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Short guide for international applicants

How to apply for admission to

Bachelors Degree programs at Ecole Centrale de Nantes - ICSIA

This is a short guide to the admission process for international Bachelors applicants. We advise
you to consult our website for further information: http://www.icsia.mu/ or contact the
Admission Office by e-mail: Mauritius.campus@ec-nantes.fr

What to apply for?

Choosing your educational path is a big decision. Think it through, do some research and apply
for the program you are truly interested in. You are welcome to apply for the Bachelor of Science
in engineering. Please prioritize your minors choice (Civil Engineering, Ocean Engineering,
Industrial Engineering).

Who can apply?

Admission is offered only to the best-qualified international applicants who are interested in
being full-time, degree-seeking students. To apply for admission you must:

- Hold a qualifying examination. General access requirements are one of the general upper
secondary school leaving examinations or comparable qualifications. Access may also
depend on specific requirements such as a particular subject combination in upper
secondary school or a certain level of grades.
- Meet the specific English Proficiency admission requirements. All applicants must
document their English language level (official test results such as TOEFL,
Cambridge/Oxford, IELTS). The test result must not be more than two years old. Applicants
who are exempted from submitting an English test are: "Native speakers" holding an
English taught qualifying examination
- Other requirements (such as obtained level in mathematics, chemistry, physics or an
additional language) can be documented with a transcript from your school stating how
many hours you have been taught the specific subject in the last three years of your upper
secondary school.

How to apply? Important deadlines

April 30th - 2016

Application deadline for all applicants.

You can apply online at www.icsia.mu or by e-mail to Mautitus.campus@ec-nantes.fr. After you

have submitted your application it is very important that you print the signature page, sign it and
send it to us by e-mail or by post. The deadline for applications is April 30th. After this date,
applications will be closed for this year.

You can send all documents relative to applications by e-mail to Mauritius.campus@ec-nantes.fr

or by post to:

Mauritius Campus Admissions, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, 1 rue e

la No, BP92101, 44321 Nantes Cedex 3, France.

Application Checklist:

Applications must include the following documents:

- Upper secondary school diploma and grade transcript

- Other educational documents (university level or other)
- English Proficiency Documentation of English language qualifications (test result)
- Documentation of subject levels (Number of hours in upper secondary school)
- Photocopy of passport
- CV Write also a brief essay (about 3 pages, typewritten and double spaced) in which you
explain why you wish to enrol in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Studies program
at this time
- Registration Form
- Two letters of recommendation Recommendations should be completed only by those
individuals capable of evaluating your present academic and professional abilities (such as
a former professor or employer) and potential for undergraduate study.

What to expect? Feedback and final answers

You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email that your application is considered complete
within 4 days following application. The confirmation e-mail will review received documentations
used for the assessment and missing documents. If any documentation is missing you must
upload missing documents as soon as possible. If you have any doubts whether you need to
submit additional documentation write to Mauritius.campus@ec-nantes.fr and ask.

Final answers of admission/rejection are available 10 days after your application (based on a
complete documentations). At this time you will receive e-mail regarding the result of your

May 15th - 2016, deadline to confirm student place! If you are admitted to the Bachelor of
Science in Engineerings Degree program you must confirm or decline your student place before
the 15 May. If you do not confirm by this date, you will lose your student place.

Deadline summary

- Deadline for applications => April 30th. Limited seats are available, early applications are
- 4 days after yours application => confirmation receipt by e-mail
- Within 10 days following a complete application => assessment of application documents.
You will receive an e-mail notifying your applicant's status: eligible, not eligible, received
for interview. In some case, interview dates will be proposed to the applicant.
- 15 days after your application => final answers of admission/rejection. Information will be
send by e-mail.
- May 15th => Deadline to confirm or decline your student place. To confirm your student
place you must fulfil a registration form. Due to limited seats, we encourage you to
confirm your seat as soon as possible.

Who will be admitted? How we assess your qualifications

The first important step is to fulfil the entry requirements. All applicants who fulfil the
requirements will be included in the final assessment. The admission procedure involves 2 steps:


Applications are selected based on:

- The academic background of the applicant;

- The results obtained during secondary school studies (10th, 11th, 12th grades). Applicants
will be judged on their level in mathematics, sciences and English.

At the end of this step, the applicants are assigned to one of the three following groups:

- Eligible applicants, who will receive an acceptance letter;

- Ineligible applicants, who will receive a letter of rejection;
- Applicants whose eligibility is still in doubt. They will be invited to an interview.


The interview is only for applicants who were not admitted nor rejected in the first step. It allows
to assess their motivation to study at Ecole Centrale de Nantes and the relevance of their career

The interview could be with a staff of faculty. The interview could be conducted in the Mauritius
campus or by phone (or Skype). The phone or Skype interviews will be conducted with the
candidate being located at the premises of a partner college or at the French Embassy of the
applicants country in order to secure identity checking.

The interview will be held in English.

At the end of the interview, a score is established. This score is combined with the score of the
step 1.

According to the overall score the applicants are eligible or ineligible.

For any information, please visit www.icsia.mu or send e-mail at Mauritius.campus@ec-nantes.fr