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The nature of the crime treason and espionage

a. Crimes against national security
b. Crimes against public order
c. War crime
d. Crimes against the state

2. Libel and other similar offenses shall prescribe in how many years?
a. 15
b. 10
c. 5
d. 1

3. The degree of proof which produces in the mind of an unprejudiced person, that moral
certainty or moral conviction that the accused did commit the offense charged.
a. Ultimate fact
b. Proof beyond reasonable doubt
c. Preponderance of evidence
d. Substantial evidence

4. While gathering of persons is held with the presence of armed men and the purpose of the
meeting is to commit an crime punishable under RPC, what crime is committed?
a. Illegal assembly
b. Illegal association
c. Sedition
d. rebellion

5. C a student assisted PO3 Juan who was being assaulted by Mr, Awhile resisting arrest, Mr. A
then kicked C. What crime committed by Mr. A with respect to C?
a. Direct assault
b. Indirect assault
c. Resistance
d. Disobedience

6. He is a college student punched his strict teacher while on class may be held liable?
a. Direct assault
b. Indirect assault
c. Resistance
d. Violator

7. Includes merely of discordant voices, a mock serenade of discordant noises designed to annoy and
a. Outcry
b. Charivari
c. Assault
d. Scandal

8. Poly who frequently introduces himself as an NBI agent under false pretense may be held liable
a. Usurpation of authority
b. Estafa
c. Disobedience
d. Resistance

9. PO1 Jado, forcibly entered the dwelling of Mr. K who is suspected of drug pusher, what crime was
committed by the public officer?
a. Violation of domicile
b. Arbitrary detention
c. Trespass to dwelling
d. Expulsion

10. Which among the following is non- bailable offense?

a. Rape
b. Homicide
c. Robbery
d. Libel

11. A college professor having sexual intercourse with his student is guilty of what crime?
a. Seduction
b. Qualified seduction
c. Abduction
d. None of the foregoing

12. The foregoing offenses shall only be prosecuted upon complaint of the offended party, her parents
or grandparents except:
a. Rape
b. Abduction
c. Seduction
d. Acts of lasciviousness

13. It consists of reprehensible deed or word that offends the public conscience
a. Scandal
b. Unjust vexation
c. Indignity
d. Disgrace

14. Jose quarrels his wife, he punched her, and he slapped the face, thrown by glasses and plates
resulting wife was hurt, feared and cried. At night when the husband is sleeping the wife get a
knife and killed the husband. The wife is liable for:
a. Murder
b. Parricide
c. It was a self-defense
d. Battered woman syndrome

15. In crimes against chastity this would always be aggravating.

a. Education
b. Mental condition
c. Alcoholism
d. Relationship

16. Dr. Magaling had frequently quarreled with his wife Sellosa due to his illicit relation with his
secretary, he decided at the spur of the moment to kill his wife after the latter slapped him. He
mixed poison in her milk, but when his wife drunk it, he employed his medical skills in extracting
the substance from her stomach thereby preventing death.
What crime/stage has been committed/reached by the acts of Dr.
a. Attempted parricide
b. Frustrated parricide
c. Consummated parricide
d. Consummated physical injuries

17. X wanted to kill Y, he then executed his plan by ramming over the latter
with his automobile killing Y instantly, what was crime committed by
a. Parricide
b. Murder
c. Homicide
d. Infanticide

18. A local sheriff while trying to enforce an eviction order was stabbed at the back Mr. H killing
him in the process, the former is liable for:
a. Homicide
b. Murder
c. Direct assault
d. Direct assault with murder