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Curing Envy

Being the victim of a fatal character of nature, an envious person remains unhappy for
what others have and try to deprive them preventing any loss to himself. If this feeling of
getting envious from what others have becomes common it can cause misbalance in
social setup. Those who have skills and resources can be jeopardized with illogical
thinking of envious persons. Enhancing admiration can reduce envy. The solution to
envy is only happiness though for envious person being happy is really a problem. This
is because envy itself checks the way towards happiness. But even if one recognizes
ones envious behavior, it will be a major move towards rooting this evil out.

Grounds of Unhappiness
All the psychological causes of unhappiness share something in common. A
conventional unhappy person is one who sees life from the prism of that urge which he
failed to satisfy and set aside the other dimensions of life. Another case is when a
person fails to seek satisfaction from any side lives dormant life and finds temporary
happiness in negative means like drinking. He actually loses hope by choosing this way.
Such people are to be taught the true pursuit of happiness which is they learn will not
intentionally incline towards unhappiness. Another problem is pride on unhappiness.
Men who take as nothing left to live for are truly unhappy and consider it wise behavior.

The Unsettled Question of Population

Sociologists disregard for the significance of population growth problem poses a major concern.
Without natural checks, lower standards of living will be the convincing factor for humans to
practice birth control, albeit the neglected misfits of the society will remain unaffected and will
continue to deplete the natural resources of the society. Thus, increasing the proportion of useless
citizens in the society. Disregard of this vital issue will continue as politicians, militarists and
revolutionists all have different agendas reinforced through higher population growth.
Furthermore, all three defend increased population growth, claiming that everyone should have a
right to unrestricted reproduction. Sociologists should understand that revolutions are fueled
through hope rather than through predicaments.

The need of fairness in contemporary sociology is due to skipping the population

question. If state wants to control the process of natural selection, then quantitative and
qualitative rules of population are inevitable. In case the balance between population
and means of subsistence is not regulated, standard of life will be reduced. In such
case, the class of society which lost standard of life will itself reduce population but
without keep proportion between death and birth rate. This practice would not be
adopted by the under-classes. The recruitment of quality citizens will get affected in this
way. The subject however will not seek attention of politicians, military-men and even
revolutionaries for being unpopular. All of them will later use religious priests as a tool to
condemn such measures of birth-control.
Evolution of ancient and modern culture
The writer in this passage pinpoints cultural evolution from primitive societies to modern
and civilized societies. The culture of a society has two components namely internal and
external. It is mainly the internal factor which shapes, develops and strengthens the
culture of a society. Cultural problems cannot be separated from social problems which
have a direct bearing on a culture of a society. Colonial Powers stagnated the growth of
native cultures wherever they went. The culture of ancient feudal and aristocratic
societies was very limited in a sense that it rarely got mixed with common folk. The
imperialist powers helped widen this gap. This is the legacy which colonial powers left

Social Morality and Empathy as a tool for social change

The writer in this passage has emphasized the need to sensitize human beings to
morality. They should inculcate basic principles of morality to promote peace and
stability in the society. Human intelligence should be channelized towards producing
human beings having a sense of morality and empathy. Traditionally social morality was
the monopoly of church and with the passage of time it ignored its function. Our
educators and educational institutes should rise to the occasion to promote social
morality and empathy. Only moral and empathetic human beings can promote love and

Evils and Eradication of War

The writer reiterates war as the possible cause of collapse of civilizations. War is
unbearable but not once its victims lack a way out. In past war could outnumber in
destruction as compared to benefits. At present states fight war keeping an option of
exemption for the loser. The evils of war remain hidden when the warring society seeks
political and economic benefits from it even though the powerful god of war takes lives
and happiness from society. The society, however, reaching at top of prosperity begins
to translate its resources into military power. But then it also begins to realize war as a
cancer that grows destroying healthy tissues. In such scenarios of history, efforts were
made to save society by abandoning war. This provided with two options. One is
individual-oriented and the other is state-oriented. In the former individuals refuse to
take part in any war against anyone for any purpose. In the second option, governments
of states join hands against aggression and its causes. And the second option until now
seems more fruitful for containing war.

A Trip to Cherokee
The writer found it hard to choose a destination for his vacations. His desire to spend
vacations in peaceful place came to be true when he set for an Oklahomas county of
Cherokee following the suggestion of John. They visited the 18th-century town named
Qualla Boundary. It was rich in tribal inheritance of the locality. They visited souvenir
shop carrying several articles and met the English-speaking shopkeeper. Previously a
wood-cutter, the shopkeeper told the writer how busy he remained during the tour-
season which is when off, leads people to find other means of livelihood. One of them is
Bingo Weekend which brings people to play and win money in a big hall. The writer
pledges to visit another place after enjoying Museum of Qualla Boundry as his trips last

Intense Activeness in World, not the passiveness, has

brought Unrest
The writer narrates that the world remains in unrest not because of laziness of people
but owing to their intense and misled activeness. If the active actions are restricted or
replaced with the urge of leisure and rest in life, the world would be calm. Politicians,
rulers, media-persons and army-men; if get to rest from their works, many problems will
remain from taking birth. If they had shown passive action instead of active approach in
the past, there would have been no World War at the first place and of course, there
would have been no humiliating Versailles conference after the said crisis. Same are
the members of religious groups who interfere in every matter of personal lives through
conferences they hold. It would be preferred for them to rest to rehabilitate themselves