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SALES, Romeo Solomon Jr.




This CONTRACT made and executed by and between:

Jose T. Romulo of legal age, Filipino, Married and a resident of Quezon

City, herein after referred to as clent;


Valencia and Torres Law Offices, a law firm organized in the Philippines,
with principal office at Don Manuel, Quezon City. Hereinafter referred to

WHEREAS, the LAW FIRM has offered its professional legal services to the
CLIENT and CLIENT agrees to retain the professional legal services of the
LAW FIRM under a retainership basis, subject to the terms and conditions
hereinafter stipulated:

1. The term or duration of this contract will be for handling the legal
defense of Jose T. Romulo in Civil Case 4566 pending at the Quezon
City RTC for specific performance with damages.

2. The LAW FIRM, while in the performance of its duties, shall be

entitled to a fixed monthly retainer fee of PHP10,000

3. The LAW FIRM shall make itself available for ready consultation by
the CLIENT in all matters or business requiring legal
advice and opinion affecting the client in general.

4. The LAW FIRM shall handle other cases as referred to it by the

CLIENT for a fee that shall be determined by mutual
agreement of the law firm and the CLIENT, on a case to case basis,
such as, but not limited to, all suits or cases for or against the
CLIENT, including officers and employees of the CLIENT sued in
their official capacity.

5. Routinary expenses for mailing of demand letters, pleadings to

court and copies thereof to adverse parties, costs
of photocopy of evidentiary documents, payment of stenographic
notes, costs of publications of notices, as well as filing fees and other
legal expenses in court and other appropriate government offices
shall be for the account of the CLIENT.
SALES, Romeo Solomon Jr. A

6. It is understood and agreed that nothing in this contract shall be

construed as establishing the relationship of employer-employee
between the CLIENT and the LAW FIRM.

7. Any violation of the terms and conditions of this contract by the

LAW FIRM shall give the CLIENT the option to rescind or cancel
immediately the contract without necessity of judicial proceedings.

8. The CLIENT reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without

need of cause or reason upon thirty-day written notice to the LAW

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have signed this instrument this 27th
day of January at Quezon City, Philippines.

Valencia and Torres Law Offices

By: Atty. Romeo A. Sales

Managing Partner

Signed in the presence of:

Barry Allen Arthur Curry