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Dear Mr.

Kilmer (Chapter 3)
Plot: In the English Language classroom when Mrs. Hansen asks students to
sign a card to support Hannah.

1) In the classroom
- Mrs. Hansen walked into the classroom lookinh very upset.
- She tells to the class that someone vandalised the tavern own by Hannah
Schemers parents.
tavern own by Hannah Schemers parents.
- Mrs. Hansen bring a card for them to sign and expressing their
regret for what happened.
- Abner said that Schemers are German spies.
- All the boys fear that Abner and Harry would beat them up and
the girls worry that Peggy and Blanche would not speak to them
- Richard is the only one who signed the card.
- Richard take the card from Mrs. Hansen to give to Hannah.

2) On the way home

- Abner and Harry step in front of Richard to block his way.
- Abner and Harry is making fun of Richard.
- They attack Richard
- Richard defense himself by hitting them back.
- Richard add a message into the card because it seem a very
empty gesture.

3) At the Schemerss tavern

- Richard was shocked because there is message that has been wrote Dirty
Huns at the white tavern hall.
- Richard wants to talk to Hannah but Hannah dont have mood to talk to
- Richard said to Hannah that he feel sorry for Hannah.

4) At Richards house
- His sister, Angie running toward him waving a letter in the air.
- Richard got a letter from New York.