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Mesopotamian Art

Interesting carving, with

Simple but life-like attention to detail. Good
sculpture, the use of shape to create the
material suits the carving.
model and it is quite
Highly intricate
dagger, with bright
colours which could
indicate who would of
used it.
Good attention to
detail, life-like
Highly detailed sculpture
sculpture. Bland carved into the rock,
colour works well. with parts extruding from
the main rock form.

Simple, life-like
High detailed carving
rock sculpture the
with interesting use of
head of a sheep.
repeating shape and

Interesting design Good use of colour,

on the pottery, interesting material used
interesting patterns (pattern made of multiple
with use of simple small tiles) to create
colours. overall design.

Small bronze model with

good use of colour and
Mesopotamian Architecture

Ishtar Gates 575 BC

Large structure
Simple shapes to create interesting structure
Bright colours
Interesting use of tiles to create images on the

Ziggurat 2000 BC
Large fortress-like building
Overall design is a simple shape with
additional features
Stands out from the rest of the
surrounding area

Leptis Magna 7th Century BC

Structure made of solid stone
Rounded shape compared to other
Smaller pillars surrounding the
main architecture
Well built due to how long it
has lasted
Possible structure of importance
due to how it is of a different
design compared to others
5 Facts about Mesopotamian Culture
1. Each city is Mesopotamia has its own god that it worships
2. The people believed they were the servants of the Gods
3. The Priests had more power than the King and the Queen
4. Mesopotamia was the very first civilization
5. They believed that after death, all people would go under the ground
and would become ghosts and eat dirt