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Year 4


The great dividing Children will create a diorama which represents the natural fea-
range tures of one of the locations on the left. The written component
The Pinnacles will involve textbox sections added to the diorama to explain
The Daintree the history,
The Great Barrier
Reef Man made effects
Kakadu National what we need to do to sustain it for future generations.
Connections between living things that call your place home
The Simpson
(i.e. food chain,) or brainstorming web which shows the hab-
If you want to chose a itants of your location.
different place you need There is always the possibility of adding interesting facts as well.
to accept that you are Please read the rubric to help it support you through the process.
responsible for locating
all your own
information. You must
also submit a piece of Wk 1 Place chosen/ alternative place essay due Fri (am)
text which explains the
Wk 2 Working on plan of diorama, research and written sections
place you want to
research with three Wk 3 Plan due by Thursday (1:00pm) - for feedback to be given
supporting reasons.
Make sure your Wk 4 Built one section, created location text box and map
arguments are strong.
Wk 5 Built one section, created history text box

Wk 6 Built one section, create effects by man text box

Wk 7 Finishing touches colour, decoration

Year 4
Rubric A B C D

Locate and Collect data and information (minimum of one piece of info. found independently)

Sort and record information (in tables, on plans, on maps)

Represent the location and characteristics (see geographical features poster) of places


Present findings (Diorama, text and oral)

Use terms to denote location and directions

Argue your point of view (effective use of persuasive language such as I think.... and
I dis/agree that to gain the support of others)

selecting and applying appropriate media (photographs, graphs, tables) to communicate their


The climate zone of the place chosen

The influence people have had on the location (positive/negative)

The history of the location (i.e. it was once. but due to ... it is now....)

Possible solutions for sustainability of the place.

Use of a connections chart (food chain) or a brainstorming web to show the things that are
living within it.


Kept to the schedule

Used class time wisely