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Nowadays, fewer young people are willing to consider a career in teaching.

What do you think are the causes of this?

What can the government do to encourage young people to become teachers?

It is likely that teaching is becoming a less interesting option for the adolescent and more and
more of them do not highly estimate it as an ideal profession. There could be some reasons for
this phenomenon as well as some ways to tackle this issue. I will give some points about this.

What is the most expected thing for people when they choose a job? It definitely is the salary. Commented [H1]: Too extreme!
From the past up to now, teaching in my country is always considered as a respectful job and Commented [H2]: Too extreme!
many people regard that as their true calling. However, the more ideal it is, the less salary is
paid,; it is not a well-paid job,; the salary for a newly teacher is even lower than that of a servant. Commented [H3]: Em ch ko ni cc mnh c lp
Another possible reason might be the hardship of the job. Many think that teaching is the main bng du , khng m phi c lin t kt hp. Ko th em
phi dng du ;
activity of the teachers in the class, they do not have a role in the other fields of education which
belong to the students parents. And many teachers could be rebuked because of setting
discipline in their classes which parents might think that is an extreme way to educate their child.
Em thiu topic sentence cho BODY 2 ny!
In solving the problem related to salary, the government could raise money level paid for
teachers and have good policies providing the new teachers WHAT?, they could mobilize
resource from the social capital, therefore, will release the burden on the national coffer. The Commented [H4]: Again, em cn phi tch cc mnh
Ggovernment plays an important role in explaining the mission of the teacher, so they might c lp ra hoc ni chng bng lin t kt hp!

combine with educators, social media and press to make more details about this career through
reporting and, meeting, so on.
In conclusion, a good society could notshould have lack of a good education, so the government Commented [H5]: Li ni hai mnh c lp m ko c
should find out why the young people are is no more longer interested in teaching and support t ni!

them with the highest responsibility to encourage them to become teachers.

Good job!