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Heaven's Eye

Chapter 0: Introduction
In a faraway land to the north, the pious human race built a mighty tower in the name of their
divine creator, Etella, Goddess of Wisdom.
Goddess Etella was deeply moved by human kindness, as thus rewarded them; atop the
towering structure, she opened a door. This ethereal door connected to an otherworldly realm;
it was known as "Heaven's Gate."
Soon enough visitors came through this door, the feather race; an ancient race believed to be
extinct eons ago. They possessed mighty wings and forged halos, floating atop their heads.
They were beautiful beyond human kin, large and noble. These people soon crafted an
alliance with the humans and brought with them, various rare minerals and materials, and
taught the humans of advanced steel crafting... Agricultural improvements, language,
construction advancements among many more things. Humanity grew in leaps and bounds
thanks to these heavenly friends. To show their gratitude, humans gave the feather race a
beautiful name; "Angels." A certain family of Angels, the most brilliant and benevolent were
chosen to sit upon the throne of the world, a King, Asgore and his loving wife, Queen Azura.
In time, the royal couple gained a new family member, a little girl, which they named,
"Alanna." Her beauty exceeded that of any existing angel. She grew up to be the most
exquisite being to have ever lived among mortal races. Everything was as the Goddess
intended it.
However... humanity's weakness was their never-ending greed. Always asking for more,
until... one day a man named Guld kidnapped an Angel, the daughter of the Royal family and
heir to the throne. He demanded treasures and power for himself. When the Princess refused
all of his requests, Guld relieved her of an Angel's most precious possession, her wings. The
man left her for dead in the freezing northern realm, never to be seen again.
When word of this treachery reached the King of Angels, he was enraged and swore to
obliterate this ignorant, greedy and ungrateful race. In the course of a single night, this world
became purgatory and in the place of generous friends from the Heavens above, humanity
received an unbreakable enemy beyond their ability to combat. This was the darkest age for
of mankind, many were slaughtered and humanity was driven to near-extinction. Those few
that did survive, dwelled in caves, out of fear for their executioners.
Still, it is said that despair and struggle breeds the greatest, and thus it was the appearance of
Stein, the son of a man and an angel, that rekindled humanity's hope. He searched far and
wide to gather the mightiest warriors still alive, for he intended to lead them into battle. And
thus, war broke loose. With renewed hope, more and more joined the course of Stein, to take
back what was rightfully theirs back. Humanity was gradually regaining their lands and with
newfound tenacity they soon forced their former allies back to their own world. With the war
won, mankind began rebuilding their empires. This war went down in history known as,
"Adam's Heavenly War."
After their victory, Stein elected hundreds of chosen champions, warriors of exceptional
strengths to guard "Heaven's Eye," and ensure that such a catastrophe could never again
occur. These brave souls who guard the heavenly have gained the title, "Templar;" warriors
among the most respected people in the world.

200 years passed in peace... Until...

Chapter 2: Looming War
A burly blacksmith hammered away at his precious metals while telling his apprentice a
story, "In a faraway land to the north, the pious human built a mighty tower ~~~."

The large bearded man was abruptly stopped in the tracks of his story-telling by his young
working lad. A tad round and with red curly hair, he had been elected for his fine skills with
regards to forging. "Stop that now, Bjrn. You tell the same stupid fairy tale every time.
Don't you have anything you haven't repeated ad nauseum? The boy questioned, clearly
bothered by hearing the same thing day in and day out.
"F-fairy tale?" The elder stuttered, "My dear boy, I assure you, this is no fairy tale. Our
younger generations have simply chosen to forget our history. 200 years ago a great battle
was fought between creatures of the heavens and man. This shaped the future we have to this
very day." He stopped briefly, "Well then, seeing as you do not wish to hear this story, how
about the tale of the six mightiest warriors that has ever lived?"
The boy made a grim expression, "Nay... I'm much too fed up with that too... What about the
Ice Princess? I find that one mighty interesting." The old fellow scratched his balding scalp as
he slowly shook his head, "I'm afraid there are no scriptures of her, lad."
A crowd of enraged people chant in the background, holding signs with various demands and
unpleasantly's such as "Freak," "Hand her over" and "No War." The boy looked over at the
angry mob, his face a little paler now. "It's only fifteen days left, Bjrn... People are growing
restless, but the King will never hand over the Ice Princess willingly." A saddened look
flushed the elders face...

Suddenly, an unknown man in heavy armour flung his hand at the boys stand, demanding
answers, "Fifteen days until what? Who is this Ice Princess?" The boy, startled jumped back,
anxiously stuttering while his master watched carefully, "Y-you don't know? Are you not
from around here?" The stranger turned his head in a disagreeing shake. "Hmm, you would
think such a fantastical tale would spread across the neighbouring kingdoms... It is said that
some two decades ago, our beloved king found a young woman encased in ice while on a
hunting trip. He took her in as his own daughter, and because of her pale hair and her deep
blue eyes, as well as her icy cradle, he dubbed her "The Ice Princess." It was all very hush-
hush, he didn't want people to know about it, but some months ago there was a supposed
leak. Rumours spread quickly, and eventually reached Stein, who is now demanding the King
to hand over "The Ice Princess." It all went downhill from there. He called her a Freak, a
harbinger of destruction, the second coming to the Feathered Race's destruction that nearly
whipped out human kind."

"A freak?" The large man replied after a few ponderous seconds. "I have read of this man in
books. If he is still alive, he must be well above 200 years, how is this possible?" "Yes." The
boy said and continued, "Angels apparently live well above 500 years. He must have
inherited similar traits. That would be my guess anyway." "And The Princess?" The Knight
inquired. "Yes, yes. They say she has pointed ears, with hair silver as metal and eyes blue as
sapphires. They also talk about green skin and four arms and four legs..." The boy shivered
momentarily. "That part always made my skin crawl, but I never much believed in it."
"What the hell..." The man mustered, before the boy continued. "Anyways, Stein demand that
the King hand her over to him by the end of the month, otherwise him and the Templar's will,
"Go get her themselves." His own word." The boy scratched his cheek with a hand soaked
deeply with charcoal. "Do you see now why people are anxious? War is coming and we are
poised to lose against an organisation we have no standing chance against."
The bloke spoke lowly under his breath now, "So... she is the key to the door..." To which the
boy instinctively said, "What?" He ignored his question and turned around, "Forget you ever
saw me, Boy," he said, walking away...

Chapter 3: A new beginning

Alanna found herself sitting atop one of the mighty tower walls, pondering and looking
worriedly over one of the courtyards, trouble was stirring. She was accompanied by Claus, a
highly ranked Knight and well respected at that, but also a dear friend of hers.
"My Lady." Claus mustered quietly as to not startle her. He was on his knee, his helmet under
his arm and his head held low.
"What have I told you of calling me such, Claus? Call me Alanna, please." She turned her
head slowly and looked at him, the shining sun reflecting in her deep, ocean blue eyes and
warming her front. "And what have I told you of the kneeling?" She continued, flashing him
a friendly smile. Alanna strongly disagreed with her father's wish for her to stay. So much
could be resolved if only he would budge and give her over to Stein. With war brewing she
couldn't help but feel guilty of her own unnatural nature and all the lives she was brining in
grave danger. She turned from the wall and stood, her dress large and elegant. It possessed a
beautiful teal lining and was adorned with a plentiful amount of tiny gems, scattered across
the frills and chest region. It accommodated and slim and graceful nature perfectly, clinging
to her curves in an appropriate way.
"Rise, my Knight in shining armour." She giggled with a smooth voice, clacking another
light-hearted smile and tilting her head faintly. "My apologies, Alanna." He rose quickly and
looked her in the eyes. "I shall strive to improve my hearing." He met her with a mutual
smile. "Your father wishes to speak to you."
Alanna turned in silence, gazing upon the vast city and beyond. "What if they are right,
Claus? What if I do cause a great disaster? My father should hand me over..." He stepped
closer and stood by her side. "Do not think this way, Your Highness. It is a trick Stein has
devised to rile the people and pressure your father to do his bidding. He will never abandon
you, Alanna. Nor will I." A great deal of time passed with completely silence from the two.
"Claus... thank you." She replied in a dreary manner. "Will you leave us be for a time? I need
to think..." Claus stepped back and gave her a nod, "Of course. But please do not wander off.
I will be back momentarily." He walked away along the wall and disappeared behind one of
the doors.
She sat for a good few minutes without moving a muscle. "I am a freak," she convinced
herself. "A curse. Even if the worst is to be my destiny. I will fight it." She fluttered her long
lashes as she reach up and took a gentle hold upon her throne. She placed it with the greatest
of care on the towering wall and continued to undo the corset that was built into her refined
dress. She stepped out of the exquisite piece of cloth, uncertain. She was wearing a bagged
leather top held together with straps crossing the chest and a supplementary pair of brown
pants. "You are a great King, father, and you will only be greater in my absence. Goodbye
father. Goodbye Claus. It's time... for me to leave."
It was midday when she left and the sun was still high in the sky, basting the kingdom in its
glory. The angels supposedly named the city in the names of the high heavens before chaos
broke loose. They called it, "The Bright Citadel of The North," partly due to the large
quantity of sunshine they got. And while cold was rarely an issue in the bordering kingdoms,
cold was ruling supreme not but a few kilometres to the north. However, an odd chilling wind
has been stirring... Change is coming.
Chapter 4: Kidnapped
The sky was darkening by the second and nightfall approached. The road lamps had been
turned on through the small alleys and narrow passageways and the city was sprawling with
life. Cheerful banter and roaring laughter was chiming from nearby bars and you could catch
the occasional drunkard stumbling through the street, struggling to stand and let alone walk
straight. Guards were periodically roaming the perimeter, today was a special occasion,
seeing as the Princess herself had disappeared suddenly and without warning. Alanna's slim
shade moved through a side street, adeptly and keenly taking in her surroundings. The figure
moved with refined grace, traversing the nocturnal night with swiftness and precision until
she came across three men, conversing.

"Hutch, are you sure we're headed in the right direction?" An elder man walked in front of the
others, armoured and wearing a bandana around his head. He was clearly leading the way.
"Yes, I'm taking us to the Ice Princess. I was a guard here for the longest time, I know my
way around. I'm leading us through a shortcut, so don't worry yourselves." One of the two
others seemed a little indecisive about their course of action and questioned. "But... she's
probably surrounded by guards at this very moment. Are you sure it is the wisest decision?
We are only three men..." "Stein demands the Princess and since the King is not going to give
her up, we will have to bring her ourselves. We will be in and out before anybody has a
Alanna timidly stepped out from behind street wall, this time certain of her actions. "There
will be no need for that. I am alone... And I will go with you."

"Chiiiiing," it echoed throughout the castle's mighty rooms and hallways shortly followed by
a coarse yelling, "Claaaaus, you fool!" A goblet had been dropped at sudden and unexpected
news, the King, furious. "How the hell did you lose her right on my wall, from right under
your nose!?" The King stood in front of his throne, scolding his most honourable knight for
colossal failure. "Your Majesty... It is all my fault." Claus claimed, ashamed and kneeling, his
head turned to the marble flooring. "Find her, now! And if you do not come back with her,
never return to my kingdom again!" the King declared, yelling at the top of his lungs. "Yes,
your majesty..."
Possible weapons: She stood forth, perked upon the tip of her feet. A metallic contraption
was adorned upon her feet, sharp, forged claws coiling from her toes and one large talon
planted on her heel, resembling a birds talons. Thin leaden stings reaching from her toes and
up her leg, connecting to leather straps just above the heel and one higher still. This was her
battle claws, she wore them proudly in the face of danger, always putting her entire weight
upon the perch of her feet. This made her traverse landscape with surprising ease, though one
might assume the opposite to be true.
Her hands much resembled her feet; a metallic material covered the top of her hands and
fingers. It was a bendable glove with slim, but lengthy knives at the ends of her fingers.
Again, stings held together the equipment, allowing the it to follow her fingers bidding

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