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Silica-Gel Breather

(Plastic Body) (Metal Body)


Clear View Design (Oil Seal Type)
Based on Din Standard -42567.
Form 0.120 Kg. to 35 Kg.

Top & Bottom Aluminum.

Powder Coated Inside & Out Side.
1\2-3\4-1B.S.P.Fitting Thread.
Safety Grill.
Flexible oil Cup.
Center Stud Fitting.
Top Side Taper & Gel Filling Plug.

0.120 Kg to 0.250Kg. 0.250 Kg to 2.5Kg.

1Flang Type1B.S.P.Fitting Thread.

0.5 to 15 Kg.
Silica-Gel Breather
(Plastic Body) (Metal Body)

Metal Body Breather

Form 0.500 Kg. to 35 Kg.

0.5 to 1.5 Kg.

Aluminum Day Cast

Center G.I.
6 to 35 Kg.
Powder Coated Inside & Out Side.

Flange & 1 B.S.P.Fitting Thread.

3 to 5 Kg.
Silica-Gel Breather
(Plastic Body) (Metal Body)


When Transformer is loaded or unloaded, the oil temperature inside the transformer tank rises or foots,
Accordingly the air volume inside the tank changes, by either sucking in or pushing out the air , The
Phenomenon is called Breathing of the transformer . The air which is being sucked in contains either foreign
impurities and /or Humidity which changes dielectric strength of transformer oil. Hence, it is necessary that ,
the air entering into the transformer is free from moisture & foreign impurities.
The Breather is connected to an outlet pipe of the Conservator Vessel and the air which is being sucked by
transformer is made to pass through the Silica Gel Breather to dehumidify the air and to remove foreign
impurities. The Silica Gel which is filled in the Breather is hard blue Crystals, which has considerable
absorption power for moisture. When it gets saturated with moisture, its changes it colour to pinkish white, For
Proper dehumidification of air , It is absolutely necessary that this charge of Silica Gel is re-conditioned from
pinkish white to deep blue by heating it to a temperature of 2000C.The air, which is passed through Gel is first
made to pass through the oil compartment of Breather. This oil removes all foreign impurities from air which
enters the Gel compartment. Hence Oil sealed type Silica Gel Breather will keep the oil properties constant,
hereby ensuring proper working and hence longer life of the transformer.
1. Because of excellent visibility of entire mass of Silica Gel (Due to transparent compartment) Change in
colour of Gel in any part of the mass is clearly visible, even from a distance, as against very very poor visibility
in window type design.
2. The entire oil cup is also transparent Hence, Change in the level of Oil as well as any sedimentation in oil
is clearly visible. as against almost invisibility in window type.
3. The overall wt. of the Breather is much lighter than the Convention Window type Breathers.
The Breather is connected to transformer by either threaded of flanged joint (after removing the seal) as per
details mentioned below. Before putting the Breather into service, remove the oil Cup, Remove the Seals on
the air holes of the Cup an fit the Cup to the anther , The Breather is now ready for installation.
As the colour of the Silica Gel Changes to pinkish whit after prolong use, it needs recharging .For this, Detach
Breather from the Transfer. Detach the Oil Cup (6) and remove the Gel Plug (7) By unscrewing it (For
Breather Capacity 500gm. And onward) of unscrew threaded washer (For Breather capacity 250gm. And
less.) Take out the Silica Gel and heat it in oven up to 2000C, until colour of Gel and changes to deep blue,
Refill the Gel in the Breather, fit Oil Cup and Gel/Plug Threaded washers. The Breather is ready for reuse.
Please ensure that, Plastic Container is not heated along with the Gel in oven. The Gel content or the size of
the Breather is determined by the volume of air passing through the Breather the Oil consents of the
Transformer and the atmospheric conditions at the place of installation. Hence the Transformer Manufacturer
of the ultimate user should decide the size of Breather for various transformer rating along with the
corresponding oil content.

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