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RFS HF and Defense Solutions

Mobilizing world-class HF communications capabilities

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Customized, next-generation
solutions for the most demanding
defense and civilian operations

Securing the technological edge with HF systems Reliability on every front

For decades, high-frequency (HF) systems prospect that raises important questions With a strong focus on improving system RFS is committed to providing HF system solutions that meet the
have provided the communications hotline for the personnel responsible for critical performance through innovative product most demanding communications requirements, across short,
for defense forces and civilian groups communications networks. design, RFS serves major defense groups,
medium and long-distance coverage areas, and in the harshest
around the world. With communications government organizations and system
hops of up to 4,000 kilometers, HF Military and emergency-response groups integrators across the globe. Our highly environments.
systems continue to be a vital component are faced with the need to upgrade their qualified team of engineers, technical
of large-scale installations, and critical for infrastructure to keep maintenance costs officers and technicians are engaged in a A comprehensive HF range Mechanical robustness
rapid, ever-shifting deployments. under control and ensure the system continuous R&D program, designing and RFS base range of broadband HF antennas To certify their reliability, HF systems are
is future-proof for migration to digital adapting HF and tactical products at the includes more than 18 different designs. specially designed to be low-maintenance
Voice communications have long been technology. Radio Frequency Systems cutting edge of modern technology. These are combined with a leading and long-lived. Rugged construction and
the primary focus. But with digital capabilities are among the most advanced transmission line range, which includes corrosion resistance ensure that RFS
technologies gaining ground, transmitting in the world for enhancing existing the worlds only 8 and 9-inch air-dielectric systems safely stand up to the most severe
tactical data via HF systems is an attractive systems and creating both standard and coaxial cables, to provide a comprehensive weather conditions.
customized HF and tactical antennas. mix of flexible solutions that will adapt to
any situation. Customized solutions
RFS prides itself on its ability to work closely
Superior performance with customers in engineering a tailored
A key component of RFS system design HF antenna solution to meet the clients
and optimization capability is computer specific needs. Whether part of an upgrade
simulation and analysis. This process takes or a new deployment, every component can
into account the prediction of ionospheric be fully custom-designed and optimized for
behavior and antenna specifications to a specific application.
enable coverage pattern simulation,
ensuring the HF communications system
will achieve the desired performance
at all times.


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Knowledge gained in over
40 years of in-field experience

Comprehensive range of HF communications systems

RFS excels in the innovative

design, manufacture and
installation of HF antennas,
tactical antennas, feeder
systems, combiners,
baluns and associated
sub-systems. HF systems
from RFS are designed
with the use of advanced
modeling capabilities,
expertly developed and Horizontal and Broadband Tactical antennas Biconical dipoles Standard and Rotatable log Antenna switching System design,
vertical log periodics monopoles tandem deltas periodics matrices integration, and
perfected over the past four
decades. RFS also boasts
proven capability in the Suitable for medium Designed for medium RFS wide range of This omnidirectional Omnidirectional High-performance Antenna switching RFS offers
design, construction and to long-distance to long-distance omni- tactical man-pack broadband series is high angle radiators directional antennas matrices facilitate comprehensive HF and
commissioning of all major applications, RFS directional operation, and transportable designed for short designed for are designed to provide multiple transmitter/ tactical turnkey project
horizontal log periodic these antennas exhibit antennas are available and medium-range ionospheric propagation short, medium and receiver to services, including
HF communications systems antenna performance low angle radiation in standard designs or coverage. As neither over short to medium long-range coverage. multiple antenna specific resources and
and sub-systems. is virtually ground- patterns an economical can be customized to terminating resistors distances. Radiation These units exhibit interconnections, skills in key engineering
independent, with solution for general meet specific customer nor antenna-tuning results from a wave high-gain characteristics providing a compact areas such as:
take-off angles that HF communications requirements. hardware is required, traveling upward to a coupled with excellent system with low VSWR - Antenna sub-system
can be tailored to suit applications. essentially all input resistive termination rotational speed and and high isolation design
particular requirements. power is radiated. at the antennas apex. accuracy, making these characteristics. - Antenna farm design
Alternatively, the RFS Similar in form to the multipurpose antennas - Antenna coupling
vertical log periodic standard delta, the the ideal solution for analysis
antenna series provides tandem delta does not multi-link applications. - Antenna radiation
ground-dependant have a terminating hazard analysis
Total design excellence
vertical beam-widths resistor. As a result, all - Coverage maps
and is characterized by a As RFS designs are broadband, its antennas input power is radiated, daytime and nighttime
low-angle radiation that suit a wide variety of applications ranging achieving gains of
from simple, low-cost, single-sideband radio
is essentially constant at 3-4dB over the standard
(SSB) installations to complex, large-scale
all frequencies. military installations and electronic warfare


countermeasure systems.

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Project Spotlight:
Why RFS?
HF Sky Wave Communications A worldwide leader in wireless
System (HF SWCS) and broadcast infrastructure

Mission complete: Next-generation HF Serious about A legacy

Outfitting the Australian services of innovation
Defence Force
Customers know they can count on RFS A total commitment to design and develop
In cooperation with world- This advanced HF project provides a Harnessing the latest HF technology,
single, integrated system, which replaces HF SWCS works more like a mobile phone for comprehensive logistical capabilities, the worlds most advanced technology
renowned manufacturer flawless execution and outstanding for wireless communication has kept RFS
the three ageing communications systems system than a typical HF broadcast system.
Boeing, RFS has built an previously used by the Australian Army, Its ease of operation also enables reduced technical skills and support. The companys at the forefront of the industry for more
HF communications system Navy and Air Force. user training. The systems advanced dedicated shipment coordinators, hotline than 70 years. Dedicated R&D teams, plus
staff and on-site engineers go well beyond a privileged partnership with Bell Labs, are
for the Australian Defence capabilities include:
Four strategic transmit-and-receive sites, mere technology, striving to offer tailored at the source of breakthroughs that are
Force. Developed over a solutions to meet even the most complex ensuring the mobility of an increasingly
or nodes, are outfitted with radio systems G
 reater automation of traditional
ten-year period, the HF Sky for the exchange of voice, data, email operator tasks Radio Frequency Systems site-engineering and delivery challenges. wireless world.
Wave Communications and facsimiles. The sites are connected to Improved frequency management (RFS) is a global designer and
RFS value-added services match the RFS is at the frontier of wireless technology
System (HF SWCS) has two purpose-built Network Management
Improved area of coverage and range
manufacturer of cable, antenna
Facilities, connecting the entire Australian and tower systems, along exact needs of business partners large innovation, sustaining the boldest ventures
achieved independent and small. to enhance the way people communicate
Defence Force. Centralized management and control with active and passive RF
recognition as the most conditioning modules, providing and live.
Major infrastructure modernization
advanced system Real-time services include secure analog total-package solutions
Directional antenna beam pointing
of its type in the world. voice, secure digital voice, civilian distress call for wireless and broadcast
and fixed network operator. Non-real-time Engineered quiet receive sites infrastructure.
services include organizational messages, Automatic,
 reliable, confirmed link Ever-present quality A truly global
Using the latest HF fax, e-mail and interactive data services, as data transfer (BER 1 in 10E8) RFS serves OEMs, distributors, guarantee company
technology, the system well as network maintenance, frequency systems integrators, operators
Automatic link establishment
provides a cost-effective planning and communications planning. and installers in the broadcast,
Increased data speeds (up to wireless communications, land- From design to manufacture, ISO 9001 With on-the-ground personnel in more
information exchange 4800bps; possible 9600bps) and ISO 14001 certification standards than 20 countries and on every continent,
The HF SWCS delivers the dependable mobile and microwave market
capability of the highest connectivity and throughput the previous sectors. encompass all aspects of RFS business RFS always delivers on its commitments,
 utomatic direct-dial non-secure
capacity available, and is HF systems lacked. The Australian Defence telephone calls
worldwide. Every product RFS ships has providing a comprehensive range of
stood up to the most stringent technical, premium products, systems and services. Its
conceived for use by both Force now has long-range regional and
S emi-automatic direct-dial secure
As an ISO-compliant organi-
beyond-line-of-site communications zation with manufacturing environmental and quality control tests, clients benefit from all the advantages of a
military and civilian groups. telephone calls continuously meeting and surpassing global supplier, while relying on dedicated
capabilities, with more than 93% average and customer-service facilities
grade of service over 30% of the earths Mobile configurations include land, that span the globe, RFS offers the expectations of a long list of wireless support from RFS local engineering,
surface for all traffic types. sea and air; remote fixed stations cutting-edge engineering carriers, transportation and utility operators, manufacturing and shipping teams.
capabilities, superior field and broadcasters.
support and innovative product RFS products, systems and personnel can
design. RFS backs every product bearing its name be found in every corner of the planet.
with a quality guarantee that is unrivaled in As a global group, RFS is committed
A worldwide partnership the market. to upholding the most stringent


Strengthening their cooperation, RFS and Boeing Defence Australia (BDA), a wholly owned subsidiary environmental, health and safety standards,
of the Boeing company, announced a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to jointly market Boeings HF and seeks to integrate green initiatives in
Sky Wave Communications System (HF SWCS) internationally.
every aspect of its business.

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Radio Frequency Systems - 07/2010

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