 L218-L296; L501-L505, Large, 1000 35.52 1.2
L201-L217, Medium, 500 15.45 0.5 L218-L296; L501-L505, Medium, 500 17.11 0.5
L201-L217, Medium, 1000 22.30 0.8 L218-L296; L501-L505, Medium, 1000 25.36 0.8
L201-L217, Small, 500 14.77 0.5 L218-L296; L501-L505, Small, 500 16.24 0.5
L201-L217, Small, 1000 20.85 0.8 L218-L296; L501-L505, Small, 1000 23.54 0.8
L201-L217, Tiny, 500 11.08 0.3 L218-L296, Tiny, 500 12.16 0.5
L201-L217, Tiny, 1000 15.63 0.5 L218-L296, Tiny, 1000 17.66 0.8
L201-L217, Large Square or L218-L296; L501-L505, Large Square or
Small Oval, 500 19.19 0.5 Small Oval, 500 21.00 0.5
L201-L217, Large Square or L218-L296; L501-L505, Large Square or
Small Oval, 1000 29.67 0.8 Small Oval, 1000 32.94 0.8
L201-L217, Small Square, 500 16.70 0.5 L218-L296; L501-L505, Small Square, 500 18.42 0.5
L201-L217, Small Square, 1000 24.72 0.8 L218-L296; L501-L505, Small Square, 1000 27.92 0.8
L201-L217, Large Oval, 500 28.83 0.5 L218-L296; L501-L505, Large Oval, 500 30.90 0.5
L201-L217, Large Oval, 1000 43.26 0.8 L218-L296; L501-L505, Large Oval, 1000 49.44 0.8

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 49


L.297 L.408 Sizes: Large 80x51mm; Medium 63.5x46.6mm; Small 63.5x38.1mm.

L.297 L.298 L.300


L.301 L.302 L.401


L.403 L.404 L.405

L.406 L.407 L.408

L.402 L.402 Round / Oval

Round label is 51mm diameter.
Oval label is 60mm x 49mm.

Labels Price Packed Wt. Labels Price Packed Wt.

L.297-L302, Large, 250 16.12 0.5 L401-L408, Large, 250 12.30 0.5
L.297-L302, Large, 500 31.08 0.8 L401-L408, Large, 500 23.32 0.8
L.297-L302, Large, 1000 53.62 1.2 L401-L408, Large, 1000 38.08 1.2
L.297-L302, Medium, 500 22.45 0.5 L401-L408, Medium, 500 17.80 0.5
L.297-L302, Medium, 1000 36.28 0.8 L401-L408, Medium, 1000 27.00 0.8
L.297-L302, Small, 500 20.60 0.5 L401-L408, Small, 500 16.70 0.5
L.297-L302, Small, 1000 32.74 0.8 L401-L408, Small, 1000 24.70 0.8
L402, Oval or Round, 500 21.00 0.5
L402, Oval or Round, 1000 32.95 0.8

50 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




Send us a photograph or colour drawing of your apiary, house,
local beauty spot or landmark or something completely different.
We will print your honey labels, using this and any text. Labels are
rectangular, 80mm x 51mm; 63.5mm x 46.6mm and 63.5mm x
38.1mm. Square, 51 x 51mm and 40 x 40mm.

Unique Labels Unique Labels 500 Packed wt. 1000 Packed wt.
Once only Origination Charge 19.84 Full colour design, large square 28.50 0.6 47.10 1
500 Packed wt. 1000 Packed wt. Panel design, Large 25.25 0.5 42.00 0.8
Full Colour design, Large 35.00 0.8 61.40 1.2 Panel design, Medium 19.00 0.5 29.70 0.8
Full Colour, design, Medium 24.80 0.5 40.93 0.8 Panel design, Small 17.73 0.5 26.80 0.8
Full Colour, design, Small 22.66 0.5 36.68 0.8 Panel design, Small square 17.73 0.5 26.80 0.8
Full colour design, Small square 22.66 0.5 36.68 0.8 Panel design, large square 21.80 0.6 34.15 1

L.7 L.8 Polish Labels Pack Packed Wt.

Polish Labels, 100 4.80 0.06
Polish Labels, 1000 40.72 0.7
Polish Labels, Personalised, 100 8.94 0.06
Polish Labels, Personalised, 500 31.90 0.4
Polish Labels, Personalised, 1000 55.17 0.7
L4 Polish, 100 3.15 0.06
L4 Polish, Personalised, 100 6.10 0.06
L4 Polish, Personalised, 500 19.60 0.4
L4 Polish, Personalised, 1000 34.15 0.7
L402 Polish, Round, 500 20.40 0.5
L402 Polish, Round, 1000 31.94 0.8

Labels Headed Personalised Packed Wt. BEES FOR DEVELOPMENT

L7 or L8 Labels, 100 3.15 6.10 0.06 Improve your honey sales with these labels supporting Bees for Development
L7 or L8 Labels, 500 14.40 19.60 0.4 and all their good work.
L7 or L8 Labels, 1000 26.70 34.15 0.7
L5 Labels, 1000 N/A 12.20 0.2 BfD TAMPER


Diameter 70mm. Maximum: 4 lines 63mm x 45mm. Wt. 70g, 80g or
with 20 characters per line. 90g. Can be personalised. Maximum
Any weight. of 3 lines with 20 characters per line.

BfD 10p
Bees for Development
Labels, 65 per sheet.
Each small label is 38.1
x 21.2mm. The labels are
printed and donated by
Thornes so the total cost
L402 POLISH is given to BfD.
51mm diameter, white Also available BfD 15c
background. and BfD 20cents.
Any text can be
used. 2 lines
personalis- BfD Labels are also available in French, German, Dutch, Spanish,
ation only. Italian, Portugese, Danish and Russian.

BfD Labels Price Packed Wt.

BfD Rectangular Labels 6.50 Free
BfD Tamper Labels, 50 6.00 Free
BfD Tamper Labels, 100 12.00 Free

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 51


L.17 L.11
Diameter 31mm. White circular label with bee in centre. Diameter 32mm.

L.17 C8 L.17 B19 L.11 C8 L.11 B19

Printed with
Pure Honey EF


and 28g. 1oz.;

BEFORE 42g. 11 oz.

or 57g. 2oz.
END 2019

L.17 B20 L.17 B21

L.11 B20 L.11 C8


END 2020 END 2021

L.17 CR L.17 CH

L.11 QU L.11 SSH




L.17 HH L.17 BA






L.17 JAR L.17 SS








L.11 BABY L.11 RH



L.17 HB L.17 SPECIAL L.11 AWARD L.11 Special

Wording NNING NEW Any wording
of WI or weight.



Also available: Best before end 2017; Best before end 2018; Pure Comb Honey,
min wt 170g 6oz; with added pollen; Blossom Honey; Honey Soap; Propolis; Also available: Also available: Direct from the Producer; The whole world loves
Lip Balm; Honey Hand Cream; Pure Beeswax Polish; Heather Comb Honey; This honey; Pure Comb Honey min wt 170g 6oz; Best before end 2017; Best before
product contains nuts; Cappings; Borage Honey; Spreads easily; Soft set easily end 2018; Best before end 2021; Soft set honey, easily spreadable; Pure Honey
spreadable. with added pollen.
Labels Standard Special Packed Wt. Labels Standard Special Packed Wt.
L.17 Labels, 100 2.23 4.12 0.06 L.11 Labels, 100 2.23 5.30 0.06
L.17 Labels, 500 10.10 12.36 0.25 L.11 Labels, 500 10.10 12.60 0.25
L.17 Labels, 1000 18.87 20.60 0.4 L.11 Labels, 1000 18.87 22.48 0.4

52 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk


L.12 Tamper Evident Label


Hexagon fits onto the centre of the lid with tail sealing onto the jar. 30mm across hexagon, overall length
100mm. Co-ordinate with your label or use queen marking colour codes. White/Green

L.12 BEE

Yellow/Green Red/Black


Green/Green Blue/Green

White/Green White/Black

Gold/Black Purple/Black Yellow/Black

Impossible to photograph! Clear transparent Gold/Black
tamper label. Excellent with decorated lids.

All except clear and tartan can be personalised on the tail with your own text.




This extra long label, 162mm, has been designed Produced specially for heather honey producers Gold
to fit both sides of a jar. The tails being covered north of the border. Adds a certain Scottish flavour
by the product label on one side and perhaps a to the marketing of your honey.
granulation label on the other. Not available personalised.


Labels Plain Personalised Packed Wt.

L.12, bee, skep, hive White
or tartan, 100 2.68 6.82 0.06
L.12 bee, skep, hive
or tartan, 500 N/A 22.33 0.4
L.12 bee, skep, hive
or plain, 1000 19.00 33.67 0.7
L.12 Tartan, 100 2.68 N/A 0.06
L.12, Tartan, 1000 19.00 N/A 0.7
L.12 Clear, 100 3.22 N/A 0.06
L.12, Clear, 1000 37.20 N/A 0.7 White
L.32, bee or hive, 100 3.89 11.90 0.06
L.32, bee or hive, 500 N/A 37.22 0.4
L.32, bee or hive, 1000 30.00 60.78 0.7

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 53



and BEES
The traditional 1lb jar with gold lacquered screw lid is still the most popular jar Becoming more and more
in use today. Lids are 70mm in diameter. popular and now available in
For the 12lb Jar, the lid is the 63mm twist three sizes: 4oz (113g), 8oz
design. (227g) and 12oz (340g). All
take gold lacquered twist off
lids, sized as follows, 48mm,
58mm, 63mm.

One size only circular 112oz. (42g) Gold lacquered twist
lid. Suitable for hotels, guest houses, airlines, samples,

etc. The perfect gift when used with our presentation


Glass Honey Jars Collected Including Carriage Including Carriage

to England, Wales to Highlands of
and South Scotland Scotland, N. Ireland
and Islands
1lb Jars, with gold metal screw lid, gross 61.73 78.73 88.23
1lb Jars, with white plastic lids, gross 53.97 70.97 80.47
2lb Jars, with gold twist lids, 112 48.00 65.00 74.50
Hexagonal Jars, 4oz, 72 34.43 42.93 47.68
Hexagonal Jars, 8oz, 90 42.30 50.80 55.55
Hexagonal Jars, 12oz, 60 41.72 50.22 54.97
1oz Glass Mini Pots, 100 23.05 31.55 36.30
N.B. All glass jars are sent at consignees risk. We regret neither ourselves or the carrier can accept responsibility for breakages.


Made in rough sawn pine to give that rustic A two-part cube of polystyrene with cavity for standard 1lb.
effect. The triple rack is supplied only in (454g) jar. The perfect protection for posting honey as a gift or
the flat and will hold 3 x 112oz. (42g) glass transporting to a show. (Jar not included.)
mini jars. Pins for assembling are NOT
included. Also available for 2 x 12lb. (227g) MULTI JAR SAFE
jars or 2 x 1lb. (454g) jars, standard type,
This polystyrene box will hold six glass jars of various
and 2 x 8oz. hexagonal jars.
sizes 1lb, 1/2lb and all hexagonal jars.
Cavities are 85mm in diameter and 100mm deep, extra
JUTE BAGS packaging eg bubble wrap may be required.
Small jute bags made of natural hessian that is both biodegradable and External measurements: 290x200x140mm deep.
reusable. This jute bag has two padded cotton handles, clear plastic windows
and has an internal waterproof lining. Three different sizes to hold two or three
1lb or 12oz jars and three 8oz or 4 oz jars.
GREEN GIFT BOXES Made for 3 x 8oz round glass
honey jars. This lightweight,
Dark green gift boxes designed to hold two or three 1lb or 12oz jars (could corrugated effect carton
also take smaller jars), made from quality board that has a dark green textured is attractive to look at,
finish. Cut out window flaps that push in to create jar dividers and allows the simple to assemble and will
labels of the jars to be displayed. definitely enhance honey
Natural kraft gift box designed to hold two or three 1lb or 12oz jars (could also
take smaller jars), made from a durable and attractive open fluted material. Cut
out window flaps that push in to create jar dividers and allows the labels of the
jars to be displayed. Honey Containers Price Packed Wt.
Presentation Racks for
3 Glass Mini Pots, 10 5.55 0.65
Presentation Racks for
2 Round 12lb Jars, 10 7.77 1.3
Presentation Racks for
2 Hexagonal 8oz Jars, 10 7.77 1.3
Presentation Racks for
2 x 1lb Jars, 10 15.15 2.6
Jute Bags, 2 Jars 2.40 0.15
Jute Bags, 3 Jars 2.70 0.15
Jute Bags, 3 Small Jars 2.50 0.15
Green or Natural Gift Boxes, 2 Jars 1.10 0.2
Green or Natural Gift Boxes, 3 Jars 1.20 0.2
Jar Safe 1.20 0.1
Multi Jar Safe 4.00 0.8
Honey Box 2.25 0.06

54 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



1oz. (28g) capacity. White Prize winner at the 2011 National Honey
snap on lid. Opaque sides with Show. A huge improvement on the
clear hexagon windows. old boring margarine box shape. Clear
Very light. Suitable for container with bee and cell decoration on
catering, hotels, the top and bottom. Hinged lid. Will hold
samples, etc. 8oz comb, using the Comb Cutter below.
See page 47 for STH Comb label.

227/250g and 454/500g crystal clear plastic jars. Light 4C
and inexpensive to transport. Both jars take a 63mm Box to fit around
twist lid. Stylish cell pattern embossed around the the Crystal Comb
shoulder of every jar. Container. Modern
and bold cell design.
Purple, gold, green, red
Honey Containers Each Packed Wt. or blue. NEW
Plastic Mini Pots, 100 6.00 1
Plastic Mini Pots, 2000 100.00 18
PET Jars, pack of 50 35.00 3


Everyone's favourite honey container. Heavy gauge stainless steel. Honed cutting edge
Silicone valves, clean cut-off when ensures a clean cut every time. Spring assisted
serving. In three sizes 8oz. 12oz. and plunger action aids comb release. Cuts comb
16oz. 85x65mm, approx. 8oz.

Squeeze Bear 8oz 12oz 16oz Wt. SECTION CASES

Each 0.50 0.60 0.70 0.15 The traditional packaging for timber
Per 10 4.50 5.40 6.30 0.8 sections. Clear cellophane window
provides clarity for the comb.
Per 50 20.25 24.30 28.35 3.8
Purple or gold. NEW
PET1 clear plastic container with Comb Honey Containers Packed Wt.
silicone seal within screw lid. Snap PET5
Crystal Comb Containers, 50 6.38 1
over closure 100g capacity.
Crystal Comb Containers, 840 85.00 6
PET2 clear plastic container with 4C, 50 7.50 1
silicone seal within screw lid. Snap PET1 Comb Cutter 28.00 0.5
over closure. Slim skep shaped PET4

design, 1lb capacity. Section Cases, 10 4.60 0.2

PET3 clear plastic container with Section Cases, 50 20.00 1
silicone seal in attractively designed cap.
Hexagonal peripheral design. 500g capacity. Designed to be
stored up-side down.
PET4 clear plastic container with screw-on gold plastic cap, clear container with Available in gold lacquered
hexagonal pattern down each side. 500g capacity. metal and white plastic. Fit
only the screw neck traditional
PET5 tall, clear plastic container with screw cap. Hexagonal one pound honey jar. 70mm
pattern down each side. 500g capacity. diameter.
container with screw cap. 70mm recessed hexagonal
pattern on each side. 500g capacity.
Screw on Lids Price Packed Wt.
Gold Lacquered Lids, 72 13.00 1.1
PET Honey Containers Price Packed Wt. White Plastic Lids, 72 8.00 1
PET1, per 10 2.75 0.5
PET2, per 10 3.00 0.7
PET3, per 10 4.45 0.7
PET4, per 10 3.45 0.7 In five sizes 43mm, 48mm, 58mm, 63mm and
70mm. All are gold lacquered and have flowed in
PET5, per 10 3.20 0.7
seals. These will fit hexagonal glass jars, glass mini
Hexagonal, per 10 3.20 0.7 pots, and of course 12lb. and 1lb. regular honey jars
with a twist-off neck. Beekeepers are no exception
MINI PAIL to the message of recycling and these lids will fit a
large variety of jam jars, coffee jars, pickle jars, etc.
A small attractive container with lid. Plastic handle. Holds
approximately 4lb. of honey.
Twist Lids Packed Wt.
43mm, 100 12.50 0.7
48mm, 100 13.50 0.7
Honey Containers Price Packed Wt. 58mm, 100 14.00 1
Mini Pail, each 1.50 0.25 63mm, 100 15.00 1.1
Mini Pail, 10 13.50 1.5 70mm, 100 16.50 1.4

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 55



At last, back on the market, Complete your judging or stewarding apparel
thanks to Mr Bernard with these lightweight, washable and
Diaper. National Honey hygienic trilbys. S, M, and L.
Show approved pair of
grading glasses. Use to be
sure you are entering your
honey in the right class; light,
medium or dark. Complete NEW
with a protective wallet. Showing Price Packed Wt.
Honey Taster 4.00 0.06
REFRACTOMETER Frame Showcase, BS Shallow 25.40 2
Test the water content Frame Showcase, BS Deep 26.70 2
of your honey with this Frame Showcase, Langstroth Shallow 28.00 2
accurate refractometer.
Frame Showcase, Dadant Shallow 28.00 2
Ready calibrated. Frame Showcase, Commercial Shallow 28.00 2
Simply smear a small
Section Showcase 8.00 0.5
drop of honey on
the prism and look Judges/Stewards Trilby 12.00 0.3
through the eyepiece
towards the light. SELF ADHESIVE HONEY SIGN
You will see 3 scales. Self Adhesive
Read off the figure vinyl. 20 x 6
against the right hand 520mm x 152mm
scale where the light
meets the dark, this
is the percentage of
water present in the honey. Ignore the other two scales.
An aid to calibration.
An attractive timber sign with a 3D WBC hive
Using medicinal liquid paraffin smear a small amount on the prism. This should
in profile. White vinyl weatherproof letters
calibrate to 24.5% on the water scale. Once the refractometer is set/adjusted to
on each of three lifts. 300mm wide, 350mm
this figure all honey samples will also show the correct water content.

A reliable electronic refractometer.
Very easy to use, lightweight and compact.
Full instructions supplied.
A great new addition to our selling range
of products. This square sign has a bright
vibrant image of cells and bees with the
wording 'Honey For Sale'.
Testing Price Packed Wt.
Made from thick cardboard - not suitable
Grading Glasses 30.00 0.3
for outdoor use, but ideal to put inside a
Refractometer 45.00 0.6 window. 400mm x 400mm.
Digital Refractometer 175.00 1


A 5 long glass rod with paddle and ball end suitable A pressure sensitive plastic sign for use on
for use when tasting or judging honey. glass to face outwards. 200mm across point
to point.

Made in clear pine,
suitable for showing a
fully drawn frame. Slots NEW
for glazing. (Glass not Eye catching self cling on sign, suitable for
supplied). In BS shallow windows to face outwards. 230mm wide x
and deep, Commercial, 248mm high.
Langstroth and Dadant

A stiff white card box with perspex panels Selling Price Packed Wt.
on both sides for showing sections. Self Adhesive Honey Sign 5.00 0.25
Conforms to National Honey Show
Timber Honey Sign 26.50 1.1
Honeycomb Honey for Sale Sign 10.00 1.1
Local Honey Sign 2.50 0.06
Jar Honey Sign 2.50 0.06

56 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




An all-weather pollen A neat device useful for taking and tasting
trap which keeps the samples of pollen. Simply place over the
pollen dry. Pollen is cell and push tip into the pollen. NEW
caught in a ventilated
plastic drawer which
is easy to remove.
Integral steel legs raise
the floor by 110mm. ROYAL JELLY CUPS AND HOLDERS
The floor reverts to a Make collection easy with this
standard solid floor row of cups which slot
with ease. National neatly into the cup
assembled only. holder which can
be clipped to
Designed for use in
good weather, cannot
be left on the hive in
damp conditions. A
removable 5mm plastic PROPOLIS SCREEN
mesh mounted vertically Propolis is easily gathered by applying one of our simple screens. Place the fibre
dislodges the pollen. This glass mesh under
falls through the seven the crownboard
mesh grill into a plastic of your hive and
drawer. Fit onto the front leave for the bees
of a hive using the brass to propolise. Once
hooks and screws supplied. full, remove the
National and Langstroth sizes only. mesh and deep
freeze until brittle,
PLASTIC POLLEN MESH approx. twelve
For those who wish to make their own pollen trap. hours. Screw up
This German made mesh is supplied on a roll 1m the mesh in your
wide. We can therefore cut to any size required. hands and all the
1mm thick. propolis will drop
Each strip measures 340 x 55mm and is 1mm PROPOLIS REMOVER
thick. The star pattern is a more efficient This product will remove propolis from most surfaces
pollen stripper than the traditional round especially stainless steel and plastic. Great for cleaning
pattern. gloves (carry out a test first) and hive tools. It is
anti-bacterial and very economic to use, a little goes a long
RIGID POLLEN STRIP way. 500ml bottle with trigger spray. Apply to propolis
This is the strip we use in our floor pollen traps. 510mm and leave for a few minutes and then rinse with cold
long, 35mm wide and 3mm thick. This pollen stripper is water. For stubborn areas leave for 10 minutes before
very rigid and therefore lends itself to easy removal rinsing. Precautions required during application. Contains
from the pollen trap. potassium hydroxide.

Pollen Packed Wt. Pollen/Royal Jelly/Propolis Packed Wt.

Floor Pollen Trap 37.40 3 Pollen Picker 8.35 0.06
Fairweather Pollen Trap 23.00 2 Royal Jelly Cups 1.00 0.06
Plastic Pollen Mesh, square foot 7.00 0.15 Royal Jelly Cup Holder 1.00 0.06
Star Pollen Mesh 4.50 0.15 Propolis Screen 3.00 0.06
Rigid Pollen Strip 1.70 0.15 Propolis Remover 5.50 0.8

SHOWS AND EXHIBITIONSYou will find us represented at these beekeeping events:

Bee Tradex, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG, 5th March
Ulster Beekeepers Spring Convention, Greenmount College, Antrim, 11th 12th March
Welsh Beekeepers Spring Convention, Builth Wells, 2nd April
BBKA Spring Convention, Harper Adams College, Shropshire 8th 9th April
National Honey Show, Sandown Park Racecourse, Portsmouth Road, Esher,
Surrey, KT10 9AJ, 27th 29th October

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 57



Place old combs, cappings and any odd scraps of wax into the stainless steel This versatile appliance is invaluable to
tray and the heat from the sun through the double glazed lid melts the wax. This beekeepers and candle makers alike.
runs through the removable strainer into a separate receiving tray. Strong timber Heavy duty stainless steel boiler with plastic
construction, insulated base 810 x 685 x 230mm. Supplied complete with sealed lid. Thermostatically controlled 1800W
double glazed unit in safety glass. Trays may be purchased separately. Tray sealed heater so cannot come into
sizes: main approx. 660mm square, 130mm deep; receiving 600x160x80mm contact with wax, honey or water.
deep. Calibrated to operate between 30C and
100C with neon indicator light, 120 minute
timer. 365mm diameter, 480mm high. Full
instructions for wax melting supplied.


This wax melter will liquefy and clean
up to 15kgs of wax on water using the
sedimentation principle. Tap off liquid wax
from the upper tap and drain water from
the lower. Makes wax melting for the
candle maker a dream.
Stainless steel tank with plastic lid and
handles. Two chrome plated brass ball valves
SMALL SOLAR WAX EXTRACTOR with positive cut off. 1800W heater controlled
Same principle as above but by a thermostat with a range between 30C
produced in composite timber and 100C. 220-240V AC. 120 minute timer.
with galvanised trays. 405mm 365mm diameter, 480mm high.
wide, 760mm long, 405mm high.
Supplied complete with sealed
double glazed unit in safety glass.
Tray sizes: 320x520x130mm deep and
300x110x70mm deep.
A stainless steel container suitable as
a bain-marie chamber for the Kochstar
I. Holds 12kgs of wax.


Made in our own metalwork shops at Rand, these machines are efficient
and rapid wax extractors using external steam from a steam generator. They STAINLESS STEEL BUCKET
consists of six elements, steam generator, stand, snug fit base, body, robust For the larger scale wax producer. This
inner perforated stainless steel cage and lid. They are very easy to use and, once stainless steel pail is ideal for carrying large
steam has been generated, they will melt comb/cappings/wax in seconds. The quantities of liquid wax safely. Holds approx.
liquid wax runs into the integral tray and out of the front spout. The condensate 9kgs of wax. Will not discolour wax like the
is collected under the tray and runs out of the central base spout. Great for all galvanised equivalent. Solid stainless steel
sorts of wax rendering from full cappings to old combs. NB: ensure water levels handle. 230mm high, 260mm diameter.
are maintained.
The small version will hold approximately 5 BS brood combs (not including
wooden frame). Dimensions 230x230mm square, 460mm high. Stand is 230mm
high and made from
powder coated mild Wax Extraction Price Packed Wt.
steel. Linen scrim
bag included. Large Solar Wax Extractor, fitted with glass 354.40 25
Integral lifting Large Solar Metalwork only 206.00 8
handles. Small Solar Wax Extractor, fitted with glass 134.00 12
The large extractor Small Solar Metalwork only 61.80 3.5
will take all sizes
of comb plus frame, Small Steam Wax Extractor
approximately seven without steam generator 237.00 15
BS, Langstroth or Small Steam Wax Extractor
Commercial deep with steam generator 267.85 17
and diagonally it
will take two 14x12, Large Steam Wax Extractor
Dadant or Langstroth without steam generator 323.50 25
Jumbo. Dimensions are Large Steam Wax Extractor
305x305mm square and with steam generator 354.40 27
670mm high. Stand is
230mm high. Linen scrim Spare bag, large 9.80 0.1
bag included. Integral Spare bag, small 8.75 0.1
lifting handles. Kochstar Wax Melter I 200.00 8
Kochstar Wax Melter II 280.00 10
Wax Melter Insert 65.00 2
Stainless Steel Bucket 40.00 1.5

58 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




This steam extractor is definitely a Attractive squat containers with a 70mm wadded screw
winner, especially as the messy bit lid. 70mm diameter, 35mm deep. 100ml capacity.
can be outside in the open. Suitable for cosmetics only.
An electric steam generator (4 litre
capacity, 1800W, cable length is 3m)
is attached to a steel cover via a
steam hose (3m in length). This cover COSMETIC JARS
fits snugly over a brood box (not In three sizes, these British made containers will add a
supplied). The steel tray and grid are
placed on a solid floor (not supplied) touch of class to your cosmetic marketing. Thick walled,
and the wooden eke placed on top of crystal clear base with a deep screw-on, lined cap.
the floor. Place a suitable receptacle 25ml - 32mm high, 42mm diameter 50ml - 42mm high,
next to the outlet, e.g. old bucket 50mm diameter 100ml - 55mm high, 62mm diameter
feeder or ice cream container, switch
on the steam generator and wait.
After about 20 minutes wax and water
will run out of the front of the hive. Leave to settle and cool. The wax will float CARNAUBA WAX
on top of the water produced by the condensed steam. Switch off generator Add approx. 10% by volume to your mix to produce a
and carefully remove steel cover. In the hive you will find completely empty quality hardened polish. Carnauba is a wax which has
frames apart from some cocoon that has lodged on the frame bottom bars and the highest melting point of all the natural waxes. It is
of course the wire from the foundation. The majority of the cocoon will be on obtained from the leaves of a palm tree that is only found
the mesh base and can be discarded. The frames are totally free of wax, all that
remains is the propolis. The Easi-steam has not only extracted the wax from the commercially in N.E. Brazil.
old comb (approx. 90% by our calculations) but it has also sterilised the frames
and the brood box. Temperature reached in the brood box using this method is
approx. 105C.
Wax Melting / Polish Price Packed Wt.
The beekeeper can use a different floor and brood box every time this process is
used or have dedicated equipment for the application. Steam generator available Easi-steam, National 87.50 7
separately. Easi-steam, Langstroth, Commercial,
All sizes available except W.B.C. N.B. Plastic runners will distort if left in place. Dadant, Smith 102.25 7
Steam Generator only 35.35 2.5
Pure Turpentine 9.00 0.8
PURE TURPENTINE Aluminium Jars, 10 6.89 0.6
Pure Gum Turpentine in a 500ml plastic bottle. Cosmetic Jars, 25ml, 10 8.00 1
Ideally suited for use with beeswax to make polish. Cosmetic Jars, 50ml, 10 10.00 1.1
Cosmetic Jars, 100ml, 10 15.00 1.2
Carnauba Wax, 250g 5.00 0.3
Carnauba Wax, 500g 8.00 0.6


Friday, 12th August, 3.00pm to 5.00pm
and Saturday, 13th August, 9.30am to 11.30am
Saturday, 3rd September, 10.00am to 1.00pm
Saturday, 24th September, 10.00am to 1.00pm
Saturday, 15th October, From 10.00am

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 59




A wide range of rigid plastic moulds made in our workshop at Rand. Use them for soap, wax or chocolate. The secret of easy release is to pour the wax into the mould
when it is cool. Wiping the mould with washing-up liquid or spraying with silicone will also assist in release. Resulting weights and sizes below are approximate.
Wax must be poured at approx. 70C

Rectangular Cire d' Abeilles Bienenwachs Small Queen Bee Large Queen Bee
28g 28g 28g 28g 1.8kg
78 x 25mm 78 x 25mm 78 x 25mm Point to 260 x 210 x
5 cavities 5 cavities 5 cavities point 70mm 40mm deep
3 cavities Single cavity

Maiden Valentine Geisha Hexagon Flower

80g 70g 60g 40g 30g
60 x 90mm 65 x 80mm 60mm 55mm across 60mm dia.
3 cavities 3 cavities across N.B. Medium N.B. Medium
3 cavities skep, flower skep, flower
and hexagon and hexagon
form one mould, form one mould,
1 cavity of each design 1 cavity of each design

Medium Skep The Boss Comb Cricket Golf

40g 100g 100g 60g 80g
65 x 55mm 50 x 75mm 65 x 90mm 65mm dia. 70mm dia.
N.B. Medium 3 cavities 3 cavities 3 cavities 3 cavities
skep, flower and
hexagon form one mould,
1 cavity of each design

Bears Hexagonal Bee on Comb Bee on WBC Hive

200g 28g 70g Flower 170g
70 x 70mm Point to 3 cavities 80g 150 x
3 cavities point 53mm 3 cavities 120mm
Two designs, Single
3 cavities of each design cavity

Skep with Small Skep Cells Large Lovers

Bees 15g 20g Skep 120g
230g 40 x 45mm 35 x 50mm 90g 65 x 90mm
150 x 6 cavities 6 cavities 65 x 85mm 3 cavities
150mm 3 cavities

Leaf Clover Roses Sun Fairy Filigree

115g 115g 115g 120g 60g 90g
60 x 60 x 80mm 80mm 60 x 75mm
80mm 80mm dia. dia. 70mm dia.
3 cavities 3 cavities 3 cavities 3 cavities 3 cavities 3 cavities

Wax/Soap Moulds Price Packed Wt. Wax/Soap Moulds Price Packed Wt.
Rectangular or Cire d'Abeilles or WBC Hive 5.50 0.2
Beinenwachs 4.00 0.15 Skep with Bees 5.50 0.2
Small Queen Bee 4.00 0.15 Small Skep 5.50 0.2
Large Queen Bee 8.50 0.15 Cells 5.50 0.2
Maiden or Valentine 4.00 0.15 Large Skep 6.20 0.2
Geisha 4.00 0.15 Lovers 6.20 0.2
Hexagon/Flower/Medium Skep 4.00 0.15 Leaf 6.20 0.2
The Boss or Comb 4.00 0.15 Clover 6.20 0.2
Cricket or Golf 4.00 0.15 Roses 6.20 0.2
Bears 4.00 0.15 Sun 6.20 0.2
Hexagonal 5.50 0.2 Fairy 6.20 0.2
Bee on Comb or Bee on Flower 5.50 0.2 Filigree 6.20 0.2

60 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



A hard resin ring 50mm diameter holding hardened steel Press between thumb and forefinger to open the cage.
needles. Strong Thread is secured around the needles to Place over the comb and pick up the queen. If worker
provide a 90% open area for clear queen observation and bees are also gathered they can escape through the queen
marking. Place over the queen whilst she is on the comb. excluder size slots.
Mark carefully through the threaded top.
The Queen Price Packed Wt.
MARKING CAGE WITH PLUNGER Press in Cage 5.25 0.1
A gentle way of holding the queen for marking and Marking Cage with Plunger 3.00 0.15
examination. A clear plastic tube 75mm long and 40mm Turn and Mark 3.00 0.15
in diameter holds a soft foam covered plunger. Push the One Handed Queen Catcher 6.00 0.1
queen gently up the tube on the foam until her thorax Marking Paint, each 1.00 0.06
rests against the plastic mesh. Marking Pen, each 4.50 0.06
Marking Kit 27.00 0.06
TURN AND MARK CAGE Marking Kit Spare Glue 2.65 0.06
A nifty new device for marking your queen. Uses the plunger Tweezers 1.00 0.06
technique to move the queen down the tube to enable Magnetic Queen Marking Kit
marking. The plunger can then be twisted, turning the queen and Catcher 70.00 0.4
into the best position for marking. Spare numbers 25.00 0.4
Plastic Queen Catcher 3.00 0.15
Clip Queen Catcher 3.00 0.1
Ingenious device. Place open end of chamber over queen and
close flexible shutter. Use forefinger of same hand to depress
plunger pushing queen up to marking mesh. BUTLER CAGE
The simplest and most popular introduction
method. Simply wrap newspaper over open
MARKING PAINT end and hold in place with an elastic band.
A quick drying non-toxic water based paint in Place cage paper end down jammed tightly
the five international colours. Mark as follows:- between two frames. 100x20x12mm.
Year ending 1 or 6 White
3 or 8 Red For transporting and introducing queens.
4 or 9 Green
5 or 0 Blue


Water based, non toxic, non fade and quick drying. Accurately made bamboo cage with
Very easy to apply. Will not dry out. Built in agitator adjustable entrance. Use it to retain
mixes paint prior to use. In all five international queen during manipulations or add
colours. candy to gate entrance and use for
introduction. 55x40x20 mm
Five cards each with different coloured discs QUEEN GUARD CAGE
marked 199. With applicator and glue. Used A multi-use cage for posting, introduction,
extensively on university and laboratory field trips marking, trapping and gathering sample bees.
for insect tagging. Glue available separately. The ergonomic shape makes it particularly easy
to use. When new it may be stiff, simply move
the components rapidly against each other and
TWEEZERS it will become comfortable to use.

Stainless steel tweezers with fine, NEW

angled tips. The Queen Price Packed Wt.
Suitable for removing egg, grubs or Butler Cage 1.80 0.06
larvae from cells. Queen Introduction Cage 0.60 0.06
Bamboo Queen Cage 0.50 0.06
New from Germany, this novel tool will assist greatly in
capturing and retaining a queen. NURSERY FRAME AND CAGE
Each kit has 20 numbered discs made of steel and are Made in all sizes. The National holds 16 cages, Langstroth 20; Dadant 30 and
therefore magnetic. The kit is complete with a phial of glue. Commercial 27. Each cage is covered in wire mesh with a wooden cell cup in the
Simply place the tip of the 'catcher' pen over the queen and top and exit door in the base.
the magnetic disc attaches to the nib. Spare numbers available.


For an undisturbed examination of
the queen and also for introducing
the queen and attendants into postal

A larger than normal queen shipping/
introduction cage. Clear plastic Nursery Frame Price Packed Wt.
ventilated cover with two candy
BS Nursery Frame 35.00 1
compartments and large area for NEW Langstroth Nursery Frame 39.50 1.2
attendant workers. Plastic breakout cover
over candy compartments, one compartment will release Dadant Nursery Frame 65.85 1.8
the queen the other will allow very Close Contact between queen and workers Commercial Nursery Frame 59.24 1.5
in the hive. Cover slides easily in a single handed operation. 85x40x20mm deep. Individual Nursery Cage 2.40 0.06

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 61



Economy Grafting Tool NEW Improve queen rearing success, hold queenless splits and
An inexpensive single ended nuclei or use as a temporary queen replacement.
stainless steel tool 160mm long, Store in a freezer. Complete instructions provided.
hexagonal shaft for a sure grip
Stainless Steel Grafting
Tool The Queen Price Packed Wt.

This double ended, shaped tool, Economy S/Steel Grafting Tool 3.50 0.06
in stainless steel has accurately Stainless Steel Grafting Tool 9.00 0.06

machined tips with a double knurled Chinese Grafting Tool 3.60 0.06
centre section to prevent the tool Cloake Board 36.00 3.5

Wax Cell Cup Mould 18.20 0.2

Wooden Cell Cups 3.00 0.1
Chinese Grafting Tool Mandril 0.40 0.06
Delicately manufactured in the far east with spring loaded plunger for sliding Cell Protector 1.20 0.06
eggs off the flexible spatula tip. 100 mm long. Tempqueen, pack of 5 10.00 0.06

The Cloake Board is used to split NUCLEUS HIVES
and populate a colony ready for The regular pattern is supplied in B.S., Langstroth, Dadant, Commercial and
queen rearing. Invented by New 14 x 12 sizes. They will all accommodate five frames and have extra deep
Zealand beekeeper Harry Cloake roofs suitable for a small contact feeder. Made in Western Red Cedar, each hive
and now used extensively all over comprises: Open mesh floor with entrance block, brood body, crownboard with
the world. Instructions for use feed hole and roof.
below. All hive floors are now Open Mesh.
Step 1: A double brood colony
is selected and the bottom box
(containing the queen) is put
back onto the floor and reversed, so the entrance is at
the opposite side of the hive, this entrance is then closed. The Cloake board is
placed on top of the lower brood body (without the floor slide in place) on the
opposite side to the new lower entrance, acting as a queen excluder, confining
the queen to the bottom box. The bees from both boxes use the upper entrance.
Step 2: The floor slide is slid into the board separating the two brood boxes. The
lower rear entrance is opened. This causes all the flying bees to return to and
populate the upper box. The upper box is left for 24 hours so they can determine
that they are queenless, and prepare to raise a new queen. The queen in the
lower chamber can be used with a Jenter or Cupkit frame to supply eggs of
known age for the next step.
Step 3: Grafted cells are installed in the upper box. Any emergency cells are
removed. Within 2-3 days the grafted cells are accepted and are started, and
built up.
Step 4: Reunite the colony as a Finisher, by removing the floor slider from the
Cloake board. The queen excluder will prevent the queen from interfering with
the new queen Cells. One the upper box starts on the new queen Cells they will
continue to maturity. The queens cells will need to be transferred to nucleus
colonies before they hatch.
National/Commercial size only.


Simple and efficient method of producing wax cell INCUBATOR
cups. Readily accepted by the bees. Pour molten
wax at approx. 80C into the mould, scrape off excess Serious queen breeders appreciate
and allow to cool. When set, the cups will drop out of the the convenience of an incubator
cavities. for keeping ripe cells, virgins and
inseminated queens in controlled
conditions. 35C for pupae,
32C for emerging queens. Fine
WOODEN CELL CUPS temperature control, electric fan
to circulate air and water reservoir
The traditional queen rearing cups. For use with to maintain high humidity ensure
a nursery frame and cages. Flat tops for smearing the correct environment. Queen
with wax and fixing to underside of bar in rearing cells should be caged and put
hive. in the incubator on the 14th or
15th day, and each cage should have a recess for a little honey or candy, and
perhaps pollen. Virgins can be kept a few days before being introduced ideally
MANDRIL to a mating hive. Queens can be kept for longer periods in larger cages with
attendant workers. Takes approx. forty queen cells. Size 330 x 230 x mm high.
A shaped piece of hardwood which is used for forming a wax
cup in the base of the wooden cell cups.
Nucleus Hives Assembled Flat Packed Wt.
National 124.90 97.37 12
CELL PROTECTOR Langstroth 145.16 115.75 12.7
Prevents the bees from tearing down a ripe queen cell. Dadant 187.00 151.90 15
Place over cell and fix to comb with wire spike. The tin slide Commercial 151.50 121.50 14
is used to contain the cell, once removed. 14" x 12" 151.50 121.50 15
Incubator 260.00 2.5

62 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



This clever and very successful system These colourful queen
encompasses every aspect of the mating boxes have
process, achieving the benefits of identical internal
grafting without the difficulties. dimensions to the
32 purple cell cups are placed in Apidea hive at a

the back of the comb box which fraction of the cost.
has previously been fixed in a brood Complete with
comb, and the queen is put in the
three frames and

and BEES
front of the cage under a queen
excluder. As she is in full lay, she hardboard cover.
continues to lay eggs in the artificial They are incredibly strong as well, NEW
cups. She can be released manually being made from rigid, double walled
the next day. and insulated hard plastic, that is not
On the 4th days, very small, newly hatched larvae can be seen through the back so appealing to mice! The adjustable base
of the cups, each in a pin-prick of royal jelly. Very easily, each cell cup is lifted cover is particularly good.
off with a cell cup cap which passes onto a cell bar fitted with cell bar blocks.
When the queen cells are sealed, hair roller cages can be slipped over, so that Internal size is 155 x 100 x 120mm deep.
emerging virgins are contained. These cages can then be used for travelling and
Each kit contains: 1 plastic comb box, 10 hair roller cages, 32 purple cell cups,
10 cell bar blocks, 10 cell cup caps and full instructions. 275x218x175mm high. Contains
4 grooved wooden top bars, separate
NB Cupkit System Price Packed Wt. and removable feed compartment,
adjustable under floor entrance as well as
Complete 25.00 0.5 disc entrance. Catenary shaped inside to
NB Hair Roller Cage, 10 3.00 0.1 encourage comb building.
NB Purple Cell Cups, 100 2.50 0.06
NB Cell Bar Blocks and Caps, 10 5.00 0.1


Similar to the NB Cupkit. A small, compact, queen mating
Each kit contains: 1 plastic comb box, 10 nuc. Only a small number of bees
hair roller cages, 100 brown cell cups, 10 are required, they are stackable if
cell bar blocks, 10 cell cup caps and full you wish to have a bank of nucs.
instructions. 170x125x120mm. Supplied with
two frames and embossed starter
strip. Removable floor ventilator
Nicot Cupkit System Price Packed Wt. means a virgin can be introduced
from underneath. Adjustable disc
Complete 60.00 0.5
Nicot Hair Roller Cage, 10 4.00 0.1
Nicot Brown Cell Cups, 100 5.50 0.06 ICE TORCH
Nicot Cell Bar Blocks and Caps, 10 7.50 0.1
A very bright LED torch.
This torch is very useful for
TJ CUPKIT confirming newly laid eggs
A comparatively inexpensive Jenter NEW in cells. Just wave it over the
style queen rearing kit. comb and they really do show NEW
Each kit comprises: Comb box, up well.
10 hair roller cages, 60 cell cups, Requires 3 AAA batteries.
60 cell cup holders, 60 ribbed cell
carriers, 1 alloy cell holder bar, Set The Queen Price Packed Wt.
of instructions.
Rainbow Mating Hive 8.50 1
NB: not compatible with Jenter Kit. Warnholz Mating Hive 16.00 1
Micro Mating Hive 12.00 0.75
TJ Cupkit System Price Packed Wt. ICE Torch 4.00 0.2
TJ Complete 40.00 0.5
TJ Hair Roller Cages, 10 2.00 0.1 MATING HIVES
TJ Brown Cell Cups, 60 4.00 0.06 We offer several types of polystyrene mating hive, Warnholz, Micro and
TJ Cell Cup Holders, 60 4.00 0.06 Rainbow. Follow the instructions below for trouble-free queen rearing.
TJ Ribbed Cell Carriers, 60 8.00 0.06 Once queen cells have been raised, the virgins have to be mated. This has
traditionally been done by making up a nucleus, with full size frames, for each
JENTER SYSTEM queen, effectively taking a lot of bees out of honey production, just to support
Similar to the Cupkit method. Each kit one queen. Modern plastics, and a different approach to creating a mini colony,
contains 1 comb box, 10 hair rollercages have given us the mini-nuc, which uses only a cupful of bees at a time. Not only
and plugs, 115 brown cell cups, 115 cell that, but each mini-nuc can look after a number of queens in succession.
cup holders, 1 cell transfer tool, 40 ribbed This is the technique:
cell carriers. Full instructions supplied.
Assemble the mini-nuc with a strip of foundation only, no comb, in each
frame. Fill the feeder compartment with candy.
Shake young bees into a box and spray them with sugar syrup.
Jenter System Price Packed Wt. Drop one large cupful of sticky, wet bees into the mini-nuc, and close up,
Complete 78.00 0.6 making sure that ventilation is clear.
JN Hair Roller Cages and Plugs, 10 10.50 0.1 Leave for about an hour, until the bees roar in panic, then run a virgin queen
JN Brown Cell Cups, 115 10.00 0.06 in.
JN Brown Cell Cup Holders, 115 10.00 0.06 Leave in a cool dark place for two or three days.
JN Ribbed Cell Carriers, 40 7.00 0.06 Release the bees at the chosen site.
JN Plain Cell Carriers, 40 7.00 0.06 Check in two weeks for signs of laying.

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 63



Made in Germany by experts in polystyrene The National Twinstock is
nucs and hives for many years. This nuc is designed to hold 12 full
top bee space with an integral mesh floor. size B.S. brood self-spacing
It hold 6 BS frames or 5 if a frame Hoffman frames (if you
feeder is utilised. It can be easily space your frames on plastic
adapted to take Smith frames. or metal ends it will only
155mm wide adjustable entrance. accommodate 10 frames).
Smooth plastic frame runner. Walls The floor is a standard type
are 22mm thick. with two diagonally opposite
NB to preserve the Polynuc we corner entrances. The brood is
recommend painting with our Beehive completely divided by a rigid,
Paint. removable plastic division board,
twin nucleus crownboards close
off each half of the box. On top of
this you can place a double access, rapid feeder; once empty if one of the clear
POLYNUC FEEDER covers is removed bees from one of the nucs can access the whole feeder for
A large capacity feeder (approximately 8 litres) any remnants of syrup. The whole hive is protected with a standard 4 National
that fits snugly over the polynuc. A securely fitted Roof. Half size travelling screens are also available.
perspex viewing panel prevents the bees from The complete hive comprises floor, split brood box with plastic division board,
drowning in the syrup. two half size crownboards, two half size travelling screens, full size double
access rapid feeder, 4 roof. All parts are available separately. Assembled only.
Frames not included.

National Twinstock Hive Price Packed Wt.

Complete, assembled (no frames) 206.00 18
Floor, assembled 33.94 2.8
Brood Body, empty, assembled 56.66 4.5
Crownboard, pair 17.85 1.3
EVERYNUC Travelling Screen, pair 23.57 1.3
Made in Germany by one of the oldest Feeder 27.78 3.5
established firms in Europe we can
showcase this all hive sizes Polynuc.
It has a separate, mesh, sloping floor QRN QUEEN REARING NUC
with removable inspection tray and A popular, European,
175mm wide entrance, top bee space Queen Rearing Nuc. Solid
brood body with stainless steel runners
polystyrene construction
and roof. Walls are 40mm thick.
with separate floor with
The beauty of this polynuc however is mesh cover and inbuilt
its versatility in the following formats. feeder. 300x300 mm square,
1. Langstroth 5 frame nuc. 275mm high. Complete
2. BS 5 frame nuc with wooden with 6 plastic Hoffmann half
feeder(capacity 2.2litre) and float. frames. Clear plastic inner
3. Commercial 5 frame nuc with wooden feeder(capacity 1.2 litres), float and cover included. Suitable for
40mm eke. overwintering queens.
4. Dadant and Langstroth Jumbo 5 frame nuc and 60mm eke.
5. 14x12 5 frame nuc with wooden feeder(capacity 2.2litres), float and 60mm
6. Smith 5 frame nuc with wooden feeder(capacity 2.2litres), float and rebate
blocks. BiVo BOX
NB to preserve the Universal Polynuc we recommend painting with our Beehive A double polystyrene
Paint. mating nuc with a
difference. This hive is
ingenious as it takes
both BS and Langstroth
EVERYNUC FEEDER frames by simply using
This feeder fits snugly over the Everynuc and hold a conventional brood
3 litres of syrup. Expanded mesh keeps the bees frame and folding it into
away from the risk of drowning. three. Once the queen
has mated and the frame
is no longer required it
can be removed, opened
up and introduced into
a conventional full size
brood box.
By moving internal
divisions it is possible to
The Queen Price Packed Wt. use the BiVo Box with
Polynuc 28.50 3.9 both BS and Langstroth
frames at the same time. It is complete with mini disc entrances on opposite
Polynuc Feeder 12.70 2.0 sides, floor ventilation and a feed compartment for both nucs. 310mm square.
Everynuc 1 - Langstroth 43.50 4.0
Everynuc 2 - BS 48.50 5.0
Everynuc 3 - Commercial 52.50 5.0 The Queen Price Packed Wt.
Everynuc - Dadant & Langstroth Jumbo 53.50 5.0 QRN Queen Rearing Nuc 23.50 3.0
Everynuc - 14x12 53.50 6.0 QRN Feeder 10.00 0.5
Everynuc 6 - Smith 48.50 5.0 BiVo Box 47.50 3.0
Everynuc Feeder 18.00 2.2 BiVo Frame 7.00 0.35

64 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




The only biological larvaecide available for the control of wax European Foulbrood (EFB) is a bacterial
moths. It will not harm you, your bees or wax or honey. In brood disease caused by several
120ml plastic bottle, enough for 120 frames. agents the main being the bacterium
Melissococcus pluton. It occurs most
frequently in the spring or early summer
during brood rearing and is thought to
be caused by stress in the colony and
lack of pollen. Symptoms can be variable
which makes EFB difficult to identify with
certainty; frequently disappearing once
SULPHUR BURNER AND STRIPS there is a nectar flow. The Diagnostic
Sulpher dioxide is one of the most effective methods Kit takes just 3 minutes to give a result and has been validated with 98%+
of controlling wax moth. It is highly volatile, not accuracy. For single use only.
fat soluble and poses very little risk to bees, wax
and honey. When ignited the strips give off noxious AFB TEST KIT
sulphur dioxide, this heavier than air gas then sinks
American Foulbrood (AFB) is an infectious
through the pile of supers and frames being treated.
brood disease caused by the spore-forming
A hook in the lid is used to suspend the sulphur strip
bacterium Paenibacillus larvae var larvae.
centrally in the burner. NB. DO NOT INHALE GAS
It is the most destructive and widespread
FUMES. Pack of 500g, approx. 20 strips.
of the honeybee brood diseases. AFB
How to use: Once you have your sealed stack of disseminates rapidly through the colony and,
supers ready for treatment place an empty brood body if left unchecked, spreads quickly to other
on the top with a sulphur burner inside. Insert 2 strips healthy colonies both in the same apiary
and light, closing the top with a roof. Stack supers 6 and those nearby. The Diagnostic Kit takes
high (1 strip is enough for 3 supers). Repeat treatment just 3 minutes to give a result and has been
every 4 weeks. Also prevents pollen going mouldy. validated with 98%+ accuracy. For single use only.


Place a closed hive floor on earth/grass/wooden board not Stainless Steel woven mesh with alloy
concrete. Put 2 or 3 of our absorbent fume pads saturated leading edge. Simply reverse your
with 14 pint of acetic acid onto the floor. Place a brood box existing solid floor and place screen
full of frames on top. Put another soaked pad onto the top on top. The void below the screen
bars of the box before placing a further brood box on top. now becomes sample collection area.
Repeat this for as many boxes as need to be fumigated. Above the screen is the new entrance.
Seal the top with a roof. Fumigation should take approx. Available in all sizes.
one week.
The design is slightly different for the
Acetic acid used in this way is very effective in treating WBC hive.
nosema and all stages of wax moth. It will however be
necessary to repeat the process every 2 or 3 weeks. Health Price Packed Wt.
Note: Acetic acid is highly corrosive. It will remove skin very EFB Test Kit 8.63 0.06
quickly. Always wear overalls, rubber gloves and a suitable AFB Test Kit 8.63 0.06
mask. Collection only.
Varroa Screen 16.50 1.8

Hive Clean activates the purification of bee colonies. It activates
the natural cleaning instinct of the bees and keeps them Very strong and rigid mesh for those wishing to
strong and in proper condition. Action is entirely exterior to make their own mesh floors or screens. Can be cut
the bee body and does not influence the quality of honey. Use to size. Mesh aperture is 3mm x 4mm.
preferably when the outside temperature is between minus 1
and plus 25 degrees Celsius. The best time to use Hive Clean
is in the late afternoon when most of the bees are in the hive.
NEW Acid resistant, strong and rigid mesh for those
wishing to make their own floors or screens. Can be
cut to size. Mesh aperture is 3mm x 4mm.

Soda crystals are an established cleaner in every conceivable WOVEN STAINLESS STEEL MESH
environment; this is an effective and low cost method of Woven 304 grade stainless steel mesh (8
keeping your smoker, hive tools, gloves, and even your bee mesh per inch). Will not rust or corrode when
suit, clean and free from odours. Totally bio-degradable. exposed to acids.
Available in 1kg and 10kg bags.

Health Price Packed Wt. Health Galvanised Expanded Woven Packed

Mesh Stainless Stainless Weight
Certan, 120ml 15.50 0.25
Steel Mesh Steel Mesh
Sulphur Burner 9.00 0.6
12" Square 2.00 8.24 4.54 0.25
Sulphur Strips 5.50 0.5
18" Square 4.50 18.54 10.21 0.5
Acetic Acid 1 litre 18.00 Cut to special
Hive Clean, 500ml 20.00 1.0 size, Sq. Ft. 4.20 16.48 9.07 0.25
Soda Crystals, 1kg 1.50 1.2 1 metre wide,
Soda Crystals, 10kg 10.00 11 per metre N/A N/A 28.43 3

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 65



A simple easy to use The use of icing
board which makes the sugar is becoming
Bailey Frame Change more and
technique all the more more accepted
simple. National size worldwide.
only. NEW Simply fill the
chamber with
dry icing sugar,
insert tube into
hive through the
Bailey Board Price Packed Wt. floor and pump
Bailey Board 10.80 2.1 vigorously. Moving the bellows quickly from left to right and front to back.
Continue this action for approximately 20 seconds. NB: A card or sticky floor
insert is a good idea as the varroa drop can be immediate.
New and improved brood frame trap for bio-technical varroa control.
Health Price Packed Wt.
1. Confine the queen on an empty comb and place in the trap. Sugar Dusting Grid 11.90 1
2. After 7 days, remove the frame and substitute another frame with the queen
trapped again. Sugar Dusting Measure and Brush 7.00 0.5
3. After 18 days, both frames will be full of sealed brood and, hopefully, full of Sugar Dusting Bellows 25.20 2.2
varroa mites trapped with the only brood available to them.
4. Remove both frames and destroy.
Frame not included. Made in all standard sizes
Available in 100g and 500g sizes.
Used extensively as a fungicide in
syrup feeds. Use 50g per gallon.

Developed in Germany, use this frame
to administer thymol crystals safely.
Use 12g per treatment.
Full instructions supplied.

Brood Frame Traps Price Packed Wt. Thymol Price Packed Wt.
DN1 47.75 1.5 Thymol Crystals, 100g 10.00 0.2
DN4, Commercial or Langstroth 54.90 2 Thymol Crystals, 500g 25.00 0.75
Dadant or 14" x 12" 59.60 2 Thymol Frame 15.30 0.75


A simple 460mm square Apiguard is a varroa treatment based on

of nylon mesh trapped natural ingredients that are efficient, safe and
in a softwood frame. beneficial for honeybee colonies. It is the
best weapon to fight resistant mite strains.
Visit www.
scientificbeekeeping. Box of 10 trays, sufficient for
com for full details 5 treatments.
of likely results and
Simply insert a
collection tray/
board on to, or
under, your floor
(whether solid
or open mesh.
Remove hive Made in cedar, this simple
parts to the brood body. Smoke bees and add the dusting grid. Scoop up 100g 40mm deep frame acts as a
approx. of dry icing sugar scatter over mesh and brush all over with our adapted small eke above the brood
bee brush. Remove grid and gently dust sugar on the top bars into the seams body for holding trays of
of bees. Within minutes mites will be dropping onto the floor of your hive for Apiguard, packs of Apifonda
disposal. If you operate a double brood, use twice as much sugar. The sugar will or Nektapoll pollen patties.
drop very quickly through two brood boxes. Apiguard not included.
The advantages of this system are obvious. It is pretty quick, it can be done at
any time of year, there is no withdrawal period and it is perfectly safe for you
and your bees.

Health Price Packed Wt.

Apiguard, box 27.80 0.8
Use to measure out 100g of icing sugar for use with
above grid. Apiguard Rim, flat 6.92 0.9
Apiguard Rim, assembled 10.56 1.5

66 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk




If practising the trickling method by using oxalic acid in a sugar syrup please be
aware of the inherent dangers to your bees.
NEW A sugar syrup/acid solution requires special low temperature storage conditions.
At this level the HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural) content in the solution is
maintained at 22mg/kg.
HMF levels increase with temperature and syrup/acid solutions stored, even at
room temperature, will contain high levels of HMF (approx. 1200mg/kg after 30
weeks). At this level live bees will not be harmed but any syrup stored for later
feeding to larvae will be highly toxic and could kill them.
It is therefore advisable to always prepare a fresh mixture before treatment.

A VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) approved all natural
Varroa treatment from Italy. Not to be confused with Apivar,
which is a totally different product.
UK licenced Oxalic acid based treatment against varroa. 4.2% solution. Simply Composition: 100g of product contains: 76.60g pure thymol,
dissolve in syrup and trickle 5ml on to seams of bees between frames. Also 16g Eucalyptus as an essential oil, 3.70g Camphor, 3.70g menthol.
suitable for use in vapourisers. Form: An 11g evaporating biscuit with product suspended in
Sachet treats 10 hives, 50 or 100 hives. vermiculite.
Wear suitable safety equipment. Full instructions supplied.

A 3.2% oxalic/sugar syrup treatment. 100ml, enough
for 2 standard hive treatments. Simple, efficient and 50ml capacity. Clear acrylic
safe for you and your bees. Use during broodless tube with graduated scale.
period only. It is mixed here at Rand so we can Plunger has a very smooth
guarantee that is fresh. We use an expiry date of action, very comfortable
two months. to hold.
Dispensed accurately from a tried and tested
container. Simply squeeze the bottle until 5ml. of
solution is in the upper chamber, if you squeeze over SIMPLE SYRINGE
5ml the residue will return to the main chamber.
Hold the container with the 5ml. chamber closest A basic, all plastic large 60ml capacity
to your wrist, unlock the nozzle and invert. Squeeze syringe with graduated scale.
gently running the liquid along the first seam of
bees, once the 5ml. chamber is empty, turn the
container over and refill chamber with a quick 5ml SYRINGE
squeeze, it will always level out at 5ml. repeat the process on the next seam.
Once treatment is complete, dispose of the empty container responsibly. Sold in pairs. Each full syringe will
be enough to trickle one seam of
NOTE: We recommend purchasing an empty container to practice a comfortable bees. Quite often beekeepers work
trickling technique using water before administering the Oxalic Acid treatment. in pairs, beekeeper 1 treats the hive,
beekeeper 2 fills the syringes
A ready mixed solution of sugar syrup and
Oxalic Acid di-hydrate. VARROX VAPORISER
Suitable for trickling into seams of bees. The most successful tool in use
This solution is prepared by ourselves, we can today for vaporising oxalic acid
therefore guarantee the manufacturing date and crystals. One treatment uses just
short expiry date of the product. 2.3g. Particularly effective in
broodless periods, ideal therefore
Oxalic Acid in a syrup solution can seriously
harm your bees if the mixture is old and/or for use during the winter
has been stored incorrectly. If at any point the months. A very quick method if
solution changes colour and starts to darken you have many hives to treat.
through shades of brown it must not be used on honeybees. Runs off a 12V car battery. Full
instructions provided.
Supplied in UN approved tamper containers in 500ml and 1 litre sizes.


Packed in 500g. This di-hydrate type of Oxalic Acid is
ideal for use in the Varrox Vaporiser. Readily soluble
in water for use in syringes if practising the trickling
method. Can also be used for cleaning weathered cedar
assisting in returning your hive to its natural colour.

Health Price Packed Wt.

Api-Bioxal, 35g 10.99 0.1
Api-Bioxal, 175g 37.25 0.3
Api-Bioxal, 350g 61.50 0.5 Health Price Packed Wt.
Trickle 2 3.00 0.25 Apilife Var 3.00 0.06
Empty Bottle for Trickle 1.00 0.1 Comfort Syringe 13.50 0.3
Oxalic Solution, 500ml 4.99 1.0 Simple Syringe 1.60 0.2
Oxalic Solution, 1 litre 7.99 1.75 5ml Syringe 1.20 0.06
Oxalic Acid, Di-hydrate crystals 8.00 0.75 Varrox Vaporiser 100.00 0.8

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 67



Hive Alive is a new nutrional supplement developed by Organic Acids are
Advance Science in Ireland. Available in 10ml, 100ml, dangerous: it is
500ml and 2 litre bottles with full instructions. Simply add therefore essential
hive alive to your sugar syrup in your autumn feed. Hive that the correct safety
alive can also be used in spring feeds, or sprayed/drenched measures are taken
on weaker colonies. when handling them.
100ml bottle will treat 4-5 colonies, 500ml bottle will treat This kit comprises 1
20-25 colonies. pair of industrial rubber
Hive Alive ingredients are all GRASS (Safe for human gloves, 1 pair of safety
consumption). goggles and 1 moulded
Hive Alive is proven to be highly beneficial to the health face mask (FFP3 S/L rated).
of bee colonies and is a key ingredient in ensuring a good
honey harvest: APISTAN
Strengthens hives against Nosema, Chalkbrood, viruses, Apistan is a slow release polymer strip formulation
Varroa specifically designed for use in beehives for
Large body of data to show increase in number of bees, bees live linger, increase the control of varroa destructor Oudemans on
in honey production. honeybees. Each packet will treat 5 hives
Less time to treat; blends easily with syrup, only needs to be added after the
honey harvest.
Prevents syrup from fermenting, less loss of syrup, longer feeding window.
All Natural and safe for bees, suitable for natural beekeeping, no wax
contamination, extensively tested
Can be sprayed on frames to help sterilise hive, breaks down spores. SMALL HIVE BEETLE TRAP
Advance Science has spent years combining ingredients of a Bio Active nature A very simple yet effective device for trapping small hive
into a product that you, the beekeeper, can easily and safely use in the hive to beetle (Aethina tumida). This pest, if it reaches our shores and
help strengthen your bees against Nosema, Chalkbrood, Varroa and viruses. can survive our conditions could prove quite a challenge to
HiveAlive will boost your hives so that they can produce more bees and more beekeepers. The trap is therefore for monitoring purposes.
honey. Used annually for year on year improved results, HiveAlives natural Simply place inside the hive on the floor to one side. The
goodness will build stronger colonies. Hives will enter the spring with strength beetles prefer the dark, hence the black CORREX, and hide in
and vigour, having eaten syrup activated with HiveAlive throughout the the flutes. Remove and check contents at every hive inspection.
winter. If you are seriously concerned with what you find send to the
National Bee Unit, Central Science Laboratory, Sand Hutton,
York YO41 1LZ for examination.

MAQS Health Price Packed Wt.

Hive Alive, 10ml 2.99 0.06
Hive Alive, 100ml 16.00 0.3
Hive Alive, 500ml 58.00 0.8
Hive Alive, 2 litre 144.00 3.0
Clean Bee 11.00 0.15
Acid Safety Kit 18.50 0.75
Apistan 21.40 0.15
Small Hive Beetle Trap 1.20 0.1

3 fill the Blaster reservoir with vegetable oil
and fit in between top bars of frames.
Beetles are attracted to this. Once
inside beetles cannot escape.
Dispose of in un-recyclable
waste. Available in
regular and nucleus
Possibly the best treatment for varroa we have in the UK. The core is a plant
based gel containing Formic Acid. It has a high proven efficacy and no resistance SUPER LOUPE
has been observed. There is no residue in honey or wax so it can be used with A deluxe, illuminated
supers on at any time of the season. The strip is 6mm thick so fits easily in the headband magnifier,
bee space between hive parts. Use two strips for 7 days. Full instructions for use with additional, swivel
included. lens. Adjustable
Outside daytime temperature highs should be between 10 29.5C on day of headband. The light NEW
application. The bees should not be disturbed during the entire 7 day treatment source can also be
period. For more information see www.maqs.co.uk directed. Batteries

MAQS Per Bucket Wt. Per

10 dose bucket (quantity 1 to 4) 57.60 4.5 Health Price Packed Wt.
10 dose bucket (quantity 5 to 9) 55.20 4.0 Beetleblaster, Regular size 1.50 0.1
10 dose bucket (10 buckets or more) 52.80 3.5 Beetleblaster, Nucleus size 1.25 0.1
2 Dose bucket 15.05 2 Super Loupe 22.50 0.3

68 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



NutriBee Propolis is a feed supplement NEW Rapid type plastic feeder and lid with
consisting of a unique formulation of propolis one central hole. Bees come up through
and natural plant extracts. NutriBee Propolis the hole and over the dome. A cup over the
is available as a powder and a ready to use dome allows feed to flow into the central
candy. The unique composition of NutriBee area but prevents bees from escaping into
Candy includes: the feeder. Size is 330 x 390m x 71mm.
Sucrose, fructose, Propolis, Natural extracts of It will fit into all standard hives. No need
thyme, rosemary, juniper and meadowsweet. to make a new hole in the crownboard.
Capacity 6 litres. Can be refilled with ease
A spring feed of NutriBee provides maximum without removing it from the hive.
protection during the restart of the colony,
and is especially beneficial for colonies that
are weakened. An autumn feed of NutriBee RAPID FEEDER
strengthens and prepares the colony for winter.
Plastic feeder holding approx. 4 pints
Powder is added to a syrup feed. Just mix 15 of syrup. Centre cover prevents bees
grams of NutriBee Propolis in two litres of syrup escaping. Can be refilled with ease
for each colony. Requires only a single application without removing it from the hive.
each year.
A field trial conducted on 101 colonies in four French apiaries showed a
significant improvement in mortality rates in colonies fed with candy NutriBee NUC FEEDER
Propolis versus those in the control group.
500ml Rapid feeder ideal for nucleus
hives. 180mm diameter, 50ml deep.

All sizes. Two gallon capacity. Covers
the whole area of the brood chamber.
APICANDY Manufactured in Western Red Cedar. All joints
APICANDY is a pure are well glued. Finished with three coats of
carefully formulated fondant
bee paint. Bees access is at one end. Place on hive with
feed made from non- genetically modified access to the front (a hive should tip slightly forward)
sugars including sucrose, glucose and fructose. all the syrup should then be taken by the bees.
It is easily digested by bees and stays soft and
homogenous even at low temperatures. BUDGET WOODEN FEEDER
Handy 1kg pack. National size only This timber feeder is supplied
untreated and will therefore require sealing with
glue/wax prior to use. Holds 2 gallons of syrup.
Feeding Price Packed Wt. Central feed hole with clear plastic cover.
Nutri-Bee Candy, 1.7kg 4.98 1.7
Nutri-Bee Powder, 150g 19.50 0.25
Feeders Price Packed Wt.
Apicandy, 1kg 2.50 1.1
English Feeder 10.50 1.5
AMBROSIA FONDANT Rapid Feeder 3.50 0.6
A ready-to-use fondant paste consisting of refined sugar, Nuc Feeder 4.60 0.5
fructose and glucose. Perfect for winter feeding. Ashforth Feeder 48.83 4
Available in 2.5kg. bags or multiples of 12.5kgs. Budget Wooden Feeder 19.20 3

AMBROSIA SYRUP 3 sizes. 14 gal., 12 gal., 1 gal. Fill
with sugar to about 1 from the
Ambrosia bee feed syrup is a liquid prepared food which top and add warm water. Stir to
comes very close to natural bee nutrition. It consists of release air trapped in the sugar
fructose, glucose and sucrose. Because of its very high and continue until fully dissolved. 160mm x 140mm x 95mm x
concentration it is not susceptible to microbiological 240mm dia. 200mm dia. 140mm dia.
Continue adding water until
degradation. Its very high fructose content (40% on completely full. Press lid on firmly and quickly invert the feeder and place over
dry weight) prevents crystallisation. Ambrosia bee food the feed hole on the crownboard of the hive. Our contact feeders are designed
syrup is a balanced liquid prepared food with a low to fit inside an empty super.
HMF content. The pH value is adjusted to suit bees and
contributes to the creation of healthy and strong Spring
colonies. Available in 17.5 litre (25kg), 9 litre (12.5kg) or Contact Feeders each Packed Wt. Per 10 Packed Wt.
2.5 litre (3.5kg) jerry cans or we can dispense into your own containers. gallon Contact Feeder 4.15 0.5 37.50 2.5
gallon Contact Feeder 5.00 0.75 45.00 4
Ambrosia Collected Including Carriage Including Carriage 1 gallon Contact Feeder 6.00 1.3 53.00 6
to England, Wales to Highlands of
and South Scotland Scotland, N. Ireland FEEDER EKE
and Islands
Made from home grown cedar, this simple
Fondant, 2.5kgs 6.75 13.83 17.79
70mm deep eke will provide extra space for
Fondant, 12.5kgs 31.00 38.00 42.00 a rapid feeder. 460x460mm
Syrup, 25kg Jerrycan 50.70 57.78 61.75
Syrup, 12.5kg Jerrycan 27.00 34.08 38.05
Syrup, 3.5kg Jerrycan 8.00 15.08 19.05 Feeders Price Packed Wt.
Own container, kg 1.65 N/A N/A Feeder Eke 6.20 2.0

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 69



Turns the standard 1lb. (454g) glass honey jar into a very BS size only, our popular frame feeder is now
efficient feeder. Ideal for feeding back honey or syrup to full available in hardwearing, easy clean plastic.
colonies, nuclei or observation hives. Phosphor bronze gauze. Holds approx. 312 pints. Complete with wooden
Easy to clean plastic lid with bee space on one side. Available float.
with or without glass jar.
FLOW FEEDER An Inexpensive feeder to suit this popular
world-wide hive. Holds approximately 2 litres.
This feeder fits inside your existing
mesh or solid floor (floor must
NEW The feeder has four compartments and is heavily
ribbed providing the bees with a firm foothold.
have been made by us).
It is very easy to install and MINI ASHFORTH FEEDER
means you do not have to A small capacity (2 litre) plastic feeder. Hinged lid,
open the hive to add extra feed. suitable for feeding nucs. 2 litre capacity.
Connect the clear pipe from the
feeder to the reservoir using the push
fit connectors. Ensure reservoir outlet is Feeders Price Packed Wt.
higher than floor entrance as the feeder is gravity Wooden Entrance Feeder 7.50 0.3
fed. Open valve on reservoir. Syrup flows through the pipe into the central, Plastic Entrance Feeder, 400ml 1.80 0.15
ribbed, chambers. Baffles can be adjusted on either side of float ball valve to Plastic Entrance Feeder, 800ml 2.25 0.2
adjust flow. The feeder is insulated ensuring syrup is relatively liquid at all times. Water Feeder 1.00 0.1
Reservoir will hold 10 litres of feed.
BS Frame Feeder 11.16 1.2
ROBSON FEEDER BOARD Langstroth Frame Feeder 2.75 1.2
Mini Ashforth Feeder 5.50 0.7
Based on an idea given to us by Willie
Robson of Chain Bridge Honey Farm. The
feeder has two, clear plastic, 1 litre APIFIT
compartments with hinged lids. Both Apifit is used to strengthen colonies during the spring or as a feed
can be used for syrup or fondant, pollen supplement in the summer during nectar shortages. It is a perfect
feeding or a combination. mixture of essential oils, plant polyphenols, sucrose and filtered
water. It can be added to sugar syrup, a pollen patty or sprayed
Bees access from directly underneath and the feed
is kept warm, fresh and moist by the heat generated
NEW directly on to the combs.
Packed in 200ml, 500ml or 1000ml bottles.
from the colony. The feeders are encased in insulation foam and
covered above by a snug fit chip foam insulated quilt. This feeder will only fit
Feeding Price Packed Wt.
National Hives.
Apifit, 200ml 8.00 0.3
CLEAR FEEDER Apifit, 500ml 18.00 0.6
Apifit, 1000ml 30.00 1.2
A small, clear and inexpensive plastic feeder NEW
that will hold 1 litre of feed. It can
also be used for fondant or Nektapoll. NOZEVIT
255x155x45mm deep From the original developers of Nozevit. This product was
developed in Croatia almost 10 years ago. It has been on the
world market since 2005 and has received excellent reviews. Not
Feeders Price Packed Wt. to be confused with a North American copy.
1lb Jar Attachment Feeder 2.30 0.1 Nozevit is a completely natural herbal product based on plant
1lb Jar Attachment Feeder with Jar 3.00 0.3 polyphenols. As a food supplement it helps greatly in the
Flow Feeder only 20.00 2 treatment of Nosema Apis and Nosema Cerana. It leaves no
residues and is very easy to apply.
Framed Flow Feeder, Rectank & Tubing 75.00 5
Available in 50ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottles.
Robson Feeder Board 35.00 5
Clear Feeder 1.50 0.3 NOZEVIT +
This improved formula Nozevit contains vitamins, essential oils and
WOODEN ENTRANCE FEEDER citric acid. Bees are noticeably stronger and healthier with greater
A further development from the jar attachment feeder. Ideal disease resistance and tend to be calmer during manipulations.
The citric acid content stabilizes intestinal pH and improves
for nuclei or full colonies for supplying water, syrup and digestion and recovery.
honey. Not suitable for WBC hives.
Available in 50ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottles.
Simply push into the hive entrance.
Health Price Packed Wt.
Nozevit, 50ml 12.00 0.1
Nozevit, 200ml 24.00 0.3
Two new sizes for 2016, 400ml and 800ml. NEW Nozevit, 500ml 50.00 0.6
Place on the alighting board of the hive
Nozevit, 1000ml 90.00 1.2
with the feed channel under the entrance.
Alighting board must be horizontal. Nozevit+, 50ml 14.00 0.1
Nozevit+, 200ml 30.00 0.3
Nozevit+, 500ml 62.00 0.6
WATER FEEDER Nozevit+, 1000ml 110.00 1.2
We all need water to live and bees are no
exception. The instances of bees struggling to find VITAFEED GOLD
water in periods of drought are commonplace.
A biostimulant, enhanced liquid feed. Based on beet extract
This little feeder is the answer. Very simple to and molasses it strongly stimulates the development of colony
use without disturbing the hive, taking virtually population, particularly if weak. It is very simple to use and apply
all makes of compact water bottle found on and is safe for bees and the beekeeper. It leaves no residues and
supermarket shelves. contains no antibiotics. It is particulary effective when applied to
The feeder can also be used for feeding syrup if colonies infected with nosema.
necessary, and as it reaches 10cms into the hive the
bees do not have to venture too far during cold snaps. Feeding Price Packed Wt.
Reaches 10cms into the hive. Bottle not included. Vitafeed Gold, 250ml 16.80 0.4

70 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



A revolutionary product for Stiff A4 card to keep notes on disease, feeding, colony
improving bee health and vigour as behaviour, honey yield, etc. Vital for good colony
well as crop pollination. management. Can be laminated to produce a write
SuperBoost is a pheromone device on-wipe off surface.
that is easily hung between brood
frames. One device works for over
30 days. Tests have shown huge
increases in: pollen loads, colony
growth rate, young worker bees, egg
laying rate, honey production and it
Health Price Packed Wt.
inhibits swarming!
Wasp Bane 24.00 1.5
Wasp Bane refill 16.00 0.6
NEKTAPOLL Record Card 0.75 0.06
Nektapoll is a ready-to-feed pollen Laminated Record Card 1.70 0.1
substitute/fructose syrup patty. Use
from early March to stimulate your bees
if there is a shortage of pollen. Feed FEEDING YOUR BEES
between 250g and 500g per colony by
splitting plastic sleeve and slicing patty Autumn:
with a sharp knife. Place on top of Feed Ambrosia or concentrated syrup: 2 parts white sugar to 1 part hot
brood frames, ideally inside a small eke water, then leave to cool, OR Ambrosia Fondant, in August/September, so
or our Apiguard Rim. that the brood nest, which is now emptying, fills with stores for winter. Feed
2 or 3 gallons, or until the bees stop taking the food down.
Feeding Price Packed Wt. Winter:
Superboost 6.00 0.06 If there is doubt about the quantity of stores available in the winter, do NOT
feed syrup which will distress the bees in the long periods of bad weather
Nektapoll 7.00 1.25 but put Ambrosia Fondant directly on the top bars of the brood frames.
A vulnerable time in the beekeeping calendar as the increase in brood
WASP BANE rearing can rapidly run down stores. Give small amounts of a weaker (1:1)
syrup. The extra water aids the development of the brood nest.
Keep wasps under control with this highly efficient trap.
A two part device. When the lower chamber is full of Pollen Substitute:
wasps, (and it will be if our experience is anything to go The bees which have survived the winter have to produce 2 or 3 generations
by!) simply replace. Retain the upper chamber. Great for of brood to get the colony off to a good start. In a poor spring lack of pollen
reducing robbing in the apiary. can hold up development. Nektapoll provides the nourishment necessary for
those old bees to raise brood.

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 71

HIVE HOUSEKEEPING A useful guide to medicines, cleansers, feed and supplements
Product Useage Duration of treatment Application and main ingredients Time of year Withdrawal period Notes
Acetic Acid Fumigation of stored hive parts 1 week/repeat 80% solution. 125ml on an Autumn/winter none Highly corrosive, dangerous fumes
against wax moth and Nosema absorbent pad
Apicandy/ Feed as required Refined sugar, fructose and Winter, early Spring none keep free from frost
Ambrosia glucose. 1-2kgs per colony
Ambrosia Syrup Feed as required Fructose, glucose and sucrose. Autumn, late Spring and summer none keep free from frost
5-10 litres per colony depending
depending on stores
Api-Bioxal Varroa 15 minutes per hive Oxalic Acid dihydrate in powder form When colony is broodless Do not use during honey flow Very short shelf life when mixed with syrup
Apifit General supplement Variable Essential oils,plant polyphenols Anytime None Nozevit can be added to Apifit
Spring build-up, winter preparation sucrose. 5ml per litre of sugar syrup
Nectar shortage
Apiguard Varroa and Acarine 4 weeks 2 thymol gel trays Spring and Autumn Do not use during honey flow Possible bearding,loss of young brood
and colony agitation, temperature dependant
Apilife Var Varroa 4 weeks Thymol impregnated foam, Once only, Spring OR Autumn Do not use during honey flow Possible bearding, loss of young brood
Eucalyptus oil, Camphor, Menthol and colony agitation, temperature dependant
4 strips
Apistan Varroa 6-8 weeks 2 fluvalinate impregnated strips Spring and Autumn Do not use during honey flow Possible resistance, extremely dangerous to
acquatic life
Certan Wax Moth various Biological Larvicide Spring and Autumn none very short shelf-life when mixed
10ml to 200ml of water for
10 average sized frames
Hive Alive Feed supplement 3 weeks if sprayed Algae, seaweed, thymol Autumn none
100ml to 1 litre water
Hive Clean Grooming stimulant As required Essential Oils Any time none Store free from frost
MAQS Varroa 7 days 2 formic acid impregnated pads Anytime during the season None Possible bearding, loss of young brood
and colony agitation, highly dangerous fumes
Nektapol Pollen Supplement as required Pollen substitute/fructose patty. From early March none keep free from frost
stimulates breeding 250-500g per colony
Nozevit Nosema Apis 2 treatments Essential oils, natural ingredients Spring and Autumn None
Nosema Cerana 10 days apart 1ml per 200ml of syrup
Nutribee Propolis Feed as required Sucrose, fructose, propolis, essential oils Any time None Store free from frost
Soda Crystals general cleaning agent as required Sodium Carbonate as required none Irritant
decahydrate. 150g to 500ml hot water
Sulphur Strips Wax Moth 4 weeks/repeat Sulphur impregnated board Autumn/winter months none Highly dangerous fumes
2 strips
Thymol Crystals Varroa and Chalkbrood 3 weeks/repeat Essential oil of Thyme Spring and Autumn do not use during honey flow very temperature dependant
also an effective fungicide 8g per treatment in crystal form
in syrup feeds.

Trickle2 and Oxalic Hive Management 1 week 3.2% Oxalic acid solution Any broodless period/swarms do not use during honey flow very short shelf life
acid solution 50ml per standard size colony
Vitafeed Gold Strengthens colonies 8 days Concentrated extract Spring and Autumn none very short shelf-life when mixed

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk

before and after wintering of beta vulgaris. 10% solution
in syrup if trickling


Before you start beekeeping, we always recommend that a
good book is purchased on the subject. We have one of the
largest ranges of books on beekeeping in the U.K. and would
be pleased to advise on the most suitable titles available.
See www.thorne.co.uk for more titles.

Books Price Packed Wt. Books Price Packed Wt.

AB Colouring Book 2.00 0.2 Honey Recipes for Microwave Cookery 1.50 0.15
ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture 40.00 2 How to Keep Bees without finding the
Alphabetical Guide for Beekeepers (Stevens) 30.00 0.75 Queen 6.00 0.3
Anatomy of the Honey Bee (Snodgrass) 30.00 0.6 Increase Essentials (Connor) 13.00 0.4
An Introduction to Bee Houses (Bates) 4.99 0.2 In search of the best strains of bees 11.00 0.6
An Introduction to Bees and Beekeeping 6.00 0.2 Insect Bites and Stings -Dr Harry Riches 4.00 0.2
Apis through the Looking Glass 16.99 0.6 Introduction of Queen Bees (Snelgrove) 14.00 0.5
At the Hive Entrance 13.50 0.2 The Jefferson Beekeeping Guide 5.00 0.2
Background to Bee Breeding (Atkinson) 26.00 0.5 Keeping Bees and Making Honey 14.99 0.4
Bad Beekeepers Club, paperback Keeping Bees Without Fuss or Chemicals
(Bull Turnbull) 8.99 0.7 (Bleasdale) 9.95 0.3
BBKA Guide to Beekeeping (Davis) 16.99 0.6 Keeping Healthy Honey Bees 16.00 0.75
Beautiful Queens and Honey Too! 2.00 0.06 Langstroths Hive and the Honey-bee 18.99 0.6
Beauty and the Bees (Robb) 12.50 0.2 The Life of the Bumblebee 12.00 0.4
Manipulations - Allan 1.50 0.06
The Bee Friendly Beekeeper 24.00 0.75
Mead Making 10.95 0.25
The Bee Friendly Garden 14.99 0.75
Medical Aspects of Beekeeping 10.95 0.3
The Bee House Book 10.95 0.4
Mites of the Honeybee (Webster & Delaplane) 17.25 0.75
Beekeepers Field Guide 16.99 0.4
My first honeybee book 4.00 0.3
Beekeepers Toolbox - Allan 1.00 0.06
Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive 12.00 0.4
Beekeeping - A Novices Guide 16.99 0.5
The Observation Hive 12.00 0.4
Beekeeping, a Practical Guide (Patterson) 7.99 0.3
Observation Hives (Webster & Caron) 15.50 0.5
Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey 9.95 0.4
Pheromones of social bees 19.95 0.5
Beekeeping For All 11.00 0.6
Plants and Honey Bees 19.95 0.75
Beekeeping for Dummies 15.99 0.7
Plants for Bees 25.00 1.5
Beekeeping Study Notes, Mod 1,2,3 30.00 1
Pollen Identification for Beekeepers 12.50 0.4
Beekeeping Study Notes, Mod 5,6,7,8 35.00 1
Pollen Microscopy 21.00 0.4
Husbandry Certificate 19.95 0.75 Practical Beekeeping 24.95 1.2
Microscopy Cert of Bkg Study Notes 9.95 0.3 A Practical Guide to Producing
Bee Masters of the Past 12.00 0.4 Heather Honey 8.95 0.2
Bee Sex Essentials (Connor) 16.00 0.4 Practical Microscopy for Beekeepers
Bees at the bottom of the Garden 9.95 0.4 (Maurer) 17.50 0.4
Bee-sentials, A Field Guide (Connor) 18.50 0.4 Principles of Bee Improvement 12.00 0.3
Beeswax - Brown, 4th edition 10.99 0.3 Producing Royal Jelly (van Toor) 15.99 0.6
Beeswax - Coggshall & Morse 20.00 0.4 Propolis (Nowottnick) 9.95 0.3
Bella, the Queen Bee 3.50 0.15 Queen Bee, Biology, Breeding and Rearing -
Breeding Super Bees 14.00 0.4 Woodward 19.95 0.5
Breeding Techniques & Selection 13.00 0.4 Queen Breeding and Genetics -
Breeding the Honeybee 11.00 0.3 How to get better bees 18.00 0.6
Buckets of Honey from Boxes of Bees 11.00 0.4 Queen Rearing - Snelgrove 15.00 0.6
Buzzing with Ideas, THE WBC Hive 19.00 0.5 Queen Rearing Essentials 15.50 0.4
Queen Rearing Simplified (Cook) 9.95 0.2
Collecting Honey Pots 5.40 0.2
Recycling & Working Beeswax with
Dads Recipe Book 2.99 0.2 Simplicity 2.50 0.06
Dr Sara's Honey Potions 12.00 0.3 Recipes using Beeswax 1.50 0.06
The Feminine Monarchie or Reflections on Beekeeping (Robson) 9.95 0.3
The Historie of Bees 25.00 0.7
The Rose Hive Method 15.00 0.3
For the Love of Bees 10.95 0.4
Scientific Queen Rearing 14.50 0.4
Frow - Lincolnshire's Greatest Beekeeper 2.00 0.06 Skep-Making (Brekelmans) 3.99 0.06
Fun with Bees -Allan 1.00 0.06 Social Organisation of Honeybees 5.00 0.3
Guide to Bees and Honey 12.99 0.75 Some Alternative Pathways for the
Handbook of Beekeeping 12.95 0.5 Hesitant Queen Rearer 8.95 0.2
Haynes Bee Manual 22.99 0.75 Starting Out - Allan 1.50 0.06
The Honey Bee, around and about 20.00 0.6 Swarming, Its Control & Prevention 10.50 0.3
The Honey Bee, inside out (Davis) 20.00 0.6 Sweet and Savoury 1.50 0.06
Honey Bee Disease, Identification Cards 4.00 0.1 Traditional British Honey Drinks 4.99 0.15
Honey Bee, Biology & Beekeeping (Caron) 40.00 1.5 Traditional Irish Honey recipes 4.95 0.15
Honey Bees of the British Isles 17.00 0.6 Traditional Scottish Honey recipes 4.99 0.15
Honey Cookbook 5.99 0.3 Understanding Bee Anatomy 29.00 0.6
Honey Cookery 1.50 0.1 The Wild Garden and the Honeybee 9.95 0.4
Honey Days 11.00 0.3 The World of a Bee Farmer 15.00 0.5
Honey Farming 12.95 0.5 Why not Top Bar Hives? 9.50 0.3
Honey Marketing 7.35 0.25 Your Health, how bees can help 5.50 0.2

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 73



Nine really affordable plasticised posters, measuring 595mm x 425mm. Each has Clever 3D pictures made from very strong plasticised material -
useful information, photos and advice. Great posters for beginners or beekeepers could be framed to make a really nice talking point.
of many years experience, and essential aids for training courses. Copyright E.H. Pictures 1 to 12, size 490 x 345mm. Picture 13 size 490 x 235mm
Thorne (Beehives) Ltd and G Royle. NEW

Royle Posters Price Packed Wt.

Each 3.00 0.3
Full Set of 9 Posters 15.75 0.5

The virtual hive provides a comprehensive photographic guide to the frames
and conditions that can generally be found within a typical brood box at
various times of the season. Some of the conditions may not be found within
the same brood box at the same time, eg laying queen, queen cells, and
sporadic drone brood. Study this guide and the beekeeper will learn to relate
and identify conditions within their own hive and take any actions required.
Eleven 343x203mm matt finish high resolution photographs on card 0.5mm.
Photographs are printed back to back. The correct size to use in an assembled
DN4 frame. Also available in eleven assembled DN4 frames or as a complete
national brood body. Complete with notes detailing each frame.
Photographs were taken by Simon Croson, winner of Gold Medal, Apimondia,
Argentina, 2011. Copyright S. Croson and E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd

Picture 13
Virtual Hive Price Packed Wt.
Photographs only 25.25 0.7 3D Pictures Price Packed Wt.
Photographs in Frames 52.50 3.6 Each, picture 1-12 5.00 0.5
Complete Brood Body 106.00 6.8 Picture 13 15.00 0.5

74 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



A NEW INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING WITH National size only. Complete with shutters and
PAUL METCALFE 114 minutes 4 gallon contact feeder. Central base entrance
Paul Metcalfe has been keeping bees for almost 50 years. that also acts as the swivel axis. Holds one BS
For much of that time he was the Beekeeping Adviser for Deep and two Shallow frames. Fitted with double
Norfolk. With new and updated sections on choice of hive glazed glass.
and equipment, as well as the latest advice on disease
control, he takes us through the beekeeping year from
April to the onset of winter. The management of the hive
is carefully explained and demonstrated at a pace that
allows the viewer time to study in detail correct handling
procedures at all stages of the hives summer cycle. 2011.
AN INTRODUCTION TO KEEPING BEES This clear 19mm diameter tube is suitable for fixing to the
70 minutes plastic pipe and provides flexibility when positioning the
A video from Farming Press, it is ideal for any prospective observation hive.
beekeeper, giving an overview of the hobby and also the
confidence with which to begin. It covers equipment, siting BESPOKE OBSERVATION HIVE
your hive, harvesting and processing honey, marketing and
much much more. 2001. These observation hives are pieces of
furniture. Made from American White Oak,
HONEY, A BEEKEEPERS GUIDE 120 minutes brass fittings, sealed double glazed units and a
DVD describing in detail different methods of removing variety of interesting features.
honey from the hive, extracting honey from the comb and Hinged and lockable doors on both sides.
bottling and preparing it for sale. Different honeys and Sturdy uprights for ease of carrying. (This is a
nectar sources are discussed; theres a section on how best heavy hive at 40kgs.)
to exhibit honey to catch the judges eye; and theres a
demonstration on how to turn honey into prize winning Feed chamber with a swivel closure, for a 1lb.
mead. 2011. Jar of honey or syrup, lockable door.
Airlock chamber with internal gates
THE HONEYBEE 43 minutes enabling the beekeeper to close the hive to
The Honeybee is the story of the life of a colony with the outside and ensure all bees are in the
previously unseen close up footage of the queen, workers hive and not trapped in the entrance run.
and drones, featuring communication within the nest, The picture shows a triple framed 14x12 hive.
the excitement of the swarm, wax production, foraging We can manufacture to suit any frame type.
for food, water and propolis, defence, disease and the
survival of the bees through the winter. 2009. The hive will need mounting/bolting to a strong plinth (fittings not supplied).
Similarly the actual fitting of the entrance between the hive and outside wall or
window frame will need to be done once the hive is in situ.

Education Price Packed Wt. ICB HIVE

DVD - A New Introduction to Beekeeping A basic, single frame
with Paul Metcalfe 23.90 0.2 observation hive, great for
DVD - An Introduction to Keeping Bees 23.90 0.2 schools, colleges, shows,
DVD - Honey, A Beekeeper's Guide 23.90 0.2 fetes etc. Using our new
DVD - The Honeybee 13.00 0.2 CNC machinery we are
able to offer this teaching
and entertaining aid at a
MOBILE NUC/OBSERVATION HIVE fraction of the price of the
The simple and effective answer cedar Mobile Nuc Hives. The
to easy and trouble-free live bee hive consists of a standard 6
demonstrations. Keep it in your frame, plywood travelling box
apiary as a nucleus hive. Then, with a rotating disc entrance.
when visiting a school, etc., simply On top of this is fitted a
remove the frame with the queen marine ply Frame Holder with
from the nuc and replace with a polycarbonate sides allowing
crystal clear observation of the
frame feeder. Place the frame in
queen. Black correx shutters keep
the top section.
light out when hive is not being used
The bees in the nuc body work or in transit. The top is secured to the
away quite happily processing the base using a pair of spring fasteners and
syrup feed and servicing the queen, the frame lid is held in place with toggle fasteners. Replace the selected frame
above the queen excluder. with a frame feeder (not included) to keep your bees busy and stimulated.
The colony is quite happy to remain If you already have one of our travelling boxes this Frame Holder will fit on
closed all day because of the wire top and by using the screw holes for the normal lid the spring fastener can be
mesh ventilated floor. Supplied secured (additional pair of screws and disc entrance supplied).
complete with a nucleus roof,
crownboard, frame feeder and
glass. Observation Hives Price Packed Wt.
Very easy to transport, unlike Mobile Nuc/Observation Hive National 341.00 12
the tall, thin variety. Strong Mobile Nuc/Observation Hive 14" x 12" 411.00 15
carrying handles. A must for all Mobile Nuc/Observation Hive Langstroth 411.00 15
Mobile Nuc/Observation Hive Commercial 411.00 15
Mobile Nuc/Observation Hive Dadant 447.00 15
BS Observation Hive, fitted with glass 247.25 15
Translucent Tube, per metre 7.45 0.15
Bespoke Observation Hive POA
ICB Hive 70.00 10.0
ICB Hive Frame Holder Only 37.50 5.0

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A useful educational tool. Press-out, Bees This is on bees in general and covers solitary bees, (mining bees), social
fold and stick parts form a brood bees (bumble bees) and advanced social bees (honey bees). Included are all
box, excluder, super and aspects of their nature and habitat. 855 x 595mm.
roof plus brood and super
frames. Made from stiff
card and in full colour.
The hive when
assembled is 65mm
high and 50mm square.


A cut out and colour teaching aid for children. Well illustrated, it shows the life
history of a honeybee from egg
to foraging worker. A must for
all primary schools and young
budding beekeepers.
A4 in size, produced on stiff art
card, brass fastener provided.

Honey Bees Specifically on honey bees. This excellent chart gives details of
the various castes with close-ups of various anatomical features and details of
their brood development from egg to adult. 855 x 610mm.

Education Price Packed Wt.

Cardboard Model Hive 2.50 0.06
Secrets of the Beehive 2.00 0.2

CD ROM Honey Bees and Beekeeping - An Introduction

An excellent aid for introducing bees
and beekeeping to children and adults.
Recommended for children aged 6 years and
older the CR Rom contains two presentations.
The first is a self contained presentation to
be used by individuals or small groups. The
second is for use by a beekeeper wishing to
give presentations to interested groups. Pollen in Honey For those interested in pollen identification. Details are
given of the following pollens, including electron microscope illustrations and
The presentation contains over 100 slides blossom time: dandelion, horse chestnut, oil-seed rape, white clover, willowherb,
based on the book 'Honey Bees and NEW blackberry, thistle, lime, borage, balsam, ling heather and ivy. 840 x 595mm.
Beekeeping' by Pam Todd.
Topics include: Introduction to Honey Bees;
Where Honey Bees Live: Trees, Apiaries, Queen, Workers and Drones; How a
Honey Bee Grow - Ages & Stages; Flowers & Bees, Pollination; Bee Dances;
Role of the Worker Bee; Swarming; Stings; The Honey Factory; Pollen, Propolis
and Water; Brood Food, Royal Jelly and Wax; Apiaries, Equipment and Costs;
Bees in Danger.

CD ROM Pollen Identification

An illustrated key to accompany Rex Sawyers
book. The CD to a certain extent replaces
Sawyers work as it contains a spreadsheet
that not only sorts the pollen but allows the
beekeeper to view an image of each pollen type.
Also included are pictures of common pollen
that were not in the original book.

CD ROMs Price Packed Wt.

Honey Bees and Beekeeping 10.00 0.2 Wallcharts Price Packed Wt.
Pollen Identification 19.00 0.2 Wallchart, each 21.50 0.3

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Both hives are half size and made A very easy to use and intuitive educational tool. Simple, printed, magnetic
throughout in Western Red cedar. strips, covering many aspects and conditions of beekeeping, such as artificial
The WBC consists of floor, lift swarming. It can be quickly arranged on a magnetic white board, fridge door,
and porch with entrance slides, hive roof or even car bonnet! Ideal for training budding beekeepers both young
two further lifts and a roof. Use it and old. Supplied on a magnetic sheet ready for cutting out using sharp scissors
for demonstrations, displays and or office guillotine.

The National comprises floor with

entrance block, brood body, two supers,
crownboard and metal covered roof. It
is complemented with the inclusion of
several half size frames.

Education Price Packed Wt.

WBC Model Hive 97.90 3.7
National Model Hive 263.00 6


Hive Simulator Price Packed Wt.

Hive Simulator 50.00 1.5


An Introduction to Beekeeping
Saturday 14th May, 9.00am to 5.30pm
includes a two hour practical session

An Introduction to Beekeeping
Saturday 28th May, 9.00am to 5.30pm
includes a two hour practical session
A National brood body containing or pictured every item or aspect of bees and
beekeeping within ten different frames. Invaluable for a serious speaker on the

Castellated Spacers, Plastic Frame Runners, Metal Frame Runners, Open Mesh
Aspects of Queen Rearing
Floor, Crown Board, Lock Slides, Spring Fasteners, Corner Supports, Plastic
Dummy Board, Hive Tool, Hive Tool and Frame Lifter, Foundation, Wide Metal One day course Saturday 11th June,
End, Wide Plastic End, Section Rings, Section Covers, Honey Comb, Waggle
Dance, Narrow Plastic Ends, Pollen, Plastic Ends Porter Escape, Curtain Escape, 9.30am to 4.30pm
Rhombus Escape, Canadian Cone Escape, WBC Cone Escape, Sealed & Unsealed
Brood, Standard Mouse Guard, Wire Queen Excluder, Plastic Queen Excluder,
Slotted Steel Queen Excluder, Rigid Pollen Strip, Eggs, Jenter Brown Cell Cup,

Wooden Cell Cup, Mandril, Nursery Cage, Chinese Grafting Tool Economy
Grafting Tool, Hair Roller Cage, Cell Protector, Queen Puzzle Cage, Press-in All courses are run by Simon Croson, BBKA
Cage, Bee Pin, Clip Queen Catcher, Butler Cage, Capped Honey, Hoffman
Converter Clip, L.1 Label, L.20 Label, L.25 Label, L.26 Label, L.27 Label, L.40 Qualified Beekeeper, and are held in our
Label, L.30 Label, L.12 Tamper Seals, L.17 JAR Label, L.17 B14 Label, L.17 CR
Label, Granulation Label, Polish Label, L11 Beeswax Label, Sealed Brood, Plastic training room and our apiary at Rand.
Uncapping Fork, Apiguard Api-life-Var, Trickle 2, Forage calendar, Beekeepers
Rule, AFB EFB, Varroa, SHB Tropilaelaps, Swarming. Light refreshments included.

Trainer's Box of Tricks Price Packed Wt. For more details see our website or
350.00 10 call 01673 858555

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This bespoke Belinda Bee
umbrella has eight deep panels
of transparent plastic with the
cute image of Belinda Bee. There
is a clear part to see through in
very heavy rain! It has a black U
shaped handle and a press stud
Pottery mug. A great gift.

Gifts Price Packed Wt.

Umbrella 9.00 0.6
Beautiful silk chiffon scarf designed by
Nice quality wooden gifts Jani Tully Chaplin. Size 180cm x 50cm.
with a bee theme.

Gifts Price Packed Wt.

Bee Pen 0.85 0.06
24 Bee Pens 17.00 0.5
Bee Pencil 0.53 0.06
24 Bee Pencils 10.00 0.5
Wooden Gifts Price Packed Wt. Photo Card 1.70 0.06
Pencil Sharpener 3.00 0.1 Greatest Beekeeper Mug 3.99 0.5
Bookmark 1.84 0.1 Silk Scarf 35.00 0.1
Calendar 6.50 0.3
Blackboard 5.99 0.5 BEE RIBBON 10MM
Pull cord 2.99 0.1 25 metres yellow bee ribbon. 10mm high with bee every 30mm.
Pencil with bee topper 1.90 0.1
Wine Bottle Stopper 2.99 0.1
Magnet 1.75 0.1
25 metres gold bee ribbon. 24mm high with a bee every 25mm.
Contemporary Sterling silver
bee earrings. small stud

Silver stud Silver cubic

marcasite zirconia stud BEE PINS
earrings. earrings.
Use pins for decorations for candles, floral
arrangements, displays, etc.
Sterling silver Delicate sterling silver
Gifts Price Packed Wt.
with bee design, bee necklace with
440mm chain. yellow cubic zirconia Bee Ribbon, 25 metres x 10mm 6.00 0.06
stones in the wings. Bee Ribbon, 25 metres x 24mm 9.00 0.06
440mm chain. Bee Pin, each 0.19 0.06
Bee Pin, 100 14.56 0.15


20mm size. Supplied in smart presentation case.
All proceeds to Bees for Development. Cloth shopping bag with Belinda Bee image
and the slogan Protect the Bees, Protect the
Earth shown on both sides.
Gifts Price Packed Wt. 38cm x 40cm.
Contemporary bee earrings 12.00 0.1
Silver stud bee earrings 8.40 0.1 BEE LANTERN
Silver stud marcasite earrings 13.49 0.1
A beautiful metal bee lantern. Simply release the
Silver cubic zirconia stud earrings 8.99 0.1 two catches on either side of the head and remove
Silver bee necklace 12.00 0.1 the candle/tea light holder. Insert the required light
Silver zirconia necklace 11.40 0.1 source and securely fasten. A hook near the top
Cuff Links 12.00 0.1 hangs the lantern, head at the top, abdomen at
the bottom.

BEE PEN AND BEE PENCIL Gifts Price Packed Wt.

Shopping Bag 4.32 0.2
Bee Lantern 13.00 2.0

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Bumper size 500 x 100mm. Honey scented hand soap. 100g bar.
Environment 105mm diameter.
Gifts Price Packed Wt.
Bee Candle Stick 12.00 0.35
Bee Bowl 26.00 1.0
VAN DOOR STICKER Bee Coasters 9.00 0.3
Flying Bee with full pollen sacs. Bee Toast Rack 15.00 0.4
Width 330mm; Point to point 375mm. Honey Soap 1.50 0.2


Turned beechwood. Serve liquid honey without
CAR / NURSERY STICKERS the drips. One honey server measures 23mm x
A4 sheet of peel off self adhesive bees. 23mm x 160mm.


Encourage all types of bees
into your garden. Table top or
BELINDA BEE STICKERS wall hanging. Painted metal.
Self-adhesive vinyl in three sizes. 1, 3 and 6 Bee House 17cms high, Mini
diameter. Bee Hut 11cms high. Both
available in green or cream.

Gifts Price Packed Wt. MAKE YOUR OWN BEE HOUSE

Bumper Sticker 3.24 0.1 Wooden kit with glue to make your own bee house.
Enviro Sticker 1.99 0.06 120mm high.
Van Door Sticker 6.00 0.25
Car / Nursery Stickers 4.20 0.1
Belinda Bee Sticker, 1" 0.45 0.06
Belinda Bee Sticker, 3" 0.60 0.06
Belinda Bee Sticker, 6" 1.20 0.06 Gifts Price Packed Wt.
Honey Server, each 0.30 0.06
BABY'S BIB, HAT AND VEST Honey Server, 25 6.00 0.8
Honey Server, 100 22.80 1.5
Blue, pink or cream Honey Server, 250 54.00 3
bibs and hats.
Honey Server, 500 102.00 4.5
Cream vest with
yellow trim in sizes Honey Server, 1000 192.00 7.5
0/3 months and 3/6 Bee House 11.99 0.8
months. Mini Bee Hut 7.99 0.3
Make your own Bee House 9.99 0.4
Skep and bees design, pure silk TEA TOWELS
and made in England.
Yellow Tea Towel
A lovely 100% cotton yellow tea towel.
A Taste of Honey Tea Towel A lovely
100% cotton tea towel. Red background
but with bold splashes of colour showing
MICROWAVABLE BEE TEDDY hives, bees, flowers and honey.

Tea Towels Price Packed Wt.

Tea Towel 4.00 0.1


Gifts Price Packed Wt. HONEY POT
Baby Bee Bib 10.00 0.1
Baby Bee Hat 10.00 0.1
Baby Bee Vest 10.00 0.1 Glass Pots and Jars Price Packed Wt.
Silk Tie 21.00 0.15 Queen Bee Apothecary Glass Bottle 7.00 0.3
Microwaveable Bee Teddy 10.25 1.2 Queen Bee Cotton Bud/Cosmetic Jar 6.25 0.3
Cuddly Bee Pillow 10.255 1.2


Bee Candle Stick

Bee Bowl

Bee Coasters Busy Bee Mugs Price Packed Wt.

Ceramic Mug 3.76 0.4
Bee Toast Rack Tin Mug 6.50 0.15

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BUSY BEE GIFTS FUN Gifts Price Packed Wt.

Greetings Card 1.60 0.1
Tea Towel 5.50 0.06
Wrapping Paper 1.00 0.1
Jotter 2.00 0.2
Mini Card 0.80 0.2
Fridge Magnet 1.80 0.15
Keyring 1.60 0.1
Coaster 2.00 0.4
Mug 8.50 0.5
Slant Pad 3.50 0.2
Busy Bee Gifts Price Packed Wt.
Pencil Case 4.00 0.1
Set 6 Buttons 1.99 0.06 NEW
E-Reader Case 5.20 0.1 Smart silver range with a bee
in silver, rose gold or gold.
Glasses Case 5.99 0.2
Wash Bag 11.99 0.2
Egg Cup 1.99 0.15
Pencils, pack of 5 2.99 0.1
Money Box 4.50 0.4
Sugar Pot 4.99 0.5
Apron 11.30 0.2
Door Hanger 2.99 0.1
Queen Bee Bookmark 1.25 0.1
Silver Gift Range Price Packed Wt.
5m Satin Ribbon 1.60 0.06
Photo Frame 12.00 0.1
Nail Files 0.90 0.06
Hip Flask 20.00 0.1
Compact Mirror 5.99 0.01
Charm Bracelet 8.00 0.06
Canvas Shopping Bag 4.99 0.25
Compact Mirror 20.00 0.06
Manicure Set 5.99 0.2
Card Holder 16.00 0.01
Luggage Tag 3.76 0.06
Pendant 16.00 0.25
Purse 3.50 0.1
Bracelet 16.00 0.2
Tweezers 1.30 0.06
PROPOLIS HEALTH PRODUCTS Little smoker on a keyring which is also a
useful torch. Battery included.

Flexible cartoon bee on keyring.


Propolis Health Products Price Packed Wt.

Propolis Chewing Gum, mint and liquorice 1.60 0.06 USB STICK
Propolis Chewing Gum, cinnamon 1.60 0.06 Always handy to have - this USB Memory Stick
Propolis, honey and orange lozenges, is shaped as a cute little bee.
approx 40 2.90 0.1 NEW
Propolis, honey and eucalyptus lozenges,
approx 40 2.90 0.1

FUN GIFTS Novelty passport holder. Ideal for a childs passport.
A witty range of cards, magnets, wrapping paper, etc. House Swarming, Bee NEW
Cool, Vitamin Bee, Bee Happy, Bees Knees with charming cartoon pictures.

Two designs of
elegant cuff links.
Cuff Links 1 Cuff Links 2

Gifts Price Packed Wt.

Smoker Keyring 2.99 0.06
Bendy Keyring 1.49 0.1
USB Stick 10.99 0.06
Passport Holder 2.50 0.06
Cuff Links 1 22.99 0.06
Cuff Links 2 14.99 0.06

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Beeswax Sheets and Dyes ROLLED CANDLES

A range of coloured sheets made from pure beeswax. 16 x 8 packed in multiples of 10. Natural and Ivory The easiest and safest way to make beeswax candles.
sheets are also available in the following sizes: 13716 x 5, 13716 x 8 and 1634 x 1034. Please note that Suitable for all ages. No molten wax used. Uses only
due to the nature of beeswax there can be shade variations. beeswax sheets and the appropriate wick.
Synthetic, granular dyes are also available in the colours. Packed in 10g pots or 50g bags. 1. Decide on
Sold in packs of 10 sheets, either all the same colour or mixed. the finished
diameter of
your candle
(One 16
x 8 sheet,
when rolled
Natural Ivory Acid Yellow Peach has a
of just over
2. Use the size
of square
wick one
Amber Sandalwood Orange Salmon Pink Soft Pink size smaller
than the
diameter of
your finished
3. Cut the wick
/2 longer
than the
Rose Pink Cerise Rubine Bright Red Berry Red sheet and
place it 1/4
in from one
4. Carefully
turn up the
edge of the
wax and
Burgundy Dark Red Pale Blue Sky Blue French Blue fold over the
5. Begin
ensuring the
ends of the
candle are
square. If
Reflex Blue Navy Blue Lavender Pale Lilac Violet you roll out
of square,
simply unroll
and start
6. The final edge of the sheet can be secured
by warming the wax gently near a radiator
and pressing carefully with the fingertips.
Vivid Purple Purple Mint Lime Green Pale Green Alternatively, a few small spots of wax glue can
be used along the length of the edge.
Tips and Ideas:
The sheets should be kept at room temperature
for at least 24 hours before use to ensure the wax
is supple.
Work in a warm room. Alternatively, hold the
Emerald Green Christmas Green Dark Green Olive Green Light Brown sheet close to a hairdryer or radiator for a few
To make tapered candles, cut the sheet slightly at
an angle.
To finish the top of the candle, a pleasing effect
can be achieved by dipping the tip in molten
Russet Chestnut Dark Brown Black To make candles with a larger diameter, add extra
sheets into the rolling process.

Beeswax 10 Sheet Packed 100 Sheets or more

Sheets Rate Weight (per 10 sheets) Weight
Natural 13716" x 5" 5.36 0.75 5.23 3.5
Natural 13716" x 8" 9.00 1.0 8.70 4.3
Natural 16" x 8" 10.68 1.25 10.37 5.1
Natural 1634" x 1034" 14.96 1.7 14.53 6.4
Ivory 13716" x 5" 7.60 0.75 7.14 3.5
Ivory 13716" x 8" 12.80 1.0 12.43 4.3
Ivory 16" x 8" 14.64 1.25 14.20 5.1
Ivory 1634" x 1034" 21.27 1.7 20.68 6.4
Coloured 16" x 8" 15.62 1.25 15.19 5.1
Wax Dye, 10g 2.50 0.06
Wax Dye, 50g 8.50 0.1

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 81



Made in Germany this versatile The Kochstar Dipping Station uses the Kochstar Wax Melter
appliance will be invaluable to as its base. It has six dipping stainless steel tubes, 87mm in
beekeepers and candle makers alike. diameter and 330mm high. Each can be used for dipping candles
Heavy duty stainless steel boiler of different sizes and colours.
with plastic lid. Thermostatically Dipping tubes can be purchased separately: Large S/Steel
controlled 1800W sealed heater 110mm x 430mm; Medium S/Steel 87mm x 330mm high; Small
so cannot come into contact with aluminium 87mm x 224mm high.
wax, honey or water. Calibrated to The small tube will work very well in a small kitchen saucepan.
operate between 30C and 100C with To assist in
neon indicator light. 365mm diameter, handling Small Tube
480mm high. Now with 120 minute this tube
timer. Full instructions for wax melting when hot
supplied. and full of
wax we can
also supply a
handy clip on
handle to aid
A stainless steel container suitable as a bain-marie
chamber for the Kochstar I. Holds 12kgs of wax.


This wax melter will liquefy and clean
up to 15kgs of wax on water using
the sedimentation principle. Tap off
liquid wax from the upper tap and Handle
drain water from the lower.
Makes wax melting for the small
scale candle maker a dream.
Stainless steel tank with plastic lid
and handles. Chrome plated brass ball Six hole lid
valves with positive cut off. 1800W
heater controlled by a thermostat with Dipping Station 6
a range between 30C and 100C.
220-240V AC. 365mm diameter, 480mm
high. 120 minute timer. Candlemaking Price Packed Wt.
Kochstar Dipping Station 6 414.00 18
6 hole lid only 48.00 1.3
Dipping Tube, large 30.30 2.5
Dipping Tube, medium 25.25 2.5
Wax Melting Price Packed Wt. Dipping Tube, small 9.00 0.5
Kochstar Wax Melter I 200.00 8 Clip on handle 5.40 0.1
Kochstar Wax Melter II 280.00 10
Wax Melter Insert 65.00 2
Inexpensive glass thermometer with a range from -10C to +100C. Supplied in
a rigid plastic sheath.
2.5kg capacity. Simply pour water
in at the side vent until full, fit the
cap and place onto your hot plate or
gas ring. Add beeswax as required, DIPPING JIG
preferably in small pieces, the wax Make 4-8 candles simultaneously. All stainless steel
will quickly become liquid. When framework. Fully adjustable. Makes candles up to 17 high.
the water boils the pot will whistle 1. Adjust the collars for the required candle height.
like a kettle. Complete with stainless Thread the wick around the hooks and tension.
steel lid. 2. Dip to release air bubbles, then dip and cool
NB: ensure water in jacket is topped alternately.
3. When the desired diameter is reached, trim the
up from time to time.
base of the candles away from the bottom collar.
Not suitable for use on an induction hob. 4. For larger diameter candles, thread the wick over
every second hook.


For the larger scale wax producer. This stainless steel pail
is ideal for carrying large quantities of liquid wax safely. The wooden arm holds up to three jigs for cooling
Holds approx. 9kgs of wax. Will not discolour wax like the wax.
the galvanised equivalent. Solid stainless steel handle.
230mm high, 260mm diameter.

Candlemaking Price Packed Wt.

Candlemaking Price Packed Wt. Thermometer 6.24 0.1
Bain Marie, 2.5kg 20.00 1.5 Dipping Jig 25.58 1.1
Stainless Steel Bucket 40.00 1.5 Cooling Arm 6.88 1.5

82 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



We produce beeswax blocks in black,
blue, yellow, green, red, pink, orange,
violet, brown, ivory and natural.
Suitable for moulded or dipped

Small Skep Cat Puppy Spaniel

1 high, 1 wick 3 high 3 high 2 high
Candlemaking Price Packed Wt.
Natural Beeswax, 30g 0.72 0.1
Natural Beeswax, 500g 6.00 0.6
Natural Beeswax, 10kg 95.00 13
Coloured or Ivory Beeswax, 30g 1.00 0.1
Coloured or Ivory Beeswax, 500g 9.00 0.6


CB-135. A low melting point (47C) vegetable wax derived Afghan Old English Sheepdog York Rose Christmas Tree
2 high 3 high 5 high, 1 wick 2 high, 1 wick
completely from soya beans and specially formulated for
container candles. GM free and burns with a bright, clean
flame. Can be blended with paraffin wax or beeswax.
Latex Candle Mould Price Packed Wt.
Large Skep, WBC Hive, Frog, Baby Owl,
Owl, Spiral, Father Christmas, Santa,
Snowman 6.12 0.1
Small Skep, Cat, Puppy, Spaniel, Afghan,
Old English Sheepdog 5.00 0.1
York Rose, Christmas Tree 7.20 0.1
Made from pure 100% soya beans. Pillar
candles produced have a superb creamy, opaque
appearance and silky smooth feel. It is excellent
for scented candles and is self releasing from most GLASS MOULDS
moulds. Pillar blend soy wax melts at 54C and is Made from laboratory grade heatproof glass. Excellent results every time. Please
totally GM free. Can be blended with paraffin wax
or beeswax. follow instructions carefully. Use with beeswax, soy wax or paraffin wax. See
price table below for available sizes.
1. To help the candles release from the mould, rinse in soapy water and shake
off the drops or spray with silicone.
2. Dip the correct size wick into molten wax until all air bubbles have come
out. Warm the mould gently by a fan heater.
3. Arrange the mould so that it is held vertically with the wick supported a
few centimetres above the mould. Seal the wick where it exits the mould
PARAFFIN WAX with plasticine or wax glue.
4. Pour the wax at
Pelleted for rapid melting. Suitable for latex, about 75C. The
silicone or glass moulds. It has a melting point hollow formed in
of approximately 70C. the base as the wax
cools can be filled
with fresh wax.
5. When the candle is
quite cold, remove
Candlemaking Price Packed Wt. it from the mould. A
Soy Wax, container blend, 500g 3.30 0.6 sharp tap with the
Soy Wax, container blend, 50lbs 93.00 25 hand may help it or
a spell in the freezer
Soy Wax, pillar blend, 500g 3.50 0.6 may encourage really
Soy Wax, pillar blend, 50lbs 96.00 25 stubborn ones.
Paraffin Wax, 500g 3.00 0.6
Paraffin Wax, 5kgs 24.00 5
Paraffin Wax, 25kgs 84.00 25
Use to spray the polycarbonate or glass mould for easy release. See page 19.

Candlemaking Price Packed Wt.

Glass Mould, 8" x " 6.26 0.4
Glass Mould, 8" x " 7.77 0.4
Glass Mould, 8" x 78" 8.40 0.4
Large Skep W.B.C. Hive Frog Baby Owl Glass Mould, 8" x 1" 9.32 0.4
2 high, 2 wick 2 high, 1 wick 5 high, 2 wick 3 high, 1 wick
Glass Mould, 8" x 1" 15.10 0.4
Glass Mould, 12" x " 6.44 0.5
Glass Mould, 12" x " 7.95 0.5
Glass Mould, 12" x 78" 8.82 0.5
Glass Mould, 12" x 1" 10.20 0.5
Glass Mould, 12" x 1" 16.40 0.5
Glass Mould, 18" x 1" 16.70 0.7
Owl Spiral Father Christmas Santa Snowman
4 high, 1 wick 7 high, wick 4 high, 1 wick 4 high, 2 wick 4 high, 2 wick Glass Mould, 18" x 1" 20.00 0.8

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 83


These highly detailed moulds are developed at Rand and carefully made at our branch in Newburgh, these moulds produce excellent results time after time. All are
pre-holed for wicks and come with a wick-laying channel to keep them erect when pouring wax. Made from silicone rubber. Very easy to use and the moulds, with care,
will last several years.

TS1 Bear and Comb TS2 Bear and Honeypot TS3 Bear and Skep 1 TS4 Bear and Skep 2 TS5 Bear and Smoker TS6 Belinda Bee TS7 Framed Skep TS8 Honey Bear TS9 Honeycomb Globe

TS10 Honeycomb Globe TS14 Woven Skep TS16 Small Honeycomb TS18 Large Honeycomb TS19 Textured Skep
TS11 Textured Skep TS12 Tree Bears TS13 WBC Hive and Bee TS15 Small Honeycomb with Bees TS17 Large Honeycomb with Bees with Bees
and Bee

TS21 Small Button

TS22 Medium Button TS28 Tall Hexagonal TS29 Small Hexagonal TS30 Hexagonal Bee TS31 Tall Hexagonal
TS20 Bee Plaque TS23 Large Button TS24 Bee Oval TS25 Skep and Bees TS26 Round Bee Light TS27 Golf Ball and Bee Honeycomb Honeycomb Light Honeycomb with Bees

TS34 Small Hexagonal

TS32 Tall Hexagonal Honeycomb with
Honeycomb with Bees TS33 Small Hexagonal Bees and Skep TS35 Tapered Helter TS36 Comb Block TS37 Rolled Skep TS38 Sunflower TS39 Honeycomb TS40 Bee Topped TS41 Thatched Skep
and Skep with Bees Skelter with Bee and Bee Sunflower and Bee Honeycomb

TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed
candle mm inches grams Weight candle mm inches grams Weight
TS1 30.14 90 1 65 0.75 TS22 28.50 100 1 165 0.6
TS2 19.53 70 1 50 0.5 TS23 27.08 105 2 235 0.75
TS3 19.27 65 1 50 0.5 TS24 8.54 28 2 65 0.3
TS4 14.16 65 1 40 0.4 TS25 16.06 50 1 60 0.4
TS5 19.97 90 1 55 0.5 TS26 5.15 25 1 20 0.15
TS6 23.06 75 1 70 0.5 TS27 16.60 65 2 115 0.4
TS7 18.54 80 1 60 0.5 TS28 35.00 165 2 335 0.75
TS8 11.91 60 16 0.4
TS29 19.78 80 2 155 0.45
TS9 14.24 50 1 70 0.4
TS30 5.56 30 1 25 0.15
TS10 17.15 55 1 75 0.5
TS31 36.00 165 2 300 0.75
TS11 13.64 50 1 55 0.4
TS32 30.91 165 2 300 0.75
TS12 43.12 140 1 130 1
TS13 11.62 60 1 50 0.3 TS33 21.00 80 2 150 0.45
TS14 9.03 45 1 20 0.3 TS34 21.00 80 2 150 0.45
TS15 18.00 95 1 100 0.4 TS35 35.40 200 60 0.7
TS16 18.00 95 1 100 0.4 TS36 29.29 80 1 185 0.6
TS17 31.82 130 1 220 0.65 TS37 8.86 45 1 50 0.25
TS18 33.30 130 1 220 0.65 TS38 22.60 105 1 200 0.5
TS19 13.64 50 1 55 0.3 TS39 22.28 105 1 200 0.5
TS20 3.79 30 20 0.15 TS40 18.60 105 1 120 0.4
TS21 14.06 75 1 95 0.4 TS41 27.80 80 2 88 0.5

84 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



TS44 Small Vintage Skep TS46 Small WBC Hive TS48 Small Classic Skep TS51 Honeycomb
TS42 Flower with Bee TS43 Plain with Bees TS45 Large Vintage Skep TS47 Large WBC Hive TS49 Large Classic Skep TS50 Tiny Skep Flowers TS52 Honeycomb Heart TS53 Love Birds


TS101 Boy Owl TS102 Boy Piglet TS103 Brown Owl TS104 Cartoon Pup TS105 Daisy TS106 Dolphin TS107 Dumpy Owl TS108 Elegant Cat TS109 Frog

TS110 Ermintrude TS111 Girl Owl TS112 Girl Piglet TS113 Gorilla TS114 Jungle TS115 Koala TS116 Old English TS117 Penguin TS118 Pensive Cat TS119 Skippy

TS124 Curvy Owl 1, TS125 Curvy Owl 2, TS127 Wise Monkey Hear no Evil, TS128 Wise Monkey
TS120 St. Bernard TS121 Teddy in Bow-Tie TS122 Terrier 1 TS123 Terrier 2 TS126 Curvy Owl 3 Speak No Evil, TS129 Wise Monkey See No Evil TS130 Sticky Bear TS131 Bear and Posy

TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed
candle mm inches grams Weight candle mm inches grams Weight
TS42 7.33 30 1 24 0.35 TS110 27.52 90 2 100 0.6
TS43 15.66 80 1 85 0.35 TS111 11.71 75 1 50 0.3
TS44 7.00 45 1 35 0.15 TS112 16.96 80 1 70 0.4
TS45 15.73 55 2 70 0.4 TS113 19.57 60 2 90 0.5
TS46 18.80 55 1 70 0.4 TS114 29.14 100 1 120 0.6
TS47 29.00 75 1 130 0.6 TS115 15.72 60 1 30 0.4
TS48 8.69 40 1 40 0.3 TS116 22.62 75 1 80 0.5
TS117 25.70 100 1 45 0.6
TS49 14.50 50 2 90 0.4
TS118 40.00 80 1 30 0.75
TS50 8.28 33 15 0.25
TS119 29.77 70 1 30 0.7
TS51 16.00 95 1 115 0.45
TS120 22.89 60 1 40 0.5
TS52 17.20 95 1 115 0.5
TS121 20.65 85 1 45 0.5
TS53 16.60 95 50 0.45
TS122 17.15 80 1 70 0.6
TS101 12.70 80 1 60 0.4 TS123 27.00 85 1 70 0.6
TS102 15.45 80 1 70 0.4 TS124 22.70 100 1 45 0.5
TS103 32.80 105 1 115 0.75 TS125 49.00 150 1 110 0.9
TS104 10.08 70 1 50 0.3 TS126 15.85 75 1 30 0.4
TS105 30.00 95 2 100 0.6 TS127 19.50 80 1 55 0.4
TS106 23.32 95 20 0.5 TS128 22.80 105 1 75 0.45
TS107 12.36 55 1 65 0.4 TS129 19.20 80 1 50 0.4
TS108 20.22 115 1 80 0.6 TS130 21.00 55 1 40 0.5
TS109 19.48 90 1 70 0.5 TS131 43.00 100 1 140 0.8

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 85


TS132 Nelly TS133 Cat with Bow TS134 Frog TS135 Mum and TS136 Wise Owl TS137 Proud Cat TS138 Plump Owl TS139 Hound Dog TS140 Cute Chick TS141 Penguin
Baby Frog


TS202 Chelsea
TS142 Panda TS201 Beefeater Pensioner TS203 Chinaman TS204 Clown TS205 Face TS206 Farmer TS207 Farmers Wife TS208 Girl with Teddy

TS209 Hiker TS210 Lovers TS211 Skull TS212 Sleep TS213 The Kiss TS214 Thumbs Up TS215 Toby TS216 Two-faced TS217 Valley Girl TS218 Warrior



TS304 Decorated TS305 Floating TS306 Madonna and

TS220 Praying Hands TS221 Ghost TS223 Prosperity TS301 Bell 1 TS302 Bell 2 TS303 Christmas Christmas Tree Christmas Child

TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed
candle mm inches grams Weight candle mm inches grams Weight
TS132 33.70 70 1 65 0.75 TS209 15.79 50 1 50 0.4
TS133 25.15 75 1 70 0.6 TS210 34.30 145 1 70 0.75
TS134 21.40 65 1 70 0.5 TS211 20.50 75 1 140 0.6
TS135 14.86 45 1 52 0.4 TS212 12.86 70 1 75 0.5
TS136 16.80 80 1 50 0.4 TS213 65.00 170 1 155 1.3
TS137 16.80 75 1 70 0.35 TS214 7.41 55 20 0.3
TS138 34.80 80 2 80 0.7 TS215 11.80 55 1 45 0.4
TS139 31.48 95 60 0.7 TS216 16.50 80 1 100 0.5
TS140 23.54 80 1 85 0.5 TS217 12.70 70 30 0.4
TS141 10.97 60 1 26 0.35 TS218 17.70 95 1 55 0.5
TS142 8.70 45 1 25 0.35 TS220 23.59 85 1 80 0.55
TS201 21.00 110 1 95 0.7 TS221 21.80 65 1 65 0.5
TS202 35.80 110 1 115 0.75 TS223 22.70 100 1 65 0.5
TS203 25.20 100 1 65 0.5 TS301 9.03 40 1 40 0.3
TS204 25.80 85 1 115 0.6 TS302 7.36 40 1 40 0.3
TS205 13.70 70 1 90 0.4 TS303 40.40 95 2 350 1
TS206 27.20 120 1 65 0.6 TS304 41.90 130 1 125 0.8
TS207 41.90 120 1 90 0.75 TS305 17.20 40 2 90 0.4
TS208 18.33 105 1 45 0.6 TS306 23.50 60 1 40 0.4

86 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk


TS308 Santa TS309 Christmas Tree TS310 Snowflake TS314 Large Pine Cone TS315 Small Pine Cone TS316 Traditional
TS307 Parcel TS311 Holly TS312 Small Poinsettia TS313 Santa Head Pine Cone


TS317 Father Christmas TS318 Iced Christmas TS319 Small Christmas

Pudding Tree TS403 Cleopatra TS404 Eiffel Tower TS406 King Tuts Mask TS407 Letterbox TS408 Liberty TS409 Lima


TS410 Macchu Picchu TS411 Ornate Pyramid TS412 Pisa TS413 Seated Chief TS414 Telephone Box TS415 Castle TS416 Lighthouse TS417 Pagoda TS418 Dragons TS419 Oriental Scene


TS501 Adjustable TS502 Banana 1 TS503 Banana 2 TS504 Bols TS505 Brandy TS506 Cone TS507 Candle Stick TS508 Decorated Stick TS509 Diamond Faces

TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed
candle mm inches grams Weight candle mm inches grams Weight
TS307 19.80 60 1 70 0.5 TS410 38.10 150 1 240 0.75
TS308 33.17 150 1 50 0.75 TS411 50.40 60 2 115 1
TS309 22.06 115 2 90 0.5 TS412 19.40 75 1 25 0.5
TS310 6.75 30 2 35 0.3 TS413 23.70 110 1 100 0.5
TS311 6.30 25 1 35 0.3 TS414 14.59 90 1 75 0.4
TS312 6.87 25 1 30 0.3 TS415 26.50 110 35 0.6
TS313 44.00 90 2 210 0.8 TS416 24.40 105 60 0.5
TS314 34.30 125 1 140 0.8 TS417 18.90 100 1 40 0.6
TS315 21.00 70 1 90 0.6 TS418 15.20 77 30 0.5
TS316 33.08 110 1 135 0.75 TS419 7.27 45 1 25 0.3
TS317 11.15 60 1 26 0.35 TS501 13.59 90 10 0.4
TS318 10.80 60 1 70 0.35
TS502 16.14 100 1 65 0.4
TS319 12.02 70 25 0.35 TS503 16.60 100 1 65 0.4
TS403 43.30 90 2 135 0.8 TS504 18.75 105 55 0.5
TS404 41.52 130 1 55 1.2 TS505 17.60 90 1 60 0.4
TS406 26.00 75 1 80 0.6 TS506 17.99 80 1 80 0.75
TS407 15.79 85 1 45 0.4 TS507 17.91 95 25 0.5
TS408 30.30 115 25 0.6 TS508 36.00 150 1 50 0.75
TS409 19.50 105 75 0.5 TS509 17.03 105 1 60 0.4

01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk 87


TS519 Large Stepped

TS515 Large Obelisk TS517 Large Scent TS520 Small Stepped
TS510 Dipped NCarve TS511 Hammer TS512 Herringbone TS513 Jerez TS514 Lantern TS516 Small Obelisk TS518 Small Scent TS521 Light Bulb TS522 Lighter

TS523 Mobile TS524 Ribbed TS525 Russian TS526 Salt and Pepper TS527 Sparky TS528 Square Faces TS529 Textures TS531 Vase TS532 Violin TS533 Flame Burst

TS 534 Lamp Shade TS 535 Petals TS536 Fleur de Lys TS537 Small Sunflower TS538 Rose TS539 Pineapple TS540 Small Rose TS541 Acorn TS542 Valley TS543 Rose Column

TS544 Pendant TS545 Grip TS546 Bubble Cube TS547 Traffic Lights TS548 Flower Block TS549 Cupcake TS550 Celtic TS551 Hug TS552 Kriss Cross TS553 Stripes

TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed
candle mm inches grams Weight candle mm inches grams Weight
TS510 47.60 260 60 0.9 TS533 25.09 90 1 145 0.55
TS511 12.86 90 15 0.4 TS534 27.77 155 65 0.6
TS512 24.00 115 1 80 0.5 TS535 35.03 100 1 200 0.75
TS513 36.06 120 1 100 0.75 TS536 35.88 100 2 235 0.65
TS514 18.30 90 1 65 0.4 TS537 6.61 25 1 30 0.3
TS515 56.50 260 1 135 1.1 TS538 22.40 30 2 60 0.5
TS516 40.30 160 50 0.75 TS539 20.80 85 1 50 0.50
TS517 26.80 120 1 90 0.6 TS540 6.13 37 1 33 0.25
TS518 25.10 110 1 60 0.6 TS541 22.80 65 1 50 0.5
TS519 29.19 55 2 80 0.5
TS542 24.70 75 1 100 0.5
TS520 16.48 45 1 50 0.4
TS543 17.46 75 1 150 0.5
TS521 12.28 80 1 55 0.4
TS544 17.25 100 1 67 0.4
TS522 10.51 80 30 0.3
TS545 18.50 110 1 77 0.4
TS523 9.73 70 25 0.3
TS524 22.62 75 2 200 0.6 TS546 35.30 70 1 77 0.75
TS525 13.90 80 1 55 0.4 TS547 41.47 120 2 420 0.8
TS526 10.13 65 1 60 0.3 TS548 38.10 145 2 310 0.8
TS527 12.00 80 15 0.3 TS549 12.86 55 55 0.3
TS528 16.69 100 1 60 0.4 TS550 8.18 30 2 125 0.25
TS529 22.20 85 1 140 0.5 TS551 16.10 65 40 0.4
TS531 18.10 100 40 0.4 TS552 12.60 85 1 130 0.3
TS532 31.40 130 1 65 0.6 TS553 14.20 100 1 95 0.3

88 01673 858555 www.thorne.co.uk sales@thorne.co.uk



NEW NEW Shapes


TS560 Contemporary
TS554 Manhatten TS555 Scary Pumpkin TS556 Small Pumpkin TS557 Dice TS558 Iced Cupcake TS559 Faberge Hexagon TS601 Buttress TS602 Fat Taper

TS603 Plain Pyramid TS604 Polygon TS605 Shell TS606 Slim Taper TS607 Tapered Rings TS608 Tapered Triangle TS609 Heart TS610 Fluted Heart TS611 Star TS612 Fluted Triangle

TS613 Fat Column L TS616 Slim Column L TS622 Small Plain,

TS614 Fat Column M TS617 Slim Column M TS623 Medium Plain, TS626 Rings TS627 TS628
TS615 Fat Column S TS618 Slim Column S TS619 Spiral TS620 Household TS621 Votive TS624 Large Plain TS625

TS637 Scooped
TS629 TS630 TS631 TS632 Tall Twist 2 TS633 Tight Twist TS634 Trio TS635 Egg TS636 Golf Ball Hexagonal TS638 Cracked

TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed TS Moulds Each Height Wick size Candle wt. Packed
candle mm inches grams Weight candle mm inches grams Weight
TS554 17.30 110 1 145 0.6 TS616 46.58 240 50 0.9
TS555 36.90 75 2 210 0.75 TS617 40.00 205 45 0.8
TS556 7.60 45 1 50 0.25 TS618 28.95 145 30 0.6
TS557 21.20 50 1 110 0.4 TS619 36.48 195 30 0.75
TS558 12.93 65 1 70