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WEEK :1&2




There are 3 different clinics and treatment rooms that you can find in the Institute of Aviation

Medicine (IAM). There are Primary Health Care (PHC) Clinic, Aircrew Medical Clinic and the

main building treatment rooms.

(A) Primary Health Care Clinic

Primary Health Care (PHC) Clinic is run by 2 respective specialists, Lt. Kol Dr. Siti

Salmiah and Dr. Ashikin. Located inside the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM), you need to

climb a few stair steps to reach there as it is situated up on a hillside away from the main

Above all, one special fact about this clinic is that it generously provides Family

Medicine Service (FMS) not only for the aircrews family members but also to their friends or

relatives who live outside the Pangkalan Tentera Udara Sg. Besi.

There are various services provided, like child immunization service for children as early

as 1 month old up to 15 years old, Maternal and Child Health (MCH) service which is available

on every Wednesday and Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) clinic every Friday.

There is a registration counter which you will find on your left side once you enter the

clinic. Like in other places, you have to first register yourself at the counter and get the queue

number before being called by the doctor.

This clinic consists of 1 treatment room, 1 consultation room, 1 very neat anthropometry section

and a spacious waiting area providing enough number of chairs and a television.
The doctors rooms are located outside the clinic, separated by a glass door where we

once had our case presentation session with the specialists.

There is also a pharmacy available which complements the health service with complete

basic medications for the patient. In this clinic, we managed to clerk a patient with vaginal

candidiasis and discuss with the doctor regarding the treatment and management.

(B) Aircrew Medical Clinic

This clinic is situated right in front of, facing the Primary Health Care (PHC) Clinic.

Basically, this clinic delivers outpatient services only to the aircrews.

It is run by Kapt. Dr Mahendra Rao. He is a specialist in Emergency Medicine with 12-

year experience in hospitals before he get a placement in Institute of Aviation Medicine. The

building is connected with an emergency room, a sickbay and a parking for ambulance at the

In this clinic, we had our Basic Life Support Training (BLST) with the respective Dr

Mahendra during our first week of elective posting.

(C) Treatment Rooms and Other Health Services in IAM Main Building

Apart from functioning as the office for the army doctors, aircrew personnel visit this

building every morning for regular medical checkup, and following their appointments, those

who have chronic diseases are supposed to turn up on every Tuesday for the Chronic Illness


The common cases can be found during the clinic include diabetes mellitus, hypertension,

and hyperlipidemia. These aircrews will see the doctors in the doctors rooms for regular

checkups, consultation and will be prescribed with medications if needed.

Besides, there are also a number of other rooms available allocated for other different

health services.
The rooms are electrocardiogram (ECG) room, eye room, audio room and stress-test ECG room.

Eye room Stress-test ECG room

In this clinic, we were assigned to take history and do physical examination on two

patients with history of atrial regurgitation and leukocytosis respectively and present the case to

the doctors.