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Compiled by Pastor Craig Crawshaw, revised 2011. Based largely on the life work of Johnston M. Cheney,
published in The Life of Christ in Stereo. With most complete Scripture reading underlined;
with implied Scriptures in (parenthesis). Dates and locations: consensus of current scholarship.

Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John

Pre-Birth Preparations - Galilee - B.C. 5
1. Christ's Deity as the Word Jn.1:1-18
2. Kingly Genealogy Mt.1:1-17
3. Luke's Purpose Lk 1:1-4
4. Birth of John the Baptist Foretold (Gabriel visits Zacharias) Lk.1:5-25
5. Jesus' Birth Foretold (Gabriel visits Mary) Lk.1:26-38
6. Mary Visits Elizabeth (The 'Magnificat') Lk.1:39-56
7. John the Baptist is Born (Zacharias' prophesy) Lk.1:57-80

BIRTH OF THE MESSIAH - Nazareth/Bethlehem - B.C 4

1. Spirit Conceived Mt.1:18
2. Joseph & the Angel Mt.1:19-25
3. Birth in Bethlehem Lk.2:1-7
4. The Shepherds & Heavenly Host Lk.2:21-38
5. Jesus Circumcised at 8 Days (Simeon & Anna) Lk.2:8-20

BIRTH TO PUBLIC MINISTRY - Mostly Nazareth - B.C. 2 - A.D. 28

1. Visit of the Magi Mt.2:1-12
(still in Bethlehem; Jesus about 2 years old)
2. Flight to Egypt Mt.2:13-18
3. Return to Nazareth Mt.2:19-23 Lk.2:39
4. Up to Age 12. Lk.2:40
5. Visit to Jerusalem (Jesus in the temple at age 12) Lk.2:41-51
6. Age 12 to 30+ Lk.2:52
7. John's Ministry Mt.3:1-12 Lk.3:1-20
8. Earthly Genealogy (Mary's lineage) Lk.3:23-38

PRELUDE TO MINISTRY - Perea / Galilee - Fall-Winter, A.D. 28

1. Baptism Mt.3:13-17 Mk.1:1-11 Lk.3:21-22
2. Temptations Mt.4:1-11 Mk.1:12-13 Lk.4:1-13
3. First 5 Disciples Jn.1:19-51
4. Cana:First Miracle Jn.2:1-11
5. Family 'Vacation' at Capernaum Jn.2:12
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
YEAR ONE - seeking Disciples, quieting Demons & new Direction
FIRST PASSOVER - Jerusalem to Galilee - Spring, A.D. 29
1. Temple Scourging @ Passover (first of two) Jn.2:13-25
2. Nicodemus (second birth)" Jn.3:1-21
3. Baptizing (John's last testimony) Jn.3:22-36
4. Samaria (Woman@Well) (Mt.4:12) (Lk.3:19-20) Jn.4:1-42

RETURN TO GALILEE - Three Key Cities - Summer-Fall, A.D. 29

1. Cana (2nd Galilean miracle - nobleman's son)
2. Nazareth (first rejection)" Lk.4:14-30
3. Capernaum Mt.4:13-17 Mk.1:14-15 Lk.4:31a
(new home & new message:'repent and believe')

CAPERNAUM - Galilee - Fall, A.D. 29

1. Four Fishermen Mt.4:18-22 .Mk.1:16-20
(2nd encounter; first 'follow me')
2. Two Miracles
a. Testifying Spirit (first exorcism) Mk.1:21-28 Lk.4:31b-37
b. Peter's Mother-In-Law Mt.8:13-17 Mk.1:29-34 Lk.4:38-41
3. Alone In Prayer (1st mention; called to other cites) Mk.1:35-38 Lk.4:42-43

TOUR #1 (with a few disciples) - Galilee - Winter, A.D. 29-30

1. Phase 1 - Synagogues Mt.4:23-25 Mk.1:39 Lk.4:44
2. Four Fishermen (Jesus in the boat; miracle of fishes)" Lk.5:1-11
(3rd encounter; 2nd 'follow me')
3. Leper Touched Mt.8:2-4 Mk.1:40-44 Lk.5:12-16
4. Phase 2 - Countryside (crowds grow) Mk.1:45

HOME IN CAPERNAUM - Galilee - Spring, A.D. 30

1. Paralytic (through roof) Mt.9:2-8 Mk.2:1-12 Lk.5:17-26
('at home' - 1st recorded forgiving of sins)
22 Levi (Matthew) Called Mt.9:9-17 Mk.2:13-22. Lk.5:27-39
(first Pharisee dispute; 'new wineskins')
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
YEAR TWO - growing Credentials, Crowds & Controversy
AROUND CAPERNAUM - Galilee - Spring-Summer, A.D. 30
Implied Passover (apparentlyJesus did not attend) (Lk.6:1)
1. Sabbath Controversy
a. Eating in Grainfields Mt.12:1-8 Mk.2:23-28 Lk.6:1-5
b. Healing Withered Hand Mt.12:9-14 Mk.3:1-6 Lk.6:6-11
2. Multitudes by the Sea Mt.12:15-21 Mk.3:7-12
3. 12 Disciples Chosen Mt.10:2-4 Mk.3:13-19 Lk.6:12-19
4. Sermon on the Mount Mt.5 - 7; 8:1 (Mk.2:13) Lk.6:20-49
5. 3 Outreach Miracles
a. 'Power' - Centurion Mt.8:5-13 Lk.7:1-10
b. 'Poor' - Widow's Son (first recorded resurrection) Lk.7:11-17
John's ?; J's Eulogy Mat. 11:2-19 Lk.7:18-35
c. 'Prostitute' - in Pharisee's Home (7 demons - Jesus forgives sin) Lk.7:36-50
(Mary Magdalene?; Parable of the 2 Debtors - first recorded

TOUR #2 (with the Twelve) - Galilee - Summer, A.D. 30

1. City by City Lk.8:1-3
2. Called 'Beelzebul' Mt.12:24-29 Mk.3:20-35 (Lk.8:19-21)
3. True 'mother & brothers' Mt.12:46-50
4. Unforgivable Sin Mt.12:30-32
5. 7 Kingdom Parables Mt.13:1-52 Mk.4:1-34 Lk 8:4-18;Lk.
6. 6 Mighty Miracles
a. Calms the Sea Mt.8:18-27 Mk.4:35-41 Lk.8:22-25
b. 'Legion' of Demons Mt.8:28-34 Mk.5:1-20 Lk.8:26-39
c. Hemorrhaging Girl & Mt.9:18-26 Mk.5:21-43 Lk.8:40-56
d. Jairus' daughter (2nd resurrection)
e. 2 Blind Men (true prayer of faith) &
f. Dumb Demoniac Mt.9:27-34

INTERLUDE - Jerusalem/Nazareth - Fall, A.D. 30

1. Feast of Tabernacles #1 (pool of Bethesda) Jn.5:1-47
2. Nazareth (2nd rejection) Mt.13:53-58 Mk.6:1-6

TOUR #3 ('in pairs') - Galilee/Samaria - Winter, A.D. 30-31

Mt.9:35-10:1 Mk.6:7-13 Lk.9:1-6
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
CLIMAX - Galilee - Spring, A.D. 31
1. John Beheaded Mt.14:1-12. Mk.6:14-29 (Lk.9:7-9)
2. 5000 fed Mt.14:13-21 Mk.6:30-46 Lk.9:10-17 Jn.6:1-15
3. WaLk On Water Mt.14:22-36 Mk.6:47-56 Jn.6:16-21
(the disciples first worship Him as God's Son - Mt.24:33)
4. 'Bread of Life' Discourse (mass desertion; disciples decision to Jn.6:22-71

YEAR THREE - Retreat to Gentiles; Rebuffed@Jerusalem; Revealed@Transfiguration

PHARISEES FROM JERUSALEM - Galilee - Spring, A.D. 31
1. Jesus on 'Tradition' Mt.15:1-9 Mk.7:1-13 (Jn.7:1)
2. Jesus on 'Defilement' Mt.15:10-20 Mk.7:14-23

GENTILE WITHDRAWAL - Outside Palestine - Summer, A.D. 31

1. Syro-Phoenecian Woman Mt.15:21-28 Mk.7:24-30
2. Decapolis Deaf Man" (Mt.15:29-31) Mk.7:31-37
3. 4000 Gentiles fed Mt.15:32-29 Mk.8:1-9
4. Lessons in Metaphor
a. Know the Signs Mt.16:1-4 Mk.8:10-12
b. Trust for Bread Mt.16:5-12. Mk.8:13-21
(The disciples worry over their lack of bread crossing the Sea of
5. Bethsaida Blind Man (Jesus 'spits' and a Gentile 'sees') Mk. 8:22-26

PHARISEE CONFRONTATION - Jerusalem - Fall/Winter A.D. 31

1. The Feast of Tabernacles #2 (October)
(Jesus' clearest teaching on His Deity)
a. Teaching He is Sent From God Jn.7:2-53
('Come to me and drink' - Jn.7:37)
b. The Adulterous Woman Jn.8:1-11
('Go and sin no more' - Jn.8:11)
c. Asserting His Deity Jn.8:12-59
('Before Abraham was born " I AM' - Jn.8:58)
d. The Man Born Blind Jn.8:12-59
('I am the light of the world' - Jn.9:5)
e. Parable of the Good Shepherd Jn.10:1-21
('I am the door'; 'I am the good shepherd' - Jn.10:9-11)
2. The Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah in December)" Jn.10:22-39
('I and the Father are one' - Jn.10:30)
3. The Perean Withdrawal (Winter) Jn.10:42
(many believe in Him)
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
TURNING POINT - Caesarea Philipi - Winter/Spring, A.D. 32
1. Peter's Confession Mt.16:13-20 Mk.8:27-30 Lk.9:18-21
2. Death First Foretold" Mt.16:21-28 Mk.8:31-9:1 Lk.9:22-27
3. Transfiguration Mt.17:1-13 Mk.9:2-13

4. Test of Belief Mt.17:14-21 Mk.9:14-29 Lk.9:37-43a

(A demoniac, convulsing and dumb, has a demon cast out)

YEAR FOUR - Trip to Jerusalem; Teaching in Parables; Triumph !

1. Death Foretold (#2) Mt.17:22-23 Mk.9:30-32 Lk.9:43a-45
2. Temple Tax Paid" (disciples understanding prevented) Mt.17:24-27
(implies a fourth Passover at this time He did not attend)
3. Private Teachings (on caring for the body of Christ)
a. The Greatest? Mt.18:1-5 Mk.9:33-37 Lk.9:46-48
b. Stumbling Blocks Mt.18:5-9 Mk.9:38-50 (Lk.9:49-50)
c. The 99 and 1 Mt.18:10-14 [Lk 15:1-7]
d. Church Discipline Mt.18:15-20 [Lk.17:3]
e. Forgive 70 x 7 Mt.18:21-35
(Parable of the unmerciful servant) [Lk.17:4]

SETS HIS FACE TOWARD JERUSALEM (Lk.9:51) - Summer-Fall - A.D. 32

1. Phase 1 - Messengers to Samaria ('I will follow but first...') Lk.9:51-62
2. Phase 2 - 70 Send Ahead"
a. 2 x 2 Lk.10:1-11
b. 'Woe to You' Mt.11:20-30 Lk.10:12-16
c. The Happy Results Lk.10:17-24
3. Phase 3 - Jesus Teaches as He Journeys
a. The Good Samaritan Lk.10:25-37
('What must I do to inherit eternal life?')
b. Mary and Martha (in Bethany) Lk.10:38-42
c. 'Teach Us To Pray' Lk.11:1-13
d. On Blasphemy Mt.12:22-37 Lk.11:14-28
(First recorded miracle of the last year - a dumb man healed of a
e. The Sign of Jonah Mt.12:38-45 Lk.11:29-36
f. 6 Woes to the Pharisees" Lk.11:37-54
g. Parable of the Rich Fool (on spiritual alertness to multitudes) Lk.12:1-59
h. Parable:The Fruitless Fig Tree (implies a 4 year ministry) Lk.13:1-9
i. Sabbath Healing of a Woman (adversaries humiliated) Lk.13:10-17
(2nd recorded miracle of this last year)
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
SETS HIS FACE TOWARD JERUSALEM (Lk.9:51) - Summer-Fall - A.D. 32 (continued)
j. Parables of mustard seed and leaven (2) (Mt.13) Lk.13:18-21
4. Phase 4 - The Journey Continues City by City (Lk.13:22)
a. Warning:Just a Few Saved (prophet to be killed in Jerusalem) Lk.13:22-35
b. Sabbath Healing of Dropsy Lk.14:1-6
c. Parable of the Wedding Feast (the exalted guests) Lk.14:7-24
(see Mt.22:1-14)
d. Count the Cost! Lk.14:25-35
e. 3 'Lost' Parables:Sheep Coin & Prodigal Son Lk.15:1-32
f. Parable of the Unrighteous Servant Lk.16:1-17
g. Divorce & Remarriage Mt.19:9 Lk.16:18
h. Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus Lk.16:19-31
i. Rebuke Sin; Forgive the Repentant (Mt.18:15-20-35) Lk.17:1-10
5. The Journey Continues (Lk.17:11 - between Galilee & Samaria)
a. 10 Lepers Cleansed ( One Thankful ) Lk.17:11-19
b. 'Rapture' Foretold (one taken one left) Lk.17:20-37
c. 2 Parables on Prayer (Judge & the Widow; Pharisee & tax collector) Lk.18:1-14

CLIMAX IN BETHANY - Judea - Winter, A.D. 33

1. Lazarus Resurrected Jn.11:1-44
2. Jewish Council; Jesus Withdraws Jn.11:45-54
(plot to kill from this day on Jn.11:53)

FINAL PEREAN MINISTRY - Beyond the Jordon - Winter, A.D. 33

1. Teachings on Divorce Mt.19:1-12 Mk.10:1-12 (Lk.16:18)
2. Blessing the Children Mt.19:13-15 Mk.10:13-16 Lk.18:15-17
3. The Rich Young Ruler Mt.19:16-26 Mk.10:17-27 Lk.18:18-27
4. The Disciples' Reward Mt.19:27-30 Mk.10:28-31 Lk.18:28-30
5. Vineyard Parables Mt.20:1-16
6. Sufferings Foretold Mt.20:17-19 Mk.10:32-34 Lk 18:31-34
(They still don't comprehend; the meaning is hidden from them -
7. James & John Rebuked Mt.20:20-28 Mk.10:35-45


1. Blind Bartimaeus Mt.20:29-34 Mk 10:46-52 Lk.18:35-43
2. Rich Zacchaeus Lk.19:1-10
3. Parable of the Pounds (the kingdom not appearing immediately) Lk.19:11-27

THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY - Jerusalem - Spring, A.D. 33

1. Passover at hand; people seeking for Jesus Jn.11:55-57
2. Jesus Anointed (Saturday) Mt.26:6-13 Mk.14:3-9 Jn.12:1-11
3. Entering the City Sunday) Mt.21:1-11 Mk.11:1-11 Lk.19:28-44 Jn.12:12-19
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
PASSION WEEK - Jerusalem - Spring, A.D. 33
1. Cursing the Fig Tree Mt.21:18-22 Mk.11:12-14;
(Monday with a Tuesday follow-up) Mk.11:20-26
2. Temple Scourging (#2) Mt.21:12-17 Mk.11:15-19 Lk.19:45-48
3. Teaching in the Temple (Daily - Lk.19:47-48; 21:37-38)
a. ? of His Authority Mt.21:23-27 Mk.11:27-33 Lk.20:1-8
b. Parable:2 Sons Mt.21:28-32
c. Parable:Vinegrowers Mt.21:33-46 Mk.12:1-12. Lk.20:9-19
d. Parable:Wedding Mt.22:1-14
e. Pharisees' 3 Questions Mt.22:15-46 Mk.12:13-40 Lk.20:20-47
f. 7 Woes Mt.23:1-39
g. The Widow's Mite Mk.12:41-44 Lk.21:1-4
4. Gentiles Seek Jesus; His Own Reject Him Jn.12:20-50
5. Teaching His Disciples; The 'Olivet Discourse'
a. Signs of the End Mt.24:1-51 Mk.13:1-37 Lk.21:5-38
b. Parable:10 Virgins Mt.25:1-13
c. Parable:Talents Mt.25:14-30
d. Sheep and Goats Mt.25:31-46
6. The Stage Is Set (Tuesday)
a. Final Arrest Plot Mt.26:1-5 Mk.14:1-2. Lk.22:1-2
b. Judas Hired Mt.26:14-16 Mk.14:10-11 Lk.22:3-6
7. The Upper Room (Thursday)
a. Preparation Mt.26:17-19 Mk.14:12-16 Lk.22:7-13
b. Footwashing Jn.13:1-17
c. Judas Implicated Mt.26:20-25 Mk.14:17-21 Lk.22:21-23 Jn.13:18-30
d. Communion Mt.26:26-29 Mk.14:22-25 Lk.22:14-20
e. 'Greatest' Dispute Lk.22:24-30
f. A New Commandment Jn.13:31-35
g. Predicted Denials Mt.26:31-35 Mk.14:27-31 Lk.22:31-38 Jn.13:36-38
h. The Upper Room Discourse Jn.14 - 16
i. Jesus' Priestly Prayer Jn.17:1-26
j. A Hymn & Depart Mt.26:30 Mk.14:26

THE FINAL NIGHT (Thurs.p.m./Fri.a.m.) - Jerusalem - Spring, A.D. 33

1. Gethsemene
a. Prayer Mt.26:36-46 Mk.14:32-42 Lk.22:39-46
b. Arrest (Malchus' ear-Jn) Mt.26:47-56 Mk. 14:43-52 Lk.22:47-53 Jn.18:1-11
2. TRIAL 1: Annas Jn.18:12-14
3. TRIAL 2: Caiaphas Mt.26:57-68 Mk.14:53-66 Lk.22:54 Jn.18:24
4. Peter's Denials Mt.26:57-68 Mk.14:66-72 Lk.22:55-62 Jn.18:15-18
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
THE FINAL NIGHT (Thurs.p.m./Fri.a.m.) - Jerusalem - Spring, A.D. 33 (continued)
5. TRIAL 3:Sanhedrin (a.m.) Mt.27:1-2. Mk.15:1 Lk.22:63-71
6. Judas Hangs Himself Mt.27:3-10
7. TRIAL 4: Pilate Mt.27:11-14 Mk.15:2-5 Lk.23:1-7 Jn.18:28-38a
8. TRIAL 5: Herod Lk.23:8-12
9. TRIAL 6: Pilate again (Barabbas) Mt.27:15-26 Mk.15:6-15 Lk.23:13-25 Jn.18:38b -
10. Soldiers' Mocking Mt.27:27-31 Mk.15:16-20 (Lk.22:11) (Jn.19:1-3)

THE CRUCIFIXION (Friday) - Jerusalem - Spring, A.D. 33

1. The Dying Mt.27:32-44 Mk.15:21-32 Lk.23:26-43 Jn.19:17-27
#1-'forgive' #3-'mother'
2. The Death" Mt.27:45-56 Mk.15:33-41 Lk.23:44-49 Jn.19:28-30
#4-'forsaken' #7-'into your #5-'thirsty'
hands' #6-'finished'
3. Not A Bone Broken Jn.19:31-37
4. The Burial Mt.27:57-61 Mk.15:42-47 Lk.23:50-55
5. Saturday Mt.27:62-66 Lk.23:56

THE RESURRECTION (Sunday) - Jerusalem - Spring, A.D. 33

1. Summary:Women come Mt.28:1 Mk.16:1
2. Angel Rolls Stone Away Mt.28:2-4
3. Mary Magdalene Comes (before dawn) Mk.16:9 Jn.20:1
4. Mary runs to Peter & John Jn.20:2
5. Peter & John Into the Tomb Lk.24:12a Jn.20:3-9
6. Peter & John Go Home Lk.24:12b Jn.20:10
7. Mary Weeps By the Tomb Jn.20:11
8. Mary Sees 2 Angels Near the Graveclothes Jn.20:12-13
9. Jesus Appears 1st to Mary Magdalene Mk.16:9 Jn.20:14-17
10. Mary Tells the Disciples Mk.16:10-11 Jn.20:18
11. Women At Dawn With Spices Mt.28:1 Mk.16:1-4 Lk.24:1-3
12. 2 Angels Appear To Women Mt.28:5-7 Mk.16:5-7 Lk.24:4-7
13. Women Run To Tell Disciples Mt.28:8 Mk.16:8
14. Jesus Appears To Women Mt.28:9-10
15. Women Report To Disciples Lk.24:8-11
Jesus Timeline Matthew Mark Luke John
1. Guards Report To Priests Mt.28:11-15
2. J. Meets 2 on Emmaus Road Mk.16:12-13 Lk.24:13-32
3. J. Appears to Simon Peter [1 Cor. 15:5] Lk.24:54
4. Cleopas Report to Disciples in Jerusalem Lk.24:33-35
5. J. Appears to Disciples (not Thomas) Lk.24:36-43 Jn.20:19-23
6. Disciples Report to Thomas Jn.20:24-25

1. J. Appears to Thomas & Disciples Jn.20:26-29
2. Why John's Gospel Was Written Jn.20:30-31

POST-RESURRECTION (over 40 days) - Galilee - Spring, A.D. 33

1. Fish-fry For 7 by the Sea Jn.21:1-14
2. Jesus Reinstates Peter Jn.21:15-23
3. J. Appears to 500 Brethren [1 Cor. 15:6]
4. J. Appears to James [2 Cor. 15:7]
5. The Great Commission Mt.28:16-20
(they worship but some still doubt)

THE ASCENSION (after 40 days) - Jerusalem - Spring, A.D. 33

1. Jesus Empowers the Disciples (while eating) Mk.16:14-18
2. J's Final Teaching; Opening Their Minds Lk.24:44-49
3. The Ascension Into Heaven (Thursday) [Acts 1:4-11] Mk.16:19-20 Lk.24:50-53
4. John's Final Words:His Witness of Truth Jn.21:24-25