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Cable Accessories
Cable Mount Clamps
FCC 1x8-14 FCC 2x8-14 FCC 1x22-32 FCC 2x22-32 FCC 3x22-32

Cable mount clamps are

stainless steel polyamide
with black glass fibre,
resistant to UV radiation.

Cable clamp system for 22mm-32mm power cables
Cable clamp system for 8mm-14mm fibre optic cables
Made exclusively of ASI 304 stainless steel, cables are held by sized blocks of
fibreglass polyamide
UV resistant
Temperature range:+110oC -35oC
Calibrated saddles for cable safety
Resistance to temperature changes
Durable and easy to assemble

Model FCC 1x8-14 FCC 2x8-14
Number of Fibre Optic Cables 1 2
Size of Fibre Optic Cable 8mm-14mm 8mm-14mm
Maximum Torque 2.2Nm 2.2Nm

Model FCC 1x22-32 FCC 2x22-32 FCC 3x22-32
Number of Power Cables 1 2 3
Size of Power Cable 22mm-32mm 22mm-32mm 22mm-32mm
Maximum Torque 4Nm 4Nm 4Nm

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