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com Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File created by Ma'am JULIE ANN C. FRONDA Learning Area: TLE-HE
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: OCTOBER 9 13, 2017 (WEEK 9) Quarter: 2ND QUARTER



A. Content Standards Demonstrates an understanding of and skills in the basics of food preservation
B. Performance Standards Preserves food/s using appropriate tools and materials and applying the basics of food preservation
C. Learning Competencies / TLE6HE-Oi-13 TLE6HE-0i-14
Objectives 3.4 Conduct simple research to 3.5. Assesses preserved/processed food as to the quality using the
Write the LC code for each determine market trends and rubrics.
demands in preserved /
processed foods
A. References
1. Teachers Guide pages
2. Learners Materials pages
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials
from Learning Resource
B. Other Learning Resources
A. Reviewing previous Recap of previous lesson Recap of previous lesson Recap of the previous lesson Recap of the previous lesson Recap of the previous lesson
lesson or presenting the new
lesson Last week, the class learned about The class talked about the The class continue with the The class presented the results of The class assessed the food
safety and sanitation in food three factors that needs to be development of their survey the survey and after processing of that was brought to class
processing/food preservation. considered in the selection of instruments yesterday and with the results of the survey, they banana chips and potato chips.
food items that will be the videos presented, the class were able to determine what is
The class also talked about three processed/preserved. These was able to gain new insights and the market demand for
factors that need to be considered are raw materials, market perspectives in its development processed/preserved food.
in the selection of food items to be demands and trends in the and administration.
processed/preserved. community.
The survey was administered by
Raw materials . the class yesterday. .
Market Demands
Trends in the Community.
B. Establishing a This week the class will look into: The class will focus on The class will now worked on the Yesterday, the class was asked
purpose for the lesson Market demands and trends in determining the market results of the survey. Work as a to briing an example of
preserved/processed foods. How demands and trends. through group and report on the results. processed/preserved food for
do we determine the market the conduct of a survey which assessment.
demands and trends? is one of the major research
strategy and is a popular form
of data collection.

C. Presenting examples/ Ask the learners. Before the Show a video on how a survey The class presents the results of The lesson for today is how to Divide the class into four (4)
instances of the new conduct of election, what is being is being conducted. the survey by group. assess/evaluate groups. Assess the food items
lesson done by some groups to know the processed/preserved food. by group. Refer to the rubrics
choice of the people at a specific prepared by the teacher.
period? Ask the class what part in the Ask the learners what their idea
video will help them in of assessment is? Example:
Answer: Survey conducting the survey. The group who brought
Assessment is the evaluation of pineapple juice will compare
Ask the learners why the survey is Show another video on how a the quality of something.. the two different brands
being conducted? simple survey results will be Dole and Del Monte.
processed. The teacher will bring out banana Original File Submitted and
A survey is being done to know who chips. It will be distributed to the Formatted by DepEd Club
or what the choice of the people is. Ask the class what part in the class. Member - visit
video will help them in for more
It is the same way for determining conducting the survey.
market trends or demands. A
survey is conducted to know what
the people feel, what they want

Based on the results of the survey,

the learner will know the
preference of their market. The
product that they will produce is
based on the choice of that

Survey is a data collection tool for

D. Discussing new Survey is Ask the class:
concepts and practicing new -a major research strategy Build on the insights and Continuation of presentation
skills #1 -a way of collecting data through observations presented by the How will we assess the quality of
asking people learners. the banana chips?

The learners will continue

interviews Generate answers from the
working on their survey
questionnaires learners.
preparation based on the
focus group discussions
information that they have
forums learned. Categorize them. Proposed
categories are as follows:
Tell the class that they will be
conducting a survey on the current Packaging
market demands and trends. Crispiness
Value for money
Other comments
E. Discussing new concepts and Research will entail an extensive The class refiines their survey The class were able to determine Based on the categories, assess Provide suggestions on how to
practicing new skills#2 discussion. It is a very broad topic. instruments and plans in the specific market demands for the banana chips. further improve the product/s
The class will focus only on conducting the activity, preserved/processed food. Generate comments on :
conducting a survey which as
mentioned is a major research Packaging
strategy and a popular way to
collect information or data.
Value for money
Before starting, tell the learners to Other comments
ask themselves:
Why am I conducting the
What do I want to know?
What question needs to be

In this case, the question that

needs to be answered is What are
the market demands/trends in food
preservation/food processing?
Emphasize that the research
question is very important in the
conduct of a research.

The following need to be identified

when conducting a survey:

The survey will be on market trends

and demands.

The survey contains questions that

a learner wants to know from the

For example:
Survey on Market Demands and

1. If you were to choose a

fruit to be preserved, what will it
a. Mango
b. Banana
c. Pineapple
d. Others
Please specify ______

F. Developing mastery Divide the class into four (4) The teacher asked the learners Ask the class: Based on the Bring out another example of Show a video of processed
(Leads to Formative groups. Each group will conduct a to simulate the activity. Two results of the survey, how will processed food potato chips foods/preserved foods. The
Assessment 3) survey. groups will be assigned to do you address the market video will describe the quality
Identify the number of the simulation. demands? Assess the quality of the of each item.
respondents; characteristic of potato chips.
each respondent (age, gender) The learners willl be asked if
List the questions that will be Generate comments from the there are other categories
included in the survey (refer to learners. which they can use to assess
example) processed food quality.
Date of the survey Tuesday Can we use the same category in
afternoon assessing the quality of the
Indicate at the start of the banana chips?
survey the purpose why it is
being conducted. Are there other categories which
Tabulate the results of the can be included?
It is suggested that the survey be
administered in the school or at the
home of the learner. What is
important is the learners will be
able to apply what they have
learned in conducting a survey.
G. Finding practical The group will discuss how the Based on the simulation, ask Ask the class based on their Based on the generated Ask the learners about their
applications of concepts activity will be conducted. the learners what their experience on working on the comments, the teacher will favorite food that can be
and skills in daily living The questions for the survey are observations are. activity, what are their insights prepare a rubrics for assessment. preserved/processed.
developed. and perspectives on: If there is an available rubrics, use
Building on the learnings preparing the survey the said rubrics. Ask the different brands.
shared by the class, provide instruments Compare them based on the
reminders on how the survey conducting the survey categories. Ask if there is
will be conducted. processing of the results of the something in the
survey processed/preserved food that
can be further improved or
H.Making generalizations and Survey is one of the major research Remember that in developing There is a need for standards in It is important to assess the
abstractions about the strategies and a popular way of the survey instruments, the order to evaluate a specific quality of preserved/processed
lesson data collection. class should ensure that the product in this case the banana foods among others. That is
information that is needed will chips and the potato chips. why the learners need to know
be generated through the what a quality product is.
questions included in the
I. Evaluating learning Provide examples of questions The class was able to finalize The completion of the activity Ask the learners what the
which may be included in the their survey instruments with and applyiing the results of the categories for food assessment
survey. the guidance of the teacher. activity in determining the are.
direction for
The plans on the conduct of processed/preserved food.
the survey was polished by the
J. Additional activities for The group will continue working on The survey is administered by Divide the class into four (4)
application or remediation their activity. the learners. groups. Bring examples of
preserved/processed food for

For a specific food item, bring

different food brands for

Group x
Pineapple juice Dole, Del Monte
Group xx
Raisins Ram, Del Monte
Group xxx
Candied Sampaloc sampaloc
with at least two brands
A. No.oflearnerswho
earned80%onthe formative
B. No.oflearnerswho
C. Didtheremediallessons
work? No.oflearnerswho
D. No.oflearnerswho
E. Whichofmyteaching
F. WhatdifficultiesdidI
G.What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with
other teachers?

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