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Middleton Community



Orchestra readies to Middleton

kick off eighth season

stop saying
pledge of
MCO will perform Copland and Dvorak
before board
by MATT GEIGER music, Taranto continued.

Our audience will love this
concert - it really brings out the
best in the MCO.
The Middleton Community
Jensen began playing trum-
Orchestra is back. In the first
pet in her hometown of Hor-
concert of its eighth season on
tonville, Wisconsin and went on
Wednesday, Oct. 11 at the Mid-
to earn her Bachelor of Music
dleton-Cross Plains Performing
from Lawrence University in
Arts Center, the MCO will per-
Appleton, Wisconsin under the
form Quiet City by Aaron
tutelage of John Daniel.
Copland and Symphony No. by KEVIN MURPHY With board members Paul
I started playing trumpet the
6 by Antonin Dvorak. Connell and Gary Whitney
summer before 5th grade in my Times-Tribune
The performance of Quiet absent, Town Chair Cynthia
hometown of Hortonville, WI.
City will feature two soloists; Richson suggested delaying
On instrument try-out day, I The controversy over play-
Jessica Jensen on trumpet and further discussion until they
tested all of the woodwind in- ers kneeling during the Na-
Valree Casey on English horn. are present.
struments, Jensen recalls. Be- tional Anthem at the start of
Tickets are $15 and are avail- I dont think youll get
fore we left, they encouraged NFL games to protest racism
able at the door and at Willy St. traction from the two other
me to try at least one brass in- and police brutality has Town
Coop West. board members, Renteria
strument. I reluctantly picked of Middleton Board Supervi-
I am really excited to be said.
up the trumpet, blew through it sor Richard Oberle suggest-
playing the Dvorak 6th sym- Oberle mentioned a U.S.
and this horribly loud blart ing the Pledge of Allegiance
phony with our orchestra, said Supreme Court decision from
came out. As a painfully shy no longer be recited before
Mindy Taranto, one of the or- the 1940s that prohibited re-
kid, there was something ex- the town board meetings.
chestras founders. It isnt per- quiring students from saying
tremely liberating about the vi- The town board has been
formed often enough. It has so the Pledge in public schools
brancy of a trumpet. saying the Pledge for several
many beautiful melodies that could apply here.
I kept playing, due to two years but Oberle said to
drive everyone to listen to each No one is forcing any-
things, Jensen continued. avoid conflict maybe it
other and to make music to- body to say it, Richson said.
One, the extraordinary middle should be removed from the
gether. I am also proud that we Oberle, who seemed to be
school band program in Hor- agenda.
have the talent to play Cop- testing the idea, said he had
tonville coupled with the en- That will be opposed ve-
lands Quiet City with our very Photo contributed not yet decided to put it on a
Valree Casey (above) will be one of two featured soloists in hemently, said Board Super-

Marching Band and Color Guard

own soloists. Jessica and Valree future board agenda. If the
sound amazing. See CONCERT, page 2 the MCO concert next week. visor Brent Renteria. [National Anthem] contro-
My co-founder, Larry Bevic I get it, its about patriot- versy goes away it could go

shined at Band Fest Invitationals Police say man

and I feel grateful to have as- ism, Oberle replied. away here, too, he said.
sembled such a talented, like
minded group of musicians who

brandished gun in
play for the love of making

domestic incident
At approx- subject with the rifle.
imately 6:48 Officers located the suspect,
a.m. on Fri- who was identified as Ethan So
day, Septem- Yang, 19, of Madison. It was
ber 29, the determined to be a domestic
Middleton related incident, said police,
Police De- and Yang admitted to pointing a
partment re- rifle at the occupants. The rifle
ceived a call was located in Yangs vehicle.
about a dis- Yang was arrested and
turbance tak- booked into the Dane County
ing place Jail on charges of possession
Photo contributed
The MHS Cardinal Marching Band and Color Guard will be giving their final performance
outside of with intent to deliver marijuana,
of the season this Friday night, October 6, at Breitenbach stadium during the MHS Homecoming
Springs Window Fashions disorderly conduct while
football game.
at 7549 Graber Road in the City armed, endangering safety by
On Saturday, September 16 Marching Band took second in the AAAA division and second of Middleton. use of a dangerous weapon, and
and Sunday, September 17, the the AAAA division and fourth place overall out of eight bands A witness reported seeing an domestic related recklessly en-
Middleton High School Cardi- overall with a score of 60.25 in performing. They also im- occupant of one vehicle exit and dangering safety.
nal Marching Band and Color the Mukwonago Phantom Phest proved their score to 66.525 point a rifle at the occupants of Any witnesses with informa-
Guard placed in two marching Invitational. Sunday was the which was a great improvement another vehicle. Both vehicles tion are encouraged to contact
band invitationals. Waukesha North Band Fest In- then sped off as if the lead vehi- the Middleton Police Depart-
On Saturday, the Cardinal vitational. The band took first in See CARDINAL, page 7 cle was being chased by the ment at 608-824-7300.

CONCERT continued from page 1

couragement of my private functions, community events, professional orchestras, our re- of Gabriel, a Jewish man who in
teachers. Two, my parents. Nei- and hosts recitals in the South- hearsal cycle is much longer. his youth dreamed of being a
ther of whom have a musical ern Wisconsin area. Her profes- The transformation from the poet. After living in the city, he
background - they own a heavy- sional engagements include first rehearsal to the concert is a felt the urge to pursue the
duty truck repair shop - but still, performing with the Central remarkable journey. American Dream and changed
they supported me in whatever Wisconsin Symphony, Madison Jensen said she looks forward his name, married a rich
I wanted to do and exhibited a Symphony Orchestra, Beloit- to teaming up with Casey for woman, and became the head of
tremendous amount of patience Janesville Symphony Orches- Quiet City at the Oct. 11 Mid- a large department store.
through all of the loud and tra, and Ladies Must Swing. dleton Community Orchestra Throughout the play he is
sometimes unpleasant sounds. In addition to her perform- show. confronted by the memory of
As my dad jokingly said, I ance experience, Jessica was In 1939, Copland composed his brother who took a different
havent been able to watch a Adjunct Professor of Trumpet at the incidental music for a play path in life, Jensen said. His
Packer game in years since she the University of Wisconsin at of the same name by Irwin brother, David, is a jazz trumpet
started playing that thing, she Green Bay in the Fall semester Shaw, she explained. After player who followed his ambi-
added. of 2014. less than a handful of perform- tions and embraced his heritage.
Jensen went on to earn her Its been wonderful to be a ances, the play was deemed a When the trumpet comes in
Master of Music degree from part of MCO for the past few flop and discontinued. In 1940, it is supposed to be reminiscent
UW-Madison with the guidance years, Jensen said. Organiza- Copland was still touched by of his thoughts of his brothers
of John Aley. She is currently tions like this are what the com- the synopsis of the play and cre- path and Jewish heritage and a
completing her DMA work at munity is all about. There is ated this short work comprised painful reminder of everything
UW-Madison. something very special about a of the incidental music that he he gave up to be successful -
She is also a member of Mad group of people with diverse wrote which is supposed to de- he questions if it was worth it,
City Brass, Madisons premier backgrounds in the community pict the main characters jour- Jensen said.
graduate brass quintet, which working together to achieve a ney in the play. Valree Casey lives in Madi-
actively performs at university common goal. Compared to Quiet Citydepicts a journey son and is a freelance oboe and
English hornist. For the past
five years she has been per-
forming with the Middleton
Community Orchestra. She also
regularly solos with the Madi-
son Chamber Choir and has per-
formed with the Beloit
Janesville Orchestra and other
ensembles in Southern Wiscon-
Originally from San Diego,
CA, Casey began her oboe stud-
ies at age 11 and as a teenager
performed regularly with
groups such as the San Diego
Youth Symphony, San Diego
State University Orchestra, Cal-
ifornia State University Orches-
tra and San Diego Symphony
Photo contributed
As a painfully shy kid, there was something extremely lib-
erating about the vibrancy of a trumpet, says Jessica Jensen. Pops Concerts.
In addition to studying at the
Vienna Konservatorium in Vi-
enna, Austria, Valree holds a
Bachelors of Music Perform-
ance, Oboe from University of
the Pacific and a Masters from
the University of Michigan.
Valree has been fortunate to
study with Nancy Ambrose
King, Harry Sargous, Tom Nu-
gent, Michael Turnovsky and
Peggy Michael.
Casey is the mother of three
boys (eight-year-old twins and
BishopsBayCommunit y.com

a six year old).

MCO has been an amazing,
weekly reminder about how
much I love music, said Casey.
After taking four years off
from performing to have three
babies, MCO welcomed me
with open arms and brought me
back to the music world.
[Im] so honored to have my
first solo performance with this
amazing musical family, said
The concert will take place
Wednesday, Oct. 11 at the Mid-
dleton-Cross Plains Performing
Arts Center starting at 7:30 p.m.

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One injured when Visioning Team Reports to Board

of Education on new High School

meetings at
City Hall truck collides with
Caterpillar on Hwy. 14
6:30 PMPublic Works Com- by ALEX CRAMER about the innovation work that ley requested that, in addition to
mittee B weve been doing as a district venture capital arms of local
and also the high school vision- businesses like American Fam-

Driver had to be extricated by

10/10/2017 ing team, assistant superin- ily, the school try to incorporate
Last week the Middleton- tendent Cyra said. local scientific ventures. In re-
5:00 PMLicense and Ordi-

Middleton Fire Department

Cross Plains Area School Dis- One of the teams big take- sponse, the superintendent
nance Committee B trict Board of Education heard a
6:00 PMPersonnel & Finance aways was the need to find a noted that, The Mayor of Mid-
presentation from three mem- bridge between two operating dleton has been very helpful
CommitteesBudget/Person- bers of the visioning team who
nel Scenarios B systems: the traditional top- and supportive in that area with
One man was injured in a left turn. Williams rear- have been working for over a down leadership style that his contacts. With his back-
7:00 PMPlan Commission CC year to shape a comprehensive
pick-up truck versus Cater- ended the grader and rolled Sharp referred to as Command ground as a geneticist, hes ac-
pillar grader crash on US his 2007 Dodge Dakota plan for the proposed new high and Control, and the more hor- tually linking us up with some
10/11/2017 school.
Highway 14 in the Town of pick-up truck. Williams had izontal, cluster-based style organizations and some poten-
6:00 PMFinance Committee Assistant Superintendent
Middleton on the morning of to be extricated from his ve- known as Adaptive. tial lab space.
and Common Council Budget Sherri Cyra, Middleton High
Sept. 27. hicle by the Middleton Fire The adaptive operating Principal Gurtner expressed
Scenarios CC School principal Stephen Plank
Dane County Sheriffs Department and was trans- system is all about introducing excitement about the possibili-
and Public Hearing and Clark Street Community
deputies were dispatched to ported to UW Hospital with and perfecting new ideas and ties a symbiotic relationship be-
US Highway 14 at Schwartz minor injuries. School and 21st Century e- command and control is all tween the high school and the
10/12/2017 School principal Jill Gurtner
Road at 9:26 am. Glenn The driver of the Caterpil- about how do you take the new business community might pro-
6:00 PMFriends of Middleton spoke about the path the com-
Williams, age 84 of Spring lar grader, Richard Bakken, and improved ideas and how do vide. We really can make our
Dog Parks B mittee has taken and the
Green, was traveling west- age 71 of Verona, was not in- you integrate them into the sys- physical campus expand; with
6:30 PMBock Community progress it has made so far. The
bound on Highway 14 when jured in the crash. tem that already exists, Gurt- the infrastructure the city has
Garden Committee C presentation came a day before
he attempted to pass the Citations for Mr. Williams ner said. put in place,... the connections
grader, which was making a were pending. the Facility Planning Commit- These two systems are both to the industrial park, there may
10/16/2017 tee meeting, which would fea-
5:30 PMWorkforce Housing present in the school system, be some spaces that we dont
ture different options for the and are united under the shared physically recreate, but because
Task Force B physical campus. Superintend-
6:30 PMSustainability Com- purpose of serving students weve created these partner-
ent George Mavroulis noted needs. But they diverge dramat- ships, it opens doors for our stu-
mittee B that the timing was no accident.
7:00 PMParks, Recreation and Weekend Outlook This is why we had this
ically in their rules, priorities, dents. Maybe students can go
Forestry Committee CC language, and power structure, use the high level labs that we
meeting tonight, Mavroulis according to the visioning team. have right down the road right
said so that when we go public The high school of the future now.
10/17/2017 with the space proposals tomor-
4:30 PMTourism Commission the team envisions makes more While its important to em-
row night, youll have the vi- room for the nebulous adap- power students in the planning
October 7
October 6 October 8

sion in your head first. tive system to work in concert process, the goal of providing
5:30 PMPersonnel Committee While Mondays meeting
CC with the top-down structure that the best learning environment
wasnt about the new building has long been the norm. isnt about catering to the stu-
6:00 PMFinance Committee itself, it was full of thoughts
CC One things for sure: theyve dents every whim. Principal
about what goals the space got support from the top. Gurtner commented that push-
7:30 PMCommon Council CC should accomplish for students, Mavroulis face lit up when he ing students out of their comfort
Partly Cloudy Chance of Rain Chance of Rain

as well as insight into the cir- was talking about the potential zones sometimes provided the
10/18/2017 cuitous path the visioning team
74 49 74 50 71 35
6:30 PMWater Resource Man- for a space that can foster stu- most impactful learning experi-
took to reach their conclusions. dent engagement in a way pre- ences. Learning on a small
agement Commission B We often say, Were going viously unimagined. scale at Clark Street has been
to implement a project-based, He was visibly excited when really helpful, Gurtner said.
10/19/2017 place-based charter school [for
5:30 PMArts Committee B he recalled telling the architects The most powerful learning
instance] and its going to have to build something that had experiences are often ones the
these goals and its going to never been built before. We student never thought theyd
10/23/2017 look like this and its a really
6:30 PMPublic Works Com- want to start with our vision and have.
nice neat straight line, Princi- program and build the facility The superintendent framed
mittee B pal Gurtner said. And then we around that, the superintendent the purpose of the committee
Helping to keep the lights on, businesses running and communities strong.TM

do it and its a crazy, messy said. with a question: In this era of

10/24/2017 squiggle and it goes all over the
7:00 PMPlan Commission CC Board members were all en- so many distractions for kids,
place. [There is] this concept
Cross Plains American Legion Recycling is open for

thusiastic about the develop- how do we truly engage them in

that theres a straight line to
business, new address for drop off of metals.

10/25/2017 ments, and thanked the a meaningful way.in the

change that of course anybody committee effusively for their learning process?
2217 American Legion Drive located at the back of

6:30 PMPedestrian, Bicycle whos been involved in change work and vision, but advised By encouraging more student
Legion Shed there is a new vinyl fence installed, please

and Transit Committee CC knows thats not true.

7:00 PMConservancy Lands caution moving forward. input, fostering professional and
place metal inside fence.

The presenters honed in on a One thing everyone seemed community involvement, and
Commission B sustainability conference they excited about was the potential building the facility around the
Help The Environment And The
attended in July with Harvards involvement of Middletons districts educational vision
Handicapped Recycle For A Good Cause
education guru Leith Sharp that business community. The busi- rather than making the vision fit
6:00 PMPleasant View Golf helped them plan more inten-
Donate iron, aluminum cans, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, misc.

Course Advisory Committee C ness community is so excited the building, the committee is
tionally for the high school of
metals, bikes, lawn mowers, car, car parts, pots, pans, skillets, plumbing

about what we are doing, confident that theyre on the

the future they had been tasked Mavroulis said. Be it intern- way to providing an answer.
If you have metal to pick up, please call 608-438-2987 or

with designing. It gave them a ships, externships.Sharing As Cyra noted, We [adults]

608-798-2352. Please leave a message if no answer.

new lens through which to view with chamber board, chamber have to be good at giving up
SALT SALE the process. of commerce, informally, we control. Amazing things can
Collecting Year-round

The framework and model are receiving a ton of support. happen when we give students
Monies are used for programs and projects mainly our rehab program.

that [Sharp] shared with Board Member Annette Ash- a voice.

us...gave us the language to talk
Kerl-Endres-Brannon American Legion Post 245
Serving the Cross Plains/Middleton Community Areas

~October Special~
Buy 5
BUY 1,
availab y
Get 1
le Limit 3 Free,
Loca on Only
Salt Pellets also on sale October 2-31
Expires 10/31/15
Expires 10/31/17

Sourdough Rye Bavarian Rye

Farmers Rye Artisan Rye
1755 Pleasant View Rd. Family Owned Since 1959 7610 Donna Dr., Middleton
831-5921 or 1-800-201-2667 M-F 7:00-5:30; Sat. 7:30-5
www.middletoncoop.com www.clasensbakery

Willy Street co-op is expanding in Middleton

by DEB BIECHLER In addition to widening each aisle by in that we are moving into an empty
six to ten inches so that carts can pass space. Work can be done on that space
each other more easily, the juice/cof- before anything is moved. There wont
fee/smoothie bar, now tucked into a be as much disruption to shoppers as
Willy Street Co-op West, on Univer-
tight corner of the store, will be more we had in our East location.
sity Avenue in Middleton, was given
accessible. Eventually there will be some dis-
the go-ahead to expand by an over-
Not all of the roughly 5,000 addi- ruption on the sales floor. We will do
whelming 2,140 to 385 vote during the
tional square feet will be on the sales our best to phase the work in a way that
Co-ops general membership meeting
floor. Stocking and production spaces will make the shopping experience as
in July. The $2.25 million expansion
in the current building are also at a pre- easy as possible. Well use our
will incorporate space made available
mium. We want things to be more ef- newsletter and website to keep owners
after a neighboring Hallmark store
ficient for staff as well as for the informed about the changes, and pos-
went out of business.
shoppers, said Communications Di- sible department closures as before we
Right now were in the planning
rector, Brenden Smith. move things, said Smith.
phase, said Willy West store manager,
Customer requests to extend beer The Willy Street Co-op is one of the
Lindsey Hardy. We expect the project
and wine selections are also being ad- largest in the nation with over 34,000
to be completed by late summer or
dressed in the renovation. As the member-owners. Unlike stores that Photo contributed
early fall of 2018. Willy Street Co-op West is working on a $2.25 million expansion that will
space increases, well look at other sell memberships entitling shoppers to
Customers have been requesting incorporate space made available after a neighboring Hallmark store went
products that owners have asked for, discounts, co-op members are actual
aisles to be a little wider for a while, out of business.
said Hardy. However, we have a very owners with voting rights. People do
but there was no breathing room to
specific budget that we have to stick not need to be members to shop, but
grant their request, yet still provide the
to. they do need to be members for the dis- the produce that comes in. We know counts on classes, monthly newsletters
wide selection of products. One of the
The renovation of Willy West comes counts and other benefits. about the companies and farmers that with recipes, coupons, and more.
main goals of the expansion project is
on the heels of a $4 million expansion One of the benefits of shopping at we get our food from. For a complete list of benefits and
to make it easier to get at what we al-
of the Williamson Street store in 2014. the co-op is that we really know about Other member advantages include member options, go to their website at
ready offer, as well as to grow some of
We learned a lot from that project, the quality of the foods that we sell,

our departments, continued Hardy. savings on large special orders, dis- www.willystreet.coop.
said Smith. This project will be easier said Hardy. We touch almost all of

Community invited to 10th FCI Art Show

File photos
Pictured above, scenes from last years FCI Art Show. The 10th annual FCI Art Show and Auction will take placeThursday, October 12 from5:30 to 9:00 p.m.

The community is invited to who was the Executive Director This years featured local The original piece will be pre- tions are requested by contact- needs by providing food, cloth-
the 10th annual FCI Art Show of MOM. artist isAlex Haunty. His work sented to Shari Ripp, Als wife ing (608) 830-5000 or visit- ing, housing assistance, emer-
and Auction, hosted by Food The event will showcase and may be found at various art and the high bidder will receive ingwww.fciartshow.com. gency funds and services for
Concepts, Inc. (2551 Parmenter auction over 200 pieces of art shows around Dane County. an exact gicle replica, auto- FCI initiated this event as a seniors. With the help of their
St., Middleton) to benefit Mid- including paintings, photogra- This year there will be a live graphed by Alex Haunty. means to support the arts as affiliated churches, area

Go In Search of America
dleton Outreach Ministry phy, ceramics, jewelry, glass auction for an art piece that The evening will also feature well as civic awareness of fam- schools, service clubs, and local
(MOM) onThursday, October and more. Each year FCI se- Alex created specifically for light Hors doeuvres, beverages ilies in need through the efforts businesses, MOM provides sup-
12th, from5:30 to 9:00 p.m. lects a Featured Artist to this event in memory of Al and live music performed by the of MOM. Since 1980, MOM port to our neighbors in West
This years event will be ded- showcase the event and present Ripp. The live auction will be J.ED Band. There is no admis- has led a community-wide ef- Madison, Middleton & Cross
icated to the memory of Al Ripp their work. led by NBCs John Stofflet. sion fee to attend, but reserva- fort to help those with critical Plains.

On Thursday, October 19, at 6:30 PM the Middleton Public Li- lives in Madison. His previous films include Because Its Small, a
brary will host a free screening of the documentary film In Search short documentary about the Little Free Library movement, and
of America. Throughout 2015 and 2016, filmmaker Marc Kornblatt Dostoevsky Behind Bars, about a literature study group at a Wis-
Published every Thursday by News Publishing Company

traveled from California to New Hampshire, and parts in between, consin prison. More information about Marcs films is at refuge-
P.O. Box 286, Black Earth, WI 53515

to ask people about the major issues of the day. The result is an in- films.net. Marc will be on hand to lead a Q&A session after the
Phone: (608) 767-3655 Fax: (608) 767-2222

timate portrait of America ahead of the historic 2016 presidential screening, which will take place in the Librarys lower-level Archer
Visit our website at: www.MiddletonTimes.com
election. In Search of America was an official selection of the Room. As with all library events, this screening is free and open to

Writers to gather Sunday at library

Oneota Film Fest, Twin Cities Film Fest, and Rivers Edge Inter- the public.
Classified Advertising, Subscriptions or General Inquiries:

national Film festival. Registration is encouraged: Online at midlibrary.org/events or

Call (608) 767-3655 or email: classifieds@newspubinc.com

Marc Kornblatt is an independent filmmaker and educator who by email at info@midlibrary.org.

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Out-of-state, one year, $59; two years, $114.
Publishers: Daniel R. Witte, Mark D. Witte
Editor: Matt Geiger

Writers and book lovers alike ney toward getting published. up the event with networking with rejection, self-publishing,
Sports Editor: Rob Reischel

are welcome to join the Madi- The discussion will be followed and light refreshments. marketing and more.
262-719-9066 robreischel@gmail.com

son West Writers Group for a by a Q&A to learn more about Some topics to be discussed This event will take place
Advertising Sales Staff:
panel discussion featuring au- the process of writing and pub- will include: finding a good Sunday, October 8 from 1:30-3:30
thors Nicholas Chiarkas, Matt lishing a book from first draft to writing process, outlining your p.m. at the Middleton Public Li-
Brian Palzkill

Geiger and publisher Kira Hen- marketing, and everything in novel, finding and working with brary, 7425 Hubbard Avenue, in
608-235-8925 adsales@newspubinc.com

schel as they discuss the jour- between. They will then wrap a publisher and editor, dealing the lower level.
Karin Henning
608-358-7958 khenning@newspubinc.com

Plan Commission approves north side residential

development despite some neighbors concerns
by CAMERON BREN residents which live in larger the commission would further
homes than those being pro- consider approval. He said he
posed. Concerns raised are that considers this to be multi-fam-
the homes dont match existing ily housing because in some
The Middleton Plan Com-
and will bring down values, places there would be two
mission moved forward with
traffic and storm water manage- houses adjacent to a single
the latest proposal from the on-
ment. A letter of opposition was Northlake lot.
going residential developments
received by the city from the Commission member Cindy
in the northeast part of the city
Northlake neighborhood with Zellers said there are areas
bordering the Town of West-
nearly 150 signatures. throughout the city where
port. Opitz pointed out that the medium-sized residential lots
Waunakee developer Bill
contiguous lots to the north abut large-sized residential lots
Ranguettes proposal for 15 sin-
range from 11,000 18,000 so she didnt she an issue.
gle family homes on 6.35 acres
square feet. Paulsen asked since the pro-
adjacent to the existing North-
Commission member Kurt posal fits within R-1 zoning,
lake neighborhood was granted
Paulsen asked for the proposal what type of zoning be needed
concept approval by the com-
to be referred to water resources to require larger lots.
mission. committee to ensure the devel- Opitz said a 15 side setback
City planner Mark Opitz said
oper can comply with the would be used for two lots
the previous proposal was for
stormwater requirements. Opitz rather than the 8 minimum that
nine single family homes and
noted that new development is required to provide more of a
seven detached condominiums.
would be required to meet the buffer but it would not be close
The revised concept is now for
citys requirements which may the Northlake residences set-
all single-family lots, which
improve upon existing runoff back of at least 30 feet.
would comply with the citys
conditions. Commission member Leif
R1 (single-family) zoning clas-
City alder Mark Sullivan Hubbard made a motion to rec-
sification. stepped up to speak to the com- ommend concept approval for
Though just in the conceptual Photo contributed
mission to say he felt the den- the project to the common The Middleton Planning Commission, pictured here during last weeks meeting at city hall.

stage the proposal has received
sity, storm water and traffic council. The motion passed
pushback from the neighboring
concerns were legitimate and

Friday benefit to celebrate


Pheasant Branch Conservancy

Oliver Dewey Williams
Oliver D. Williams (89) died four children Clifford lowed Oliver to enjoy his
quietly at his home in Middle- (Colleen), Gail (Robert) passion for golf year round.
ton, WI on August 26, 2017. Schmiedlin, Glen (Lynne), and A memorial service for
He was preceded in death by James - 7 grandchildren and 8 Oliver will be held on October
his loving wife Marilyn great grandchildren. 15, 2017 at Covenant Presbyte-
(Mickey), his parents Robert O. Oliver was a graduate of rian Church, Madison,
& Gertie M. Williams, Wild Rose High School and the WI at 2:00PM with visitation
his brothers Griffith and Ken- University of Wisconsin jour- for one hour prior to the service.
neth, his brothers-in-law, Mar- nalism school. He
tin, Albin, Jack & Arnold, served in the Army. After his
and his sister-in-law Mardell university graduation he
Williams. He is survived by worked as a reporter at the
four sisters Gertrude Ziebell, Waushara Argus and as manag-
Beulah Dickson, Marjorie ing editor of the Wisconsin
Voruda & Esther Williams; one Rapids Daily Tribune before
Sister-in-law - June Bjorklund; ending his career at
the Wisconsin Department of

Natural Resources.
After his retirement, Oliver
Photo contributed
Ridgeway, WI
The community has a special opportunity to celebrate the
and Marilyn spent their winters
health promoting aspects of nature, and the mission of the
Nightly Features:
Pheasant Branch Conservancy to restore, protect, and promote
Thursday Night All you

the Pheasant Branch Conservancy for generations to come.

Sun City, Arizona which al-
can eat Beef Tips
This is due to the generous offer by member Dan Erdman to
Friday Night Fish Fry
host a benefit event at the Prairie Caf from 6:00-8:00p.m. on
Saturday Night Prime Rib
October 6. Gerri DiMaggio and the World Jazz Unit will pro-
vide live jazz music. A cash bar and limited food menu (four
Celebrate Holiday Parties

sandwiches) will be available.

Planning a party or event?! at Hi Point

A native of Madison, Gerri DiMaggio studied music and

Reserve Your Event Today!

voice at the University of Wisconsin, and Jazz studies with the


venerated Professor of Bass and Jazz history, Richard Davis. We have a wide
She has been a major presence in the Madison music scene and
was one of the original producers of the Madison outdoor sum-
variety of options to Wednesday-Sunday
mer Jazz series Jazz at Five. As she and the band expand
accommodate your Lounge opens at 4:30pm and

their presence internationally, you will want to say you heard

occasion! dining room at 5:00pm

them here firstand for a good cause.

The benefit event is open to the public and all contributions
Private Rooms www.hipointsteakhouse.com

are welcome. Funding priorities include outfitting a new do-

nated restoration storage trailer, contracting for communica-
tions support, paying for annual burns, and continuing to
Happy Hour
support education programs for the young and young at heart.
Sign up for our Birthday Club
One way community members can nurture the conservancy

is to become a member of the Friends of Pheasant Branch Con-

Dinners 75 Wings 4-9pm (Dine-in only) 29 TVs
servancy, $25 individual and $40 for a family. Memberships
Buffets MARGARITA NIGHT! NFL Sunday Ticket

can be renewed or taken out at the event. Or, donate any

TUESDAYS... Bud your
NFL Network

amount at the door. All contributions are welcome including

own burger.
Big Ten Channel & More!
volunteer hours for prairie restoration or watershed monitor-

Join the Club!

Join the Friends to appreciate and celebrate the priceless

$2 Bud Light Bottles, 7-10pm

prairies, woodlands, marshes and springs called the Pheasant


Branch Conservancy.
1262 JOHN Q. HAMMONS DR., MADISON Mon.-Fri. 3pm-6pm GAMES AT
608-203-6545 www.sprecherspub.com HAPPY HOUR, MONDAY-FRIDAY, 3-6 PM ROOKIES
Across from Marriott West, east of Greenway Blvd. Locally Owned & Operated HWY 14 & 78 N BLACK EARTH 767-5555 OPEN AT 11 A.M. 7 DAYS
Skiing in 85-degree weather? You bet!

Scenes from the Blackhawk Bash

Photos contributed
Local families headed out to Blackhawk Ski Club, 10118
Blackhawk Rd., for a day of free outdoor community fun on
Saturday, Sept. 24. They checked out their new facilities and
biked or walked on Blackhawks improved trail system for bik-
ing and cross-country skiing, and learned about programs they
are offering for kids this fall and winter. There were also live
music and games for kids.
The highlight of the day was a ski jump competition in which
kids ages five through 18 put on a show in the 15-, 30-, and 60-
meter jump.
Blackhawk Ski Club, a non-profit organization, teaches
young people snowboarding, alpine and cross country skiing,
biathlon, Nordic combined, ski jumping, and mountain biking
on 60 acres. The volunteer-run club is 70-years-old. For more
information contactssulrey@gmail.comor562-310-4464.

JMAR Foto-Werks
Fine art
for Home
or Office

of You
Note Cards

Jeff & Jan Martin | 608.836.4578 | www.jmarfoto.com


CARDINAL continued from page 1

over the previous days compe-

The Cardinal Color Guard
also scored second overall in
Sundays competition. They
more than doubled their caption
score from the night before,
from 1.30 to 3.15.
For the second year, this fall
the Marching Band and Color
Guard have invested hours and
months of training and re-
hearsals to achieve the next
level of skill and artistry needed
for the competition circuit. The
show contains exciting and

Kiwanis fundraiser at Culvers

Photo contributed
challenging music, college level On Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, the
drill and guard tricks, and actors Middleton High School Cardinal Marching Band and Color
who bring an added dimension Guard placed in two marching band invitationals.
Photo contributed

to the show. This higher level of

Marching Circuit also prepares for kids who musically wish to tures original music by Wiscon-
the students with skills and compete, be a part of a strong sin composer and MHS band
Join your community onTuesday, October 10from4-8 p.m.as Culvers-Middleton helps raise competitive team environment grandparent, Rick Kirby.
money for the Middleton Kiwanis. They will donate a percentage of sales to help the Middleton knowledge necessary for Col-
lege Marching Bands and and continue to offer support to The final performance for the
Kiwanis support local youth programs including Middleton High School Key Club, Kromreys school functions and commu- 2017 season is on Friday, Octo-
Builders Club, CANstruction, Best Buddies, Student Voice Union and Black Student Union, Guards.
Under the direction of Direc- nity events. The color guard is ber 6 during halftime of the
Clark St Community School, Middleton Outreach Ministry, Middleton Youth Center and many coached by Lisa Winegar Cole. MHS football teams Home-
important community enrichment activities. Enjoy a delicious meal, benefit a great cause and tors Doug Brown, Michael Ver
Voort and Marissa Bedard, the This years award-winning coming game at Breitenbach
feel great by helping us help Middleton. show is titled Noir, a 1950s Stadium. The pre-game show
If you would like more information about the Middleton Kiwanis Club, to be a guest at one of Cardinal Marching Band has
quickly become another option style radio drama which fea- begins at 6:50 pm.
their meetings, or membership information, please call Ellen Lindgren at608-217-5938.

For Active Seniors

News from Middleton Senior Center 7448 Hubbard Ave.,
Middleton, 608-831-2373

MIDDLETON SENIOR case management services, 12:15 p.m. to begin Senior Center with your Thursdays and Fridays at the front desk for an
CENTER transportation and Meals playing at 12:30 p.m. group on Mondays, 12:30 p.m. Please check at available location.
Yes, You Can Join Us! on Wheels. For additional Please respect their time
If you are age 55 or older, information contact the and wishes. Please do not Have Medicare questions? I Foot Care
you can participate in the Middleton Senior Center at arrive before 12:15 p.m. Home Health United and
have answers.
programs at the Middleton 831-2373. the Middleton Senior
Senior Center. You do not Open Cards Marn Sandum Center offer foot care
have to live in the City of Open Bridge on Mondays Open Cards is for people Licensed Sales Representative several times each month.
Middleton to join us, and is open to anyone who that have a group of people 608-203-5305, TTY 711 The cost of Foot Care is
there is no membership wishes to play. Please do who play cards together, UHCMedicareSolutions.com $20.00. For an
fee. There may be a not get seated or begin however, they need a appointment contact 831-
residency requirement for playing in the Large location to play. You may 2373.
certain services including Activity Room before come to the Middleton
Diabetic Foot Care
Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare We offer Diabetic Foot
Insurance Company and its aliated Care twice a month. The
companies, a Medicare Advantage
cost is $28.00 per visit.
organization with a Medicare contract.
Enrollment in the plan depends on the plans Contact the Middleton
contract renewal with Medicare. Senior Center, at 831-
Y0066_160726_123811 Accepted 2373, for an appointment.

Offering a continuum of care, ranging from

skilled nursing and rehabilitation to independent
and assisted living apartments.
Call us to

Let Our Family

Take Care Of Your Family
Waunakee Manor HCC Sun Prairie HCC
801 S. Klein Dr. Waunakee, WI 228 W. Main St. Sun Prairie, WI
608-849-5016 waunakeemanor.com 608-837-5959 sunprairiehc.com

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Reischel on

Thinking big
Twitter at

Girls golfers hope to keep exceeding expectations

Eight Conference postseason nt sure how wed be.
title last month. And the Sophomore Kate Meier
Times-Tribune Cardinals rolled to the team agreed.
title at last weeks WIAA I am definitely proud and
Becky Halverson is an
Division 1 Middleton region- very happy, Meier said.
extremely positive person by
al. During the summer it was
The Cardinals were headed kind of hard to picture where
Halverson is an optimist,
to the Verona Sectional the team would wind up. I
shes upbeat and typically car-
Wednesday, where the top two didnt know the lineup and
ries a cheery disposition.
teams qualify for the state how it would look. But right
But even Halverson,
tournament. If Middleton now, Im very happy.
Middletons girls golf coach,
advances through sectionals, With good reason.
was hesitant when it came to
it would earn a trip to state, Hodson, who played No. 3
forecasting the Cardinals cur-
which will be held Monday last year, jumped up to No. 1
rent season.
and Tuesday at University and had a memorable season.
Going into the year, I
Ridge. Hodson, a Valparaiso
thought it was a stretch goal to
And after losing three of its recruit, spent countless hours
get to state, Halverson said.
top five golfers from last on the course since the end of
I thought wed be decent, but
years state runner-up team, last season.
I wasnt sure how good we
the fact Middleton is in the Once spring hit, Payton
could be.
hunt for another state tourna- was at Pleasant View every
Try sensational.
ment is remarkably impres- day, Halverson said. I think
Middleton won the Big
sive. that was huge. Then she
Eight Conference dual meet
I didnt know what to played in a lot of summer
championship, posting a per-
expect this year, said senior tournaments and kept getting
fect 9-0 record. The Cardinals
standout Payton Hodson. I better.
are now 44-0-1 in league dual
definitely knew we had some Hodson improved her con-
meets since Halverson took
very strong players and a lot sistency and made major
over in 2013.
of girls that showed potential Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld
Middleton won the Big
during the summer. But I was- GOLF, page 16 Grace Peterson and Middletons girls golf team have high hopes this postseason.

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rolls past

La Follette
photo by Mary

James Pabst
a n d
football team
ran over
Madison La
by ROB REISCHEL of that up, though, and put Follette last
together another winning per- Thursday.
Middletons defense was
There was every reason for terrific again, allowing just 148
excitement. total yards. During the
Middletons football team Cardinals five-game winning
had just defeated Madison La streak, theyre allowing just 4.6
Follette, 24-6, last Thursday. points per game.
The Cardinals notched their I think its coming togeth-
fifth straight win, a victory that er, Frusciante said. Its start-
puts Middleton in the drivers ing to click and were a
seat to finish second in the Big smart defense. Very intelligent.
Eight Conference. That helps a lot.
But afterwards, few of the On the flip side,
powers-that-be in Middletons Middletons offense controlled
camp seemed happy. the ball, the clock and the
Cardinals defensive coordi- scoreboard.
nator Tom Cabalka stewed by Senior running back Dion
the bench. Middleton head Huff had 20 carries for 163
coach Tim Simon was visibly yards (8.2 average) and a
upset. touchdown, while senior run-
Thats what happens when ning back James Pabst had
the bar is set as high as it is at seven carries for 71 yards
MHS. (10.1) and a score.
We just made too many Middleton also held the ball
mental mistakes, Simon said. for 11 minutes in the third quar-
Physically, we played fine. ter and gradually wore the
But I think some of our mental Lancers out.
mistakes in the first half kept us You can see guys getting
from having a little bit more of tired and breathing heavy,
a comfortable lead in the sec- Huff said. So we know to just
ond half. Some of the things keep pounding, keep working
that happened shouldnt be hard and keep moving the foot-
happening in Week 7. ball.
Middleton improved to 6-1 Middleton knocked Lancers
overall and in the Big Eight starting quarterback Ben Probst
Conference and moved into a solid pocket passer out
sole possession of second place of the game on the first series.
in the league. Middleton is one La Follette inserted Anthony
game behind league-leading West, a dangerous runner who
Sun Prairie (7-0) and finishes typically plays wide receiver.
the year with an extremely While West made plays with
favorable schedule. his feet and finished with a
The Cardinals host Beloit team-high 48 rushing yards,
Memorial (2-5) Friday at 7 Middleton largely kept him in
p.m., then travel to Madison the pocket and got intercep-
East (0-7) on Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. tions from senior defensive
If Middleton wins out, it back Cole Ragsdale and
will secure second place in the Frusciante.
league and likely have at least He was a great athlete,
one home playoff game. Simon said of West. And
Its definitely my goal. I when he went in there, it
want to play here again and get changed some of the things we
that extra home game as a sen- were doing. But I thought we
ior, Middleton senior line- adjusted pretty well.
backer Jimmy Frusciante said. Middleton put together a
That would be awesome, so seven play, 68-yard drive late
we need to close the season in the first quarter to take a 7-0
strong. lead. Pabst began the march
While the Cardinals were with three carries for 22 yards,
far from perfect, they played a
Bishops Bay Farm & Prairie, LLC
quarterback Davis Roquet hit
solid game against a tight end Connor Hellenbrand
respectable La Follette (3-4) for 20 yards and Huff finished
team. What had Middletons the drive with an 11-yard
coaches upset were some early touchdown run.
mental mistakes and a turnover
For more information contact us today:
After Middleton forced a
on special teams. www.twallinvestment.com
The Cardinals cleaned much FOOTBALL, page 12
TIME! Investment Highlights

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checked before 86 single-family lots

the COLD hits Located along Hwy M in Westport
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608.437.3666 Mt. Horeb, WI

Offers and sales of these securities will be made only to residents of the State of Wisconsin. Offers and sales of these securities are made under an exemption from registration and have not been registered under the Securities Act
of 1933 or the Wisconsin Uniform Securities Law. For a period of six months from the date of sale of the securities, any resale of the securities shall be made only to persons resident within the State of Wisconsin. This investment
opportunity is described in more detail in a Disclosure Statement. No investment commitments will be accepted until an investor receives a copy of the Disclosure Statement and a subscription agreement for the investment. Any

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Soccer Cards win Iowa tournament


Many elite boys soccer pro-

grams from throughout the
Midwest gathered in
Burlington, Iowa, last weekend
for the Go For The Goal
And what did Middleton find
out about itself?
That it has a chance to turn
2017 into an extremely memo-
rable season.
Middleton won the high-
level tournament, highlighted
by a 5-3 win over Rock Island
(Ill.) in the championship game.
To win a championship
against quality opponents is
really big in that it gives us a
glimpse of what this team is
really capable of when they all
get on the same page for the
whole game, Middleton coach
Ben Kollasch said. If we can
continue to do that, even in the
more strenuous conditions of
conference games for the next
two weeks, we can really aim
high in the postseason.
Middleton opened the tour-
nament with a 7-4 win over
Normal (Ill.). Derek Waleffe
scored three goals that were all
assisted by Greg Pauly. Drake
Vandermause added two goals,
while Andrew Lund and Isaiah
Williams both scored, as well.
We gave up four easy and
avoidable goals, Kollasch said.
But we stormed right back get-
ting seven of our own.
Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld

Middleton then posted a 2-1 Blake Kalscheur (19) and Middletons boys soccer team won the Go For The Goal Classic in Burlington, Iowa, last weekend.
win over Dunbar (Ky.), a team
from Lexington thats ranked It was an exciting game and Cardinals, though. Janesville Parker, 16-0, last
nationally by Top Drawer the first real complete game we Waleffe scored a pair of sec- Tuesday. Waleffe and Jack
Soccer. have put together all season, ond half goals and Bryce Tibbets led the way with hat
A Division of Buckley

Lund scored on an assist Kollasch said. Schuster added a goal as tricks. Estate Tree Care Specialists
from Waleffe in the 16th The Cardinals shined again Middleton pulled away and This has been a great week
minute, but Dunbar tied things in the championship, downing a eventually captured a champi- for the team and a great kick
up shortly before half.
Emerald Ash Border Treatments
Rock Island team thats also onship. start as we get near the end of
Middleton created a beauti- ranked nationally by Top Another barnburner of a the season, Kollasch said.
Insect and Disease Diagnosis and Control

ful goal, though, in the 74th Drawer Soccer. game, Kollasch said. The sec- On deck: Middleton host-
Pruning, Removal, Stump Grinding, Cabling

minute off a Williams cross that Vandermause and Peter ond half saw us stiffen up our ed Madison La Follette Tuesday
Fertilization, Root Stimulants, Consultation

Kyle Ballweg tapped back to an Tuttle had first half goals, but defense all over the field and in its only game of the week.
Residential, Commercial, Golf Courses

open Waleffe for the game win- Middleton trailed, 3-2, at the play smarter soccer.
ner. break. The second half was all Middleton also routed
Call an ISA Certified Arborist today! 608-643-6891
chris@buckleytree.com www.buckleytree.com
Boys spikers shine at own invite

by ROB REISCHEL 5 p.m.

Its the biggest non-confer-
ence match we have had since I
have been head coach, White
The boys state volleyball
said. Germantown is probably
tournament remains a month
a top-five team and we know
how big of test this will be.
But a mini-state tournament
Middleton then heads to the
took place at Middleton High
star-studded Whitefish Bay
School last Saturday. And the
Invite Saturday, a tournament
host Cardinals showed they
that includes state powers New
could be ready for a memo-
Berlin, Kettle Moraine,
rable postseason.
Germantown and Milwaukee
Middleton welcomed 10 of
the states top 12 teams for the
We know we have to keep
Cardinal Invite. The host
playing at a high level to get
Cardinals then reached the
where we want to go in
championship match before
November, White said.
falling to defending state
champion and No. 1 Sept. 20
Milwaukee Marquette, 25-17, Cardinal Invite
25-21. Pool A: Middleton 3-0, Catholic
Very proud of what we Memorial 2-1, Brookfield East 1-2, Fort
Atkinson 0-3
accomplished, Middleton Pool B: Kaukauna 3-0, Wauwatosa
coach Ben White said. East 2-1, Arrowhead 1-2, Madison
With good reason. Memorial 0-3
A year ago, Middleton Pool C: Marquette 3-0, Mukwonago
2-1, Pius 1-2, Kimberly 0-3
struggled at its own tournament Pool D: Kettle Moraine 2-1,
and finished 14th out of 16 Muskego 2-1, Germantown 2-1,
teams. Not this year, though. Franklin 0-3
(KM def. Muskego 2-0, Muskego def.
We had the bad taste in our Germantown 2-1, Germantown def. KM
mouth from last year, White 2-1 - KM gets 1 seed as 3-2 in head-to-
said, We didnt want to repeat head. Muskego 2 seed based on head-to-
history. Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld head win over Germantown)

They didnt.
Eagen Peters-Michaud and Middletons boys volleyball team finished second at the Cardinal Invite last Saturday. Consolation Semifinals
Middleton went 3-0 in pool Franklin def. Fort Atkinson 25-19,
play to move into the champi- 25-23
match went along. Either we roll over and let them Robson, an all-state libero, and the Cardinals with six kills, Kimberly def. Madison Memorial
onship bracket. The Cardinals
Middleton met No. 3 win, or we battle and fight the Lepage, its starting setter. while Verganz had six kills and 25-20, 25-21
defeated Fort Atkinson, 21-8,
Kaukauna in the semifinals and rest of the way. When you are missing your four blocks. McKean and
21-11, rallied past Catholic Consolation Championship
notched a stunning 25-12, 25-9 Middleton most certainly two most experienced players Dettman both had five kills and
Memorial 22-23, 21-16, 15-8, Franklin def. Kimberly 20-25, 25-
win. The Cardinals rolled in the battled, trimming the deficit to and probably the two most cru- Robson had 13 digs. Lepage 22, 16-14
and defeated Brookfield East,
first game, then Kaukauna 18-16. Marquette had too much cial positions in volleyball, you added 13 assists, while Jacob Championship Bracket 1st Round:
21-17, 21-19. Muskego def. Arrowhead 22-25, 30-
benched its starters for game firepower, though, and finished can expect to have a difficult Nonn had three aces and Max
In the quarterfinals, 28, 15-11
two and Middleton cruised. off a 25-21 win. contest no matter who you are McDonough had two blocks. Brookfield East def. Mukwonago
Middleton defeated Muskego,
Our 25-12 win in game one As I told the guys, after playing, White said. Brady I scheduled two 25-19, 25-19
25-18, 25-13. Middle blockers Germantown def. Wauwatosa East
was probably one of the most spotting them a 10-5 lead, we Schmitt and Matt Ballweg both matches on Friday nights this
Sam Dettman and Brian 25-22, 25-17
dominant performances we outscored them 16-15 down the set for us in the match. Both year because the state quarter-
Verganz had big games, while Pius def. Catholic Memorial 25-22,
have had this year, especially stretch, White said. We played with a high amount of finals are always played on 25-22
Andrew Lepage, Thomas
against such a high ranking proved for 30-plus points in a confidence, which is necessary a Friday, White said. We
Robson and Dylan Griffith all Championship Bracket
team, White said. In Game 2 row that we can more than at that position. have to have that mentality of
had strong passing games. Quarterfinals
we took care of business compete with them. I really liked Bradys deci- what its like to play on Middleton def. Muskego 25-18, 25-
Muskego is big and swing
against their back-ups. We Middleton also defeated sion-making in the contest. a Friday night, then turn 13
hard, but they didnt have Kaukauna def. Brookfield East 25-
advanced to the finals of the Fort Atkinson, 25-16, 26-24, Dylan played libero for us and around Saturday morning and
much of a match for our mid- 21, 16-25, 16-14
Cardinal Invite for the first 18-25, 25-17, last Tuesday. his passing was outstanding all play again.
dles, White said. In the after- Marquette def. Germantown 25-16,
time in school history. Eagan Peters-Michaud led day. Our real struggle was We cleaned up the serving 25-22
noon matches, Brian (Verganz)
In the championship match, Middleton with 13 kills, three focus and missed serves. We more in this match. We had Kettle Moraine def. Pius 25-15, 25-
really stepped up and showed 18
Middleton and Marquette were aces and two blocks, while missed 18 serves on the day great balance on the net as we
that he is one of the top middles
tied, 8-8, in the first game. But Avery Krantz had 10 kills. and got destroyed on the serv- had eight players with at least Championship Bracket Semifinals
in the state. Andrew ran a great
the Hilltoppers went on a big Verganz had nine kills and two ing game. Luckily our front two kills. It was great to get the Middleton def. Kaukauna 25-12, 25-
show and our passing behind 9
run and notched a 25-17 win. blocks, while Dettman had row was able to overcome all guys playing together again
Thomas Robson and Dylan Marquette def. Kettle Moraine 25-
Marquette built a 10-5 lead eight kills. the errors and be a presence at after about 12 days without
Griffith allowed us to pretty 22, 25-13
in Game 2 when White took a Brady Schmitt had 29 the net. A win is a win and you being full strength.
much run whatever we wanted.

The good and the bad

timeout. assists, Matt Ballweg had 13 move on. On deck: Middleton hosts Championship
I was nervous how the guys Marquette def. Middleton 25-17, 25-
There was no strategy assists, Griffith had 16 digs and Middleton then toppled Madison Memorial Wednesday
would play after a two-plus 21
being talked about, White Casey McKean added two Franklin, 25-15, 25-13, 25-7, in a battle for first place in the
hour break, but they were able
said. It was all about attitude blocks. last Friday. Big Eight. The Cardinals are
to get better and better as the
and the opportunity before us. Middleton played without Eagan Peters-Michaud led then at Germantown Friday at

Girls spikers shine in Big 8, struggle at Menomonee Falls

by ROB REISCHEL assists, Ashley Harris had two Middleton, 25-15, 25-20, in the assists and two aces. Byington
Times-Tribune aces and eight assists and first match. had 3.5 blocks, Cami Spellman
Hannah Flottmeyer had six Welti had four kills and six had three kills and two blocks,
Middletons girls volleyball kills and 8.5 blocks. Taylor digs, while McGinnis had and Lauren Hendricks and Evie
team kept its momentum going Byington added four kills and seven kills. Farin had six digs, Coleman both had two kills
inside the Big Eight four blocks, while Olivia Farin Flottmeyer had five blocks, and one block.
Conference last week. The had three aces and 21 digs. Harris had nine assists and Middleton then defeated
Cardinals also gave a solid Middleton then rolled past Underwood had eight assists. Bayport, 27-25, 25-27, 15-8, in
showing at the Menomonee Madison La Follette, 25-16, D.C. Everest then edged the semifinals of the consola-
Falls Invite. 25-20, 25-13, last Thursday. Middleton, 19-25, 25-17, 15-6. tion bracket.
Middleton defeated league Welti had 17 kills and eight This was a match that we Welti had five aces, seven
foes Janesville Parker and digs and also notched her would like to re-play, Marcos kills, two blocks and 11 digs,
Madison La Follette. The 1,000th career kill, while said. while McGinnis had two aces,
Cardinals then finished sixth at Jennifer McGinnis had six Welti had 11 kills and six seven kills, 2.5 blocks and six
the highly-competitive aces, five kills and eight digs. digs, while Farin had 12 digs. digs. Harris added eight assists Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld

Menomonee Falls Invite. Farin had two aces and 11 digs, Harris had five assists and 10 and six digs, Farin had two
Keller Frinzi (left) and Middletons girls volleyball team won
Middleton opened the week Flottmeyer had four kills and digs, Underwood had 12 aces and 13 digs, Underwood
a pair of Big Eight Conference meets last week.
with a 25-9, 25-16, 25-18 win 7.5 blocks, and Underwood assists, Flottmeyer had 6.5 had eight assists and an ace,
over Janesville Parker last had three aces and 17 assists. blocks and Byington added and Flottmeyer had 12 blocks. Welti had three kills and On deck: Middleton host-
Tuesday. We did not let them get three blocks. New Berlin Eisenhower eight digs, while McGinnis had ed Beloit Memorial Tuesday,
Lily Welti led the Cardinals into (their) system, Middleton Middleton bounced back then toppled the Cardinals, 25- four kills and five digs. then is at Madison East
with six kills and 17 digs, while coach Franco Marcos said. with a 25-15, 25-21 win over 15, 25-15, in the finals of the Flottmeyer had three kills and Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
Jennifer McGinnis had two The Cardinals then went 2-3 New Berlin Eisenhower. consolation bracket. 1.5 blocks, Byington had two The Big Eight Conference
aces, 11 kills and seven digs. overall at Menomonee Falls. Keller Frinzi had three aces Our offense was out of kills and two blocks, and Harris meet is Saturday, Oct. 14 at
Kayla Underwood had 15 The host Indians defeated and Rachael Roberts had 14 sync, Marcos said. had eight assists. Janesville Craig.
Swimmers win Cardinal Invite

300 butterfly relay: 1, Middleton

(C. Pierobon Mays, Peters, Aegerter, G.
Times-Tribune Pierobon Mays), 2:52.57; 2, Madison
Memoriual (McKeon, Bloomer, Ma,
DeFever, 2:58.97; 3, Sun Prairie
Theres something extra (Garcia, Carey, Schulz, Sala), 3:01.27;
special about winning your 4, Beloit Memorial, 3:03.43; 5, Madison
own invite. West, 3:08.67; 6, Waunakee, 3:08.79.
Its in your building, your
100 medley relay: 1, Middleton
(Keebler, Silvestri, Peters, Licking),
fans are juiced and you dont :50.02; 2, Sun Prairie (Davis, Hudson,
want to disappoint. Carey, Rundahl), :56.16; 3,
Middletons girls swimming Oregon/Belleville (Christofferson,
Thomason, Magee, Dobrinsky), :56.26;
team held up its end of the bar- 4, Madison Memorial, :56.44; 5,
gain and rolled to the title at its Madison West, :58.41; 6, Schofield D.C.
own invite last Saturday. The Everest, 1:00.06.
Cardinals finished with 400
300 backstroke medley relay: 1,
Middleton (C. Pierobon Mays, G.
points to easily outdistance Pierobon Mays, Barrett, Keebler),
runner-up Sun Prairie (328) at 2:52.93; 2, Madison West (Reid,
the 12-team invite. Sullivan, Schick, Messner), 2:56.79; 3,
Madison Memorial (Golden, McKeon,
This was a really fun meet Podvin, Spielman), 2:58.19; 4, Sun
for us, as it always is, Prairie, 3:03.09; 5, Oregon/Belleville,
Middleton coach Lauren 3:03.48; 6, Waunakee, 3:06.51.
Cabalka said. We came off a
100 freestyle relay: 1, Middleton
Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld (Mack, Chirafisi, Smith, Lawn), :47.98;
bit of a roller coaster of a week. 2, Sun Prairie (Sala, Marshall, Garcia,
Some ups and downs with Caroline Hippen and Middletons girls swimming team won their own invite last Saturday. Anderson), :48.88; 3, Madison
practices and adjusting to the Memorial (Bissen, Slattery, Bloomer,

increased training load we Silvestri, Alex relay. The Cardinals quartet of some of which were our fastest Moericke), 1:53.93; 4, Beloit Memorial, Parisi), :50.69; 4, Schofield D.C.
Everest, :50.82; 5, Madison West,
placed on them, so we really Anagnostopoulos, Emily Mack, Chirafisi, Smith and on the season. 1:55.98; 5, Schofield D. C. Everest,
1:56.35; 6, Oregon/Belleville, 1:57.41. :51.37; 6, Madison East, :53.73.
wanted to end on a good Keebler and Aegerter won the Madelyn Lawn won the 100- This meet allowed us to 800 freestyle relay: 1, Middleton 300 breaststroke relay: 1,
note.The girls came to the pool 400-yard IM relay. The yard freestyle relay. relax a bit, refocus on the (Aegerter, Licking, Chirafisi, Mack), Middleton (Wood, Silvestri, Keebler,
Cardinals 200-yard freestyle Middletons 300-yard important things and set some
Anagnostopoulos), 3:20.33; 2,
focused and ready to go, deter-
7:59.95; 2, Sun Prairie (Marshall,
McFarland (Moderski, Landwehr,
relay team of Mack, Smith, breaststroke relay team of new goals as we head into our
Schulz, Moericke, Fiske), 8:14.38; 3,
mined to showcase our depth McFarland (Landwehr, Weaver, Billmann, Weaver), 3:23.92; 3, Sun
and our abilities in different Licking and Caroline Hippen Sarah Wood, Silvestri, Keebler final dual meets and the post- Nygaard, Moderski), 8:14.60; 4, Prairie (Hudson, Nelson, Schulz, Fiske),

events. was first. and Anagnostopoulos was first. season.Its always a nice feel- Madison Memorial, 8:15.38; 5, Beloit 3:26.15; 4, Madison Memorial, 3:28.43;
5, Madison West, 3:43.81; 6, Madison
The Cardinals certainly did Middletons 300-yard but- And the Cardinals 400-yard ing to come out with a win at Memorial, 8:32.59; 6, Madison West,
8:47.66. East, 3:48.83.
that, finishing first in all 10 terfly relay team of Chiara freestyle relay team of Chiara your home invite. 400 individual medley relay: 1, 400 freestyle relay (8x50): 1,
relay events. Pierobon-Mays, Kaitlyn Peters, Pierobon-Mays, Smith, Middleton (Silvestri, Anagnostopoulos, Middleton (G. Pierobon Mays, Smith,
Aegerter and Gabriela Gabriela Pierobon-Mays,
C. Pierobon Mays, Hippen, Aegerter,
Middletons 200-yard med- MIDDLETON INVITATIONAL Keebler, Aegerter), 4:09.61; 2, Schofield
Lawn, Licking, Mack), 3:17.41; 2, Sun
Pierobon-Mays was first. And Hippen, Aegerter, Lawn, Team scores: Middleton 400; Sun D.C. Everest, 4:16.29; 3, Sun Prairie
ley relay team of Chiara Prairie 328; Madison Memorial 312; (Collins, Hudson, Nelson, Sala), Prairie (Moericke, Garcia, Marshall,
Pierobon-Mays, Ally Silvestri, the Cardinals quartet of Licking and Mack finished Madison West 284; Schofield D.C. 4:17.27; 4, Madison Memorial, 4:17.72; Schulz, Nelson, Anderson, Collins,

Gabriela Pierobon-Mays and Keebler, Silvestri, Peters and first. Everest 256; McFarland 252; Beloit 5, Madison West, 4:22.20; 6, Fiske), 3:19.48; 3, Madison Memorial
(Spielman, Bissen, Sheridan, DeFever,
Berkley Smith finished first. Licking won the 100-yard More than anything, we Memorial 232; Oregon/Belleville 180; McFarland, 4:36.20.
200 freestyle relay: 1, Middleton McKeon, Bissen, Bloomer, Gessler),
medley relay. wanted to have some fun
Greendale 170; Madison East 168;
The Cardinals quartet of Waunakee 152; Beaver Dam 114. (Mack, Smith, Licking, Hippen), 3:22.24; 4, Madison West, 3:27.22; 5,
Hannah Aegerter, Makenna Middletons foursome of before we really dig into the 200-yard medley relay: 1, 1:39.08; 2, Sun Prairie (Moericke, McFarland, 3:30.64; 6, Schofield D.C.
Chiara Pierobon-Mays, second half of the season,
Everest, 3:31.08.
Licking, Bella Chirafisi and Middleton (C. Pierobon Mays, Silvestri, Marshall, Garcia, Fiske), 1:41.23; 3,
Gabriela Pierobon-Mays, Cabalka said. The girls were G. Pierobon Mays, Smith, 1:47.14; 2, Madison West (Messner, Sebranek,
Cora Mack won the 800-yard Madison Memorial (Spielman, Bissen, Sullivan, Reid), 1:43.45; 4, McFarland,
freestyle relay. Alexis Barrett and Keebler able to come together with Bloomer, DeFever), 1:50.64; 3, Sun 1:43.93; 5, Madison Memorial, 1:44.04;
Middletons foursome of won the 300-yard backstroke some really great relays Prairie (Collins, Nelson, Carey, 6, Oregon/Belleville, 1:44.18.

n FOOTBALL continued from page 9

three-and-out, the Cardinals on its next possession. Pabst happy. We didnt play a very yard run by Huff on third-and- over physically. was over and the only thing at
muffed the ensuing punt and capped the drive when he good half. We didnt play a 8, and a 16-yard pass from I came out for an extra stake was pride.
the Lancers took full advan- ripped off a 20-yard touchdown very smart half. But to the Roquet to wideout Bryce Carey point and there were (La But the last thing Frusciante
tage. La Follette marched 38 run out of the wildcat forma- credit of our kids, they turned on a fourth-and-7. Follette) guys bending over, wanted was to allow the
yards in nine plays, and capped tion that had Huff lined up at the page and came out and Middleton then pushed its Frusciante said. I was like, Lancers into the endzone. So
the drive when West scored quarterback. played the game we wanted to lead to 24-7 late in the third Yeah. Offense is playing really when Frusciante intercepted
from one yard out to pull the At halftime, though, Simon play. I was pretty happy how quarter on a 1-yard touchdown well. Wests pass, he and the
Lancers within 7-6. and Co. werent thrilled. we played the second half. run from Roquet. Pabst had a Added Huff: Our O-line Cardinals reacted like they had
Middleton stretched its lead At halftime, the coaches With good reason. pair of 12-yard runs on the did great. I just ran where they won Game 7 of the World
to 14-6 after it marched 61 werent very happy, Simon Middleton put together a 14- drive and Roquet hit tight end made holes and you can really Series.
yards in five plays for a score said. The players werent very play, 51-yard drive to start the Luke Ballweg for 17 yards to wear out a defense that way. That was the type of passion
second half that ended with a the 1-yard line, setting up In the closing minute, La Middletons coaches were
27-yard field goal by freshman Roquets score. Follette drove to Middletons looking for from the start.
Sawyer Pertzborn. The seven- Slowly but surely, 22-yard line and had a third- I think our team is really
minute march included an eight Middleton had taken the game and-2. By this point, the game getting our stuff together and
playing together as a team right
now, Huff said. With our
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coaches yelling at us all the

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time, we had no other choice.

608-845-3348 or 228-7321
We had to get better. But were
fixing the mistakes and I think
were looking pretty good.
Focus on Energy Sept. 28
Middleton 24, Madison La Follette 6
Madison La Follette ... 0 6 0 0 6
partners with over 100
Middleton ..... 7 7 10 0 24
MID Dion Huff 11 run (Joey
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Wisconsinites save money Culp kick)
ML Anthony West 2 run (pass
by saving energy.
MID James Pabst 20 run (Joey
Culp kick)
MID FG Jacob Pertzborn 27
MID Davis Roquet 1 run (Joey
Culp kick)

Check out these programs available to you TEAM STATISTICS

First downs ML 12, MID 15.
in partnership with your participating local utility: Rushing (Att.-Yds.) ML 24-65, MID
32-229. Passing yards ML 83, MID
83. Passes (Comp.-Att.-Int.) ML 4-
14-2, MID 12-21-1. Fumbles-lost
ML 1-0, MID 1-1. Penalties-yards
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Rushing: ML, West 14-48. MID,
Huff 20-163. Passing: ML, Turner 1-7-
your door.
1-39. MID, Roquet 12-21-1-94.
Receiving: ML, Nix 1-39. MID, Carey

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Boys runners second at Stoughton

by ROB REISCHEL Fridays(team) meeting with a the race, but he finished very relentless today and I am
Times-Tribune varsity squad of six sopho- fourth.He will be a big part of very proud of what they
mores and one junior, and I the team moving forward. accomplished.
Depth. Talent. Dedication. said I really think we should be Braedon Gilles was 10th in They definitely turned
And drive. aiming for top three with these 16:45, while Egan Johnson was some heads with this effort.
Middletons boys cross four other ranked schools 12th (16:47), Zach Leffel was Our team depth was on full dis-
Family owned and operated Fully Insured and Licensed

country has all of the above. (Monona Grove, La Follette, 13th (16:48) and Frank play and to beat three other

The Cardinals rested their Stevens Point and Sun Thornton was 27th (17:17). ranked teams, while sitting our
New Construction Remodels Mold/Water Damage

top four runners and five of Prairie), Finnel said. The Braedon, Zach, Egan and top four, is absolutely sensa-
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their top seven at last guys looked at me and basical- Frank did an amazing job pack- tional. I cant speak enough of
Lead Safe Renovator

Saturdays Stoughton Invite. ly said, No, we want to win, ing it up together to start the how hard this team works. We
Call Chad 608-576-4245 or Katie 608-513-0999

Why, exactly? we can do it. race, Finnel said. Frank hung are all very excited about the

Well, Middleton coach Music to my ears. I think tough and finished 27th overall possibilities moving forward.
Brian Finnel wanted to deter- that just gives a snapshot of and fifth for the team.
mine his final varsity spots how motivated this team is and Meanwhile, the trio kept STOUGHTON INVITATIONAL Weaver Auto Parts
with the postseason fast they understand that they can up the pace and put the heat on BOYS
Team scores: Stevens Point 54;
do it. La Follette and (Stevens Point). Weaver Auto Parts
2520 Allen Blvd - Middleton
approaching. Middleton 66; Monona Grove 77;
Roman Ystenes made his That pack was a huge reason
(608) 831-6660
Even shorthanded, though, Madison La Follette 87; Sun Prairie 95;
cross country debut for the why we finished second on the
2520 Allen Blvd - Middleton
Madison Memorial 177; Madison East
Middleton proved how danger-
(608) 831-6660
Cardinals and was terrific. day.
181; Stoughton 234; Waunakee 241;
ous it can be, finishing second Milton 293; Janesville Parker 317.
overall at the Stoughton Invite. Ystenes was in fourth place Overall, Finnel couldnt Top 10 individuals: 1, Freitag, ML,
Stevens Point won the 11- with about 1,200 meters have been happier with his 16:01; 2, Ellenbecker, MG, 16:04; 3,

team meet with 54 points, remaining, slipped and dropped undermanned and somewhat Hyland, StP, 16:19; 4, Ystenes, Mid,
16:25; 5, Francis, Sun, 16:25; 6, Kehoe,
while Middleton (66), Monona back to eighth, but rallied back surprising group.
7:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. MON-THU 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. FRI

Sun, 16:29; 7, Anderson, MG, 16:29; 8,

7:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. MON-THU 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. FRI

to finish fourth in 16 minutes, Honestly, it was a fantastic

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. SAT 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. SUN

Grove (77), Madison La Loetscher, ME, 16:30; 9, Sernau, StP,

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. SAT 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. SUN

24 seconds. showing by our team on


16;37; 10, Gilles, Mid, 16:45.

Follette (87) and Sun Prairie

Girls XC team third at Stoughton

Middleton 4, Ystenes 16:25; 10,
(95) rounded out the top five. Hes a super tough kid and Saturday, Finnel said. I was Gilles 16:45; 12, Johnson 16:47; 13,
We went into he got up quick, Finnel said. very excited with how well Leffel 16:48; 27, Thornton 17:17.
It took until the final meters of they performed. This team was

by ROB REISCHEL are in our sectional meet, Sue was 22nd (20:40), iors and all have the same goal
Middleton coach Alexa Margaret Patterson was 23rd go to state as a team and
Richardson said. So it was a (20:47) and Elizabeth that is what we intend to do.
very important race to me, Pansegrau was 28th (21:06). "Superb products, talented staff and exceptional services"
The girls cross country sec-
especially, to see how we lined We did not peak for this STOUGHTON INVITATIONAL
tionals are approaching fast.
up at sectional and where we race, therefore we did not taper GIRLS
And Middleton appears to
495 W. Madison Street, Spring Green
need to fine-tune. The only for this race, Richardson said. Team scores: Sun Prairie 18;
be rounding into form at the
608-588-ASAP (2727) www.asaphvacr.com
Stoughton 72; Middleton 110; Madison
team from our sectional that The girls are starting to feel
perfect time. Memorial 130; Waunakee 134; Monona
beat us was Stoughton. better, lighter, and more confi- Grove 145; Janesville Parker 202;
The Cardinals finished third
Middletons top two runners dent as we go into the champi- Madison La Follette 210; Milton 212;
at the Stoughton Invitational
Shea Ruhly and Maeve onship part of the season.
Madison East 246.
last Saturday, even without Top 10 individuals: 1, Blachowicz,
Gonter did not race due to I am confident the girls
their top two runners.
Sun, 18:29; 2, Dushack, Sun, 18:47; 3,
illness or injury. But the will all continue to improve as Thompson, Sun, 18:52; 4, Hoopes, W,
Sun Prairie won the race
Cardinals had several other ter- we start to decrease our 18:52; 5, Kopotic, Sun, 19:21; 6, Bertz,
with just 18 points, while W, 19:21; 7, Ray, Sun, 19:30; 8, Ross,
rific performances. mileage and increase our inten-
Stoughton (72), Middleton Sto, 19:40; 9, Jenny, Sto, 19:42; 10,
Erika Rader finished 18th sity these next couple of

Girls tennis team second

Gage, JP, 19:46.
(110), Madison Memorial
overall in 20 minutes, 29 sec- weeks. Erika Rader, Charlotte Middleton 18, Rader 20:29; 19,
(130) and Waunakee (134)
onds, while Megan Schwartz Sue, Iris Ohlrogge, and
Schwartz 20:29; 22, Sue 20:40; 23,
rounded out the top five. Patterson 20:47; 28, Pansegrau 21:06.
was 19th in 20:29. Charlotte Margaret Patterson are all sen-
We saw a lot of teams who

at Big Eight tournament


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by ROB REISCHEL team of Jessica Pientka and the championship match before Elizabeth Hopton,
Noor Rajpal finished first in losing to Sun Prairies Lats Middletons No. 4 singles play-
Easy to operate and easy to maintain

their flight. Pientka and Rajpal Sysouvanh, 6-1, 6-1. er, finished fourth. Mia Kim
EPA-Certified, clean-burning

defeated Madison Wests Katie Middletons top doubles and Maddie Hoffman, the
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Middletons girls tennis

our Titanium Series

Goetz and Camille Vadas, 6-4, team of Michelle Chi and Cardinals No. 2 and 3 singles
team finished second at the Big
7-5, in the finals. Maddie Clark also finished players, both finished fifth.
County Line Burners,
Dealership NameLLC

Eight Conference tournament

The Cardinals No. 3 dou- second, falling to Wests Laura
Address, City, State
Blue Mounds, WI

last Thursday at Nielsen Tennis

bles team of Jada Thomas and Nicholas and Abby Bremel in
Call Dan / Website
at 608-206-5220

Anjleen Kaur also were first in the finals, 6-3, 6-4.
Madison West won the team
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their flight, defeating Wests

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title with 40 points, while the

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Olivia ODea and Anna

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Cardinals were second with 35.

See dealer for details.

Grutzner, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, in the

Madison Memorial (33), Sun
Prairie (30) and Verona (19)
Kai Heineman, Middletons
rounded out the top five.
No. 1 singles player, reached Snow
Middletons No. 2 doubles

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PROCEEDINGS Thomas Schmitt, to a 1.0 FTE Long Term
Chris Underwood-608-437-3333 or 608-444-9266
Substitute Phsyical Education Teacher at
Board Agenda for September 11,
COMMERCIAL 2017 Meeting Minutes
iv. Approval of Retirements
Waunakee Manor Health Care Center
MIDDLETON-CROSS PLAINS AREA There were no retirements to approve.
c. District Consent Items

District Services Center a. Park School Pollinator Garden Donation


7106 South Avenue, Middleton,


Jodi Klare and Heather Messer presented the

Wisconsin ideas and planning behind the Park School
Pollinator garden. Several students were present
Competitive Wages and Benefits
to share their experience also. The partnership
ING AT 7:00 P.M.
with Clark Street Community School students,
The regular meeting of the Middleton-Cross
projects in the classroom, and the planning/learn-
Plains Area School District Board of Education
ing that took place were discussed. Mike
was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bob
Apply at 801 s. Klein drive | waunakee
Gallagher was recognized for his wonderful dona-
(608) 849-5016 www.waunakeemanor.com
tion of time and materials. Mike is the owner of
Present: President Bob Green, Vice President
Capital Sand and Gravel.
Annette Ashley, Clerk Todd Smith, Treasurer
b. Facilities Planning Branding and Updated
Safe and Using E-Logs Linda Yu, Board Members Anne Bauer, Sean
Secure and Going Strong For Hyland, Kelly Kalscheur, Kurt Karbusicky, and
Christin Mlsna from Findorff and Perry Hibner
Paul Kinne
presented the communications work that has
Over 80 Years
Quality of Life and Home Not Present: None
occurred over the summer for the Facilities
Others Present: Superintendent George
Planning process. The 2018 Referendum plan-
Mavroulis, Assistant Superintendent Sherri Cyra,
ning and branding were reviewed. The referen-
Teachers Jodi Klare and Heather Messer, Christin
Mlsna from Findorff, Communications Director
dum timeline has been updated with new informa-
tion and includes the new referendum logo. The

BONUS OF Perry Hibner, Director of Equity and Student
1.800.356.9350 FPC has not seen this information but it will be
Achievement Percy Brown, Director of Secondary
shared at the September meeting and will then be
$2,0ITE0D TIM0E ! 608.524.2326
Apply On-Line at:
Education Laura Love and Director of Student
Services Jerry Nicholson
released to the public. The board shared several
points, comments and questions.
c. Equity Work Review
MOVED by Kinne SECONDED by Yu to
Director of Equity and Student Achievement
approve the Regular Minutes of August 28, 2017.
Percy Brown joined the board to discuss the equi-
Motion carried unanimously, 9-0.
ty work that is occurring in the district. The
Crossings event was a great start to the year.
a. Citizen Comments
Community meetings, authentic conversations,
parent engagement, continued work to create
b. Correspondence/Board Communication
opportunities for engagement, serving our stu-
Kurt Karbusicky attended the 6th grade back to
dents and neighborhoods, and the newly created
school night at Glacier Creek. He also received a
positions throughout the district were reviewed.
request for an interview from a Madison media
There is a good systems approach for improve-
outlet regarding boundaries in our district. Bob
ments in the district. The human capital is the best
Green reviewed the process for requests from
resource we have when working on equity in this
media and suggested that board members work
with George and Perry on any of these requests.
d. Academic and Career Planning Report
Todd Smith reiterated that the Back to School
The new academic and career planning
event at the PAC was great. This is the most
ADVERTISE HERE! 767-3655 requirements were presented by Jerry Nicholson
important event of the year for staff. Bob and
and Laura Love. A group met last year to plan for
George shared that the Building Trust by
the new state requirements. Laura and Jerry high-
Listening to Employees presentation was
Collectors Choice Ltd. lighted the key components. Laura then reviewed
approved for the WASB convention.
the materials that were shared in the packet. The
c. Legislative Update
Personalized service for your collector car

district templates for students will continue to

6400 Lodi-Springfield Rd.

There was nothing new to report.

grow throughout their years in school. The aca-
Dane WI 53529

(608) 849-9878 fax (608) 849-9879

demic and career planning process ties in to the

a. Upcoming Events and Updates
student services comprehensive guidance model
George Mavroulis stated that we had an amaz-
that was previously implemented.
ing first week of school. Tomorrow, administration
We are seeking a self-motivated individual with
e. Enrollment Update
has the Core and Communications meeting as
strong communication and Computer skills to join
The current enrollment numbers were present-
part of the Facilities Planning process.
our team. The position requires individual to work

ed by Sherri Cyra. Overall, there were no major

Approximately 10 administrators are joining the
with customers, technicians and suppliers.

shifts in the enrollment. As of now, the district is

city for a United Way event during the lunch hour
Job duties include but are not limited to taking
213 students above last years Third Friday count.
on Wednesday. On Friday, the Middleton and
customer orders, buying and distributing parts,

These numbers will change slightly and the official

Shipping and receiving orders.
Madison coalition will meet as a follow up to the
Third Friday Count will be shared with the board
event at the Crossings.
Part-time 15-20 hours per week with

in October.
Full time Negotiable.

f. Discuss Topic(s) for September 25 Board

Email resume with salary requirements to
PHEASANT BRANCH STREAMBANK RESTORATION approve the following items on the consent agen-

The Agenda Setting Committee met and

PROJECT NORTH OF CENTURY AVENUE da: 5.a.1. Approval of Bills Payable, 5.a.2.
Or mail resume with salary requirements to:
reviewed several suggestions for the September
PROJECT NO. 15-107 Approval of Treasurers Reports, 5.b.1. Approval
Collectors Choice Ltd.

25 meeting topics. The Agenda Setting

of Resignations (addendum), and 5.b.3 Approval
6400 Lodi-Springfield Rd.
Dane, WI 53529 MSIP PROJECT NO. 5381256 Committee decided to discuss the vision for the
CITY OF MIDDLETON, WI of Staff Appointments (addendum). Motion car-
high school at that meeting. The board work ses-
ried unanimously, 9-0.
The City of Middleton will receive Bids in electronic format only, sion will begin at 6:30 p.m.
through QuestCDN.com, for streambank stabilization and habitat a. Administrative/Business Services
enhancement work on approximately 1,500 linear feet of stream- i. Approval of Bills Payable
a. Approval of Memorandum of Understanding
bank until 1 pm on October 20, 2017. At 2 pm on October 20, The check list totaling $2,730,375.80 was
2017 bids will be publicly opened and read aloud in the Middleton approved under consent agenda. (Exhibit A)
MOVED by Kinne SECONDED by Bauer to
City Hall Council Chambers, 7426 Hubbard Ave., Middleton, WI ii. Approval of Treasurers Report
approve the Memorandum of Understanding for
53562. The June 2017 and July 2017 Treasurers
CBITS. Motion carried unanimously, 9-0. (Exhibit
The work includes the construction of: streambank stabilization Reports were approved under consent agenda.
Advertisers: techniques (including rootwad composites, stone toe stabiliza- (Exhibit B)
b. Approval of Godfrey & Kahn Payment
tion, log-vane and boulder installation and bank grading), with re- b. Employee Services - Certified Staff
MOVED by Bauer SECONDED by Karbusicky
Remember to use of onsite material. i. Approval of Resignations
to approve the Godfrey & Kahn payment. Motion
Digital Bidding Documents are available at the City of The board approved under consent agenda the
carried unanimously, 8-0 with Smith abstaining
CHECK YOUR ADS! Middleton web site (www.ci.middleton.wi.us) or through the Quest following resignations:
from the vote.
The Middleton Times-Tribune Construction Data Network (www.questcdn.com). You may Colleen Borchard, Temporary ESL/Bilingual
c. Approval of Possible Resolutions for WASB
download the digital Bid Documents for Quest project # 5381256 Resource Teacher at MHS
and Buyers Guide staff takes Convention
at a cost of $10. Please contact Quest at (952) 233-1632 or Cassandra Brandt, Temporary 1st Grade
care in proof-reading ad copy, There were no resolutions to consider. No
info@questcdn.com for assistance in free membership registra- Teacher at Sunset Ridge
but an error may still occur on action occurred.
tion, downloading, and working with this digital project informa- Katey Hakzimana, Temporary Kindergarten
occasion. We ask that you check 8. CONVENE IN POSSIBLE CLOSED SES-
tion. The online bid form is also accessed through the QuestCDN Teacher at West Middleton
your ads on their first insertion SION UNDER S.S. 19.85 (1)(a)
website. Nathaniel Hedke, Special Education Teacher at
date. If an error is discovered MOVED by Bauer SECONDED by Ashley to
There is no pre-bid conference for this project. Glacier Creek
please contact your sales rep, convene in closed session to receive an update
No Bid will be received unless accompanied by a surety in a Lisa Rust, 3rd Grade Teacher at Elm Lawn
Brian Palzkill at 608-235-8925 or Thomas Schmitt, Physical Education Teacher at
on litigation regarding a chartered bus incident.
form acceptable to the City equal to at least 5% of the maximum
Karin Henning at 608-358-7958 Northside
Motion carried unanimously, 9-0 on a roll call vote.
Bid, payable to the OWNER. See Instructions to Bidders on City
to have the ad corrected. Susan Weaver, Temporary History and Social
a. Update on Litigation Regarding Chartered
website for details.
The Middleton Times-Tribune The City of Middleton reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, Studies Teacher at MHS
Bus Incident
will not be held liable beyond to waive any technicality, and to accept any Bid which it deems ii. Approval of Leaves of Absence
the cost of the advertisement advantageous. All Bids shall remain subject to acceptance for 85 There were no leaves of absence to approve.
placed, nor for more than one days after the time set for receiving Bids (consisting of up to: 60 iii. Approval of Staff Appointments
weeks incorrect insertion. days for issuance of Notice of Award; 15 days for Contractor to The board approved under consent agenda the
MOVED by Bauer SECONDED by Yu to
The Middleton Times-Tribune adjourn to regular board meeting at 9:17 p.m.
return signed agreements, bonds and insurance; and 10 days for following staff appointments:
reserves the right to refuse any Motion carried unanimously, 9-0.
City execution of agreement). Colleen Borchard, to a 1.0 FTE temporary con-
advertisement for any reason. a. Future Meeting Dates
Contract award shall be made based on the lowest responsive tract ESL/Bilingual Resource Teacher at MHS
b. Potential Board Agenda Items
and responsible Bidder. Cassandra Brandt, to a 1.0 FTe temporary con-
Cheryl Janssen, Board Secretary
Published by the authority of the City of Middleton. tract 1st Grade Teacher at Sunset Ridge
Lorie J. Burns, City Clerk Katey Hakizimana, to a 1.0 FTE temporary

contract Kindergarten Teacher at West Middleton
Publish: 10/5/17 WNAXLP
Publish: 9/28/17, 10/5/17 WNAXLP Nathaniel Hedke, to a 1.0 FTE Long Term

n GOLF continued from page 8

strides in her short game. GCAW poll

And after compiling an 18-
hole average of 81.3 last year,
Hodsons average this year is
3.Brookfield Central
4.Kettle Moraine
Over the summer, I played 5.Middleton
in a lot of tournaments and 6.Homestead
spent every day practicing, 7.Onalaska
Hodson said. I think I got a 8.Franklin
lot better. 9.Kaukauna
Hodson admitted shes had 10.Verona
peace of mind all season. Honorable Mention:
After trying to impress col- Madison Edgewood,
lege coaches the last year or Hartford, Cedarburg, Eau
two, that burden was lifted Claire Memorial, Union
when she chose Valparaiso Grove, DSHA,
before the season began. Mukwonago, Oregon,
It was a very stressful Stoughton, Waunakee,
summer, Hodson said. Id Aquinas, Waterford, Green
go to a tournament and see 15 Bay Notre Dame, Stanley-
college coaches. So it was Boyd, Jefferson, Catholic
nice to have that behind me. Memorial, Oshkosh West,
Meier also took major Fox Valley Lutheran
strides this season. After aver-
aging 87.9 last year, Meiers her game has really taken
average is 82.1 this year. off.
Meier has always been out- Middleton has been search-
standing off the tees. But shes ing for a branch of consisten-
made enormous gains with her cy at No. 4 and 5 all year.
short game that has led to Halverson brought sophomore
much lower scores. Makenzie Hodson and senior
During the summer, I Haley Dunn to regionals and
would practice an hour a day sectionals, but admitted noth-
ing was set in stone.
Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld
on my short game, Meier
said. Its a big commitment, There have been five girls Makenzie Hodson and Middletons girls golfers competed at sectionals Wednesday. The state tournament is Monday and
especially when you know for those last two spots all Tuesday at University Ridge.
other kids are off having fun. year, Halverson said. Well
But I love it. see what happens. expected, a top-three finish leapfrog any of those schools. regrets, Meier said. Dont day, Hodson said. You cant
Senior Grace Peterson, a In Halversons first four will be remarkably challeng- But few also thought the strive for a number on a score- predict how the other teams
junior varsity player last year, years, Middleton has finished ing. Cardinals would be where card. Just make the most out are going to do. But I think we
has also improved by leaps first at state in 2015, second in Arrowhead, Milton, Kettle they are today. And Middleton of every shot we have. can be right there with the top
and bounds. 2016, and third in both 2013 Moraine and Brookfield knows that once state arrives, Hodson agreed. ones.
I saw Grace (at Pleasant and 2014. Central have all enjoyed sen- anything is possible. Our goal is to be in the
View) every day this sum- If the fifth-ranked sational years. And it might be My biggest goal is to final pairing and to play with
mer, Halverson said. And Cardinals advance again, as tough for Middleton to make sure we dont have any the best teams on the final

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