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1. Open EDITED CAD FILES folder and open file.

2. Freeze triangles XXXX_CONTOURS_XXXX_Triangles using layfrz command and click.

3. Put text descriptions on all features including GUTTER AND RIDGE ELEVATIONS, CONCRETE DRIVEWAY, PAVING,
List of CODES can be found on the CODESLIST document.

TIP : * Use TORIENT command lot to align text description to the line it describes.
* Text descriptions for buildings shall be at the geometric center if possible.
* Use average values for Ridge and Gutter RLs if RL difference does not exceed 6cm, retain levels if not.
* Use average SL (Surface Level) for STGR.

NOTE: * For adjoining lots LOT XX DP XXXX, see DP or CRE pdf files on the RAW FILES folder. Confirm if they
are correct using maps.six.nsw.gov.au to find out official LOT and DP numbers and Street addresses. Do this on
every job to make sure the street numbers and lot numbers are correct.
Select Map Contents and turn on Lot Labels, Dynamic Labels and Lot Boundaries on upper right corner,
then type in a lot/DP in the advance search option (top left hand corner), then click on the information tool
button i icon (middle of top toolbar) , click within each lot to confirm the official information for the land.

4. Replace all utilities like TPIT, HYD, SV, SMH, etc. using the rotated template legends.
Place text description where it does not interrupt any lineworks if possible.
*Turn on NODE and INSERTION snap settings to snap exactly at the survey points. Make sure not to snap on
midpoints of letters.

5. Delete all description texts for each survey point but leave the elevations. Rotate elevation texts 45degrees with
respect to the viewport/ rectangular border of site.

6. Use Selection Window (Left to right> Select all site> Right Click>Quick Select>Text>Color (yellow)> Command
"mo"> justify "middle left", or "top left" whichever is applicable to make it centered on the point marker.

7. Delete the point cross and height on each point of gutter and ridge and buildings.

8. Delete elevations that are almost the same and close enough.

9. Move cluttered texts. I will upload on the group a picture of priorities in moving cluttered texts.

10. Show all bearings around site boundary in clockwise direction. Bearings are rounded to 5 and distances to 5mm
(generally). No need to show trailing zeros on boundary dimensions (i.e. show 15 not 15.00).
Where possible, put distance measurement inside the lot and bearings outside.

11. Hatch all features including dwellings, garage, adjoining buildings, vegetations, pool, etc. using rotated template
and DRAW ORDER > Send to back.
12. Indicate contour elevations using standard in the template. To know the elevation, click on the contour line,
command mo, you should see elevation or Z value on the dialogue box.
You only need to indicate contour elevations at times 2 of the contour interval, i.e., if contour interval is 0.5m,
show elevation texts at 1.0m interval.

13. Include WINDOW SCHEDULE showing top and bottom levels of all windows.
-Top has larger values than bottom.
-Sometimes an attachment to text description is used , W-S OR W-H, S= SILL =BOTTOM, H= Head = Top

14. Complete Checklist below and send this back with the finished pdf and AutoCAD Plan.


PT_HEIGHT_XXXXX put ALL the height values into layer TEXT_HEIGHT and use template text/colour etc.

Send HATCHING and CONTOUR information to back of DWG.

DEFPOINTS layer should be empty. DELETE.

DP_XXXXX layer only one DP layer should appear and should only be for the site.

PROP_BDY layer IMPORTANT DELETE or merge with DP_XXXXX -. Make sure you do not create any
additional layers especially for boundary information.

SERVICE_XXXX layers Make sure layer properties and colours are the same as template .

TEXT_LOTS layer DELETE as should be empty (this layer is only used on large subdivision plans where there

DRAFTINGSETBACK layer DELETE as this is for your reference only (to show you where to include setback text).

BENCHMARK_TS to be merged with BENCHMARK (only 1 benchmark layer in file)

CONTOUR_XXXXXX only one layer should be on the drawing.

DTM_160203 freeze (always freeze DTM layer)

LINE_BEARING and LINE_DISTANCE put this information in layer TEXT_LOT_SUBJECT_SITE

TEMPSTN and TRAVERSE_TS delete these layers as not required (these shouldnt have been included in the
DXF so not your fault)

Note 2: all DP layers are IMPORTANT. DP stands for DEPOSITED PLAN and is the registered plan that defines the
boundaries of the site. It is very important that each plan only contains the DP layer. Do not copy from other drawings.
Plan Ref 13562_LOT4_DET_1A Y
Drawing Title Detail & Levels over Y
Lot number/DP 4/DP1205797 (UNREGISTERED) Y
Full site address Alana Avenue Y
Date of survey 21.03.2016 Y
Origin of levels (1 mark) SSM 149203 RL 42.391 (AHD) Y
Origin of coordinates (1 mark) SSM 149203 (MGA) Y
Contour interval 0.25m Y
Scale 1:200 at A3 Y
Surveyor GC Y
Revision details As surveyed on site Y
Subject lot area Show each lot per DXF
Lot bearings By DP1205797 UNREG (& DXF)
Lot dimensions By DP1205797 UNREG (& DXF)
Benchmark nail in kerb RL 34.56 (AHD)
Northpoint MGA (DP1205797 UNREG) plus MM (approx.)
Interests relating to the subject Title search date NA
site Per 13562_lot1_det_1a

Notes/disclaimers Unregistered dp
Building descriptions Subject lot
Fencing Front
Kerb Type concrete roll kerb
Lots 41-43 with areas.
Drawing setup, coordinates and Open relevant DWT file (required sheet size), open DXF and select all data, COPYCLIP, switch back to Y
orientation DWT and EDIT>PASTE TO ORIGINAL COORDINATES. Save as 13562_LOT4_DET_1A. Swing the
paperspace viewport to User Coordinate System (UCS). Lock the viewport. Ensure original DXF
coordinates and orientation are maintained.
Scale Check viewport scale. Check correct sheet size scale bar is shown. Y
Attributes Properties of all lines/symbols/text/etc. set to BY LAYER.
Multipage plans Each page set up in new LAYOUT tab. Renamed SHEET 1, SHEET 2, etc.
Titleblock DWGPROPS command is complete and correct as per above Info Sheet. Y
Interests relating to the subject All items copied from above Info Sheet & pasted above Notes. Y
Notes/Disclaimers Appropriate notes/disclaimers added as per above Info Sheet. Y
Add MGA coordinate disclaimer if survey is on MGA coordinates.
Subject site Lot & DP information Subject site Lot & DP number(s) & area(s) are correct.
Boundary information Bearings rounded to 5. Distances rounded to 5mm (or appropriate accuracy based on age and nature of
Deposited Plan). Bearings and distances in colour 10. Create polyline (eg. width 0.03 at 1:100 scale)
around boundary in colour 10. Delete lines underneath new polyline.
Adjacent properties Adjacent property Lot & DP numbers are correct. Intersecting boundary lines shown (with a small gap to
the subject site boundary if approximate only).
Easements/restrictions/covenants Wording shown on plan as per DP/dealing. Must match interests relating to subject site. Linework &
notations shown red (colour 10) within subject site. Shown black (colour 7) if adjacent to subject site.
Descriptions All descriptions as per the above Info Sheet are added and correct. All buildings (subject & adjacent lots),
structures, features & drafted heights are labelled correctly. Spot heights and tree descriptions orientated
to template standard.
Hatching All hatching is complete (buildings, walls, trees, pools, dams), to SurveyPlus standards and at back of
Contours Contour interval and labels are correct. Contours are smooth and accurate. Layer renamed
CONTOURS_YYMMDD (date of survey) and at back of DRAW ORDER.
DTM Layer frozen and renamed DTM_YYMMDD (date of survey).
Legend Checked and complete (all symbols and line styles used are shown).
Layers All layers conform to SurveyPlus standards. All text layers have been edited and consolidated.
Template objects Unused template notes/standards deleted from modelspace & paperspace.
Spelling SPELL command has been run and amendments made.
Purge PURGE command has been run to clean unused information.
Overwriting No overwriting. All text and numbers are clear and legible.
Save & Print File saved. PDF printed to correct paper size & saved as exactly the same name as the DWG.
Drafting Info Sheet All of the above items (Info Sheet & Checklist) have been checked and marked Y or N/A.