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COMUNA UNIREA, JUDET BRAILA Nr. Inregistrare ................................

MANUAL: Pathway to English/ English Scrapbook DIRECTOR, _____________
Clasa a VII-a, L 1 (2h/sptmna)
Profesor: TURCU CORINA EF CATEDR, _____________

ANUL COLAR 2017-2018

Semestrul I

1 Revision Lessons The tenses 4 S1

2 Tastes and Behavior 1.1 - asking for & giving opinions; adjectives ending 6
Greetings from... 1.2. in -ed and -ing; likes and dislikes+ -ing form; S3
What do you like? 2.1. adjectives describing personality, food, weather, S4
An unusual experience. places; S5
Table manners around - factual and cultural information: table manners
2.3. around the world and in Romania
the world./ The sword in
the stone 3.1.
3 A Birthday Party 1.2. -inviting people; accepting/refusing invitations; 6
Invitations 2.1. giving excuses; describing processes; expressing S6
The sleepover party 2.2. thanks S7
What a mess! - Modal verb: SHOULD S8
3.1. Halloween
Birthdays in the United - words expressing degrees of intensity;
States/ Thanksgiving and 4.1. Trick or
-factual and cultural information: celebrating
the Pilgrim Fathers 4.2 birthdays in the U.S. and a typical Romanian Treat

4 Museums 1.2. -describing a route in a museum; talking about

The sapphire ring 1.3. museums; describing & comparing people and
and the diamond 3.2. things; 6 S9
necklace 4.2. -comparatives + as...as, not as ... as, the same as; S10
The wax museum 4.3 to be made of; S11
An outstanding - other ways of expressing past activities;
exhibition - factual and cultural information: museums
Sights around the around the world and in Romania

- expressing thoughts & feelings; describing

5 Colours 1.1. feelings & personalities; expressing opinions; 6 Winter
A colourful world - colours; types of flower; S12
1.3. Holiday
Have you got green fingers? - adjectives ending in-ish; past activities (when & S13
What's your favourite 2.1. while); adverbs of degree: extremely, quite, a S14
colour? 3.3. bit;
Colours influence people all 4.1. - factual and cultural information: the meaning of
over the world/ Robin Hood 4.2. colours in different parts of the world and in
and the Black Cloak Romania

Fame 1.3. - giving and asking for information; supplying

Famous people 2.1. additional information; describing countries &
Semestrul al II-lea

8 Entertainment 1.1. - talking about types of films; expressing degrees

Film stills 1.4. of certainty in present situations; making S19
Leisure survey 2.2. suggestions; agreeing & disagreeing; talking about
Survey - Graphs and reports 3.1. leisure time & entertainment; reporting somebody 5 S20
Festivals around the world/ 4.1. else's words;
Pocahontas - modal verbs; Reported Speech-statements (say S21
vs. tell); determiners used when estimating things;
- factual and cultural information: popular
festivals in the world and in Romania
9 Wheels 1.1 - talking about means of transport; describing S21 Mothers
Mollys wheelbarrow 1.2 hobbies; expressing abilities; talking about 5 S22 Day
He said he loved trains 2.1 fashionable pastimes; S23
Crazes across the ages 2.3 - phrasal verbs; reported questions in Present Tense;
On and off wheels/ Wagon 3.1 modals: can, could, able to;
trains 3.3 - factual and cultural information: past and
4.1 present transportation in the world and in

10 Round up II all - reading practice about Leonardo da Vinci; 2 S24 S 25

. - grammar practice (the article) Saptamana

11 Progress and Change 1.2. -expressing permission, obligation and

. The good old days 2.1. prohibition; giving instruction, telephoning, 6 S26
Phone messages 2.2. leaving messages; speaking about progress in the S27
Europe of the future/ The story of the 3.1. future; S28
good Earl 4.1. - factual and cultural information: predictions for
Europe and Romania
12 Problem Solving -talking about present results of past actions, about
. Enigmas 1.1. events in the recent past; asking and giving advice.
Are you good in a crisis? 1.3. - Modal verbs: should/ shouldnt have Past 6 S29
We can solve it together 2.1. Participle; Present Perfect Tense; the 1st S30
Expressive gestures around the 3.3. Conditional. S31
world/ It started as a fairytale 4.1. - factual and cultural information: gestures in
4.2. different cultures and in Romania

- expressing wishes for unreal things in the

Wishes present; talking about unreal conditions and
13 Simply the best 1.2. situations now and in the future; S32
. I wish our wishes came true 2.1. - I wish I had; 6 S33
On the air 2.2. - factual and cultural information: superstitions S34
Good luck, bad luck!/ Wishes and 3.1. around the world and in Romania
riches 4.1.
14 Final round up - modals and conditionals; reported exercises; 2 S35
. all - project work about childrens day