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Pre-loaded DD-WRT Firmware

Outdoor AP/Bridge/CPE with 23dBi Antenna

High-Power 1 watt
DD-Bridge5 is the high performance
Outdoor AP/Bridge/CPE with 23dBi
high-gain 5GHz integrated Antenna
which come with Pre-loaded and non-
activated DD-WRT firmware on it.

23dBi Panel Antenna Standard 802.3af PoE

High-Power 30dBm Industrial Temperature -40~ 85

CPU Atheros AR2313A

Interface 1 x PoE RJ45

Antenna High-Gain 23dBi Panel Antenna

Output Power(dBm) Up to 30dBm

Sensitivity -92dBm@6~24Mbps
(dB) -72dBm@ 54Mbps
Power Supply 802.3at PoE

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