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Anish Chauhan

Phone: +91-9243-404140 Email:


Objective >
Seeking challenging position as Senior Design Engineer in the field of design/development where there is a lot of scope to
develop my knowledge, potential and skills.

REFERENCES Available upon request

Summary >
• Over 4.5 Years of experience in Firmware and Design Development.
• Experience for a full product life cycle for a product development
• Experience on developing applications using C
• Experience in Embedded Technology

Technical Skills >

Languages C, Assembly, Familiar with C++
Operating Systems Windows XP/2000, Linux
Microcontrollers Philips ARM7TDMI LPCxx Series, ATMEL AVR Core, Philips 8051 Series, PIC16Fxx Series, MSP430
Microprocessors Rabbit Core RCM2240
Compiler/Editors IAR C Compiler & Debugger, GNU ARM v3.4.3, Keil µ Vision, Dynamic C v8.51, MPLab
Editors Source Insight, Understand C++, Notepad++, Edit plus, Ultra Edit
Tools Klockworks, QAC, AVR Studio, Cygwin Shell
Software Control
ClearCase, SVN, WinCVS
EDA Packages Familiar with ORCAD Schematic Capture, PCB Layout

Professional Summary >

• Currently working as Sr. Software Engineer in Honeywell Technology Solution Lab, Bangalore since June 2008
to till the date (2+ Years)
• Worked as a Software Engineer in Tata Elxsi Limited, Bangalore from December-2006 to June-2008 (1.5 Years)
• Worked as a Trainee in Celetronics India Pvt. Limited, Mumbai from November-2005 to December-2006 (1 Year)

Education >
B.E Electronics Sarvajanik Collage of Engineering & 69.5 % (first class with distinction)
Technologies, Surat
HSC (12th) Jeevan Bharti Kumar Bhavan, Surat 2000 62.77 %
SSC (10th) R D Contractor High School, Surat 1998 76.00 % (first class with distinction)

Training >
• Full time Advance Embedded System Designing, from Oasis Technologies, Pune from Feb’05 – Aug’05.

Project Details >

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, Bangalore >

Development of Thermostat
Project Thermostat is a temperature controlling device. the main objective to build this
description product is to have a smart thermostat for demand response solutions. Where a
utility can control this thermostat installed in your home controlling the set points to
save as much as 15 % of the energy cost cutting in the electricity bills. Apart from
demand response the thermostat has large easy to read backlight touchscreen
interface, flexible-and-readable text messaging, personalized In-Home-Display
provides user a billing information for the electricity, water, accurate piece of
temperature control with +/- 1 degree
Team Size 3
Period (Duration) 24 Months
Platform ATMEL ATMega645
Operating Simple Non-Preemptive scheduler
Tools IAR Workbanch, Visual Studio 2005, Flash,
Role and • Getting the requirements
Responsibilities • Quick prototype on Visual Studio & Flash Based Thermostat for market
• Designing the product, coding, testing (UIT/DIT/SIT)
• FFT code Development & Testing
• Support for the production

ID3000 Panel Simulator

Project The purpose of this project to provide the simulation and real feel of the ID3000
description Panel, later it will be used for the simulation and eliminate the requirement of the
actual hardware for some testing and simulations. The main tasks are establishing
the communication between the back-end and front-end, developing the LCD
Screens, Designing the menu.
Team Size 1
Period (Duration) 3 Months (going on)
Platform Visual Studio 2005
Tools IDE : Visual Studio 2005
Role and • Establishing the communication between the front-end and back-end
Responsibilities • Developing the Menu
• Developing the LCD Screens

Tata Elxsi Limited, Bangalore >

Firmware Development for STB Front Panel
Project Set top box front panel contains IR receiver, display and keyboard, which allow user
description interaction with the STB. The role of Firmware (for front panel) is to get user inputs
and send it to the STB application program through I2C Bus
Team Size 2
Period (Duration) 4 Months
Platform Ti’s MSP430 (MSP430F1232)
Tools IDE : IAR Embedded Workbench,
Debugger : IAR C-SPY JTAG Debugger
Role and Responsible for development & implementation for followings –
Responsibilities • Firmware module for RC5 infrared protocol
• Firmware module for keyboard and I2C Bus

Reverse Engineering of DTV

Project The reverse engineering of the DTV code for the development.
description The whole DTV system is developed on pSOS operating system. Later it has been
ported to execute on linux-CE environment. To support this pSOS wrapper has been
developed. The module supports for the resource management and task
Team Size 2
Period (Duration) 12 Months
Platform Toshiba TC90411XBG (TX49 64-bit RISC)
Tools IDE: Understand C++, Source Insight
Role and • Analysis of the source code
Responsibilities • Preparing of the analysis report
• Preparing of the API document

Celetronix India Pvt Limited, Mumbai >

Universal Automated Front Panel Tester Development
Project The main objective of this project is to make a Universal Auto Front Panel Tester,
description which can tests the any type of Front Panel having features to test the push button
switch, indicating LEDs, Infrared LED and IR Receiver, with no manual intervention
(fully automated)
Team Size 1
Period (Duration) 4 months
Platform ARM7TDMI LPC2294
Tools Compiler: GNU arm 3.4.3
Debugger: GNU gdb 6.1
Compiling Environment: Cygwin, Makefile
Binary Downloading: LPC2000 Flash Utility
Role and Responsible for whole firmware application development which includes –
Responsibilities • UART Module,
• IR Transmitter/Receiver Module,
• LEDs and Switch Measuring Automation Module
• Board Bring up & Integration
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Mini PC
Project The main objective of this project is to provide low cost PC solution; to replace the
description desktop PC with embedded PC. The main requirement is to interface the optical
barcode scanner; Ethernet interface thru it could be connected to server and
transfer the scanned data.
Team Size 2
Period (Duration) 4 Months
Platform ARM7TDMI LPC2138
Tools Compiler: GNU arm 3.4.3
Debugger: GNU gdb 6.1
Compiling Environment: Cygwin, Makefile
Binary Downloading: LPC2000 Flash Utility
Role and Responsible for firmware development for the following -
Responsibilities • Serial Barcode Scanner Interface module,
• LCD Interface Module,
• I2C Interface Module, Board bring up & Integration

Porting of uCOS-II on ARM Platform

Project MicroC/OS is multitasking, pre-emptive, deterministic real time operating system,
description developed by Jean Labrrose. Portable c source code was available as processor
independent code and processor dependent code. In order to port the microC/OS
onto microcontroller, processor specific code has been changed as per processor
and compiler used. Processors dependent code includes context switching, interrupt
service routine code
Team Size 1
Period (Duration) 2 Month
Platform ARM7TDMI LPC2138
Tools Compiler: GNU arm 3.4.3
Debugger: GNU gdb 6.1
Compiling Environment: Cygwin, Makefile
Binary Downloading: LPC2000 Flash Utility
Role and • Understanding the target architecture.
Responsibilities • Port the processor specific source code, which involves mainly interrupt
level context switching code and task level context switching code to the
target system.
• Create the application to test the multitasking behavior

Personal Details >

Present Address 40/203, Heritage-10, Chinnappanahalli, Marathalli Post, Next to AECS Layout, Bangalore – 560037
Phone Number +91-9243-404140
Nationality Indian
Date of Birth 7th September 1983
Passport Details E9394015
PAN Details AGMPC5538P
Email anis.chauhan@gmail.com

Anish Chauhan

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