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Refrigeration Pressure Transducers

Description Features
The model P158 is based on SAE female Process Connection
Kavlicos ceramic capacitive with Built-in Schrader Deflator
technology with a custom ASIC. Linear Amplified Output
The Brass housing surrounds a Temperature Compensated
pressure transducer designed Superior Long Term Stability
specifically for refrigeration Excellent Repeatability/Hysteresis
applications. It can endure the high EMI/RFI Rejection
vibration, broad temperature ranges Low Power Consumption
and humidity conditions found in Ten Million Cycle Life Expectancy
refrigeration systems while Outstanding Shock &
withstanding high over- pressures Vibration Performance
and pressure pulsations without Over Voltage, Reverse Polarity
damage or degradation. and Short Circuit Protection

The P158 package has a built-in Applications Standard Full Scale

Metri-Pack 150, electrical connector
and supports male and female
High and Low Side Pressure Pressure Ranges
Measurements in
process connections. The P158 is Refrigeration Systems 0-100, 150, 300, 400, 500
offered with seal materials that are Product Refrigeration and 750 PSIA, PSIS
suitable for many of the latest Refrigerant Recovery
refrigerants such as R134a, R22, Transport Refrigeration
R123, R12, including many of the Environmental Test Equipment
proprietary blends, and
assocated lubricants.

Technical Specifications Note: Performance Specifications with 5v 0.002 Vdc supply at 25C

Pressure Ranges: 0 100 PSI through 0 1,000 PSI Output Impedance: < 100
Absolute or Sealed Gage Operating Temperature: -30C to + 100C
Proof Pressure: 3x (FSO) (100 through 300 PSI) Storage Temperature: -40C to + 135C
2x (FSO) (400 through 750 PSI) Service Life: 10 Million Full Pressure Cycles
Burst Pressure: 5x (100 through 300 PSI) Vibration: 10Gs P-P Sinusoidal, from 10-2000 Hz
2250 PSI (400 through 750 PSI) Shock: 75 Gs Sine Wave
Supply Voltage: 5.0 .5 V Stability: 0.5% of Full Span over 1-Year
Supply Current: 5 mA (Max) Weight: 100 grams (Max)
Linearity Error: 0.5% of Full Span Max. Electrical Termination: Packard Electric Metri-Pack 150 Series
Response Time: 15ms Max to 63% of F.S. Pressure Pressure Connection: See How to Order
with Step Change on Input Recommended Interface
Output Voltage: Impedance: Min. Load 25 k
Zero/Null Pressure: 0.50 0.08 Vdc Over-Voltage Protection: 16 Vdc
Full Pressure: 4.50 0.08 Vdc Reverse Polarity Protection: -5 Vdc
Ratiometricity: 0.51% of Span Material - Main Housing: CA3600 Brass
Total Error Band: 2.0% of Span (-20C to 100C)
Refrigeration Pressure Transducers

Outline Drawings

How to Order
P158 Pressure Transducer
Pressure Ranges
100 0 100 PSI
150 0 150 PSI
300 0 300 PSI
400 0 400 PSI
500 0 500 PSI
750 0 750 PSI
A Absolute
S Sealed Gage
Seal Material
C Neoprene -40 to 125C
F Ethylene Propylene -40 to 121C
H HNBR -30 to 135C
Pressure Connection
1 1/4-18 NPT (External Threads)
2 1/4 SAE Female Flare w/ Schrader Deflator
(7/16-20 UNF internal threads)
4 1/8-27 NPT
Electrical Connection
A With mating connector, w/12, 18 AWG leads
C Without mating connector

P158 500 S F 1 A
Example: P158-500S-FIA
Contact Kavlico for accuracy options, custom
packaging, alternative pressure ranges,
pressure connections or other OEM or
application specific requirements.

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