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Online matches made Customer profile

in heaven
Leading dating site eHarmony has implemented a state-of-the-art data replication
solution from Dell to help subscribers find their perfect match and enhance Company eHarmony
strategic decision making Industry Online dating
Country United States
Employees 170

Business Need
To deliver the best personalized
services for subscribers and help them
make a lasting match, eHarmony
needs to replicate and analyze data
from its production database in real


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The dating site replaced complex,
legacy replication technology from
Oracle with SharePlex from Dell
Software, which is reliable, stable, fast
and easy to use.

Improved decision making and
customer-facing services
Fast data replication at a third of the
cost of Oracle GoldenGate
Reliable, robust, well-documented
Increased business insight and
success using real-time data
Streamlined database development
and administration

Based on a fast replication process that never Total solution financing from Dell
Financial Services
fails, SharePlex is helping us reduce the risk of
Solutions featured
potential business losses and poorly informed Database administration and

marketing and advertising decisions. development

Database replication and
Navdeep Kumar, Director Data Services and Security, eHarmony Dell Financial Services
The success of online dating service providers depends on their
ability to suggest potential partners for subscribers based on
their specific needs and preferences. Providers must also be
able to deliver personalized offers and promotions that increase
the chance of matchmaking success, build customer loyalty
and maximize revenues from advertising partners.

To achieve these goals, effective analysis which made it impossible to access and
of subscriber data is a key priority for act on the latest subscriber data.
leading online dating services. This is
the case at eHarmony, which uses a With Oracle Streams, eHarmonys
patented Compatibility Matching System replication processes were also
to help subscribers find suitable partners managed by a single member of staff,
By replicating for successful, long-term relationships. creating a skills dependency and
Dedicated to continual improvement introducing an element of business
changes made by across all its services, eHarmony risk. There was only one team member
subscribers quickly, conducts ongoing, rigorous scientific
research to keep the matching model
who understood the Oracle technology
and process, which represented an
SharePlex helps the up-to-date and relevant for the sites unacceptable single point of failure for
users. our operations, says Kumar.
marketing team
tailor products eHarmony invests heavily in the
IT infrastructure that underpins its
In addition, there was no guarantee that
Oracle Streams would be supported in
and promotions to matching engine and ancillary services. the long term, which was a concern for
The companys main production the IT team. Their concern was realized
customers based database, which houses up to 20 when Oracle announced that Oracle
on their specific terabytes of client data, is updated
constantly by users online, providing
Streams may no longer be supported
or available in new Oracle Database
needs, which insight into their preferences. From releases after version 12c. We need
there, the company mirrors data to a technologies that are standardized
increases loyalty and secondary database using complex and fully supported, says Kumar.
revenues. replication rules, where it is analyzed
and manipulated to inform business and
Oracle Streams no longer gave us that
marketing decisions and personalize
Navdeep Kumar, Director Data services for customers, with no negative As an alternative to Oracle Streams,
Services and Security, eHarmony impact on live systems and data. eHarmony evaluated Oracles
GoldenGate solution. However, this was
Overcoming replication challenges an expensive option, and there were
To maximize insight from subscriber data, additional charges for the professional
eHarmony needed to keep its secondary services needed to customize the
database in sync with its flagship
production environment. Navdeep
Kumar, director for data services and Technology at work
security at eHarmony, says, In the
past, we used Oracle Streams, which
we had to use destination side archive SharePlex
log mining to replicate data from our Toad for Oracle
production systems to the secondary
database, but this often lagged behind,

solution for the companys specific The reliability of the SharePlex solution
needs. GoldenGate would have cost us is contributing directly to eHarmonys
more than all our other Oracle licenses bottom line. We get better performance
put together, says Kumar. It just wasnt with SharePlex, with the assurance that
a viable solution for us because of the data will be replicated and transferred
extremely high price tag. in a timely way, says Kumar. Based on
a fast replication process that is very
Delivering data replication at a third of robust, scalable and reselient, SharePlex
the cost with Dell is helping us reduce the risk of potential Instead of relying
During eHarmonys search for an business losses and poorly informed
efficient, cost-effective replication marketing and advertising decisions. on a single team
solution, the companys Dell account
manager suggested SharePlex from Using real-time data to increase
member for our
Dell Software, which provides a near- business insight and success replication activities,
real-time copy of production data To ensure that subscriber data used to
without affecting the performance and inform marketing decisions is constantly SharePlex gives
availability of production systems. We
liked the fact that SharePlex captures
up to date, SharePlex replicates data
from eHarmonys production systems
us a stable, well
data from the source database and to the secondary database in real time. documented
provides real-time feeds to create a Oracle Streams and GoldenGate tend to
read-only data warehouse for analytics lag behind when it comes to replicating solution that
and reporting, says Kumar. With
SharePlex, we have been able to address
production data to our secondary
database, which negatively affects our
minimizes business
our complex replication requirements ability to analyze the data and make risk.
at a third of the cost of the Oracle timely, profitable decisions, says Kumar.
GoldenGate tool. By contrast, SharePlex takes real-time
Navdeep Kumar, Director Data
replication in stride, and it quickly
Services and Security, eHarmony
Although the core functionality of catches up in the event of a delay or
SharePlex was ideal for eHarmony, technology outage, which improves
additional features were needed to meet the speed and quality of our decision-
the companys complex replication making process.
requirements. At no extra cost, Dell
engineers helped us customize code Streamlining database development
to update only the required columns and administration
in the secondary database, giving the At eHarmony, a team of database
finance and marketing departments developers is constantly working to
the information they need without enhance database functionality and
putting customers sensitive personal unlock insight from subscriber and
information at risk, says Kumar operational data. Based on the success
of the SharePlex deployment, the
Increasing reliability and reducing developer team ran a trial of Toad
business risk for Oracle, and many team members
With Dell software, eHarmony gained now use the software as their de facto
a reliable, robust solution that is easy development environment. The tools
to deploy and use. Instead of relying and workflows available in Toad have
on a single team member for our enabled database developers to increase
replication activities, SharePlex gives us their productivity significantly on key
a stable, well-documented solution that development projects and to automate
minimizes business risk going forward, routine administration tasks, says Kumar.
says Kumar. Because SharePlex is If our developers have an issue, they can
intuitive and easy to use, we have also also access a wealth of online resources
reduced our reliance on specialist or reach out to the global Toad World
Oracle consultants, which has delivered developer community to find a fast
significant cost savings for us. resolution to their query and move

forward with their project. Enhancing business decision making
and customer-facing services
Minimizing capital investments and The ability to replicate and analyze
Our business
maximizing value data in real time is helping eHarmony model means we
Many online operations such as make faster, better-informed business
eHarmony have business models that decisions and provide personalized prefer financed
rely on monthly subscriptions, so large
one-off investments in technology are
services for customers. By quickly
replicating changes made by subscribers,
solutions to one-off
often cost-prohibitive. At the outset SharePlex helps the marketing team capital investments.
of this project, eHarmony outlined tailor products and promotions to
its requirements for financing the customers based on their specific needs, With Dell Financial
solution over a one-year period based
on quarterly payments. Our business
which increases loyalty and revenues,
says Kumar. At the same time, we can
Services, we were
model means we prefer financed provide the latest subscription data to able to spread out
solutions to one-off capital investments, the finance team, which helps us report
says Kumar. With Dell Financial Services, on performance more effectively and the cost of our
we were able to spread out the cost
of our Dell Software solution over four
make better strategic decisions.
SharePlex solution
quarterly payments, which was a great While the SharePlex solution releases over four quarterly
benefit for us. insight from subscriber data, it also
ensures that sensitive customer data payments.
The financing solution provided by never falls into the wrong hands. We
Dell Financial Services gave eHarmony are able to handle extremely complex
Navdeep Kumar, Director Data
immediate access to next-generation replication rules with SharePlex, so Services and Security, eHarmony
software that is improving the decision- we can avoid replication of sensitive
making process and maximizing information to the secondary database,
revenues. Waiting for funding to invest says Kumar. This means we can protect
in the latest technologies can be a our customers by keeping their personal
false economy, says Kumar. With Dell details private and ensure that their trust
Financial Services, we got fast access to in us is never misplaced.
the Dell Software solution we needed,
which has enabled us to maximize our
return on investment and provide far
better services for both subscribers and
the business.

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