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Navraj Singh Chhina

Software Developer (289) 930-0002

Skills Work Experience

Languages SpaceX: Waterloop | Back End Team
September 2017- Present | Waterloo, ON
C HTML5/CSS3 Javascript SQL
Python Java
Tools and Frameworks
Git Bash Bootstrap MySQL Ajax

University of Waterloo Hostinko | Front End Developer
July 2017 - August 2017 | Ludhiana, India
2017-2022 (expected)
Honours, Bachelors of Software Developed new webpages and front end applications
llEngineering using Javascript libraries and Ajax
Presidents Scholarship Recipient Optimized codebase to decrease website load time
by over 10% affecting over 200 clients
NSPS Ludhiana Introduced effective marketing techniques resulting in
an increase of over 40% customers in one month
April 2015 - March 2017
School Gold Medalist (AISSCE)
Vice-Head of Student Council Projects
VoiRate voirate.nschhina.com
Activities and Interests Python Javascript HTML5 CSS3
Hack The North Designed a web app that rates the users presentation
Volunteered to check in nearly 1000 based on their voice delivery at Hack The North 2017
;;hackers into the event. Coded the algorithm in Python from scratch using
Ensured a smooth conduct of the event mathplot libraries with sound wave analysis.
working in a fast paced environment website.nschhina.com
Online Portfolio
Worked with a team of nearly 50 Javascript HTML5 CSS3
volunteers to fix issues with label
printing machine Designed personal website using bootstrap
libraries and selectors.
Punjab Cultural Council
Project 3 project3.nschhina.com
Performed Bhangra for Punjab Cultural
Promotion Council in Europe, Australia
and Russia
Media co-ordinator and organizer for
international folk festivals in India
Choreopgraphed 12 member team for
world folk competition in Russia