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GE Appliances & Lighting

Training Bulletin TB16-14

October 2014 2014 French Door Refrigerators


Adora/GE Cafe Profile Monogram

Dispenser Models: Dispenser Models: Dispenser Models: Internal Dispenser
DFE28JSH_SS* Internal Dispenser Internal Dispenser ZWE23PSH_SS
GFE26GGH_BB/WW Models: Models:
Non-dispenser Models:

* Dual Icemaker Model

GE Appliances & Lighting

General Electric Company
Louisville, KY 40225 TB16-14
The following changes will be phased in Adora and GE dispenser models have a
between July and November of 2014. There capacitance touch user interface (UI).
will be models with some but not all of these The UI displays FRESH FOOD and
changes. FREEZER Set Temps when Freezer or
Always use the complete model number Fridge are touched (actual temperatures
when using the Illustrated Parts Catalog to are not displayed).
ensure the correct part is received.

The water filter is located in the interior of

the fresh food in the top left on all models.

Shown with all LEDs energized

PFE28RSH and PYE22PSH have hands-

free Precise Fill that automatically fills
your container with the exact amount of
water selected without holding the
dispenser paddle.
Models with the Auto Fill features do not
The temperature controlled meat/deli have a lower cup sensor - only the upper
pan has: sensors.
three selections; Meat, Beverage
and Deli.
momentary colored LEDs (red,
violet and green) illuminate the
drawer area.
no digital display - only a white
LED above each setting.
a meat/deli fan only in the fresh
food evaporator cover.

The temperature controlled meat/deli

pan will no longer have:
a meat/deli damper.
the 120VAC heater.
the internal case duct.

The freezer evaporator thermistor has The fresh food fan is a seven blade
been relocated to the inlet tube. design for improved sound performance.


More energy efficient single and FAN. USE ONLY THE PARTS LISTED IN
variable speed compressors (variable THE PARTS CATALOG!
speed shown).
There is now a one piece condenser fan
The back hot wall condenser has been assembly to reduce operating sounds.
removed. This eliminates the loop
tubing in the machine compartment on
the left (as viewed from the rear).

2012 - 2013


A three LED board assembly for freezer

lighting replaces the two individual LED
assemblies on the bottom of the left fresh
food door.

2012 - 2013 2014

The odor filter has been removed from

the Caf dispenser models.
A full width top freezer basket replaces
the two top freezer baskets.

Capacitance Touch UI (User Interface) To enter or exit the demo mode, touch and
hold Freezer, Fridge and Crushed pads for
The capacitance touch UI has pads at each
approximately 5 seconds, dE no is displayed
label to change settings. Touching the
briefly. The settings can be adjusted, but
Freezer or Fridge pads will display the set
cooling system is turned off.
temperature for its respective compartment.
While the set temperature is displayed, touch
the pad again to scroll to the next warmer
setting. Each time the pad is touched, the
temperature will increase 1 degree until then
warmest setting is displayed. Continued
touches change the setting to the coldest,
then scrolls to the warmest again.
To turn the cooling system off, touch and
hold the Fridge and Ice Maker pads for To enter the Sabbath mode, touch and hold
approximately 5 seconds. Lock and Light pads for approximately 5
seconds. SA bb is briefly displayed, then the UI
will go out along with the fresh food and
freezer interior LED lighting. The control will
automatically exit Sabbath mode after 76
hours or by touching and holding Lock and
Light pads for approximately 5 seconds.

Touch the Freezer or Fridge pad to turn the

cooling system on.

Touching the Door Alarm pad turns the Door Touch and hold Freezer, Water and Cubed
Alarm on and off. Also, touching and holding pads for approximately 5 seconds to display
the Door Alarm pad for approximately 5 the current state of the controls. When in the
seconds will adjust the UI sound from off to normal operating mode, actual temperatures
low to high. are displayed. dE no is displayed if in the demo
mode and SA bb is displayed if in the Sabbath

Touch and hold Ice Maker and Door Alarm To select a test, touch the Fridge pad to
pads to change the temperature display increment or the Door Alarm pad decrement
between Fahrenheit and Celsius. the 1s place digit. Touch the Freezer pad to
increment or the Ice Maker pad to decrement
the 10s place digit. To enter a test over 00 99,
set to 00 99 then touch the Fridge pad to
increment to 01 00 and above.
10s place 1s place
digit digit

When the filter time has expired, a warning

with either the days remaining or the days
overdue is displayed while dispensing. After
replacing the water filter, touch and hold the
Water pad for approximately 5 seconds to
reset the water filter timer. Touch any one of the bottom pads - Lock,
Water, Crushed, Cubed or Light to initiate a
selected test.

Service Mode Touch the Fridge, Door Alarm, Ice Maker or

To enter Service Mode, touch and hold the Freezer pad to return to the diagnostic menu.
Water, Crushed and Cubed pads for
approximately 5 seconds. tE ch is displayed
briefly then 00 00 is displayed.

Note: In test 00 02, touch both Fridge and

Door Alarm at the same time to return to the
diagnostic menu.

Use test 00 16 to exit Service Mode.

Note: The complete list of Service Diagnostic functions are listed on the Technical Data page of the mini-
manual located in the hinge cover of the product or Service Guide 31-9227 and 31-9230.