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3/27/2015 WCTRS 2016

Title: Planning for airport connectivity - case study of Navi Mumbai international airport

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Title Planning for airport connectivity - case study of Navi Mumbai international airport

The C ity and Industrial Development C orporation of Maharashtra Ltd (C IDC O), planning
authority for Navi Mumbai, located across Mumbai harbour, is developing a mega international
airport with handling capacity of 60 million passengers within city limits on a 2900 acres site,
to be commissioned by 2019. This 2nd airport airport in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR)
shall cater to its growing aviation demand along with the existing airport. The city of Navi
Mumbai, sprawling over 344 sq. km, is a fast growing modern city with 2 million population.
The airport project was not included in initial development plan for city. Navi Mumbai already
has a well laid out hierarchical road system including expressways and an extensive suburban
rail network. Dedicated road links exist which connect Mumbai and the hinterland with Navi
Mumbai. Detailed studies were carried out to provide Navi Mumbai airport with truly world
class connectivity.

Data and
methodology C onnectivity forms a critical aspect of planning for an airport. Even more when such airport is
situated within developed city limits and abutting road infrastructure is shared with heavy port
traffic. The airport is to be developed in phases and requirements of providing easy, fast and
reliable connectivity during each phase needs to to be catered to adequately. Further, area
near airport is being developed as an Airport C ity and Logistics hub. Judicious mix of both
road and transit based infrastructure needs to be provided to cater to all classes and needs.
The connectivity projects have been planned in such a way that airport can be accessed within
an hour from any part of MMR. Impact of airport traffic on existing road/rail infrastructure is
critical for their augmentation. C onnectivity projects cost lot of money besides taking many
years for completion. Appropriate choice of implementation mechanism is critical for its

results Airport site is presently accessible through the National Highway 4B and 348A from the east
and west sides which provide connectivity to the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, a major container
port. C IDC O has planned a slew of airport connectivity projects - road, rail and water
transport, based on the air traffic and the origin-destination projections for air passengers and
airport related trips, while keeping in mind the mobility needs of the city residents.
Implementation of these projects is as per schedule. Effective air and noise pollution control
measures have also been devised considering related airport traffic.

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Affiliations (1) C IDC O, C BD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, n/a, India

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Presenter mmahadev9@gmail.com

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3/27/2015 WCTRS 2016

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