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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Asia and Australias engagement with Asia Sustainability

N LINKS (include learner diversity)

1. Digestive System: Video:

Strategies that promote a Create a free Marked work https://www.yo
1. Prior to the lesson ask the class to get out a
safe, healthy lifestyle, such drawing of the sample utube.com/watc
pencil, a blank piece of paper and their clip file
as: digestive system h?v=VwrsL-lCZYo
on their desks.
2. Discuss the point of the digestive systems role:
comparing food labels on Participate in acting http://kidshealt
3. Turning food into energy and enzymes that the
products out a part in the h.org/en/kids/bf
body can use for fuel.
digestive system s-dsactivity.html
4. -Watch video on the digestive system (5 mins)
increased physical activity Organ cards
5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwrsL-
Digestive system
practising sun safety script
6. -Give the class a number from 1-16 and ask
them to find the person with the matching
(ACPPS054) number.
7. -Once they have found their partners put them
into the groups based on their organ eg: 1-3
mouth group and indicate where I want them in
the room.
8. -Once the groups are all formed explain that
you are going to hand them out an organ card
between the numbers they need to read over
their card together and practise reading it out-
9. -After 5 minutes of practise have the class stand
and read out their part of the card all together
until we complete the process.
10. -Then explain that we are going to act out the
process now.
11. -Ask the class to line up facing their partner
down the back in numerical order.
12. -Explain that they are going to read out their
part on the card and then I am going to give
them the action to perform
13. -Read through list and perform actions until we
reach the end.
14. -Once the class has finished ask them to wipe
their hands and then get their clipboards and
sit down on the mat facing the interactive
15. -Display image on the whiteboard
16. -Teacher to draw the system on the board step
by step with the students explaining the
process at the same time the students are
drawing and labelling their own diagram.
2. Participate in a
Impact of excess on the digestive system:
Strategies that promote a jigsaw activity 1. Revisit the digestive system and what the
safe, healthy lifestyle, such digestive system does in the body.
as: Work collaboratively 2. Talk about how we know that we have to put
in a group to food in our body to provide fuel and energy for
comparing food labels on produce a table on our body.
products the impact of excess 3. Today we are going to explore the different
on the digestive foods that we put into our body and the
system impacts of having too much.
increased physical activity
4. Explain the activity how there are 3 different
stations set up around the room.
practising sun safety
5. In groups of 4 students are going to move
around the room completing the activities.
6. They need to write down what they have
learned on a mind map.
7. Explain a mind map and demonstrate how it
8. 3 stations: Sugar Station, Salt Station and Fat
9. Return back to the mat to run through table as
a group.
3. Food Labels:
Participate in a Observation 1. We have looked at how the digestive system is
Strategies that promote a
group game of guess checklist important to providing us energy to function.
safe, healthy lifestyle, such
the food based on its 2. We have looked at what happens when we
ingredients have an excess of sugar, salt, fat and
preservatives but as we saw it is not always that
comparing food labels on Identify the different easy to know what youre eating when youre
products ingredients that go eating packaged food because some of the
into packaged foods ingredients are not clear.
increased physical activity 3. Introduce the game: Guess the food place a
Work collaboratively print out of a food label on the screen and have
practising sun safety in a group to identify the students guess what food it is based on the
ingredients ingredients ask them if they think its a
(ACPPS054) dessert food/lunch food etc
4. Run through the list of ingredients showing the
annotations to explain what they are looking at
5. Run through the table being sure to point out
the serving size and the salt, sugar and fat
6. Explain the activity: split the class into 7 groups
of 4 hand out their food label and give the class
2 minutes to have a discussion and guess what
their food is hand out a table and have their
group fill out the table based on their
7. Reconvene on the mat and have a
representative from each group read out their
answers to the table.
8. Using the information from the table compare
the ingredients using a teaspoon of sugar as 4g
Display problem Observation Respiratory System:
Strategies that promote a solving skills to checklist 1. Watch the video:
safe, healthy lifestyle, such create a set of lungs https://www.youtube.com/watch?
as: as a group Marked work v=0giiDDBJVQU
sample 2. Introduce lung building activity
comparing food labels on 3. Split the class into groups of 4 and explain the
products different group roles
4. Provide the groups with the materials to build a
increased physical activity pair of lungs but no instructions
5. Groups to make lungs and present it to the
practising sun safety class
6. Complete a written journal entry on what they
(ACPPS054) have made.

5. The effects of smoking on the lungs

Identify the effects of Marked work
smoking on your sample 1. Recap on the respiratory system
Strategies that promote a lungs 2. Watch a video on the effects of smoking on the
safe, healthy lifestyle, such Observation lungs https://www.youtube.com/watch?
as: notes v=xuVJ99Zprqg (9.34)
3. What did we learn about that video discussion
comparing food labels on 4. In the same groups as the week before swap
products out 1 of the balloons with a damaged balloon
and record the effect that smoking has on the
increased physical activity lungs.
5. Complete a written journal on the effects that
practising sun safety the damaged balloon had on the experiment.
6. Return to the mat to discuss that fact that
(ACPPS054) students can make their own decisions about
smoking just like adults can make their own
decisions and if adults decide to smoke than
the best thing is to ask them not to smoke
around you or to move away from them so you
are not inhaling second hand smoke.

Circulatory System:
6. 1. Watch a video on the circulatory system
Map out the Marked work
circulatory system on sample https://www.youtube.com/watch?
Strategies that promote a a life size model v=_eVG45_iF9U
safe, healthy lifestyle, such Observation 2. Split the class into groups and choose 1 person
as: Participate in an notes to lay on the paper and trace around them
experiment to make 3. As a group using red and blue wool have the
comparing food labels on blood students map out the circulatory system on the
products paper
4. Conduct an experiment on the different
increased physical activity elements that make blood
practising sun safety ry-system-for-kids-lesson-plans/


Importance of exercise on the circulatory system

7. Free draw and Observation grid 1. Watch the video
annotate a drawing https://www.youtube.com/watch?
Strategies that promote a of the heart Marked work v=5tTkxYeNF9Q
safe, healthy lifestyle, such sample 2. Revisit the circulatory system and the role that
as: Participate in an the heart plays on the circulatory system
activity to test heart 3. Conduct a resting heart beat experiment with
comparing food labels on beat marshmallows and toothpicks
products 4. Have the kids complete simple exercises and
then conduct the experiment again and
increased physical activity compare the impact that exercise makes on the
circulatory system and heart rate.
5. Brainstorm why it is important for your
practising sun safety
circulatory system to exercise
6. Free draw and annotate a picture of the heart
and colour in the diagram based on the
direction that the blood travels
5. Conduct an experiment on the different
elements that make blood
8. http://www.jessicalynette.com/school/circulato
Create a poster Rubric ry-system-for-kids-lesson-plans/
advertising the
Strategies that promote a importance of being
safe, healthy lifestyle, such
sun smart Sun Safety
as: 1. Watch the video How the sun sees you
comparing food labels on v=o9BqrSAHbTc
2. Watch BTN
products http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4576616.ht
increased physical activity 3. Discuss what we have learnt from the video
4. Create a campaign poster for the school to
practising sun safety advertise sun safety