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+2 Any stat: Carib bodies are hearty with powerful immune systems.

Humanoid (Human, Carib, Evil): The carib are infused with evil due to their curse.
Medium: As a Medium creature, a carib has no special bonuses or penalties due to
its size.
Carib base land speed is 30 feet.

Predator (Ex): A carib has low-light vision and scent.

Tainted (Ex): Carib have the evil subtype due to their inborn curse. Creatures with
the evil subtype are treated as evil in addition to their actual alignment and
their natural and manufactured weapon attacks are considered evil-aligned.

Devour (Ex): A carib can consume the flesh of sentient (or once-sentient)
humanioids, monstrous humanoids, or their corpses. A carib can begin consuming the
flesh of a corpse or helpless creature as a full-round action that provokes attacks
of opportunity. Each round spent feeding is treated as a coup de grace attack
against a living victim. A round of feeding grants a carib a morale bonus to attack
rolls, saving throws, and skill checks (see below). A carib may consume the
entirety of a medium or smaller creature or corpse in 1 minute (each size category
larger doubles the required time, so large requires 2 minutes, huge 4 minutes, and
so on).

Once a carib has fed, the carib gains a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, saving
throws, and skill checks for 1 hour per minute spent consuming the corpse (minimum
1 hour). This bonus increases by +1 at 6th, 12th, and 18th level for a total of +4.
If the carib consumes an entire corpse, the bonus increases by 50% (minimum +1). If
a corpse is not consumed, the carib can feed on it a number of times equal to the
number of rounds it would take to have consumed it. When pacing themselves like
this, the carib only gains their normal bonuses for eating flesh (not the +50% for
consuming the whole corpse at once).

Affliction Resistance (Ex): A carib's body is highly resistant to disease. While

they have no trouble harboring and spreading diseases, a carib reduces any ability
score damage suffered by diseases or poisons by 4 (to a minimum of 0). This also
negates any secondary effects (such as fatigue from bubonic plague) if the disease
or poison inflicts no ability damage to them. A carib can spread any diseases they
have through their bite attack (the disease uses the disease's saving throw or 10 +
1/2 the carib's HD + the carib's Constitution modifier, whichever is higher). You
must choose one disease to inflict per bite.

Ferocious Bite (Ex): A carib has a primary natural bite attack that deals 1d6
damage. Creature's damaged by a carib's bite are subject to any diseases currently
afflicting the carib. A carib that hits with it's bite attack can strip flesh from
its victims, which counts as feeding for the purposes of staving off their hunger
(see below) but doesn't grant the morale bonuses that devouring does (see above).

Carib Hunger (Ex): While a carib can survive on a human diet (with a notable
preference for raw and rare meats), they really wish to consume the flesh of
sentient humanoids and monstrous humanoids. If a carib goes more than a week
without partaking in at least 1 meal worth of sentient flesh, they take a -1 morale
penalty to attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws. This penalty is
cumulative, to a maximum of -5 after 5 weeks. Eating reduces the penalty by 1
(minimum 0). If the carib eats in excess (such as consuming an entire medium sized
corpse) they can survive an additional 1d3 weeks before the hunger kicks in again,
and/or reduces the penalty by 1d3 points.


Carib are creatures cursed by a divine ghoul patron and are twisted into ravenous
Carib have low-light vision, scent, affliction resistance, carib hunger, tainted,
and devour special features.


Carib ingest many horrible things over the course of their lives. Even the most
civilized or pacifistic carib will eventually come to consume some sort of
unprepared flesh, some of rotten, unclean, or contaminated by diseases. The most
common disease that a carib will encounter is Filth Fever which is commonly found

==== CARIB FEATS ====

Carib Savagry (Racial, Combat)
Your hunger is a weapon.
Prerequisites: Carib subtype
Benefit: Your threat range with your bite attack increases to 19-20. When using
your bite attack as a secondary natural attack, you take a -2 penalty instead of -5
and receive your full strength bonus (not 1.5 or 0.5) on the damage roll. You apply
your devour morale bonus to your bite attack as an enhancement bonus to attack and
damage rolls. Dealing damage with your bite now counts as feeding with your Devour
ability and granting the associated morale bonus as if you had spent 1 round
feeding. You may substitute any iterative attack from a high base attack bonus with
a bite attack that deals your full strength bonus (not 1.5 or 0.5) as if wielding a
one-handed weapon.

When your base attack bonus (BAB) reaches +8, the damage of your bite increases to
1d8 and the threat range to 18-20. At BAB +16, you always apply 1.5 your Strength
modifier to damage rolls with your bite attack no matter how you use it.
Additionally, once per round when you score a critical hit (with a manufactured
weapon or a bite) you may immediately make an additional bite attack at your
highest attack bonus.

Carib Contagion (Racial)

Your cursed body is a temple of ruin.
Prerequisites: Carib subtype
Benefit: Your Affliction Resistance now reduces ability score damage by 6 instead
of 4. When you infect something with a disease through your bite attack, you may
have the disease skip its incubation period and take effect immediately. At 8th
level, you may spread two diseases per bite. At 16th level, you may spread three
diseases per bite. The fortitude save to resist the diseases is made once and
checked against the highest DC of the diseases.

Indescriminate Gluttony (Racial)

Your gluttonous curse knows no bounds.
Prerequisites: Carib subtype
Benefit: You are no longer limited to humanoids and monstrous humanoids and their
corpses when using your Devour ability. Any corporeal living creature or corpse of
a living creature will suffice, including corporeal undead, and constructs
described as being composed of living or formerly living tissue (such as flesh
golems). Devouring a nonsentient creature (such as an animal, plant, or mindless
undead) provides only half the usual morale bonus (minimum +1) but sates hunger
just the same.

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