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Direction: Read and analyze the question carefully and choose the letter of the BEST answer. Shade the letter of the correct answer
on the space provided before each item.

________1. What is known as Rizal Law?

a. Republic Act 1925 b. Republic Act 1425
c. Republic Act 1945 d. Republic Act 1625
________2.It is the place where Jose Rizal, the National Hero was born.
a. San Pedro, Laguna b. Luneta
c. Calamba, Laguna d. Bagumbayan
________3. He was the one who baptized Jose Rizal.
a. Pedro Casanas b. Rufino Collates
c. Pedro Casenas d. Rufino Collatees
________4. Who was the eldest sister of Jose Rizal?
a. Saturnina b. Concha
c. Choleng d. Soledad
________5. Who were the sisters of Rizal who died an old maid?
a. Soledad & Trinidad b. Josefa & Saturnina
c. Josefa & Trinidad d. Soledad & Trining
________6. Who was the great-great grandfather of Jose Rizal?
a. Domingo Lameo b. Domingo Lamco
c. Domingo Laco d. Domingo Lanco
________7. Who was Rizals maternal great-great grandfather?
a. Eugenio Ursua b. Lakandula
c. Juan Mercado d. Francisco Mercado
________8. What was the petname of Josefa?
a. Panggoy b. Concha
c. Trining d. Choleng
________9. They are the parents of Jose Rizal.
a. Juan &Teodora b. Francisco & Ines
c. Juan &Cirila d. Francisco &Teodora
________10. What is the first sorrow of Jose?
a. the death of Choleng b. the death of Concepcion
c. the death of Neneng d. both a&b
________11. Who is the older brother of Jose?
a. Pilosopo Tasyo b. Paciano
c. Manuel d. Juan
________12. What is the real surname of Jose?
a. Rizal b. Mercado
c. Protacio d. Alonso
_______13. What is the full name of our national hero?

a. Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Alonzo y Realonda

b. Dr. Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonzo y Realonda
c. Dr. Jose Protacio Mercato Rizal Alonso y Realonda
d. both b & c
________14. Who was the seventh sibling of Dona Teodora?
a. Saturnina b. Choleng
c. Soledad d. Pepe
________15. What is the petname of our national hero?
a. Jose b. Uto
c. Pepe d. Pedro
________16. What could be the reason why we need to study the life, works and writings of Jose Rizal?
a. It is mandated by law.
b. To gain and inspiring source of patriotism.
c. To develop an appreciation and deeper understanding of all that Rizal fought and died for.
d. All of the above.
________17. Why it is said that education played a very important part in the family of Jose Rizal?
a. His parents were remarkably educated
b. All of the siblings of Teodora and Francisco were educated also
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above
________18. What was the reason why the birth of Jose had almost caused the life of his mother?
a. Because that time there was no doctor in their town
b. Because of his big head
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above
________19. In what place Jose spent his early childhood?
a. Calamba b. Luneta
c. Binan d. none of the above
________20. At what age Jose started to draw objects?
a. 3 b. 4
c. 5 d. 8
________21. What was the first poem of Jose Rizal?
a. Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo b. To My Fellow Children
c. In Memory of My Town d. None of the above
________22. Who was the first teacher of Pepe?
a. Maestro Celestino b. Dona Teodora
c. Maestro Padua d. Maestro Cruz
________23.Where is the first journey of Rizal?
a. Manila b. Ilog Pasig
c. Luneta d. Antipolo
________24.What is the influences on the heros boyhood?
a. Heredity Influence b. Environmental Influence
c. Aid of Divine Providence d. All of the above
________25.Who encouraged Rizal to develop his frail body?
a. Jose Alberto b. Manuel
c. Gregorio d. Paciano

________26. Who is the first private tutor of Jose?

a. Maestro Lucas b. Maestro Cruz
c. Leon Monroy d. Maestro Celestino
________27. What is the event that disheartened Rizal during his early education?
a. The death of his sister Concha b. The imprisonment of his mother
c. The death of Leon Monroy d. None of the above
________28. What incident was used by the Spanish authorities to give an order to liquidate GOMBURZA?
a. The violent mutiny in Cavite.
b. The imprisonment of Teodora.
c. The friendship of Father Burgos and Paciano.
d. None of the above.
________29. Who was the college registrar who refused to admit Rizal in Ateneo?
a. Father Manuel Burgos b. Father Xeres Burgos
c. Father Jose Bech d. Father Magin Fernando
________30. Who was the first professor of Jose in Ateneo?
a. Father Xeres Burgos b. Father Jose Bech
c. Father Magin Fernando d. None of the above
________31.What was the reason why Rizal enrolled at Ateneo de Municipal?
a. He did not passed the entrance examination in College of San Juan de Letran
b. He wants to study in Ateneo
c. His father decided to enroll him in Ateneo
d. Both a & c
________32.What was the reason why the college registrar refused to admit Rizal in Ateneo?
a. Jose was already late for registration b. Jose was so frail and sickly
c. Jose was too small for his age d. All of the above
________33. Why Jose used their family name Mercado when he enrolled at Ateneo?
a. Because he didnt want their surname Rizal.
b. Because the surname Mercado had been under the suspicion of the American.
c .Because the surname Mercado had been under the suspicion of the Spanish.
d. For distinction, because there were many Filipinos used the surname Rizal.
________34.Why was Rizal placed at the bottom of the class, occupying the end of the line during his first day in Ateneo?
a. Because he used the surname Rizal.
b. Because he was new in the class and not proficient in Spanish.
c. Both a & b.
d. None of the above.
________35. Rizal was belonged in what group during his first year in Ateneo?
a. Roman Empire b. Carthaginian Empire
c. Internos d. Boarders
________36.What was the reason why Rizal took private lessons at the Santa Isabel College?
a. Because he heard remarks to some of his professors.
b. To improve his knowledge and fluency in Spanish.
c. He wants to top the class.
d. Both a & b.
________37. Why Rizal was impressed in the book Travels in the Philippines by Dr. Jagor?
a. Because it contained the careful observation and analysis about the the imperfections of the Spanish colonization
in the Philippines.
b. His prophecy that Spain would yield the Philippines to Japanese colonizers in the near future.
c. Because the author of the book is German.
d. Both a & b.
________38.Why Rizal considered Father Sanchez as the best professor?
a. Because he is a Jesuit.
b. Because he always gave special consideration for the advancement of his pupils.
c. Because he always gave special consideration for the advancement of his Spaniards students.
d. None of the above.
________39. Why was Rizal felt extreme happiness during his Senior Year in Ateneo?
a. Because he brought home 5 gold medals.
b. Because he topped all his subjects.
c. Because he was able to repay his fathers sacrifices.
d. Both a & b.
________40. Who was the first romance of Rizal?
a. Leonor Rivera b. Segunda Katigbak
c. Josephine Bracken d. Consuelo
________41. To whom Segunda was engaged?
a. Jose Rizal b. Paciano
c. Manuel Luz d. Jose Paterno
________42. What is the reason why Dona Teodora has objection in continuing the study of Rizal?
a. Because she doesnt want her son to know more.
b. Because she feared that if Rizal would get to know more, the Spaniards would cut his head.
c. Because they have no enough money to send Rizal to school.
d. None of the above.
________43. Why Rizal enrolled Philosophy and Letters at University of Sto. Tomas?
a. He was not yet certain on what career to pursue.
b. He wants to pursue that course.
c. His mother like the course.
d. Both a & c.
________44. What was the reason why Rizal takes up medicine in UST?
a. He want to cure his mothers growing blindness.
b. His father like the course.
c. His mother like the course.
d. He was not yet certain on what career to pursue.
________45.Why was Rizal not granted the title for surveyors?
a. Because he was an Indio. b. Because he was below age.
c. Because the Jesuits was in favor to him. d. All of the above.
________46. What was the reason why Rizal hated the Dominican professor?
a. Because the Dominican professor were cruel and biased to his Filipino classmates.
b. Because they gave Rizal fair/good grades.
c. Because of the humiliation of the Dominican professors.
d. All of the above.
________47. How did Rizal experience the Spanish brutality?
a. One of the Guardia Civil whipped him with a sword and slashed his back.
b. The Dominican professors were cruel to him.
c. Both a & b.
d. None of the above.
________48. What was the pen name of Leonor?
a. Miss L. b. Talim
c. Taimis d. Sensha
________49. Why the poem A La Juventud Filipino became classic in Philippine Literature?
a. It expressed the nationalistic concept of the Spaniards.
b. It was the great poem in Spanish written by a Spaniards.
c. It expressed for the first time the nationalistic concept that the Filipinos were the Fair and Hope of the
d. Both a & b.
________50. What is the reason why Rizal decided to continue his studies in abroad?
a. The biased and hostile Dominican professors were against him.
b. He was disgusted with the antiquated method of instruction in the university.
c. He wants to cure his mother illness.
d. All of the above.