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Electrical Systems for Oil, Gas and


Recognising the industries

need for safe, reliable and
secure power. ABB has
formed an electrical systems
business that combines
solutions, knowledge, and the
proven track record of its vast
portfolio for the oil, gas and
petrochemical markets.

ABB, takes responsibility for providing total solutions whilst When would you use a MEC?
delivering safe, reliable and secure power, efficiently. When you want the responsibility for managing the total
ABB is the leading integrated solutions provider to the power distribution package, from the project concept
Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry, delivering the following stage through to operations healthcare, to reside with an
systems and services: experienced MEC such as ABB.
Electrical Systems Power distribution and control
Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) What is the role of the EPC?
Telecommunication Systems ABBs product and industry knowledge can add value to the
Instrumentation and measurement systems EPCs core skill base. Often the MEC role is totally integrated
Consulting services into the EPCs project team, taking over the risk and
Lifecycle services responsibility for work packages from the EPC adding value to
Engineering and Project Management Services the EPC and the end user.

As a leader in the power distribution industry, ABB has a The Electrical Systems Group offers the MEC solution.
full range of expertise and ability to draw upon existing and Engineering value into your electrical system
proven solutions: Conceptual design and Engineering
As a Main Electrical Contractor (MEC), ABB can Product definitions, specifications
take a single point of responsibility and offers to Electrical System Engineering
undertake design & engineering, procurement and Short circuit calculations
supply, project management, installation, commissioning Protection and coordination study
and smooth start-up of the overall electrical system for Network study
the customer Load flow analysis and calculations
As a Main Automation Contractor (MAC), ABB can also Heavy motor starting
offer the above services for automation or integrated Arc flash calculations
control and safety systems Harmonic calculations
As a total integrated solution provider, ABB also Interface Engineering control signal exchange
offers both MEC and MAC together Layout designs/plans
Detailed/Volume engineering, cables sizing, earthing etc.
An optimal operation philosophy starts with the right system Installation Engineering
design in the early field development concept phase.
Project Management
Early involvement from ABB expertise on integrated High quality and professional project management services.
operations ensures the right decisions are made throughout
a development project to gain maximum benefits across the
asset lifecycle.
ABBs Electrical equipment offerings Why choose ABB
Design and Engineering, Procurement and Supply, Project ABB is the world number one supplier of high and medium
management, Installation and commissioning ensuring voltage technologies and distribution transformers. Focused
smooth start up of the asset: factories, strategically located close to all of its main markets,
220KV or 110kV Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) with ensure reduced shipping costs, on-time delivery and
IEDs & control panels comprehensive after-sales support.
Power transformers typically from 10MVA-100MVA
35KV GIS with mounted IEDs or Relays ABB has the ability, experience, tools and product offerings

3BGB 000944 D0001/05/13

11KV, 6.6KV, 3.3KV Air Insulated Switchgears (AIS) panels to turn a clients single line diagram into a fully installed,
with mounted Relays documented and maintained integrated electrical power
Distribution transformers typically from 50KVA-4MVA distribution and protection system. Very few other companies
(Oil type & Dry type Cast Resin, Resibloc) have this scope of supply and product offering.
LV MCCs (690V, 400V) conventional type
Intelligent LV MCC with UMCs, MNSiS ABB can supply a common hardware and software solution
MV and LV Variable Speed Drives (400V, 690V, 6.9KV) for the integrated process automation, electrical control and
including Drilling drives power management systems, thereby reducing cost/risks
Large variable-speed synchronous motor drives (LCI) from and increasing operational efficiency.

ABB Limited 2013

2 to 72MW
Motors (MV and LV) What is the alternative to a MEC?
Generators with control panels The traditional engineering and procurement cycle is the
Power Management Systems, SCADA or EDCS based on only alternative to a MEC.
IEC61850 communication with Relays

Electrical Systems
This leaves interfaces unmanaged and disparate
Third Party items (including but not limited to) non-compatible supply chains. It requires heavy
Local Equipment Rooms, Electrical Houses in steel Blast interface management by the EPC or client.
proof, Fire rated etc.
UPS, DC systems, NGRs, PF Capacitors, Harmonic filters, Benefits of the MEC service
Cables Competent system and product engineering all done
from single source and location reducing total hours
Site services and Management Efficient engineering and interface management
Supervision of Installation and Commissioning of all the Proven technology and solutions provide enhanced
equipment in scope reliability
Training Professional project management to ensure timely
Smooth start-up services progress
High quality documentation all from a single source
Lifecycle Services (post warranty) Overall reduced commissioning and start-up time
Offer site Operational and Maintenance support post (due to good interface engineering and compatible
warranty for all equipment, Third party and customer technology all from a single source)
supplied equipment for fixed agreed long term time periods. Global presence for after sales service and support
Excellent value to end customer. ABB has unique benefit
of offering Electrical, ICSS and Telecom engineering and
project management - all from the same location as a
combined MAC/MEC solution
Overall huge cost savings for any customer over the life
cycle of the project (considering CAPEX+OPEX).

Assured and certified products, services, delivery and

For further information please contact:
ABB Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Electrical Systems
Howard Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots
Cambridgeshire, PE19 8EU
Phone: +44 (0)1480 475321
E-Mail: oilandgas@gb.abb.com