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Senior Chorus Guidelines and Expectations

Rehearsal Participation: (40%)
Before Class:
Go to the bathroom before class so you dont interrupt rehearsal.
Get your assigned folder and pencil from the folder cabinet that you are responsible for.
No gum, no food.
During Class:
Have an open mind. Be willing to try new things.
Absolutely no cell phones on the risers! Phones and other devices will be kept in an auditorium seat with
your belongings. If there are concerns about losing or misplacing your device, you will need to leave it in
your locker. If found out, they will be confiscated and kept for the remainder of the day.
Ending Class:
Put your folder and pencil away in the folder cabinet.
Do not leave belongings in the auditorium.
Group Lessons: (20%)
Students will be required to attend 3-20 min. group voice lessons per quarter during their study halls. Lesson schedule
will be determined soon. Students will work on music theory and the basic fundamentals of singing in order to
improve their musicianship in addition to expediting the learning of concert music.
Concert Attendance: (25%)
Students are required to attend ALL required performances including both the students assembly and the evening
concert (except in the event of illness or family emergency). If a student cannot attend a performance due to illness or
an emergency, the parent should call or write the teacher.
If a student does not present a proper excuse (work is not a proper excuse), preferably one week in advance, his or
her grade will be lowered.
Performance Assessments (Rubrics) and Written Evaluations/Assignments: (15%)
Voice Tests: Quartets or solos, singing a section of the assigned music.
Rubrics will be used to evaluate singing posture, behavior, breathing, tone, sight-reading and other music elements.
Written evaluations or Concert Critiques after each concert.
Music Theory worksheets will be used to assess students knowledge of musical concepts. These will graded every 5

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Concert Dress:
Ladies: Black pants or skirt (no mini-skirts) and black shirt or blouse that covers the shoulders.
Gentlemen: Black pants (NO blue jeans), black button up dress shirt (NO t-shirts), shoes other than sneakers. Ties are highly

Concert Dates
Wednesday, December 13th @ 9:00am (Student Assembly)
Thursday, December 14th @ 7:00pm
Wednesday, May 2nd @ 9:00am (Student Assembly)
Thursday, May 3rd @ 7:00pm
Graduation: Sunday, June 24th, 2018 @ 2:00pm