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Juice Press TheHopeLine.com

Front of House Staff Member Poem, Disordered Eating.
Boston, MA apr 2017 present feb 2017
. open, close, & operate store independently
. organize & maintain store environment The Idiom
Maddie Trainor . serve customers Staff Editor
. maintain inventory records for over 100 Gordon College fall 2016
s to r ytel le r & ar tist products . desig ned po sters
mt neu.m ypor tf olio.c om . swiftly craft vegan smoothies . reviewed & selected
t rai no r.m@h u sk y.n e u .e du publicatio n submissio ns
2057210765 Northeastern University . co llabo rated with team
College of Arts, Media, & Design members
Co-op and Advising Office
Education Office Assistant Catholic Charities
Boston, MA jan 2017 aug 2017 ESL Teachers Assistant
Northeastern University . d esi gned pro mo tio nal & info rmatio nal co lleg e Lynn, MA spring 2016
Boston, MA ma ter i a l s . taug ht adults eng lish
expected graduation May 2020 . operated front desk independently . assisted teachers
BFA i n Graph ic De sign . scheduled appointments
GPA : 3.4 . assisted visitors National Novel Writing Month
rel evant c ou rse work : . organized files Winner
. graphic design i & ii fall 2015
. typography i & ii Gordon College Physical Plant
. context, & systems Custodian Theater Department
. 3d, 4d, & 5d fundamentals Wenham, MA jan 2016 dec 2016 Playbill Designer
. maintained cafeteria and residence hall Evangel Classical Christian School
Gordon College cleanliness 2013-2015
Wenham, MA aug 2015 dec . w or ked i ndependently . desig ned playbills fo r
2016 student perfo rmances
rel evant c ou rse work : Gordon College Dining Services . interacted with clients
. principles of design Prep Cook . met deadlines
. principles of marketing Wenham, MA aug 2016 dec 2016
. drawing i prepared meals Limina Magazine
. introduction to printmaking Contributing Designer
. creative writing Evangel Classical Christian School

Skills 2012-2014
. desig ned initial publicatio n
Ad ob e C r eative Suite M icro so ft Office Suite layo ut

S ketchUp . Sculptris . HTM L . CSS . M ath . reviewed publicatio n

Photogr a p hy . P rintmaking . Drawing submissio ns

C r ea ti v e Wr iting . M usical Co mpo sitio n

B r a nd i ng . Interio r Desig n . P ublic Speaking